Our “Tell Ten” Campaign

May 21, 2008

One of our readers posted what we here at UncoveredSLO.com think is a great idea: If you like this site and think it should continue to report on San Luis Obispo County activities, tell ten friends about UncoveredSLO.com. And ask each of them to tell ten friends. Help pass the word. Suggest to your business friends that they advertise; it makes good economic sense. We thank the many people who have contributed to UncoveredSLO.com, either by advertising, writing a check or by hitting our PayPal button (see yellow button at top right of this page). And we thank those who soon will contribute. There is strength in numbers. We are in this to stay, with your help. – The Editors


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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 5/24/08

Looks like you've already got a "tell ten" program going among the illiterate nutcases. Whew! What a readership writing in these comments…

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

You can tease me all you want, but I still know exactly who you are and why you don't have $10,000 to give to this site.

I will be glad to talk to you — or anyone — about this issue. Call me directly at 544.8540. Thx.

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

From cavemen fighting for survival with sharpened stones to atomic bombs and world wars, human beings have always expressed aggression. No matter how technologically advanced or "civilized" we become, aggression changes its form but is unlikely to disappear.

'Physicality is important in framing the boundaries of our sense of containment. Its absence… is perhaps the most important reason why such dramatic splits occur on the Internet. People are easily idealized and easily denigrated.'

Dan, your point is well taken and should be adhereed to as much as possible.

That said, most of us appreciate the open forum you allow here. Thank you for that and for your admonishment!

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

Why is it that some people use this blog to insult one another? Knock it off!

By: Anonymous on 5/23/08

A one dimensional cartoon character obsessed with genitalia and sexual matters.

This "toon" first appeared in 1930, so we know "it" is very very old.

During her life she was always at odds with her parents and was a delinquent as she often ran away from home.

When drawn Betty was given a huge head to accommodate her ego and not much more. She was happiest when she was showing off her panties.

Betty was always drawn as a husbandless housewife, and many conjectured if Betty portrayed the first example of an "alternative lifestyle".

From her beginnings till now there is no doubt that Betty was and is a "toon".

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

I believe your name is Mr. Dick Less. In fact, I'm quite positive of it.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

OK, who am I?

Feeling truthful?

Then tell me without all the drama!

Dan & Karen do a great job…we that enjoy it just lust for more!

so? who am I?

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

A friend of mine who writes very well offered to contribute to UncoveredSLO, but never even got a reply despite repeated attempts. Dan and Karen may want to at least show some courtesy to people who really want to offer help.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

I think I know who "Here is my promise" is and I strongly suggest he show you the $$$ first.

If people want to blog on local stories, they can do it right here, right now. Or they can jump over to the Tribune.

Dan and Karen need to focus on (1) Daily postings (2) Getting an advertising base and (3) Do follow-ups to original reporting. Do not let a handful of bloggers detract you from your mission — investigative reporting.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Newsome: Any future changes will only add, not detract, from the important reporting that we are doing. Our site will remain uncluttered. And we are very aware that we cannot please all of the people all of the time. We will continue to do what we do best… poke, prod, and report.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

I, for one, don't think I would get the benefit from a national or local issues blog that I get from your in-depth and investigative reporting.

You have got to do what you have got to do to pay the bills, but giving me another soap-box to stand on doesn't really get my motor running.

But then again, I am just one voice, and an anonymous one at that, and one whom many who post on this site disagree with.

So power on, my friends, in whatever direction(s) best fit your business model. But please know that for some of us, the reason we check in multiple times every day is for the NEWS, not for people's opinions on the news.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Have you guys considered running Google sponsored links alongside your blog. Go to Google and sign up and add some simple code to your site.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Let me clarify. Dan and I have planned since the inception of our site to make changes and expand over time. Though investigative news is to remain a staple of UncoveredSLO.com, our future goals include adding a section of local, national, and world news of interest where our readers can voice their opinions and discuss issues. Money is our only constraint.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

To Here's My Promise:

When $10,000 shows up in our PayPal account, we'll start a national and local issue blog the next morning. That's my promise. We aim to please.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

It's true that the county could use a local site to blog on national issues. It will attract more people. There are a lot of high spirited reps & dems out there and there are plenty of national issues.

By: Anonymous on 5/22/08

Ina short time this site has rocked the county with news and stories available no where else!

So many come here every day just to see the coments and what's new.

Promise is right…If this site had a national and local issues blog the traffic would skyrocket! The advertisers would flock and you could afford help to manage the blog while you two geniuses could stay tasked on uncovering the remarkable stories you do!

SLO investigative stories to the left column and local issues and national issues to the right. This upcoming election would be the perfect time to launch this new addition.

I will tell 20! Count on that!

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

I'll do it..and thank you.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

My Promise,

I have already told all my friends and I will e-mail every one of them and ask them to tell ten of their friends. I'll also e-mail everyone in my address book.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

To Here is my promise,

WOW That was a great promise you made. I think it's a good idea too. I love this site and the whole country to benefit.

By: Anonymous on 5/21/08

You include a local and national issues blog and I will personally raise $10,000 for this site and bring in $1000 a month there after in advertisers. Deal?

If you do this…you will rock the central coast beyond your wildest imagination!

Bless the work you do.

Please take me up on my offer!