Prosecutor dumped after declining firefighter assault case

April 4, 2012

Ryan Mason


The San Luis Obispo County prosecutor who decided not to prosecute firefighter Ryan Mason who is accused of savagely beating a man in June has been removed from the case.

Deputy District Attorney Karen Gray told the victim, Jory Brigham, that she didn’t think she could win the case, referring to the victim’s appearance as renegade and Mason’s as upstanding.

Gray was replaced a few weeks ago by  Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel, a decision made after CalCoastNews questioned Gray’s decision to drop the case.

Gray told Brighham she didn’t think she could win the case.

“Karen Gray said ‘I don’t take anything I don’t think I can win,’” Brigham’s attorney  Mike Pick said. “She said it was just another bar fight. She didn’t even know (Jory) had been injured.”

In June, Mason followed Brigham into a bathroom at Pappy McGregor’s and allegedly beat him until he was unconscious because of an eight-month rift stemming from claims Brigham dissed the firefighter for having an affair with a policeman’s wife in a Facebook post.

“It is blowing my mind recently how lightly marriage is taken, and how it is almost socially acceptable to walk out on your family,” Brigham said on his Facebook page on January 27.

Doctors wired Brigham’s jaw shut and placed four metal plates into his face. He currently faces additional surgeries and has facial numbness that likely is permanent.

Gray elected not to pursue the case even though several members of local law enforcement said the case is a “slam dunk,” and San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Michael Duffy ruled in September that sufficient evidence existed to justify a trial.

Multiple witnesses to Mason’s alleged violent past either are afraid or reticent to testify against the firefighter, according to Brigham’s attorney, Mike Pick.

“She (Gray) can just subpoena people to talk,” Pick said.

CalCoastNews reporters spoke to almost a dozen witnesses who say they have watched Mason snap or lose his composure. Most wanted their names withheld either because of friendships with members of Mason’s family or fear of retaliation.

Mason’s history of alleged violent acts goes back to days at San Luis Obispo High School where he was suspended for an unusually violent high school fist fight were he bashed his opponent’s head into a metal locker.

Following the June incident at Pappy McGregor’s, police interviewed Travis Mello, who was involved in a previous altercation with Mason at Mo Tav in April over an affair Mason was having with the wife of Mello’s cousin.

According to the police report, Mason approached Mello, who was attending a birthday celebration, and asked him to discuss the affair with him. Mello said he had nothing to say to Mason and asked him to leave him alone.

Mason refused and after several attempts to get Mello to talk, Mason challenged Mello to a fight. Mello said he did not want to fight and reminded Mason that he was a firefighter and his behavior was unacceptable, the report says.

Mello told police Mason got in his face, and he shoved Mason away. Mello said they began shoving each other though no punches were traded. Bouncers interceded, ejecting both men from the bar, the police report says.

When asked by officers about the fight at the wedding, Mello asked what wedding the officer was referring to. Mello then went on to tell the officers of a 1997 Los Osos wedding where Mello claimed Mason hit another man over the head with a champagne glass.

According to several eyewitnesses, however, Mason grabbed a full bottle of champagne and bashed Al Beavers, the owner of Al’s Septic Pumping Service, on the head because he thought he was ogling his date at the wedding.

Though San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies responded, Mason was never arrested for the alleged assault.

In Feb. 2011, Mason was playing poker with several neighbors when one joked to Mason that firefighters spend their days bringing cats down from trees. Sources say Mason became angry and attempted to crawl across the table at the card player. It allegedly took three men to restrain Mason, who has since been barred from the game.

Following Gray’s announcement that she planned to drop the case, several friends of Brigham’s including Jeremy Limpic, a local web designer, began organizing a signature gathering campaign to help pressure the District Attorney’s office into prosecuting Mason.

“With a case as extreme as this you think justice would take it course,” Limpic said. “We just want justice.”

The trial is currently set to begin on April 23.


I have joined in with a lot of these discussions but I am going to be cauious with this one. First, I want to say that what Mr. Mason did is inexcusable. Next, what the Police did in not doing a drug/alcohol test and bring him in immediately for questioning was wrong. But, I think there are too many he said she said in this article. Attorney Mike Pick, an attorney with the law firm of James McKiernan Lawyers raises some red flags for me and therefore some of the statements need to be reviewed with reservation. I certainly doubt that because Karen contacted the DA’s office that they decided to go ahead with the charges and reassign the case. I have no regard for the DA, I think they are totally focused on the day-to-day crimes but do not want to engage with local government wrongdoings, and they are so political it is disguesting. That being said, I think Dave is wrong that this County would not find a firefighter guilty if the case is presented correctly and the evidence is there. The question is will the DA present a strong case. I will wait and see on this!


