Lenthall really hates this commercial

May 19, 2008

County Supervisor Jerry Lenthall is threatening KSBY with legal action if the station doesn’t cease airing an opponent’s campaign commercial.

Lenthall’s threat centers on a comment made by his District 3 opponent, Adam Hill, which ironically is similar to one Lenthall aimed at a different adversary last election.

“Imagine that, increasing his salary while cutting our services,” says a voice in a television commercial boosting the candidacy of Adam Hill that prompted the letter.

Lenthall contends Hill’s claim is false and deceptive.

“According to San Luis Obispo County Manager David Edge, the county has not had to cut any services because of the ‘pay raise’ by the County Board of Supervisors,” Lenthall’s attorney, Thomas Hiltachk of Sacramento, wrote in a letter to station officials.

During Dave Congalton’s 920KVEC Home Town Radio talk show Friday, Hiltachk and Hill campaign consultant Chris Crotty debated the merits of the commercial. A caller claimed Lenthall had used the same campaign tactic during a tight race for the third district county supervisor seat in 2004.

In a Tribune-sponsored debate, Lenthall noted opponent Patty Andreen’s vote for a pay raise during financially unsettling times.

According to an Oct. 27, 2004, article in The Tribune, Lenthall said during that debate, “Patty, you have said how you were fiscally responsible for cutting almost $10 million on the school board, but you are on record during this time of initial financial crisis of proposing a pay raise for yourself and other board members when you are literally laying off teachers. Doesn’t that send a mixed message?”

KSBY continues to air Hill’s commercial. Evan Pappas, General Manager, KSBY-TV, said in a statement today:

“Although our practice is not to comment on our clients, I can tell you that in the case of political advertisers, if one side has a grievance with another side, we try to have them speak directly to one another and/or assist them in conveying their concerns to one another. Our practices are to enforce the rules and regulations of the FCC.”

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 7/5/08

I've been marking your words for a long time Insider. And they pretty much show you to be wrong way more than right. And this time will likely be no exception. In the very unlikely chance there is bankruptcy in the county's future it won't be because of Hill, Patterson and Gibson.

That you would want to heap such a curse upon our county and the peoples' choice for Board member says even more about you.

Your negative, malicious words attempting to trash the reputation of good people are duly marked, and when they once again prove to be completely in error, what are you going to do? What should we do? Your words ring sickeningly hollow.

By: Anonymous on 6/4/08

Hill will along with Gibson and Patterson take the County to Bankruptcy. Mark my word. Your services will need to be reduced dramatically to make up for the lack of and reduced income this county will have under thier leadership.

First they will cut the health department to the bone and then go after planning and building. A reduction in planning and buiding is way over due. Of course they will raise all development and permit fees for the building thier not going to get. Also they will require severe inclusionary housing requirements for housing thier not going to get. There is no blood left in the turnip.Full entertainment will continue with the Sarah Criste show which should really be a hoot at the first of the year.