Who is Caren Ray working for?

October 8, 2018

Sharlotte Wilson


It’s a silly season again, campaign rhetoric about who’s supporting whom — when the signs say it all. A quick drive around Arroyo Grande and you’ll see Caren Ray signs on developer owned vacant properties. On the other hand, many small business owners are showing their support for Mayor Jim Hill, with signs proudly displayed in front of their businesses.

When I see the yellow re-elect Jim Hill’s for mayor it reminds me that he is a person that proceeds with caution which is the type of representation our city requires. He methodically analyzes each issue and votes in the best interest of the ratepayer.

Mindful of my pocketbook, Jim Hill as mayor has refused city benefits, putting us citizens and our cost before himself. Jim Hill is genuine, kind, and intelligent and thoughtful. Our city needs his gentle persona as it faces important issues.

Jim Hill is a truth seeker; investigating John Wallace resulted in restitution.

Caren Ray is on record dismissing the Grand Jury report that identified John Wallace’s conflict of interest. Ray marginalized the jurors by saying, “The Grand Jury report was written colloquially, with unprofessional finger-pointing.”

Caren Ray obstructed the pursuit of restitution and worked to discredit our mayor, costing us the ratepayers $100,000 and Mayor Hill was found innocent, how ironic!

Do I trust Caren Ray with my pocketbook?…I think not!

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People People , Ray … is twisted ..  She is less then smart…  this is news… why the heck did you re elect her ..  She was appointed .. the first time ..  at that point , you had business people one retired Cop , but ole Tony picked her why?? All this naked running has been around for 10-12 years ,, there was a post on the net that showed her, if this was a man, he would be still in shame.. You ran Arnold out of town for Video stay over little girls which they should of .. its a crime for one .. 

But not Sex-vert grown woman.. fake boobs and all as one poster said about her .. 

You need to get rid of her ..  the Liar.. 

good comments but guess what folks writing here will not get the right person elected. i hope you all are working to elect Jim Hill for Mayor by donating $, calling for him and walking material for him. I am helping Coleen Kubel become city council. Please vote for both Jim Hill and Coleen Kubel as I do not live in the voting zone but am helping.

Appreciate your well said comments and Caren is the same unethical – Adam Hill ex girlfriend as when she ran against Lynn Compton.


Where there is a developed backed council member there is DEVELOPMENT RUN AMOK. Caren Ray has promoted the kind of development that does NOT fit in with our village’s overall look and feel. Even if you think you’re too busy to become informed on each candidate, just take a look around and see the development that is happening now. It’s clear that Caren Ray is NOT protecting what we love and hold dear in our village community. 

Who is Caren Ray working for? That’s easy, Adam Hill! Duh.

Have you read https://votersedge.org/ca ?

Read the statements put out by the candidates themselves and you will see that Ray has vanilla stances on issues. Hill drills down and provides position papers on meaty issues.


I CANNOT support Caren Ray!

As others have pointed out, Caren Ray is not trustworthy, and she definitely does not possess the kind of judgement we need in a city leader.  Not only is Caren Ray hopelessly ideologically progressive, her whacky, far-left views mean she supports illegal immigration, amnesty, weak-on-crime and high taxation.

Perhaps most troubling, Caren ray is local  public high school teacher, and she was found to be part of a group of imbeciles who consumed alcohol and ran around Arroyo Grande without clothes on!  Yep, Ray lacks the judgement necessary to lead, and name a responsible adult who would run around our community without clothes on, and this behavior alone disqualifies Caren Ray from leadership in Arroyo Grande.

Caren Ray is a whacky, left-wing progressive and she has courted scandal in every office she has held.  While Mayor Jim Hill acts ethically as a public servant, Caren Ray is in bed with out-of-town developers, acts scandalously, and associates with other corrupt politicians like Adam Hill, Bruce Gibson and Heidi Harmon.  Each of these politicians has been shown to be corrupt, and voters deserve better than people who seek public power just to enrich themselves and their friends.

On Election Day, Support Incumbent Mayor Jim Hill for A.G. Mayor.

I guess then that she would not qualify for a seat on the Supreme Court due to her past actions and associations? Then why should be take up a seat on the City Council?

George You just found this Out ???……….. No She is not fit now nor, was Ray ever fit for office… News Flash.. 

.. After all this time This is Very Old News… Myself I am Confused,  I was a Businessman & Resident , of AG went to AGHS, & Paulding in 1976,  Every thing your says has been Public ,since she was first appointed to City Council …  She was allowed to be a County Supervisor appoint by Moon Beam , Excuse me Gov Moon Beam,  She ran again for City Council & was elected again, You guys are Just Now Figuring out Whom this Person is, Internet Video posts, Emailing people who live near her Rude Things..  Son Where have you been..  Her Career as a High School Teacher has been public, You never knew she was a Nut ? Well Let Me sell you this Here Snake oil its good for you.. This has been going on for like 10 years.. Plus…  Look here The Coast is made up Mostly of folks who moved from LA Or SF,  The Coast has Very Little Industry So the Nuts control/, Votes Count ..Big Time..  Thats Reality Sorry…  There For ..The Nuts Get elected, example Look at most of Former city council  are nuts , Big Tony ???  And others.. Over all I think she will be the mayor, as the nut voters control things..and will not her in and then the fun starts ….. why Long history of nut leaders.. go down the list.. Sorry just common sense .. You people buy & pay for this crazy stuff..  You know Jim Hill got run out of Oceano Right??.. he was not well liked ?? just a observation .. not Opinion.. 

Let’s see. Caren Ray signs on the developer-owned property in the Village where the “boutique hotel” is being built. Signs on the developer-owned property at E. Cherry & Traffic Way, where the new unaffordable housing is being built. Signs on the developer-owned property at Courtland & Grand, where the “stack & pack” overpriced housing was just built. Signs at the developer-owned ‘junk property’ on Grand Ave, between Music Motive and the flower shop. Why, I DO see a trend. Something tells me that the root base of her campaign funding is from those same sources. Caren Ray – a sellout to her hometown :(

Well said. There is a very smart man behind that quiet demeanor. He does not represent anyone but the citizens. Can’t say the same for Caren Ray, who associates herself with those who strive for personal gain…and POWER.

Yes, you will notice Caren Ray’s sign on Nick Tompkins property at the corner of Courtland and Grand, the dirt section that was supposed to be developed for commercial buildings. Even though the housing part is almost complete he hasn’t started the commercial buildings yet, guessing he is hoping to not have to if she becomes mayor.

Pretty much SOP when indulging local politicians striving for personal gain and power. And cheap! Gary Grossman similarly bought off the SLO Council. He has absolutely no intention of proceeding to the less profitable Dalidio Ranch phases that he deferred Prado exchange improvements to. Every single SLO City staff member and councilperson knows this for a fact and is part of the corruption. He is not held to any semblance of the standards that honest developers would be and abide by. Others of his ilk are treated similarly. SLO City government is the the epitome of the corruption and evil described in “Atlas Shrugged”. Keith Gurnee for mayor.

Gary Grossman is one of Adam Hill’s main benefactors. It is a very sleazy group that Caren Ray is affiliated with.