I understand that you think the sun rises and sets in McKiernan’s law firm, but I have no knowledge of him, or Mr. Pick, and I certainly don’t know what agendas they might be promoting.

We see evidence more and more frequently showing how the pressure of public outrage and the pressure of investigative journalism can turn t hings around in a great big way. The City of Bell coverage by the LATimes and the outrage of Bell’s residents ended up toppling a corrupt regime by drawing the attention of the State controller, auditor, and AG to the out-of-control corruption in that city.

We are smack-dab in the middle of election season. Of course, politicians and their handmaidens are extra-sensitive to the currents of public sentiment.

Once CCN had questioned Karen Gray’s let-them-eat-cake refusal to prosecute the Mason case, and especially after the outcome of the vote on Measure A and B in the last election, it was clear that there might be some political damage to those running the county if the case was not prosecuted.

The fact that Grey made it a point to say she didn’t think the case could be won because of Brigham looknig like a “renegade” and Mason looking “upstanding,” when she didn’t even know Brigham had been injured, not only makes her look incompetent, it may serve to “poison the well” of the chance for conviction. However, I believe the public is going to be so furious over the savage attack by Mason, and the City’s attempts at coverup, that Gray’s unprofessional and incompetent comments will be easily overcome.

If it wasn’t for Velie and CCN, the public would not have known about Mason’s vicious beating of Brigham, nor would they know about the coverup. Thanks to Velie and CCN, we now also know about Karen Gray’s incompetence and poor professional judgment.

Whether the DA presents a strong case or not, IMO, will depend on whether or not the trial occurs before elections. The public has already shown it will take voting action when outraged by voter-paid city employees viciously attacking civilians. If the trial occurs before the election, I think the DA–if they are smart, and that is debatable at this point–will launch an excellent case.


“I understand that you think the sun rises and sets in McKiernan’s law firm, but I have no knowledge of him, or Mr. Pick, and I certainly don’t know what agendas they might be promoting.”

Mary: I think you mis-read my post. Quite the contrary which is the point I was making. I think Mason is a slum dog and personally I think he does not belong walking around in society (with a whole lot of other slim dogs) and I certainly do not think he should be employed by the City of SLO has a first repsonder paramedic. That being said, all I am saying is that I do not believe a final dicision was made to drop these charges and if we are basing this on Mr. Picks and/or Brigham I think we need to be cauious about our judgment. If in fact, the DA officially said they were not pursuing this case with a full explanation, I am totally on board.

Also, regarding the DA’s office, considering they and the Sheriff are here to protect the citizens, regardless who is doing the wrongs, I think they demonstrate cronyism at it’s highest level and I think we need a new District Attorney.


Mary, I am absolutely STUNNED that YOU don’t know of the MCKIERNAN LAW FIRM! Surely you haven’t been living under a rock…This is the BEST & most honest law firm in SLO County…They have the absolute BEST trial lawyers…


Someone on here said “Mason could have killed Jory!”. Well, he didn’t. And you can’t convict someone for something that “could have” happened. The prosecutor is clearly not an idiot, she’s right. It was a bar fight and no one os going to send anyone to jail over a bar fight. Get over it.


You’re right, he isn’t going to jail for managing not to kill Brigham in the bathroom of a bar at their friends wedding reception. He is going to jail for instigating, escalating and ultimately smashing a guy’s face in that required 4 steal plates to reconstruct.



Except that he didn’t instigate it or escalate it.


Of course, Mason did. Do a search on the CCN site and read the background.

Ted Slanders


Obviously by now you can deduce to the simple fact that you’re wasting your time with this slojoe character. He couldn’t understand logic 101 anymore than a dead gnat on your windowsill.


slojo, WHAT do YOU call it????


Of course you can convict someone for their intent.

Ever hear of “attempted murder” charges? There must be an “intent to kill” for a conviction.

I don’t know if Gray is an “idiot” or not, but I do believe any attorney who is unethical enough to use a tinly-veiled race-baiting attempt to demonize the defendent is being a little too obvious about the fact that she doesn’t have any credible means to obtain a conviction. I think it also shows that she is pretty stupid when it comes to the kind of harm that type of prosecutorial action can cause her career in the future.


