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Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs is an author and counselor who has lived in San Luis Obispo for more than16 years.

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Local family’s story of the ether rapist on Dr. Phil

OPINION By ROBERT SACHS This morning I was contacted by an NBC affiliate in Oklahoma.  The reporter was asking me if I was the person who wrote the article that appeared in the CalCoastNews over two years ago about the assault and near rape of my daughter while we were living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. […]... (Continue Reading)

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Our Story with Robert Howard Bruce: The Ether Rapist

BY ROBERT SACHS Last week, a serial rapist, Robert Howard Bruce, was arrested in Pueblo, Colorado. What had appeared at first to be a case of a local Peeping Tom going a step too far by trying to bomb a local policeman’s house because he did not want the policeman to testify against him, has […]... (Continue Reading)

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