Protect, Serve And Sell T-Shirts.

August 11, 2008


A San Luis Obispo police officer peddles custom imprinted T-shirts, sometimes while on duty, as a federal bankruptcy court considers his twin Chapter 7 petitions.

Officer Christopher Charles Chitty apparently runs the cash business from the home he shares with his wife, Lisa Solomon, Paso Robles’ chief of police.

Chitty said Sunday that the business, Trick Tape, no longer exists. An investigation by suggests otherwise.

The pair filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition in May for a business they jointly owned called Sign Sensations Inc., a promotional printing company. Chitty subsequently filed for individual protection July 17 in Santa Barbara’s U.S. District Court. In court documents, Chitty and Solomon listed debt totaling $1,039,182; assets of $512,000; and $550 in available cash.

Monthly expenses were reported to be $13,991, including $800 for entertainment and $2,792 for transportation and vehicle costs.

Solomon manages a $10 million police department budget.

None of the documents provided to the court in either action by Chitty and his wife mention an ongoing business called Trick Tape.

Shortly after the couple launched Trick Tape in 2004, they added T-shirt printing and a new name, Sign Sensations.

Within two years, though, Sign Sensations was allegedly in financial difficulties and near its end. According to a recent memorandum from Solomon to her officers, “…the business was too young and hit too hard by the downturn in real estate and local development… to be able to hang on in this recession.”

The memo, a copy of which was provided to, noted the chief and her husband then “closed up shop, but the business had significant debt in equipment and inventory.”

By this time, though, Sign Sensations already had been resurrected, again as Trick Tape.

In January 2007, a listing for Trick Tape was added to an online local business directory, The listing provides a number for a cell phone which is answered by Chitty. A business location currently mentioned in the listing is in an undeveloped area near Union and Kleck roads in Paso Robles. The Trick Tape Web site was most recently updated in July 2007.

Since folding Sign Sensations, Chitty has been re-hired as an officer for the San Luis Obispo Police Department, where he worked in a similar capacity prior to his unsuccessful stint in business.

Contacted on his cell phone Saturday by a reporter posing as a customer seeking information about volume T-shirt sales, Chitty said, “Yes, this is Trick Tape. I can help you with those.” During the course of a conversation, Chitty suggested that design proofs be sent to

Later that same evening, at 7:35 p.m., Chitty placed a call to the reporter to discuss further details of a sale, including pricing and specific T-shirt brands.

According to a San Luis Obispo police dispatcher, Chitty had gone on duty at 6 p.m. Chitty was said to be “out of the office, probably in the field” when a reporter asked to talk to him.

“Your public safety dollars hard at work,” commented one San Luis Obispo Police Department source familiar with Chitty’s actions.

Asked Sunday if he ever conducted a private T-shirt business while on duty as a San Luis Obispo police officer, Chitty said, “I have no comment.”

Around six months ago, Chitty applied to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. Openings for police officer jobs are competitive, with applicants selected after intensive hiring reviews.

Uniformity in hiring standards for police departments was the state legislature’s intent in 1959 when it authorized the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to “select minimum selection and training standards.” Applicants for peace officer jobs undergo background checks that include in-depth credit checks.

“The department did a thorough background check [on Chitty] with a polygraph, credit check, and fingerprinting,” said San Luis Obispo Police Capt. Dan Blanke. “It doesn’t mean someone has to have perfect credit,” Blanke responded when asked if Chitty’s credit and litigation problems raised a red flag. “We are pleased to have him back working with us.”

Blanke said the background check “was sent to POST for a thorough review.”

Gary Manini, a POST law enforcement consultant, said that police departments do not send background check results to the commission for a critique.

“We do random visits and review hires. We don’t look at backgrounds except for automatic disqualifiers,” Manino said.

“You better write the truth,” Blanke told a reporter. “They dotted all their ‘i’s and crossed all their ‘t’s, and if you write that the hiring was due to a favor between chiefs without the usual background review, Chief (Deb) Linden said to me in an earlier conversation that she will use the full extent of the law to go after you.”

Linden chairs the POST commission.

POST’s manual states, “The purpose of the background investigation is to verify the absence of past behavior indicative of unsuitability to perform the duties of a peace officer or public safety dispatcher. The candidate’s credit records determine credit standing with lenders as an indication of the candidate’s dependability and integrity.”

