Serial groper on a bike striking in Santa Maria

January 30, 2014

Santa Maria policeSanta Maria police are searching for a man reported to have sexually assaulted several women this month. [KSBY]

The suspect has reportedly been riding a bicycle up to women and groping them from behind. Most of the reported assaults have occurred in the northern area of the city near the Santa Maria River levee.

This week, the suspect allegedly assaulted a woman Tuesday night and another Wednesday afternoon. In both cases, witnesses reported that he was riding a dark mountain bike.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male in his 20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing about 175 to 180 pounds. He has dark complexion, short hair and a thin mustache. The suspect has been seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys blue, zip up hoodie and a red baseball cap.

In earlier incidents, witnesses reported that he was riding a red mountain bike.




  1. Pelican1 says:

    He’s a rider, he’s a toker, he’s a serial groper……

  2. fishing village says:

    THIS crap is NOT FUNNY!!
    Women should be able to go about their lives without stupid men bothering them. Just another ‘attack’ against women, some think funny.
    No laughing matter, so glad the police are helping!!

    • jrstone says:

      Your “stupid men” did not do this, a “stupid man” did! When you clear that up with yourself maybe you’ll find some humor in your life.

      Just Sayin…

  3. Pelican1 says:

    Is this considered a “Ride-By?”

  4. OnTheOtherHand says:

    Whew, “seen wearing a Dallas Cowboys blue, zip up hoodie.” At least I know it’s not me they’re looking for.

  5. Black_Copter_Pilot says:

    They obviously need to implement a groper-trap

  6. jrstone says:

    Now, where are one of those hit-and-run drivers when you need them?

    Just sayin’….

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