California librarians irked by governor’s appointment

March 26, 2014

LibraryCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown appointed a politically connected journalist to the position of state librarian, frustrating librarians across California. [LA Times]

“A former reporter? What the hell? said Librarians’ Guild President Roy B. Stone. “I’m tired of political appointments everywhere you go for everything.”

California Education Code states that the state librarian should be a technically trained librarian.

Brown’s appointment, Greg Lucas, formerly reported on politics for the San Francisco Chronicle. Since 2011, he has served as the senior editor for Sacramento website Capitol Weekly. He also writes and edits for California’s Capitol, a website he created.

Lucas, 55, is the son of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas and the husband of Donna Lucas, a political strategist and former top aide for governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Deukmejian.

The state librarian receives $142,968 annually. Job duties include overseeing the State Library, collecting and preserving historical items and providing technical and financial assistance to local libraries.

Lucas must receive senate confirmation to secure the position.


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Librarians have supported every liberal cause and liberal candidate through the American Library Association and the California Library Association, shunning Laura Bush and their own school librarians. They even held their annual ALA conference in Canada one year to show their international (non-American) slant.

Now they realize their reward for being so liberal and forward thinking, our liberal Governor thinks any idiot can run the State Library System. So he appoints one.

No surprise here.

The worst kinds of criminals are criminals hiding behind the color of law.

Moonbeam is a criminal hiding behind the color of law.

Burton and App of Paso Robles are criminals hiding behind the color of law.

Seriously???? A state librarian?

A library is a hospital for the mind…not a mindless politician.

Don’t be ridiculous. The librarians need to stand down and accept that the government knows what’s best for them. Brown can appoint whomever he wants because he’s from the government and he knows best.

may the Senate vote him down. that is the worst case i’ve ever seen. good job Brownie

SLO County is another victim of the Gov’s crappy, unqualified, political appointees.