When grandma packs, we all feel safer

OPINION By Roger Freberg Have you ever had to defend yourself or someone you love from an intruder? Part of the worries of a modern world is waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of someone... (Continue reading)

Local Red Cross cuts five positions

In another sign of the economic tsunami affecting the local nonprofit community, the San Luis Obispo County chapter of the American Red Cross slashed five positions on Wednesday, leaving only two full time and one half time positions. Sources told... (Continue reading)

If hard-won court victory against Prop 8 is tossed out because of “standing” defect, you can thank Jerry Brown

OPINION BY PETER SCHEER — If I were Ted Olson, the former US solicitor general who is leading the legal battle against Prop 8, I would be unhappy with Jerry Brown right now. Olson’s hard-won victory before federal district court... (Continue reading)

California GOP does not support Arizona immigration law

The California Republican party stood by gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and decided not to endorse Arizona’s controversial immigration law during their semiannual convention this weekend. [WashingtonIndependent] Conservative activists in the state have been pushing for party support of SB 1070... (Continue reading)

Keeping abreast of National Go Topless Day

If you didn’t know, Sunday was National Go Topless Day, what organizers called a nationwide protest in honor of gender equal rights. Rallies were held in nine different U.S. cities, including Miami Beach, Austin, San Francisco, and Venice Beach. No... (Continue reading)

Leticia Rodriguez

Spotlight: Whats Happening this weekend – CalCoastNews  Aug 20, 2010 Spotlight: Whats Happening this weekend – CalCoastNews  Jul 23, 2010 Spotlight: Whats Happening this weekend – CalCoastNews  Aug 7, 2010 Spotlight: Whats Happening this weekend – CalCoastNews   Jul 15, 2010... (Continue reading)

Unemployment on the rise in San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo County lost an additional 600 jobs from June to July increasing the number of unemployed to 14,400, according to a report released Friday by the state Employment Development Department. Last month, state and local government employees lost approximately... (Continue reading)

Carrizo Plain overdue for major quake

Earthquakes strike the Carrizo Plain portion of the San Andreas Fault more often than previously thought, according to a study by researchers at the University of California, Irvine and Arizona State. [MSMBC] Researchers examined earthquake activity and reoccurrence rates along... (Continue reading)

UPDATE: Crews battle Pozo Fire

7 a.m. – The Pozo Fire is 62 percent contained. Because of deer season, several campgrounds had to be evacuated including Queen Bee, Turkey Flat, Friis, Navajo, La Panza and Navajo Flat. Current road closures include Navajo Road at Turkey... (Continue reading)

Governor to motorists: Drive carefully

Five California Highway patrol officers have died in the line of duty during the last two months, including three who were hit and killed by motorists on freeway or highway shoulders. The back-to-back deaths of two officers on Sunday, including... (Continue reading)