Chapter 7 is designed for debtors in financial trouble who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts, according to the bankruptcy code. Debtors whose financial difficulties are primarily due to consumer debt are subject to a “means test” — if income is greater than the median income for the state in which they reside, the court may deny the petition.

In California, the median income, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was $74,801 in 2006 for a family of four. Chitty and his wife’s combined income is approximately $220,000 per year, according to their sworn statements on the bankruptcy petitions. Chitty and Solomon have stated in court documents that their “debts are primarily business debts” and that no inventory from the business remains.

Those court documents also assert the pair has “50 to 100” creditors including Kohl’s, Mervyns, and Gottschalk’s. Levitz Furniture is owed $13,119; Chitty and Solomon claim their household goods and furnishings are worth approximately $3,000.

About $20,000 in sales taxes remains in arrears. Four different creditors have filed lawsuits against the couple in the past few years. In two of the lawsuits, the court sided with plaintiffs. The other two remained active at the time of the most current bankruptcy filing.

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By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

"You are missing the fact that this is a bankruptcy fraud. Chitty's (continued) business is not included

in the Chapter7 filing,"

I don't claim to be en expert on bankruptcy law and maybe Chitty is committing "fraud" by running his business on the side.

Unfortunately, there is a decline in employment standards for law enforcement officers statewide. The types of things the are "okay" would not have been tolerated 20 or 30 years ago.

20 years ago if you were a police officer and could not pay your creditors your department would threaten to fire you if you didn't get your act together. And if you didn't they would make good on their threat and fire your ass.

Today they just shrug their shoulders and say, "well its not occuring in the course or scope of employment."

I wonder if Chitty had walked in off the street, never having been a police officer, and applied for a job at SLOPD if they would have treated him differently because of his poor credit history?

Some agencies still do consider credit scores and credit histories in the employment process, ie. they don't want dead beats working for them and bringing discredit on their agency. This should be the standard statewide for ALL public service agencies..

Police officers are paid a lot of money and have great benefit packages and as a result we have the right to hold them to a higher standard in their behavior, both on and off duty, than say, the office janitor.

Overall we have lost our standards in hiring and employment in law enforcement. We have people working who would have never been hired 10, 20 or even 30 years ago, because standards have slipped. This is just an example of it.

Don't be surprised in 10 years when you call a cop and some reformed heroin junky with a tattoo on his neck and a ring through his eyebrow, shows up to take handle your call, because that's where we are headed…

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

I heard about this site yesterday on the radio. It was an interesting show and I decided to check you out. I can't believe that you are actually able to do this kind of investigative reporting. Everyone should be reading this site. I'll be telling my friends about it. Keep it up and we might actually whip this county into shape. By the way many of these stories should be followed up with internal investigations and a report to the public that is carried by all the local newspapers. Eventually the press will have to start picking this up so please keep going.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

In reading this article something really stands out. It's the fact that Linden is the chairwoman of POST. You have to be kidding me, right? Does this mean that her actions have now rewrote the rules or does this mean do as I say and not as I do? This is really way out there. What in the heck do these servants think they're doing? Enough is Enough, I'm tired of this and expect to see some changes. How can we turn a blind eye to this blatant lack of integrity.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

I happen to believe that everyone is guilty of something.

This blog is making my agruement.

My tin hat size is 7

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

My Agency has rules on outside employment.

Doesn't the SLOPD have a policy refrence outside employment and an administartive form that the employee must sign so that the Admin can review the outside employment for it's compatibility with police work?

Is an employee allowed outside employment while they are on probation?

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

A story about a police chief and her husband cheating the system is news. You sound like someone who is very comfortable with the lack of oversight in this county. Oversight helps stop corruption.

But I guess, you think a chief of police that appears to be a crook, is akin to celebrity gossip.


By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Wow, this is great stuff guys. I read the Enquirer the other day about Brittany Spears and Brad Pitt having an affair, but this is way BETTER ! I mean you guys almost sound like REAL reporters. You guys need to get more pictures. And all the people who write the comments…just think if you guys had jobs and lives…cool !! We can all look for aliens. HEY THAT IS A STORY, I SAW UFO's at DIABLO. If Blackburn and Veilie become real reporters at a real newspaper, they should write about that stuff.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

My stamp at less than fifty cents saved you five dollars.


