Rabenaldt asks for apology from Pismo council

February 20, 2008

Bill Rabenaldt has been crossing swords with his fellow Pismo Beach City Council members over their recent censure of him in response to a query he made to the California Coastal Commission.

Rabenaldt sent this letter Wednesday to City Manager Kevin Rice and Mayor Mary Ann Reiss:

“I am requesting that you place an item on the agenda to rescind my censure and offer an apology to me and the public. It has become quite clear that the public has condemned this action.

“I hope you are big enough to realize you have made a mistake and the action was orchestrated by you and Shelly and a violation of the Brown Act was committed when you convinced staff to contact a third council member.

“Just so you know. I have no intention of returning my computer, credit card or allowing you to limit my presence at important meetings on behalf of the public. I have told you personally that I have no intention to litigate this and other issues even though I have been offered free representation by three attorneys who live in the City of Pismo Beach.

“Let’s simply get past this issue. The week before you pulled this stunt, I asked Lori to get me a new computer because mine didn’t work any longer. I still want and need this computer to work with the public. If my credit card has been cancelled, this needs to be reinstated. If travel arrangements are being made for any member of the council, I should have the same opportunity.

“This is simple. Place an item on the agenda regarding this censure, apologize to me and the public and rescind the censure.”

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By: Anonymous on 2/23/08

Again, it appears that mayor Mary Ann Reiss has an unquenchable passion to destroy Councilman Rabenaldt, and will stop at nothing. Councilman Rabenadlt continues to beg the other members to throw him a bone and they do…. a sharp one. I cannot emphasize enough that each and every council member is elected by the people, therefore to censure another member is not only unethical, it is politically fueled.

When I first scanned over this site, that has such a great layout, I was excited that this would be a place for some intelligent dialogue.

But good grief, the same old two or three mean spirited verbally abusive characters. Hey Neighbor, if you like this abusive stuff so much why don’t you write in the blog why no one is allowed in your house, that it takes a pitch fork to get from room to room, because it is so filthy, just like your mouth.

Signing Off…………..

By: Anonymous on 2/23/08

I'm very sad for Newsome and Pismo Lover #1 they're only defense of bad behavior is insulting people who comment. I don't need anyone to point out the difference between an article and the comments. My point was that certain points of view were being taken off the site. My comments are never rude or mean they are just my points of view. I guess some people who get voted off of city councils stay bitter for a long long time. How sad!

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

I was there. I thought the council worked for the public. Instead in Pismo Beach the Council works for their own money in their pockets. Toni S. nice shot at that nice man who was making a point of free speeech, that his public right. I think if Bill R. did that he would of been thrown out. Did anyone get Toni S. credit cards before he left or fine him for his action or maybe a law suit for verbal abuse, and his r3 vacation lots credit thrown out. Don't you own them and aren't you trying to get them passed. Opps did I just let people all know you have nothing to do with them, like not. Council knows but they don't say, but you better be watching because we are. Just think cause parking advisory board members think nobody is watching well think again. Pass 5/0 on extending your term so your can make more money money on property in office. Hey don't think so. Think the Pismo Beach public has you number and their watching the board and the parking advisory is coming down. Thinking of trying to get variance in a area, try a again will we be here to stop you. I believe their is a hidden parking thing to the structure. Must be that you are a commercial broker. What are you selling? Thank for reading and stay tune for the fall of Pismo council and them saying sorry to Bill. Meow meow!

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

Bill R. is an unethical person. He doesn't try and work with the council or the staff. The last person that posted is bitter because she lost the last election by a landslide and Bill is her partner in crime. Just because your license plate says Pismo lover doesn't mean you own the title. The council is not sorry for censuring Bill and nor should they be. He is wrong and they are right and the majority of the residents of Pismo agree. Just as you lost by a landslide so will Bill. Speaking of ethics, should we discuss your last job? This website is very one sided. Bill will milk this website for all it's worth.

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

I just received this link from a friend. Oh My, another Pismo Lover. I consider myself the true Pismo Lover. This has been my license plate for approximately fifteen years. I have two comments, firstly that the other Pismo Lover, sounds like a Pismo Hater, and number two, The Pismo Beach City Council censuring Bill Rabenaldt is nothing more than a campaign move on their part, it worked last time they censured him. They continue to lie about him with the help of the tribune!!! It will be very interesting to see if the citizens of Pismo Beach have finally caught on to what is going on and what is important to this council.

It appears the mayor has an unquenchable passion to destroy Councilman Rabenaldt, and will stop at nothing. Councilman Rabenadlt continues to beg the other members to throw him a bone and they do…. a sharp one. I cannot emphasize enough that each and every council member is elected by the people, therefore to censure another member is not only unethical, it is politically fueled.

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

Pismolover is not making a clear distinction between the news stories (truthful, bold, yaddayadda) and readers comments like this which may not have a lick of truth to them.

I predict that UncoveredSLO staff are going to have some challenges moderating this board. They will need to make rules and guidelines regarding both taste and accountability if the Comments section is going to be protected from becoming a forum for anonymous flamers to rage.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

For the record, the real pismobabe never left the comment above about Councilman Rabenaldt. I'm not that vile.

But I know who did.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

Thank God for Pismo City Council! I am tired of Morro Bay being the legislative laughingstock of middle California. I am pleased to see Pismo take over.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

Why can't UncoveredSLO just remain silent in between the investigative journalism?

This news is reported elsewhere and not the interesting.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

When you combine a bunch of thin-skinned ninnies with a tactless character like Rabenaldt, you get a situation like this. The Pismo council looks worse here for being intolerant of dissent, and Rabenaldt's actions seem pretty mild to me — which seemed to be the conclusion of the New Times.

By: Anonymous on 2/20/08

I'm going to show up at the next CC meeting and give those pompus turkeys a piece of my mind. I support Bill

By: Anonymous on 2/20/08

Bill is an elected council member and no one has the right to deprive him of any priledges that other council members have.Have some respect for our elected officials.