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Prop 8 challenge to be videotaped

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that next week’s trial in San Francisco of a lawsuit challenging Proposition 8 can be videotaped for delayed Internet release on YouTube. [San Francisco Chronicle] Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ordered the coverage. Proposition... (Continue reading)

Survivor of 1906 S.F. earthquake dies

The oldest survivor of the historic 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire died earlier this week. Jeanette Scola Trapani, 107, passed away at her home in El Dorado Hills from pneumonia. A third-generation San Franciscan, Trapani was born on Telegraph... (Continue reading)

Dispatches: I left my heart

BY DAVID CONGALTON I write this from San Francisco, and you should be envious.  Most people I know hate LA, but no one says a discouraging word about the City by the Bay. San Francisco is truly one of the... (Continue reading)