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Is Caren Ray bought and paid for?

OPINION by SHARLOTTE WILSON Arroyo Grande candidate for mayor Caren Ray points to her endorsement from staunch Republican, Katcho Achadjian, as a testament to her bipartisan support. Achadjian’s bread is buttered by the car washes, mini marts and gas stations he owns in the south county; three of which are located within a half-mile of […]... (Continue Reading)

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Who is Caren Ray working for?

OPINION by SHARLOTTE WILSON It’s a silly season again, campaign rhetoric about who’s supporting whom — when the signs say it all. A quick drive around Arroyo Grande and you’ll see Caren Ray signs on developer owned vacant properties. On the other hand, many small business owners are showing their support for Mayor Jim Hill, […]... (Continue Reading)

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