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Polio like syndrome affecting California children

Five children in California have developed paralysis in one or more of their limbs after suffering from a “polio-like syndrome.” [CNN] Between August 2012 and July 2013, five children who had been vaccinated against the poliovirus developed paralysis after suffering... (Continue reading)

Valley fever outbreak strikes solar power plant workers

Valley fever has struck 28 workers at two solar power construction sites in San Luis Obispo County. [LATimes] Staff from the California Department of Public Health, investigators from the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health and San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)

Death rates dive in California

A state agency has concluded that Californians are healthier and dying at a slower rate than people in other states. The bad news is that fatalities in the Golden State due to Alzheimer’s, chronic liver disease, and suicide are up.... (Continue reading)

SLO County West Nile virus infected bird cases on the rise

State health officials collected two more birds from San Luis Obispo County that were infected with West Nile Virus making three this year, at a time county officials have discontinued mosquito abatement programs in an attempt to save money. In... (Continue reading)

Lead found in Red Vine Black Licorice

The American Licorice Co. voluntarily recalled 1-pound bags of its Red Vines Black Licorice Twists after the candy was found to have levels of lead that exceed the state standards. Company officials identified the product as having a “best before”... (Continue reading)

New vaccine law takes effect

A new California law that requires middle and high school students to be vaccinated against whooping cough takes effect July 1—a regulation that intends to help curb an outbreak of the highly contagious disease. All students entering 7th through 12th grades... (Continue reading)

State to cut mammograms for low-income women

Sacramento intends to cut $10 million to Every Woman Counts, a cancer-screening program for low-income women. [Newsweek] The California Department of Public Health decided earlier this month to save money by raising the minimum age for free mammograms from 40... (Continue reading)