Man punches woman in face in SLO store

November 14, 2014

A 20-year-old man entered a downtown San Luis Obispo store Thursday morning, conversed for a few minutes with a female employee and then punched her in the face, surveillance footage shows.

Justin Edmond Pard, a transient, punched the woman with a close fist and then yelled profanities at her as he ran out the door. The victim, 20, suffered a bloody nose and bruising to her face.

Justin Edmond Pard

Justin Edmond Pard

The assault occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m. in The Flip Flop Shop at 858 Higuera Street. Police located Pard about 45 minutes later after the owner of a neighboring business spotted him sitting at Barnes and Noble.

Officers transported the victim to the area, and she identified him as the attacker.

While detaining Pard, officers found a 10 inch fixed blade kitchen knife in the front pocket of his sweatshirt. They arrested him for assault and for carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.

Officers booked Pard into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $2,000.

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Let me guess, he uses drugs / and or pot.


I would guess that he is mentally ill and possibly under the influence of alcohol or meth. Pot heads are rarely that aggressive unless some other drug is involved too.


Nobody ever bothers to ask how are these people getting here? Someone is giving them bus fare to get here. Santa Cruz actually got caught giving homeless people bus fare to SLO several years back.


parole panels ? in Arizona? sending young offenders to pester us for private prison lobby? profit?


I blame it on Oprah.


Like dumping my trash on my neighbor’s lawn. If he’s too stupid to realize it, then why not.


actually a better analogy would be if he happily pays to take it to the dump and asks me for more trash, then why wouldn’t I.

This human trash litters this town. You can’t walk a block without being accosted by one of these filthy bums.


Nevada has been sending their star pupils to California as soon as they are released from prison. It’s been going on for the last couple of years. Nice


They are shipping mentally ill vagrants here from other states and all the coastal city’s give free bus passes.

I know people like less government but we need more mental facilities and the constant reoffenders need to be kept there.


What you just witnessed was an extremely cowardly act. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Mr. Bard, you should be very thankful that wasn’t my daughter you assaulted.

I hope the clerk doesn’t suffer long term because of this incident.


Watching the CCTV video, it seems to me the clerk was uncomfortable with the man starting soon after he entered the store, and she seemed to become more uncomfortable the longer he remained in the store. What a difficult position to be in, especially when you are the only clerk in the store (apparently).

I hope the clerk is doing okay. It has to have shaken her up quite a bit.


Mary, sorry but this girl is not uncomfortable you can tell she is in another world. Why would she tell this guy where her car was? All the signs of an imminent attack was there but the nut for some reason chose not to attack, lucky for her.

More and more people are victims because their concerned more about having their faces dug into their cell phones tweeting and facebooking and a billion other things.

What is even better is Prop 47 that just passed, let the good times roll.


1. $2000 bail is not enough.

2. Inspector Racket noted that he asked her about her car shortly before the attack. Was he making conversation, or was there a prior interaction that he was following up on? (Either way, good on the neighbor for spotting him, and the cops for nabbing him.)


I remember when SLO had such a safe atmosphere. The store clerk did absolutely nothing to provoke this spineless little dirtbag.He even asked if there was a security camera that she then pointed to, was he looking for his 15 min.of fame or just stupid? I’m just thankful that he didn’t use the knife. Lesson for all of us as we cruise around the happiest place on earth, watch your back, because there are more and more of these jerks showing up. It’s that post 911 feeling where we have lost our ability to go about our daily lives without the dark cloud of worry and paranoia hanging over us.

mary margaret

Let’s all thank our SLO city council members and Ms. Marx for attracting so many homeless by choice to SLO. We should also thank the BOS for their part in making our formerly wonderful town a magnet for maggots like this man from Arizona. Law enforcement, specifically

SLOPD, does not effectively patrol downtown even though two designated officers are

assigned to deal with the homeless. They continue to sit on the green benches, panhandle

aggressively and smoke. They should not be allowed to have pets; the animals deserve

better. The worst are violent criminals, like this creep. Why was this not a felony? He

assaulted the young woman and had a concealed weapon. He was bailed out yesterday.