Mary….oh now Mason was trying to “murder” Jory? Are you kidding me?


*I* didn’t say he was trying to “murder” Brigham.

Your statement: “Someone on here said “Mason could have killed Jory!”. Well, he didn’t. And you can’t convict someone for something that “could have” happened.”

My reply: “Of course you can convict someone for their intent. Ever hear of “attempted murder” charges? There must be an “intent to kill” for a conviction.”

I gave an example of how one could be convicted for something that “could have” happened.

Ted Slanders


In our mind’s eye, we can visualize “slojoe” getting the same beating from Ryan Mason. Why ol’ slojoe would say; “Hey, this is slojoe, and I am not going to press charges because of my injuries. But, these damn plates in my head are a bit*h because I can’t get through airport security anymore.

The numbing in my face is a pain in the @ss because I can’t smile anymore without looking like a dufus, but, what the hell, I got my @ss kicked and was defenseless the moments before I became unconscious. Assault and battery where I had to spend time in the hospital? Hell no, I’ll live with the aftermath of these injuries, so get over it because I am tough! No need for prosecution, even if Ryan does it to me again, it will just be another bar fight so get over it people!”


If I started the fight and got my ass kicked I think I would have to take some responsibility don’t you think?

So Jory looks like a “dufus” when he smiles? Didn’t know that.

Also, you can get through airport security with metal in your face…..tons of people have metal in their bodies…..dufus.


Another crony probably a firefighter…….Mason will go to jail for this one! Let’s all face it, there is a distinct pattern of malicious behavior and we as tax paying american citizens need to have this type of behavior (repetitive) handled by incarceration!


Slojo…. Have you ever heard of attempted murder. I’m pretty sure that is based on “something that could have happened”. This was at a wedding, that just so happened to be at a restaurant with a bar. Do you think that just because people might be enjoying a drink while celebrating they are free game to get beat up? Where did you get the idea that all responsibilty, good character and morals get left at the door when entering a bar?


Remember the 25-year-old man, Ruben Navarro, who had a massive heart attack, and there were issues about the organ donation? The bulk of the pertinent medical records missing? This debacle occurred at Sierra Vista Hospital? The transplant team’s surgeon who was taken to court by an SLO County prosecutor who charged him with “dependent adult abuse,” a charge the jury found him to be not guilty?

MSNBC did a program on it (transcript):

Guess who was the prosecutor? That’s right, Karen Gray.

The surgeon was found not guilty, but the racist-tainted publicity, and the incorrect “facts” distributed to the press destroyed the surgeon’s career.

The mother of Ruben Navarro actually sued the surgeon who was to do the organ harvesting, Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, accusing him of “hounding” her for permission when she was at Sierra Vista visiting her son after the heart attack. The problem: Dr. Roozrokh was in San Francisco at the time. He had never met or spoken with Ruben Navarro’s mother, as she claimed he had.

The star witness, a SVMC employee who had suspicions about Ruben Navarro’s care, especially having to do with the organ harvesting, made a big deal about Dr. Roozrokh’s accent. In fact, the prosecutor prompted her for that comment during the trial.

The problem with that–Dr. Roozrokh doesn’t have an accent. He was born in Wisconsin.

Also, the prosecutor, Karen Gray, who decided to take Dr. Roozrokh to trial, before she became an attorney, was a registered nurse. So she had some background on the medical issues.

Out of all the witnesses she called, the one witness she didn’t call was Carla Albright. Albright was the person who was the “quarterback”–who scheduled things, kept the records, etc.–for the harvesting team. When MSNBC contacted Albright at her home in Florida, she issued a statement: “Dr. Roozrokh had nothing to do with that boy’s death.”

The defense attorney had some interesting things to say to MSNBC. Quoting the interview with MSNBC’s Keith Morrison::


Gerry Schwartzbach: They filed a prosecution that, based on all my experience, no competent, ethical prosecutor ever would have filed,

Keith Morrison: If this was, um, a series of misunderstandings–

Gerry Schwartzbach: You’re–being very generous, Keith.

Keith Morrison: Well– how did it even get to trial?

Gerry Schwartzbach: I just can’t answer that question. I have– I have suspicions– you know, I know people refer to him as– you know, an Iranian doctor. They– they– they don’t really focus on the fact that he came–

Keith Morrison: Surely, you don’t think– racism is– is at the heart of this?

