Paso Robles supervisor departs under criminal cloud

September 25, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe former building, parks and streets maintenance supervisor for Paso Robles is under investigation for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from the city.

Charles Lorenzen, 52, was placed on paid administrative leave a week ago and then resigned his position on Thursday, shortly after Paso Robles police investigators began looking into allegations he was using his city credit card for personal purchases. There are also allegations that Lorenzen pilfered gas and landscaping supplies.

Lorenzen did not return requests for comment.

City sources said that top management failed to look into the allegations of embezzlement, prompting a building maintenance supervisor to take a stack of credit card receipts to the police department. Officers then searched Lorenzen’s Templeton home and removed several pilfered items, city sources said.

Lorenzen was hired 13 years ago by City Manager Jim App. App did not reply to emails from CalCoastNews.


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Nothing is going to happen because the SLO County DA is in bed Jim App’s Ol’ Boy Clique.

Makes perfect sense to me. Jim App is an opportunist and all of his buddies are opportunists and criminals. Burton’s job is to cover up for the criminal activities of Jim App’s secret clique of criminal-class buddies. Burton likes to threaten witnesses with deadly force to keep them quiet.

“Burton likes to threaten witnesses with deadly force to keep them quiet.” That is a ridiculous statement. What foundation do you have to support this? I will bet NONE. Make a clear and compelling argument or something based on a small amount of fact. Your comment has neither.

Interesting that the Tribune has not printed a word about this story…. unless I just have not seen it…. Why so quiet about it???

The Telegram Trib forgot to mention that Jim App is the biggest thief in Paso Robles.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: only the weakest of people seek public service. Especially in this day and age.

That said, what do any of us expect to get with our “elected” or un-elected “officials” and bureaucrats? Seriously.

It’s like teachers, fireman and police have been sacred cows for so long, we do not like to see when they go bad; yet, we have NO sacred cow standing for political types and yet we’re still amazed at their failings.

Only in government can we get the least-capable, lowest performing people – and let them get WORSE over time. No other job or industry allows that.