The bail was only $2,000 ! This was more than a misdemeanor offense, or it should have

been. We all need to remember sad incidents like this when our politicians come up

for re-election. The safety of our community should be a priority here; no need to send

our police chief to Israel for anti-terrorist training. The people victimizing citizens here in

SLO are often the out of area homeless.

mary margaret

Check out edhat slo. He was arrested again last night, after being bailed out of jail. This is disgusting. He’s evidently on parole from Arizona.


where are these guys getting their bail money?

mary margaret

On the KSBY site it says that he was released the first time after 5 hours on a “promise” to appear in court. REALLY !!! That sounds like we are unprotected by our judicial/law enforcement system. Oh, shudacuda, the homeless are on SSI/disability, food stamps (no more stamps, looks like any other credit card), Obamacare (aka: Covered California, ACA, Medical)….so if he was bailed out, it was thanks to taxpayers. Bail would be $200 if using a Bail Bond company.


our federal government has likely set up a bail fund for these poor disenfranchised potential voters.


There are some homeless who are as bad as you describe. There are many more who are not. Don’t generalize so easily based on appearances or someone’s economic status. It is fair to criticize based upon actions but only those individuals who act that way — not everyone who looks like them.


Because the fools here are stupid enough to give them money. A former coworker of mine has a loser son who pretends to be homeless and makes $50-$100/day begging on higuera st.

Then he goes home to his $750k McMansion every night.

Stop enabling these people.


My neighbor owns a small downtown business in SLO.

Dealing with the homeless is a constant battle.

From urinating in the entrance alcove, to camping out on a nearby bench, and making shoppers uncomfortable, it just never stops.

SLO seems to be doing more to attract the homeless

than it does to support the business community.


His punishment should be her father, brothers, boyfriend and anyone else being able to punch his face as many times as necessary so he learns a lesson never to do this again.

He appears to be trying to get up the nerve to rob the store.

Keep supporting these young scumbags. This is what you get.


San Luis Obispo is a magnet for the homeless. Unfortunately I am seeing spill-over in other local cities. Thanks Adam Hill and all the doo-gooders.


Its not like his girlfriend did the homeless any favors…if I were homeless I would have left town like so many others did and camped out under the pigmy oaks in Los Osos like so many others have.


Thank Reaganomics and the Republicans.


what does a 20-year old piece of trash have to do with politicians from 40-years ago?

How about responsibility for one’s behavior and real consequences for choosing to be a drug infested transient scum, rather than society actually supporting the lifestyle?


I agree with you 100% achillesheal. I believe I was about 2yrs old and I knew the consequences for misbehaving.


Slower faster, please explain.


Although not perfect, the Mental Health Systems Act responded to these problems. For the first time since the National Institute of Mental Health became part of NIH in 1949, mental health was front and center in federal policy.

Then came Ronald Reagan. Within a month, the Office of Management Budget announced it would curtail the budget of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), phase out training of clinicians, interrupt research, and eliminate services. Cutbacks to staff followed; chaos ensued. Experienced people left, others remained in government service but were forced into menial jobs. Trained professionals were reassigned to labs to dissect dead rats; science writers were reassigned to typing pools. The Mental Health Systems Act would be disappear. Instead, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1982) would merge money for mental health programs into block grants, and with fewer dollars going to the states. They had the discretion to use them however they saw fit, often to perpetuate programs already deemed problematic. The pretense for all this was the president’s concept of a “new federalism.”

Reagan dismantled the mental health system. Sick people are in and out of jail and on the streets.


These are the facts. And they add up to a roll-back of opportunities for people already struggling with a psychiatric illness. Whatever spin accompanies the birthday celebrations for Ronald Reagan, we should not create yet another mythic figure, larger than life, more pure than Ivory soap, or with qualities he did not have. He may have portrayed himself as everybody’s lifeguard, but he seemed willing to let people with a psychiatric illness sink.


Thank you for the explanation. Personally, I was never a fan of the good ole boy, Reagan. Not by any means. I do remember the collapse of mental health and I distinctly remember thinking that it wasn’t right on any level. As much as I really have problems with all the transients that have landed here, I know more needs to be done for the truly mentally ill.


Blaming it on Reagan (40 years ago) just doesn’t wash. The Prado Day Center (a magnet for homeless all over the south west) was built AFTER Reagan. We have had Democrat presidents and congresses AFTER Reagan. We have HUGE budget deficits under both Democrats and Republicans. No, all the blame rests with the doo gooders.

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