Cuesta College accreditation reaffirmed

July 4, 2008


Cuesta College officials learned Wednesday the institution has been removed from warning status and that its accreditation has been fully reaffirmed by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC).

“With all the changes we have made, we are definitely headed in a positive direction,” said Cuesta College media relations coordinator Jill Ivie. “We are looking forward to the future.”

The commission made its decision based on the results of a progress report and an April 27 on-site visit.

In January, the ACCJC placed Cuesta College on warning and informed campus administrators Cuesta could lose its accreditation if a number of problems that included staffing and student processing issues were not solved. At that time, the commission noted that six of 10 senior administrative positions were vacant.

“All positions have been filled, or are in the hiring process,” Ivie added.

Located six miles north of San Luis Obispo, Cuesta provides approximately 10,000 students with vocational training and various Associate degree programs. If accreditation was revoked, course credits would no longer be transferable to other colleges and universities, and students would be unable to collect financial aid.

Two years ago, the Commission on the Future of Higher Education imposed strict reporting guidelines as a condition of federal student aid eligibility. During the past year, at least 14 cash-strapped California community colleges have been placed on probation or warning status as a result of federal mandates.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 7/27/08

Did congalton's wife have anything to do with Cuesta's accreditation going in the tank? Who will investigate that?

By: Anonymous on 7/8/08

Your public education system sucks and enormous amount of money out of the state's budget and yet they can't graduate more than 50% of the seniors.

Flap your jaw all you want…Public education has failed! There is not enough money to fix that cluster F@#*!

All teachers need to be fired…education re-invented and then they can apply for a new job. 75% won't make but the new blood will really make the difference.

Vouchers only start this process. It's the first step.

By: Anonymous on 7/8/08

or maybe the church can provide private education w/ minimal government funding/supervision… worked out well for the native Alaskans/Canadians.

The elite will never have a problem getting an education. I think thats why we have a public system… to provide an education to those smart enough and motivated enough to take whats theirs. Instead of waiting for the merit fairy to sprinkle them w/ kudos once or twice in their lifetime.

Just how much of an education can a person expect w/ these "vouchers"? Maybe they'll get so popular we'll start getting them in the mail each Tuesday w/ all the other junk ads.

By: Anonymous on 7/8/08

Think it through before you stick the other foot in your mouth.

The vast majority of the Washington political elite have their children in private schools. And why? Because they know public schools suck so they sidestep the issue because they have the money to buy their kids the quality of education they desire.

Do vouchers and give that same choice to the average American and education will changem over night and for the better.

You know and it scares you. Unionized lefty lazy teachers have failed America and the time has come to have them compete in the private sector to keep their jobs. Many will not make it and that is how it should be.

Way too many of them would rather have sex with their students than to educate them with respect and protection.

You will lose this argument every time…Public education has failed.

By: Anonymous on 7/8/08

abandon your public ed system and leave it all in the hands profit seeking fat men and you'll see absolutely no education in the States. The big profits will be overseas, educating India for their economy. Why would anyone trust the RESPONSIBILITY of our country's education system to the hands of private industry that squanders the past century of profits w/out investing in renewable energy. They steal from us and you want them to educate us. Smart. You may have a couple of good schools, but when WalMart starts to play ball in the privatized ed game you'll have $8 an hour teachers w/ no credentials and it will be okay because they'll get bills passed that will make it okay. They will hire the cheapest teachers, buy the cheapest hardware and equipment, invest the minimum in safety, which will hurt the private sector. And to top it all they'll bill your mother 10 times the rate of public ed.

By: Anonymous on 7/7/08

Why are liberal lazy teachers so afraid of vouchers?

If they are doing a good job the folks will spend their vouchers on public schools…if not competition in education should be available so that parents can choose.

By: Anonymous on 7/6/08

VOUCHERS baby! Vouchers! The the thing liberal lazy teachers hate most!

It's time for school vouchers now!

By: Anonymous on 7/6/08

Private industry taking over goverment, paid by our taxes, has been a failure. Look at Blackwater and Fannie Mae to name a few.

Merit pay does not work. Teachers are rewarded for teaching in higher class neighborhoods and/or focusing on teaching test answers.

By: Anonymous on 7/6/08

"More money" has more experiance in education than anyone that blogs here.

Dont be fooled. Our liberal education experiment has failed. More money is not the answer. School vouchers and merrit pay are the answer as well as more private industry taking over public shools that are broke and failed.

The libs don't want to even try this because they know they won't look good with egg on their faces!

By: Anonymous on 7/6/08

Everybody just calm down. This is a routine issue, no different than a health department inspecting the inside of a restaurant. I'm glad there is a standard and I'm glad that they now meet it. Now, for their next big bond, that's a different story.

By: Anonymous on 7/5/08

If they were in the real world, they would be paid twice what they are now. Education is the answer to our country getting out of this financial mess.

Ireland use to be one of Europe's poorest countries. They sunk lots of money into education, and they are now Europe's most financially stable country and a leader in tech.

I would gather, more money, has no education or idea of the work it takes to be a teacher.

Though I do think we need higher paid teachers and lower paid college executives.

By: Anonymous on 7/5/08

Give me a break…more money…no flipping way!

If they can't educate for that budget turn the college over to private industry that will get some work out of those lazy teachers.

No more money. The state is broke and getting broker every day.

Fire some upper management and put teachers on commission and get rid of the retirement contracts.

No more fooling around. If these clowns were in the real world 80% would be fired and with good cause and the teachers would actually have to work.

By: Anonymous on 7/5/08

The problem is not the school, but the budget. We need more money for Cuesa, the gateway school for many of our children.

By: Anonymous on 7/5/08

How flippin hard is it to run a community college in 2008?

These clowns need to be kicked to the curb and replaced with common sense provate industry leaders.

This tax supported trough is getting way to muddy for the people of California.

After all it's really on the 13th & 14 th grade.