By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

The letter from Chief Linden is pure "CYA" plain and simple.

So where's the letter from Chief Solomon.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

To U-SLO earns $200,

Thank you for your support. PayPal charges approximately 2.5 percent.

Your donations give us the ability to add more resources, time, and energy to the areas we currently cover. This includes technology to support our on-line news production and distribution operation, the addition of new sections, and the hiring of new reporters.

Since our inception in January 2008, we have investigated issues regarding California Polytechnic State University, local hospitals, hard money lenders, and local government. will continue to focus on truly important stories, stories with public interest. By investigating unsavory business and government practices, we will stimulate positive change.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Did Linden even read the article? She jumped to many inaccurate conclusions, but it IS interesting where the questions she raised lead…. I'm certain Karen must have taken copious notes during her call with Blanke; he "recalled the conversation." How dare they threaten a reporter!

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

I appreciated reading your comments. I am left unsure about the misunderstandings and corrections you are making and want U-SLO to make. As I read your email, it still seems to me that any reasonable person would feel threatened by your staff's comments.

What you left glaringly unaddressed is the allegations regarding the officer you hired, who was doing his personal business on my time. When will you fire him? Is he on "leave" and if so, paid or not? What is your thinking and the process involved in firing an officer such as this? I personally see no option but to fire, if you see another option, please explain it to us.

I would prefer you spend as much time protecting our resources, by way of providing a leadership of integrity, as you are spending time seeming to defend your reputation.

As one of your "employers" I am calling you out to do your job with integrity. Your own investigation must have concluded you do have a bad apple, please get rid of him now.

Thank you for your consideration.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

"I never had to apologize for something I never said."


By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Karen and Dan,

I have reviewed the Uncovered SLO story "Protect, serve…And Sell

T-Shirts" that ran on your website this morning. I would like to alert

you to several significant inaccuracies and ask that you print a

retraction or correction.

First, the insinuation in the story – and the allegation related by Ms.

Velie to Captain Blanke on the telephone – that Officer Chitty's hiring

was somehow improper or done as a favor to the Police Chief in Paso

Robles is both inaccurate and completely false. Officer Chitty was an

officer in good standing with the San Luis Obispo Police Department

until he left in October 2005 to pursue his business. He re-applied for

a Police Officer position with this Department in December 2007 and was

hired in February 2008, much prior to filing of bankruptcy for his

business. The statement in the story that Officer Chitty was hired

since filing for bankruptcy is wrong. I also did not discuss Officer

Chitty's hiring with Chief Solomon during the process.

The story alleges that Captain Blanke told Ms. Velie she "better write

the truth" or that I "would use the full extent of the law to go after

you." Captain Blanke specifically recalls this conversation and he did

not say this. He did tell Ms. Velie that he did not have any problem if

she printed the truth, but that if she printed an allegation that I

hired Officer Chitty as a favor to another Chief I would be very upset

and would look for recourse because the allegation is blatantly false.

Neither I, nor Captain Blanke, ever threatened Ms. Velie with any legal

action as your story alleges. In fact, my normal recourse in these

types of situations is to bring the inaccuracies to the reporter's

attention and seek a correction or retraction, which I am doing via this


Captain Dan Blanke is also quoted as saying that the background was sent

to POST for review. Captain Blanke did not say this, nor would he ever

say this because we do not send our backgrounds to POST for review. He

told Ms. Velie that POST reviews our background investigations on an

annual basis during their routine audits, which is correct.

Officer Chitty went through the same hiring process as any other

applicant and was given the same very careful consideration. The

background portion of the process included the completion of an

extensive personal history statement, criminal history check, DMV and

driving history, credit history, education and military checks, and

reference checks/interviews (including employers, professional

affiliations, family, friends and neighbors). Applicants must then pass

a polygraph examination to verify all of this information prior to being

interviewed by me. If I make an applicant a conditional job offer, they

then must successfully complete a psychological examination and medical

examination prior to being hired. Officer Chitty successfully completed

all of these steps prior to being hired in February 2008. There was no

information uncovered during the background that caused his

disqualification from hiring. It is unlawful for me to reveal the

specific content of any of the information discovered during a peace

officer background – this information is protected by law as a personnel


To sum up, any allegation or insinuation that I hired Officer Chitty

inappropriately, or showed special consideration or favoritism to either

him or to his wife, is completely false. He underwent the same rigorous

hiring process as any other applicant and was showed the same

consideration and held to the same standards. He was hired before any

filing of bankruptcy. I take very seriously any allegation or

insinuation to the contrary because it attacks my integrity and my

adherence to the laws and regulations I am sworn to uphold. This will

be the extent of my comments on this matter.