Gerry Schwartzbach: I don’t know what– that was at the heart of it. I was quoted early on as saying if his j– “If his name was Joe Smith, I’m not sure that he would have been prosecuted.”

So why were charges ever filed against Dr. Roozrokh in the first place? Karen Gray declined our repeated requests for an interview, as did her boss. In fact nobody from San Luis Obispo D.A.’s office would comment on the case beyond this brief written statement: “The jury concluded that the case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”



Thanks Mary, I find this rather fascinating, I do remember the case but didn’t follow it. Is it possible that Karen Gray believes difficult cases and uncertain juries are won over though a default based on a parties appearance rather than the process of weighing conflicting testimony?


Who knows what her criteria are for prosecuting a case. Since she obviously doesn’t even read the newspaper, there is no telling.

I think the outcome of some of her decisions, and some of her prosecutorial tactics, are unethical.

What I really think is unethical is her poisoning the well for the prosecutor who will be taking on the case by claiming she didn’t take the case because she didn’t think it was winnable. She based this decision on Brigham’s appearance being renegade and Mason’s appearance being upstanding. Of course, this was also before she found out Brigham had been injured, something she could have discovered by reading a newspaper.

I think in the cases of Dr. Roozrokh and Mason, Gray doesn’t seem to understand the importance of researching a case first BEFORE making a decision on whether she will be the prosecutor, and certainly BEFORE she makes comments on whether it is winnable or not, and the reasons why.

Dave made it a point to bring up her 20 years of prosecution experience—and she’s still making such rookie mistakes? I don’t think, given the level of her decisions, that bringing up her 20 years experience is necessarily something in her favor.


“Of course, this was also before she found out Brigham had been injured, something she could have discovered by reading a newspaper.”

Reading the newspaper? Hell, how about reading her own case file !!


Ms. Gray has a history, it seems, of disappearing pertinent case files.


Looks like it’s time for Karen Grey to retire…


“In Feb. 2011, Mason was playing poker with several neighbors when one joked to Mason that firefighters spend their days bringing cats down from trees. Sources say Mason became angry and attempted to crawl across the table at the card player. It allegedly took three men to restrain Mason, who has since been barred from the game.”

Thank God he isn’t a cop, they get teased about things like eating donuts and tazing old ladies all the time. I wonder if he tried out but couldn’t pass the psychological stability exams. He sounds like the type that would have wanted to be a cop. Thank God most of the whack jobs get weeded out of law enforcement. This guy shouldn’t be on the streets and definitely not a first responder.


OK, I will wade into this lynch mob of uninformed, kneejerk Anonymice and provide an obviously minority viewpoint on this issue. I’ve known Karen Gray for 20 years and this “reporting” by Karen Velie does a deep disservice to a woman who has devoted her career to putting away the bad guys.

It’s clear what is happening here: Karen Velie is being used by Brigham’s attorney. The attorney calls up Karen and feeds her a story and she runs with it, providing only one side of the story, rehashing all the old facts, and slapping across the sensational, untrue headline about Gray being “dumped.” How was she dumped–she declined to take the case. it’s called prosecutorial discretion.

Karen Gray has been a top prosecutor for decades. She specializes in crimes against children and has worked tirelessly to prosecute the perverts and deviants that prey on young people. She is one of the most honest, hardworking, ethical people I’ve ever come across. Is she perfect? No. Is she wrong, should be faulted, if she doesn’t feel she can give a case 100 percent? Does going after someone in public safety in such a small town give her pause? I don’t know. I’m not speaking for Karen. But if we are going to prosecute Mason, I want someone who really has a passion for the case.

One thing I do know–something that Karen Velie overlooks–is that the odds are against the prosecutiion in this case. We are likely to spend thousands of dollars and Mason will walk. Why? Because he’s a firefighter and juries are reluctant to punish anyone in uniform. Plus, despite the continued rehashing of this story by Karen Velie, there is actually another side to all this, one which Brigham’s attorney doesn’t really want to come out.

So let’s see what happens. Personally I wish the feds had gotten involved. I don’t think any SLO jury is going to convict a firefighter. I’ll be back in a couple weeks to remind you of that if I turn out to be right.

In the meantime, it’s too bad that a top notch local official is being dragged through the mud–by both the Anonymice and my colleague Karen Velie. For once, I’m glad this is a story you won’t see anywhere else.

OK, peeps. Bring it on! I’m ready.

Dave Congalton



Thanks for reminding me, Dave, why I just can’t stomach a full 4 hours of your radio show.

