Man punches woman in face in SLO store

November 14, 2014

A 20-year-old man entered a downtown San Luis Obispo store Thursday morning, conversed for a few minutes with a female employee and then punched her in the face, surveillance footage shows.

Justin Edmond Pard, a transient, punched the woman with a close fist and then yelled profanities at her as he ran out the door. The victim, 20, suffered a bloody nose and bruising to her face.

Justin Edmond Pard

Justin Edmond Pard

The assault occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m. in The Flip Flop Shop at 858 Higuera Street. Police located Pard about 45 minutes later after the owner of a neighboring business spotted him sitting at Barnes and Noble.

Officers transported the victim to the area, and she identified him as the attacker.

While detaining Pard, officers found a 10 inch fixed blade kitchen knife in the front pocket of his sweatshirt. They arrested him for assault and for carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.

Officers booked Pard into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $2,000.

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This story reminds me about a 15 year old girl who got hit by a transient a couple of years ago in downtown SLO.

It happened in the company of her mother.

Her jaw was broken and they never caught the guy.

Many neighborhood teens love to stroll downtown on the weekends.

Not sure its that safe anymore.

There are too many transient in downtown and around the city, the risks is now more than before.


Yes i too remember that incident and several others in the past three years, what is disturbing is the utter failures of the police dept., saying they had to cite and release because of Over crowding ! Bull Crap, all one had to do check with the Sheriff’s Dept. as i did and they had plenty of room for inmates to be booked and HELD.

Cite and release is a bold faced lie by the PD’s upper echelon, the charges according to one of those involved, said he should have been charged with assualt, battery with bodily harm, caring a knife over 6 inches concealed or dirk or dagger a felony, the cop also said the guy should have had a 5150 hold as well as been charged with resiting arrest . This officer said down town is getting worse under the new Police command structure.

Yet the PD chose the least to let him get back out within hours, shameful and a disgrace of our PD. The DT is a mess, since the DT Association stopped security and went with this silly red shirted ” Kinder” Ambassador (JOKE) program i only in 3 weeks saw one ambassador a long haired wavy girly looking man ? smoking by the Mission the very law he is suppose to stop ? There have been more dope dealers at the mission restrooms, people stealing money from the mission fountain, people pissing in public, crapping on Express windows, this most recent assault shows you the CAT is a failure, the ambassador program a failure, we are no longer safe in our own community. I will no longer allow my family to shop DT, we now will go to the BIG BOX stores.


How I wish I could have been in that shop at that moment.

But then again, maybe not. It would be me making the headline for murder.

Take note Pard. What goes around, comes around.

Blessings, comfort, and strength to the young woman of this heinous crime. And to her family.


I wander what his side of the story was when the police stopped him?

Typically when a person get caught doing wrong they twist the story around.

But the truth was in surveillance footage (Good business investment especially now)


My personal sentiment is to give him a taste of his own medicine however I would end up in jail with him besides he’s packed with knives.

He’ll probably plea mental illness and get off light.


Mary Margaret posted below that the KSBY site says he was released after five hours on a “promise” to appear. What ? An OR (own recognizance?)

If that’s true, and the SLO PD released a shiv-carrying felon who hit an innocent clerk a good one, this would MATCH EXACTLY the SLO PD disinterest and unprofessionalism about beggars, loud biker thugs, all sorts of physical intrusions of one person against another.

What does it TAKE to replace INEFFECTIVE and uncaring COPS? The man damaged a defenseless woman in an unproved attack ON CAMERA.

Oh well the six and a half footer in Ferguson, MO struck a store clerk and the public is rioting like he was Mother Theresa gunned down carrying a bowl of soup for the blind.

A store camera assault like this should be a felony arrest and detention, AND no bail until a court reluctantly reduces/sets it to $ 50,000. WHO decided the O R release ? ?


I would love to know who posted his bail. You can be sure he will act responsible and show up in court as promised. Yea right, and I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

He was arrested a second time the same day. Again, his bail is $2,000.00. I’m wondering if the same person will bail him out again, and for what, so he can do more harm. Lock him up and when his time is finished, send his arse back to Arizona.

I walked 3 blocks in downtown this afternoon. I was asked 11 times for money. That’s a bit much. There were 3 other groups who didn’t bother asking. Not one of them could have been over 30 yrs old.