I understand you will be appearing on the Dave Congalton radio show this

evening and I trust these inaccuracies will not be repeated and that the

accurate information will be represented. I also request you print a

correction to this information on your web site.

Thank you,

Deborah Linden

Chief of Police

City of San Luis Obispo


By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Check is in the mail :-) Seriously. You have earned it, and I thank you. Curious, my Paypal credit card has expired, and I thought, a stamp costs me $.40 cents or so. How much of $200 would you get after Paypal and the credit card companies took their cut? Please let us know.

Meanwhile, what oversight is there for these two chiefs and their staff? As a female I am simply crushed that these accusations (sure seem to be) may be true.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Sheesh, now SLO PD is going to ask that they be allowed to do side-business tasks while on duty, including doffing-and-donning of T-shirts to model to clients. And they'll probably ask for a cell phone allowance too. All this and more in the next binding arbitration session.


By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

A CMC officer told me of this site, I find it some what informative & Revealing. Recently in a conversation with the Tribune on a issue with SLO PD being left out of the loop on a major investigation. What has happened is a Nation Wide Investigation in ongoing with a Sex Predator named Richard D Willrodt and his local business relations and investments with HOB, and Ron Hertel and Robert Fowler. Mr Willrodt was arrested for Sex crimes against a minor male child, implicating his business parters and associates of Ron Hertel & Robert Fowler. SLO PD is being left out of the local investigation due to one issue Lack of Integrity and Professional conduct. Thus other out of area major Law Enforcement Agencies and Federal are left trying to do a local investigation without tipping of our own PD due to lack of trusting them. That says it all. Keep up the good work UNCSLO

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Someone on the radio show tonight said The Tribune would have never run this story. I agree. The editor and the publisher are too close to city officials and would not allow them to be seen in such a negative light.

Paso Robles has a police chief with more than $1 million in bad debt????? This is absolutely stunning. Sounds like Linden was trying to toss her husband a bone and help their financial situation.

This is fraud pure and simply.

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

Some politicians decided that Paso should become a big city. Now, we are reaping big city problems: traffic jams, water shortages, gang crime and (according to this article) big city police corruption. Thank you, Paso Robles city leaders (past and present.)_

By: Anonymous on 8/12/08

"POST’s manual states, 'The purpose of the background investigation is to verify the absence of past behavior indicative of unsuitability to perform the duties of a peace officer or public safety dispatcher. The candidate’s credit records determine credit standing with lenders as an indication of the candidate’s dependability and integrity.'"

Deb Linden is the POST commissioner, and she still hired this joker? Sounds like it's time for two new police chiefs, a new commissioner, and a new line officer. Oh, as far as Linden using "…the full extent of the law to go after [Uncoslo]", last time I checked the First Amendment still gauranteed freedom of the press.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Kudos to Uncoslo. I doubt this story ever would've seen the light of day if it wasn't for them.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

It does look like they carelessly and maybe intentionally ran up their bills. Almost all the creditors are credit card companies and only a few vendors. I wonder what happend to the other 10K in furniture that they owe Levitz for ? The report of debtors will floor anyone who takes a look. His credit report must have been at least 40 pages. How could this have been missed by Linden? Maybe she isn't up to her duties.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

People that cheat the system make prices go up for the rest. Does Solomon and Chitty believe they are above the law.

It looks like they planned to go bankrupt, so they start back their Trick Tape buis, ran up their bills, filed BK, and started fresh, all their toys and the bills gone, making $220,000 a year. This stinks.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Gee Dan & Karen could keep the County Board of Supervisors busy 24/7. This site does some fantastic reporting. There really is an awful lot of unruly government practices in this county. Recently there has been a lot about various police departments and questionable activities. It's good that this info gets out and at the same time I hope that people realize that this isn't about the line officers. It's the "higher ups" with the "cushy jobs" that seem to be the ones pulling the strings outside the rules and established standards.


