The new Dave Congalton

November 13, 2014
Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla

CalCoastNews co-founder and senior correspondent Daniel Blackburn will be filling in for Dave Congalton from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday on KVEC 920 AM, Hometown Radio.

On-air personality Congalton is off the air for several weeks while he recovers from surgery. Dan’s guests include California Secretary of State-elect Sen. Alex Padilla; newly-elected 4th District supervisor Lynn Compton; ex- Mafia jewel thief extraordinare Larry Lawton, founder of Reality Check program; and Jim Hill, who may be the next mayor of Arroyo Grande.


Jack Smith

Please fill us in on the “malarkee” MB Business owner…


I think that perhaps a better headline would have said…The Interim Dave Congalton….

To infer that Daniel is “the new” Dave Congalton assumes that Dave will or may not be returning.

God forbid something should happen, I think Daniel would feel terrible.

Best Wishes Dave.


Get well Dave.


who’s talking right now?


I hope Dave recovers from surgery without a glitch…AND…

I could not be happier that Dan will be filling in for him in the interim.


Now that is cool!

Rich in MB


I always like listening to Dan when he is a guest of Dave’s.

Dan and the team at CCN is about the only game in town when it comes to holding elected officials accountable regardless of political party, stance, or power.


On behalf of the Jim Hill campaign in AG,

I can only say that is a huge understatement!

We are fortunate to have access to the information the Trib doesn’t want us to know.

mb business owner

I hope once the ag situation is under control with a new mayor and city manager, CCN starts paying attention to mb, lots of malarkee going on there.


Details please


As is the case here in AG, I suspect Irons has his staunch supporters

who will refuse to admit any wrongdoing, and deny, deny, deny

no matter how many folks come forward, or how much is proven to be amiss.

Be prepared, it will not be easy to convince folks to share their experiences,

they will fear retaliation as our citizens and business owners have.

There will come a point though, where the tide will turn

and the majority will be grateful for your efforts.

Good luck, we wish you the best.