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Roger Freberg

Roger Freberg is a San Luis Obispo resident who is using his retirement to write a culinary-inspired blog, comment on important local events and occasionally enjoy getting sued for his journalistic excellence. Roger’s View of the World, Love and Seafood Gumbo!

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Defending our right to speak

OPINION By ROGER FREBERG When I first set about to write this article, I was reminded about the many situations in which our free expression of ideas can land us in hot water. Exercising your free speech is not without personal cost; all one has to do is look at the history of those who […]... (Continue Reading)

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Make Cal Poly 2.0 a reality

OPINION By ROGER FREBERG Universities across the country are beginning to experience the pain of decreasing expectations. No longer able to meet demand by increasing student fees and by using bail out funds – I mean “stimulus money” – administrations are being forced in greater number to: first, look for private sources of funds; and […]... (Continue Reading)

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Hey, when I said tax the rich, I didn’t mean the rest of us

OPINION by ROGER FREBERG When you look around the state to see if anyone, anywhere is doing anything to save our counties and cities; you really don’t see a captain at the helm trying to avoid those big icebergs. I do see a lot of quick retirements, golden parachutes and manning the lifeboats! I don’t […]... (Continue Reading)

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The educational budget: What would Samuel Gompers do?

OPINION by Roger Freberg I have been reading some stuff put out by the California Faculty Association (CFA) on “teach-ins” and “protests” planned as a response to the CSU budget. Administrators are puffing themselves up and trying to act like heroic ‘noble captains of industry’ in a classic labor vs. management struggle. This little drama […]... (Continue Reading)

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Most things we hear about child rearing are wrong

OPINION by Roger Freberg When one first embarks on the role of parenting, hopefully it is with a sense of humility. This is one of the few tasks in life that we are expected to learn on our own. Learning how to procreate isn’t all that difficult and fun, so how hard can being a […]... (Continue Reading)

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Want to be happy for the rest of your life? Marry the right person

OPINION By Roger Freberg When my middle daughter was a freshman in college, she had a poster on her dorm wall that listed ten things that would lead to a happy life. The item on top was “marry the right person.” After thinking about it a moment, I had to agree. Although, I hear some […]... (Continue Reading)

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When grandma packs, we all feel safer

OPINION By Roger Freberg Have you ever had to defend yourself or someone you love from an intruder? Part of the worries of a modern world is waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone breaking into your home. What would YOU do? Call 911 and hope someone comes along […]... (Continue Reading)

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Nation rebuilding starts at home

OPINION By Roger Freberg - Around the world there are plans, strategies and formulas for nation rebuilding. Some of the basic questions are best addressed by setting priorities, not so much for what we want as for what is really needed. For example, there are basic formulas for how many police and firemen are needed per number of people living in... (Continue Reading)

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