You’re a professional. Why not just state: “I disagree w/this report and here’s why…” Instead, you have to make your usual whiny, condescending remarks and call CCN’s readers/customers:: “uninformed, kneejerk Anonymice”.

And as for your faulty assertion that we should toss this case simply because Mason’s wears a uniform?!! I’m not sure how to even process that. So we just ignore the photos…the victim’s testimony…the judge’s ruling that there IS enough evidence for a trial…all because Mason’s a firefighter and wears a uniform?!

You’ve let your friendship w/Ms. Gray get in the way of making a logical argument as to why you think Mason should just walk. I’m disappointed in you, Dave. Not surprised but very disappointed.


Dave, There is NO EXCUSE for what Mason did to Mr Brigham and stop with the BS about how Karen Velie is only listening to one side of the story. She clearly states in the article that she contacted the DA’s office and as a result the case was given over to a different DDA. I don’t believe for one single minute that the citizens of SLO won’t find a firefighter guilty when he is guilty but I do believe that Karen Gray might think that Mason is such a “heart throb”, that a jury won’t convict. She did mention Jory’s appearance as compared to Mason’s, didn’t she?

Sometimes, I think you just have a misplaced need to prove that you’re unbiased but you pick some real “dozzies” to hang your hat on, dude.


Excellent points, Cindy, especially, “I don’t believe for one single minute that the citizens of SLO won’t find a firefighter guilty when he is guilt…”

I believe firefighter Ryan Mason’s vicious attack Brigham, a civilian–and the way the City of SLO attempted to cover it up–played a big role in the outcome of the vote on Measures A and B.

In fact, I think the outcome of that election was a clear indication of how a jury will decide in the Mason trial.






Well, thanks for letting us know, in the first sentence, how weak your defense of Karen Gray is. You can’t do any better than ad hominem insults?

“…lynch mob of uninformed, kneejerk Anonymice,” which you are completely unable to support. Gosh, that boosted your credibility, right off the bat.

By attacking the messengers, you clearly demonstrate your argument in support of Gray is too weak to be able to defend it more honestly and credibly.

You praise her for a career of “putting away bad guys,” but say nothing about her racist-baiting at trial, as she did in her case against Dr. Roozrokh. Worse, you actually defend her decision not to prosecute Ryan Mason.

You claim Karen Velie was used by Brigham’s attorney, but give zero evidence to support that accusation.

Karen Gray should be used to having her prosecutorial failures in judgment talked about by the press. It’s not just Karen Velie and CalCoastNews that have shined light on Gray.

I suppose MSNBC’s Keith Morrison was used by Dr. Roozrokh’s attorney, too? (

Gray took Dr. Roozrokh to court, when there were no records and only the testimony of a Sierra Vista employee who admits she had gained access to records to which she did not have authorization–records that, according to Gray, subsequently disappeared? These “disappeared records included those from an integral witness–who Gray didn’t bother to summon to testify–and the records purportedly show Dr. Roozrokh to be innocent.

Karen Gray wasn’t concerned about the costs “we” spent on the Roozrokh trial, was she?

Nor was she concerned about the costs to Dr. Roozrokh for the trial, was she? She destroyed this transplant-team surgeon’s career based on the testimony of one witness, and the best she could even bring as charges was “dependent adult abuse.” Oh, I forgot–one other thing Gray made sure got into the trial from her witness was the claim that Dr. Roozrokh “had an accent.” In fact, it was stated TWICE. The problem with that is that Dr. Roozrokh does NOT have an accent–he was born in Wisconsin.

Gray played the race-baiting game, and that alone should have ended her career with SLO County.

Give it up. Gray is supposed to be a prosecutor, but she didn’t know Bigham had been injured? She’s a prosecutor but she doesn’t even read the local newspaper? She was a registered nurse and, as such–had she been intelligent enough to bother reading the local newspaper–she would have known Bigham had been so severely injured that he could have easily been killed.

While your purpose coming here may have been to defend Karen Gray, you’ve actually made things worse for her.

For instance, I’m wondering how many other times, in her career, that records supporting the defendent’s case magically and conveniently (for Gray) “disappeared.” Or how many other times in her career has she used the thinly-veiled race-baiting tactic?


Dave, Dave, Dave……..these prosecutors would rather waste our money appealing the judges ruling on the the doobie dozen than procecuting a total misfit, uniform or no uniform. I am discusted that this Karen Gray can not see how to prosecute this case and make it stick. It sure looks like cronyism at it’s best. I did not know you were one of them!


