Man from Los Osos at Oregon standoff has murder conviction

January 22, 2016
Neil Wampler

Neil Wampler

A 68-year-old man from Los Osos is one of the protesters participating in the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon. Years ago, he was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of his father, according to authorities and court records. [Oregonian]

Neil Wampler, 68, appeared in a YouTube video filmed at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. In the video, Wampler said he drove to Oregon from his Central Coast home.

Wampler told the Oregonian he is not the man who was convicted in the death of his father.

But, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cippola said a sheriff’s commander identified Wampler by watching the video. The sheriff’s office is aware Wampler is a convicted murderer, Cippola said.

Sheriff’s officials recently spoke with Wampler about whether he can possess a firearm, Cipolla said.

In Aug. 1977, Wampler was convicted in the killing of his father, Forey Edward Wampler, in Lake County, according to police reports and district attorney’s office records. Neil Wampler was 29 at the time. His name and date of birth matched court and prison records.

The Oregonian asked Wampler whether he is armed. He replied, “Oh yes.”

Wampler said he can legally possess a firearm. Cipolla said he cannot possess a gun because of the murder conviction.

Police reports and newspaper articles from the time of the killing state Wampler was accused of hitting his father in the head with a 16-inch rod while he was sleeping. After initially pleading not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity, Wampler changed his plea to guilty and was convicted.

He was released from prison in 1981.

In 2014, Wampler attended the armed standoff between ranchers and federal authorities at the Nevada ranch of Cliven Bundy. He was also at the Sugar Pine Mine confrontation that occurred last year in Southern Oregon.

“I am here to support my compadres in this effort against federal overreach,” Wampler said in the YouTube video filmed at the wildlife refuge. Wampler said he is protesting the “out of control and ever encroaching nature the federal government has displayed over a long period of time.”

He said no gunshots have been fired and no shots will be fired unless the feds try to force the protesters out. In such case, the feds would find out that we are not playing, Wampler said.

“We are peaceful people,” Wampler said. “I certainly am.”

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Finally some good news from the wingnuts. Here we have a bunch of inbred welfare idiots occupying a remote federal building without real objectives or a clear exit strategy. I hope they have a lot of food,beer and poker chips and a TV so they can watch the superbowl. The very best thing the Gov’t can do is to ignore them. I mean this is a major embarassment to all moronic militia everywhere. I can hardly wait for the SNL skits. Of course if they were to invoke the will of god and add a demand that we execute all gays they could at least get Ted Cruz to show up for another 30 second TV gig.

I think this occupation is just an excuse for a bunch of confused/curious gun creeps to be alone with other confused/curious gun creeps, in close quarters, so that they can play with their “guns” together, without interference from wives, old ladies, or cousins.

When I was 18, I got a ticket for jaywalking in an intersection. That was before YouTube thankfully.

I don’t care who you feature, I still think what the government has been doing to that family in Oregon is shady. They have been trying to force them off that land for YEARS by messing with the water, denying them access to their own land, etc. You are going to have a few nuts in the bunch. That doesn’t mean everyone going up there to represent the “militia” is hoping to recreate Ruby Ridge or Waco.

At 1:31 in the video, Neil Wampler counts to two and tells us what he thinks about his government. Watch.

Please vote if you view the clip. Thanks.

Those great patriots up there better hope Neil doesn’t decide to do a little wamplerin’ in the middle of the night while they’re asleep. They better make sure there’s no 16-inc rods laying around.

What are you saying, that spoons make you fat?

YES! Especially when they are loaded with ice cream!

the wildlife refuge belongs to the citizens of this country, not a few amped up anti- government wackos like we saw in Waco….it’s time to remove them any way necessary.

I encourage you to really dig into the whole Waco thing. It is a frightening story on both sides!

Pelican, does your theory of belonging to the government also go for the Oakland Bridge and the 405 Freeway where the Black Lives Matter sprayed the Freeways (damage to Government Property), closed down all lanes, closed LAX at Christmas, closes down exit access and chain themselves to their cars and themselves. No one was arrested because they have a right to protest even if they damage property.

So, do you think we should treat them all the same or just the ones you agree with their cause and political party. Our whole government is evil and corrupt. When the Republicans take over I hope you are as supportive for your government!

There is a huge difference between occupying a building in the middle of nowhere and shutting down traffic on a vital arterial Bridge at rush hour.

“When the Republicans take over?”

Well, If they are led by Trump, I will weep for the future.

So he got 5 years for killing his dad – but not with a gun! Of course he thinks he should have the right to have a gun! He just should be barred from owning any 16″ rods!

Just the kind of guy the gun manufacturers and NRA want defending gun rights!

(5 years TO LIFE was the sentence – he had really, really good behavior??)

Anytime propaganda artist joseph goebbels errrrrrrr…..Tony Cipolla speaks I dont listen.

Our Sheriff has a full time propaganda artist. incredible.

Tony should also double up as the commander of the new panga boat too.

Must be a lot of Sheriffs out there downvoting this comment.

This is not LA County which needs a full time Media person.

The Sheriff’s Department should get rid of Cipolla and have one of the higher ups talk to the media as part of their job duties.