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Javier Duran

Javier Duran deployed in Afghanistan with the 217th Finance Management Detachment.

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Protect soldiers’ benefits

By JAVIER DURAN As a member of the armed forces, and being currently deployed to Afghanistan, I am taken back by the thought of the legislature using my family living in San Luis Obispo’s benefits as means to address the budget issues. I swore to protect the constitution and the American way of life. The... (Continue Reading)

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San Luis Obispo soldier on 9/11, family and deployment

By JAVIER DURAN Like every other American 9/11 changed the way I viewed life and our vulnerability, as a country, in our small world. No longer did I feel comfortable leaving my house, city, state, country without the fear of someone trying to do harm to my family or me. This feeling echoed across to... (Continue Reading)

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