If San Luis wants to keep their “happy town,” they need to insure these pimples on the ass of society aren’t going to continue to attack us. I know it must be very difficult for the business owners. If San Luis can demand such a high price for rent, they better start making it better for the business owners and shoppers.

I know I’m not comfortable going downtown during the day by myself too much any longer. I surely wouldn’t do so at night.


Asked eleven times for money? How could you hear the weasels over the police and council-sponsored welcome and free pass of thunderous illegally modified exhausts?

It bears repeating that beggar thugs and biker thugs should both be policed down to civilized standards, but Chief Gesell and Mayor Marx don’t give a crap about your experience downtown, be it accosted by noise or by panhandlers.

They’ll get their pensions, YOU get a diminished life and experience.


All I can say is wait to see the real effects of Prop 47. Build more prisons! we do not have the answers to rehabilitation if we did then it would be working by now. Build them and they will come.

Its much better to keep them out of society by keeping them in jail. Until society finds the magic answer to rehabilitation, I want these crazies doing time.


ask a Norwegian !


No we don’t know the answers to rehabilitation because we’ve been so caught up in angry vengeance that we haven’t really tried. We also haven’t really tried too hard to deal with mental illness (including drug addictions) which I suspect is the root cause of this particular incident. Neither will work 100% and neither may have worked in this case. However, every time rehab or treatment does work means an extra space in the jails for those who need to be there.

I voted for Prop 47 despite some obvious flaws. (I hope that it will be reformed somewhat in the future.) I am tired of seeing taxpayers writing a blank check for an entire incarceration industry when they turn people into a permanent underclass for behavioral problems that can be overcome. Prisons aren’t cheap — I don’t know what the current cost is but I remember it being over $30,000/yr per prisoner many years back. I would not be surprised if it is over $40K/yr now. Rehab and treatment aren’t cheap either but decrease (not eliminate) the odds of repeat offenses.


Notice in the Tribune story that they can’t even call this guy a transient. I’m really tired of anyone who sets foot in town being called a resident of the town; at least the Tribune didn’t go that far. They just couldn’t identify the person as homeless or a transient from Arizona.

In other words, important information is not given to the public because some police agency or newspaper thinks it is politically incorrect or might “damage a fragile group of people” (California Health Department) or might empower a gang (police authorities).

It’s about time we are given the facts. Why can’t the CHP in our area tell us when someone has no driver’s license? other CHP’s give out this information. Our CHP tells us when people are driving on a suspended license, but won’t say when someone has no driver’s license.

Tell us what gang some gangster criminal belongs to. Tell us when someone is a recent resident from another state. Tell us when someone is a citizen of a foreign country and legal resident or illegal resident.

I think we have a right to the facts of life around us. Otherwise, people are guessing about everything and knowledgeable about nothing.


You have no right to information which the cops and power people don’t want you to have. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

You don’t count. I don’t count. Our opinions don’t count for much except lip service around election time.

Not enough time to care about the town AND make Dalidio/friends and Ashbaugh rich by messing with airport safety zones.


Everyone is under the illusion that we live in this sweet little town. Oprah Winfrey probably did us no favor by creating the illusion (which everyone latched on to) that we are just wheeeee…..the Happiest City in the US. Wake up! I have a video of a male rape on my iPhone which happened while a friend and I were on a walk and while we waited for the police to show up. One homeless male approached another one with his bottle in a brown paper bag-and the rest is sickening. I thought it might go to court or something—but there was not even an arrest! I think the whole thing was more traumatic for my friend and I watching it and then seeing nothing was going to become of it (what??? it is common for this to occur here????) Believe me, a LOT of crap comes down here. In between our ears, we like to stroll downtown and imagine we are living in some Disneyland. We are not.

I am frankly surprised this woman stayed long enough to let this happen to her. With the long pauses and the strange behavior, and his bizarre appearance, I would have been out calling the police on the sidewalk. But for what…..a $2,000 bail? Hey, at least I would have saved myself a punch in the face.


I was totally UN-flattered by Oprah Winfrey’s statement that this is the happiest place in the world. She is a billionaire and Rodney King won a fifty million dollar law suit against the city of LA. Where ever the both of them go, they are well protected and well treated, so where ever they go is a great place because they are wealthy.