SLO County clerk-recorder to retire

January 8, 2014
Julie Rodewald

Julie Rodewald

San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald announced Tuesday that she will retire at the end of her term in January 2015. [Tribune]

Rodewald has worked for the county for 33 years and spent the last 20 as clerk-recorder.

She first won election in 1994 among a field of eight candidates. Rodewald has since run unopposed for the office four times.

Rodewald oversaw the transition from punch ballots to fill-in-the bubble voting cards. She also implemented an electronic vote counting system prior to the 2000 election.

“We embraced the vision that we worked every day to make things as easy as possible,” Rodewald told the Tribune.

The county clerk-recorder makes $135,657 annually. Assistant clerk-recorder Tommy Gong has already announced plans to run for the office.

A primary election for the position is scheduled for June.



  1. shelworth says:

    Did anyone else get a chill along their spine thinking of future elections?

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  2. Pelican1 says:

    Thank you for your service to our county. You have done an exemplary job. I only wish that other county employees had your sense of professionalism, integrity, work ethic, and dedication.
    Thank you for a job WELL done.

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  3. bobfromsanluis says:

    I made a comment some time ago regarding Ms. Rodewald’s performance as our Clerk-Recorder and her ability to run elections with no drama, no issues, just make sure that everyone who is eligible to vote can, and that each vote is counted; I suggested that if Julie Rodewald and her crew could be cloned, do so and put them in place in each county in the nation. One of the best situations also has been her very determined ability to be non-partisan, just do the job to the best of her and her crew’s ability. Thank you for many years of insuring that we have had problem free polling places and trouble free election results. The epitome of a dedicated public servant, striving to make sure the function her department is responsible is done as well as possible.

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  4. taxpayer says:

    Julie Rodewald has been one of the finest elected public officials that San Luis Obispo County has ever had. I, for one, want to thank her for her years of service. She will be sorely missed.

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  5. Jorge Estrada says:

    Your welcome.

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  6. fishing village says:

    I have been impressed with Ms Rodewald’s work for the citizens of SLO County. With the tensions always high during elections all of us want professional handling of the ballots, counting, and fast as possible results. Ms. Rodewald has provided all of these for our county. Thank you so much!

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  7. pasodowny says:

    I commend the clerk on her service but condemn the salary that is budgeted for this position.

    $135,000+ per year?

    I’m sorry, but that’s way too high–like so many obscure public offices in SLO County. Go ahead, list your favorites.

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    • Mr. Holly says:

      That’s peanut. Wait until you see what the retirement package will be.

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    • kayaknut says:

      And don’t forget, her pension will be real close to her salary, if not higher due to the same old tricks done by many public employees to pad their pensions, plus what “she” has paid into the pension if far below the payout. So taxpayers will not only be paying her “home salary” they also will be paying it again when the new person is in place. So no one should wonder why the government keeps asking, taking, stealing, or tricking us into more taxes.

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      • No_More_Anger says:

        I haven’t observed such whining since I quit listening to KPRL’s AM show!

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        • Kevin 99 says:

          It’s pretty clear that some people can’t be happy unless they’re outraged about something. Whatever gets you through the day, I suppose. Personally, I think that $135K/year is a bargain to ensure that all of our elections are fair, efficient and reliable. Julie Rodewald certainly has accomplished that.

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          • kayaknut says:

            And that couldn’t happen for lets say for around $75,000+?????

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            • SLOBIRD says:

              This is probably one of the best run departments in our County government. Ms. Rodewald not only does elections but her department is the clerk to the courts, supervisors, issues marriages, birth, death certificates, passports, etc. for this County. I have several transactions with this department and have always received first class service. I will be the first to state what is wrong with our local governments, and boy, there is plenty of that around here; but, I think we should also recognized an outstanding, efficient and professional department as there are so few to exactly commend. Ms. Rodewald had served this County well and for the number of person and functions she manages and the quality of her performance I think we get a bargain at $135,000 a year. Look at what others are paid for a whole lot less.

              Good job Ms. Rodewald and enjoy your retirement!

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            • No_More_Anger says:

              Only one thing for to do, kayaknut, run for the office, win and then take a vountary pay cut to $75K. If you ran on that you would get all the whine votes. He’ll, you might even get mine.

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              • kayaknut says:

                I have a better idea, why not as the search for a new person starts they just state that this new person will be paid around $75,000 and then we can see who runs and gets elected and go from there, any problems with that?

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                • No_More_Anger says:

                  Not from me so much, but your public doesn’t appear to like it.

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