Internet sales tax law tossed

April 4, 2012

A Colorado law passed in 2010 intended to encourage online retailers to collect sales tax has been struck down by a federal judge. (Denver Post)

U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn’s decision permanently blocks implementation of the law — which already had been put on hold by an earlier judicial ruling. Such a law would “impose an undue burden on interstate commerce,” Blackburn wrote.

Courts have always concurred that online retailers cannot be forced to collect taxes from customers.

“Enforcing a reporting requirement on out-of-state retailers will, by definition, discriminate against the out-of-state retailers by imposing unique burdens on those retailers,” Blackburn ruled.



  1. R.Hodin says:

    Great, now let’s take the government online, then we can’t be forced to pay (income tax, etc) for the services it provides.

    A moronic ruling, IMO.

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  2. Spirit Filled says:

    If I sell something on Ebay outside of California no tax. If selling to someone inside California I have to charge taxes. What’s with that?

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    • R.Hodin says:

      It’s the state you live, work and play in trying to slow down the bleeding from online sales. What’s wrong with that?

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      • Spirit Filled says:

        No I will not pay it. Let them come get me. I am now in Alaska, then Colorado, then Maine, then Oregon, then……….I won’t pay to Ca. And the $47.00 is still mine. Sorry I am tax poor like the rest of you.


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  3. mrcyberdoc says:

    Yepee! One for our side!

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    • R.Hodin says:

      Is that the “Have My Cake and Eat It Too” side?

      just wait, this free-lunch, no-sales-tax mentality is going to force a Federal VAT-style sales tax on EVERYTHING, no exceptions.

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  4. Cindy says:

    This was a no brainer, can anyone imagine having to file 50 unique sales tax returns every quarter? Geezzzzzz.

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    • R.Hodin says:

      Good going, you’ve just made the argument for a Federal sales tax — just one form to file for online retailers!

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  5. standup says:

    As long as we have the corruption and payoffs in this county, I am all for not giving an extra dime in taxes to those idiots who waste it. Go Amazon! No tax, no shipping.

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  6. Grandmaof9 says:

    Finally – a step in the right direction…

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