Man punches woman in face in SLO store

November 14, 2014

A 20-year-old man entered a downtown San Luis Obispo store Thursday morning, conversed for a few minutes with a female employee and then punched her in the face, surveillance footage shows.

Justin Edmond Pard, a transient, punched the woman with a close fist and then yelled profanities at her as he ran out the door. The victim, 20, suffered a bloody nose and bruising to her face.

Justin Edmond Pard

Justin Edmond Pard

The assault occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m. in The Flip Flop Shop at 858 Higuera Street. Police located Pard about 45 minutes later after the owner of a neighboring business spotted him sitting at Barnes and Noble.

Officers transported the victim to the area, and she identified him as the attacker.

While detaining Pard, officers found a 10 inch fixed blade kitchen knife in the front pocket of his sweatshirt. They arrested him for assault and for carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.

Officers booked Pard into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $2,000.

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Now that i have seen the entire video and verified what the first police on the scene said, the problem has been the Police Departments , lack of enforcement, laziness and the complete break down of communications with we the people and the Police.

The Police are taking the less paper work thus do not arrest just cite and release, this is an ongoing problem with the police, one Sgt. who is suppose supervise downtown, is usual seen at the apple store taking care of his personal phone, according to both Apple employees and one downtown Copeland Security Guard.

The Police have failed the community more than once, with more criminal officers being arrested ie A.J. Santana this week under a probe for criminal acts, then Cory Pierce both of these corrupt cops worked for the same corrupt Sheriff’s Narcotics Task force so the trust is gone.

As a business person, i spoke to several people who agree the police have become complacent, lazy, slow to respond if at all, the loss of the Security downtown, at least Copeland keep them on his properties . The chief of police i red in the paper agreed with the Downtown Association that the Ambassador Program was good ? and no need to keep the Highly Visible, lawfully trained , insured and bonded once they left the crime and issues of crime and misconduct have sky rocketed .

SHAME ON THE POLICE AND ASSOCIATION, the victim in this case should sue the police, downtown association for there utter failures.

That’s what you get when you have an underpaid overworked police force. Oh wait are police are neither of those. Never mind.

The SLO PD made a big mistake. There was absolutely no justification for releasing this guy. Imagine if this guy actually killed someone after his release? It would have cost SLO millions of dollars to settle the lawsuit, and rightfully so!

But, in many ways I am sympathetic to the police. Police actions against criminals are limited.

Ever since society subcontracted law enforcement to police agencies, it has taken some of the teeth out of our ability to deal with lawlessness.

I’m not saying that Justin Pard should have been beaten to death by mob justice for what he did. However despicable his actions were, he didn’t permanently maim or kill anyone.

But let’s suppose he stabbed this young woman to death; a young woman who was doing nothing more than trying to be helpful. And let’s say the public was witness to Pard’s act of violence.

In this hypothetical example, it’s too bad the public can no longer administer justice on the spot.

But understand there are important nuances in my comment. It’s all about INTENT. I am far more forgiving of someone acting lawlessly but has no INTENT to harm.

But had Justin Pard actually murdered this innocent young woman, the ideal situation would be that he’d already be in the morgue – not warm and safe in jail.

Print this page in color, cut out the guy’s picture, laminate, put it in your wallet, and keep your eyes peeled. Make this guy a pariah and physically run him out of town. When the cops found him behind the church they should have let a couple of citizens know and then taken a coffee break on the other side of town.