Dave… It is the JOB of the D..A to hold people accountable. Win or lose, that’s what they are paid to do. It’s not their job to access weather or not they will win or lose for whatever reason, and then choose not to give it their all based on personal feelings. If Karen gray is unable to keep that out she should get a different job, one that I and the rest of the public don’t pay her to do.


Is Ryan banging Gray?



Have you seen her photo? She is a few decades older than Mason, and she looks it.

I think Mason would probably puke if he knew anyone had even raised the possibility that he was banging Gray.


I think we know a little more about crusader now. know what I mean


“…One thing I do know–something that Karen Velie overlooks–is that the odds are against the prosecutiion in this case. We are likely to spend thousands of dollars and Mason will walk. Why? Because he’s a firefighter and juries are reluctant to punish anyone in uniform…”

So look the other way (AKA exercise “prosecutorial discretion”), huh? What a load of crap, Dave.


Dave, you REALLY ARE drunk…

3 putt

Very troubling. The coverup in this case is systemic. The Police helped out their Firefighter friend by giving him a “pass” for several days. The DA helps out their minions notwithstanding a successful result from the Preliminary Hearing.

As far as “Checks and Balances” go– in this case there are no checks and it’s not balancing from the government. Rather, the checking appears to be left to CCN. This case must be followed closely!!


Good point. The coverup is systemic.




Gray was replaced a few weeks ago by Deputy District Attorney Kristy Imel, a decision made after CalCoastNews questioned Gray’s decision to drop the case.

Gray told Brighham she didn’t think she could win the case.

‘Karen Gray said “I don’t take anything I don’t think I can win,”‘ Brigham’s attorney Mike Pick said. ‘She said it was just another bar fight. She didn’t even know (Jory) had been injured.’


1. Once again, CalCoastNews’ professionalism in following up, and tenacity in holding government officials accountable for their actions, serves the best interests of the people. I don’t think the effectiveness of the pressure of news publications in holding government officials’ feet to the fire can be underestimated. When there is public pressure applied at the same time, IMO, it puts an exponent on the opportunity for positive (for the people) results.

2. She didn’t even know Brigham was injured?! If she didn’t know that, then she is truly incompetent. I don’t want one more cent of my taxes going to pay the salary of such worthless incompetence. She actually decided NOT to prosecute Mason–when she obviously hadn’t even done a cursory background research.

It makes me wonder what kind of background research she did…and that’s all I’ll say about that.

3. Gray doesn’t think she can win the case!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Psycho-Mason could have killed Brigham. Mason continued to deliver possibly lethal blows while Brigham was disabled on the ground. Witnesses indicate Brigham was trying to verbally de-escalate the situation before Psycho-Mason went crazy and attacked him. If Gray doesn’t think she could win that case, then her @ss should be in the unemployment line.

Oh, that’s right. Gray didn’t even know Psycho-Mason’s victim, Brigham, had been injured. Does this bimbo even read the newspaper? It boggles the mind–that the County would have such a pi$$-poor piece of work as a prosecutor, and that they would allow her to so clearly serve the best interests of a coddled firefighter with a history of violent attacks on citizens ahead of the safety and the best interests of the public.

Clearly, there was another motive for why she didn’t want to prosecute Mason.

4. Why is Gray still employed by the county? If she cannot take this case because she thinks she cannot win, she is incompetent. There are witnesses and evidence, both pointing to Mason’s guilt in the attempted murder of Brigham AND in the SLO City FD’s attempt to cover up Mason’s attempted murder.

It seems the County is as interested in coddling prosecutor incompetence as the City is in coddling psychotic, out-of-control firefighters.


Well said….



This whole freaking county is corrupt…

It’s getting to the point where I detest all government…


Welcome to my world…


Hey…not just in SLO…it’s everywhere, I’m very sorry to say!!!


Crusader, are you JUST NOW figuring out that SLO County is corrupt? Where have YOU been?

Mr. Holly

I wonder how much involvement this BOZO Karen Gray has been involved with attempts to prosecute all of the other criminals in the county. Could she possibly be the lead prosecutor on the Gearhart case. This just sounds just like another politician, if I can’t get my way I’m not going there. Remember the DA is elected and like some of our local cities it is definetly time to thin the heard out of those who are in the hot kitchen and need a little help with getting out. Atascadero and Paso Robles do you hear me?