WEEKEND BULLETIN: Secret probe eyes Atascadero cop ..discrimination..

February 10, 2008

An internal investigation has been launched by top level Atascadero officials into complaints made by male officers in the city’s police department, UncoveredSLO.com has confirmed through city officials and other sources.

The complaints allege discrimination and preferential treatment involving female officers.

At least a dozen police personnel have been called behind closed doors at City Hall over the past week and the investigation is reportedly half completed.

Preferential treatment for an alleged lesbian officer by an upper level officer with whom she has a relationship with is one subject of the probe.

Newly-appointed Police Chief Jim Mulhall, who has been present at the officer interviews, has not yet returned phone calls from UncoveredSLO.com. Keep your eye on this site for more information on this unfolding story.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 3/22/08 [Delete]

This is in response to Alan Smithee’s post. As a former APD Officer, I can say that the City of Atascadero is very fortunate to have such high caliber Officers working at that agency.

It was my personal experience that the people who complained about the agency were often the ones who wanted something that was beyond a traditional law enforcement issue. Police Officers have a clearly define duty, and that is to serve the public by protecting the public, enforcing the law and maintaining the peace. If one looks to law enforcement for issues other than the ones that I’ve stated, then one might come to the conclusion that APD is “useless” as Alan suggested.

By: Anonymous on 2/16/08 [Delete]

I’ve had a few contacts with Atascadero police and they’ve been consistently dishonest and useless.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08 [Delete]

Not all of the xray cops in Atascadero are carpetmunchers and they all do a good job for the people of the city.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08 [Delete]

Check out Miller v California, a case out of CMC. Big problems when you have high ranking officers regardless of gender, involved with subordinate officers.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08 [Delete]

A woman’s place is in the home. When they step outside their protected territory they do more damage than help!

Back home ladies…NOW!

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08 [Delete]

To: One of the boy’s

Your the one that does’nt know where to post. Your on the lesbian site. Yes GO TO BED.

PS Alone

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08 [Delete]

Oh Hell – Let the truth be known. Mick is all over the place on this web site and can’t figure where to post. we are a few “public servants” that drank too much and are causing more confusion than anything. We like you at uncoveredslo.com. You helped us and you are helpinhg the whole city and we just can’t stop partying right now. I’m telling people to go to bed if you can’t figure out where to say what you mean. We love yoi uncoveredslo.com and I’m going to bed. DON”T STOP DON”T STOP and we need Mike Brennler. We love you Mike and Good Night.

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08 [Delete]

I just have to say this. Bob has me spitting my coffee out. I can see the head lines now. “WADE HANDCUFFED BY LESBIANS”. Oh well, it struck me funny at the moment.

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08 [Delete]

Never a dull moment in Atascadero. I wonder when the city manager and the accountant will be arrested by the lesbians. LOL

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

Oh no , I wouldn’t send them to the city managers office. The double talk / stay out of trouble days are over. The veil on the time line has been pierced.

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

“Girls” wil be “Girls”

All of the participants will probably be put on administrative leave and/or duty. They all should probably go to the city managers office and learn how to double talk and stay out of trouble.

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

It’s studied in biz schools. Cops have a very strong work culture. More so than just about any other field. The work together and socialize together because these are the people whom they are most comfortable. This in turn leads to many office romances, which are extremely problematic from a HR standpoint. Small town, small department plus office sex equals big issues.

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

I’m waiting for the results of the investigation. If this problem doesn’t get straighten out, get it “straightend out” then I’ll ask Congalton if I can go on his show using a voice altering device and I’ll tell all. They won’t like it.Enough is enough. If a husband promotes his wife over other’s who are more capable and seasoned then he should exspect controversy. The same applies to these particular ” fannies”.

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

The Tribune and the A-News will never cover this. I wonder if Congalton will? The “S”WASP-APD males need some help.It’s not funny to us, its a fact.

By: Anonymous on 2/11/08 [Delete]

In the future please change the name of this website to prpoery describe the output…

i suugest…


PS: Name your sources…you are getting a loose with the facts here.

By: Anonymous on 2/10/08 [Delete]

Let’s see how long it takes for The Tribune to cover this. Or how long for the Atascadero News to put a positive spin on it “Dating in Uniform.” LOL

By: Anonymous on 2/10/08 [Delete]

I know that the relationship with the female officers is immoral and it is rampant in the APD. If they want to keep good officers something has to be done about the special interest that several females aspire to.They are “out of control” on the job and off the job.