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Atascadero management violating personnel rules

Atascadero employees are breaking rules that limit the amount of vacation accrual leaving the city with a $553,000 unfunded liability, according to city finance documents. City personnel rules, set in place to protect the city from financial liability, make department heads... (Continue reading)

Carter gets his special election on binding arbitration

The San Luis Obispo City Council decided Tuesday night to let residents vote in a special mail-in election to determine the future of binding arbitration for public safety employees. [Tribune] Council members unanimously agreed to put two issues before city... (Continue reading)

Two California public pension cases in court

Two important public pension cases winding their way through the court system could have an impact on San Luis Obispo County. [PacificLegalFoundation] Wednesday, the second district court of appeals in Los Angeles heard arguments in the County of Orange versus... (Continue reading)

In Atascadero, how much pay is enough?

Like controversial developer Kelly Gearhart, who evidently manipulated the rules to get his projects formally approved, Atascadero City Manager Wade McKinney apparently did the same thing to inflate his benefit package to be the highest for a city official in... (Continue reading)

Employee benefits puts Berkeley $310 million in debt

New figures being released indicate that the City of Berkeley, which recently gave its city manager a hefty salary increase , has $310 million in unfunded liability for promised employee benefits. [Contra Costa Times] A report by the City Auditor... (Continue reading)