By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I think Dan & Karen should 90 minutes a day on KVEC…Dave can have 90 as well.

Dan & Karen rock! I would listen to them.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

This is a black eye for the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training which for the most part is a professional organization. Perhaps a change would be in order?

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I listened to Karen on the Dave Congalton show earlier today. I have now logged onto this site to read the story. SLOPD Chief Linden sent a response that was read on the radio today and I find some things odd. Chief Linden defends herself by claiming that this site inaccurately wrote that officer Chitty was hired after he filed bankrupcy yet this site doesn't say that. I find it odd that officer Chitty was in debt for a million dollars and already in litigation and yet his credit report was acceptable. I don't find that chief Linden is credible. This doesn't make any sense. It wouldn't have made a big difference if he had or hadn't yet filed bankruptcy. He was clearly in litigation and had unusual outstanding debts obviously many in the rears. Chief Linden needs to come up with something else to discredit this article and defend her hiring actions and process.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Nothing wrong? Guy hired and worked at SLOPD for a while. Guy left PD to pursue 'riches' in the private sector while his wife is police chief at PRPB. They pooled wealth, tried and failed at several businesses. Guy and wife file bankruptcy, following in the footsteps of so many other high profile 'achievers' in SLO County.

Guy looks for cash and pleads case to old SLOPD boss and asks for job back. It's highly unlikely that an expensive 'new' background investigation was done. Probably just a wink and nod.

Circumstances suggest that guy and wife have values possibly unsuited to law enforcement, and best directed to the 'private sector'. Possibly as developers or infomercial producers.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I heard the Congalton show tonight and checked out this website article. It's very intersting.

The SLO Chief's written statement suggested that a full background check was done but that doesn't make sense.

A common question in law enforcement background checks revolves around the issue of being party to any recent law suits. Being party to 4 law suits within a year of an application would have triggered bells and whistles. Having 1 million in debts would have also triggered bells and whistles.

Chief Lindin also said there was a polygraph test but one has to ask why the test didn't reveal this negative information.

It seems that somebody is not being truthful here.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

It seems to me that a peace officer should be hired based on his credentials and his background check is part of the process determining that. I see two police chiefs that engaged in a professional courtesy. I'm also shocked that when an inquiry was made the SLOPD Chief sent a threatening message to U-SLO via her staff.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

promotional printing is a competitive business. Trust me I know.

But this is corruption and he is competing with an unfair advantage!

Something needs to be done to protect the small business owner except voting republican.


By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

When I initially read this story I felt sorry for Chris and Lisa. Then it dawned on me that they both know that maintaining a reasonable semblance of good credit is one of the requirements of a LEO. They wracked a lot of debt, not just a little. They claim over 1 million in debt and 500K in assets. Assuming part of that debt is their home and they have 500K in assets that leaves a whole lot of debt. How, why would someone wrack so much debt in a sign business that is already a highly competitive industry? There are 50 to 100 creditors involved. Something doesn’t add up here. They knew they should maintain good credit, professionally and personally. Lisa is in charge of a 10 million dollar budget entrusted to her by the citizens. What was she thinking? I can understand that Deb might have wanted to help out by over looking the results of a background check, I can understand that Chitty made a quick call on duty, I assume he is allowed to make a quick personal call but I can’t understand why the Chitty’s would have let this financial mismanagement go so far .

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I expect as much from anyone affiliated with the

SLO PD, but I'm disappointed in Lisa. I thought she had better judgement. Chitty can burn the creditors for all I care, but he'd better pay the sales tax obligation. That means he had better filed all the tax returns on time and declared the liability. If he didn't file with the Baord of Equalization, the BK judge has no authority to discharge those taxes.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I can almost guarantee it was Chitty's doing, not his wife………….spend, spend, spend………….his WIFE's money !!!! and now he has taken her down with him.

I feel sorry for her !!!

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

I am shocked that a cop would behave precisely like a common, garden variety moron.

I thought they were a step above trailer park security.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

You are missing the fact that this is a bankruptcy fraud. Chitty's (continued) business is not included

in the Chapter7 filing, in fact it's defunct with no inventory. Is it right to stiff over 50 creditors and then continue to run the business (changed name)and hide that from the bankruptcy judge? They owe 500K and want to write off and have been less than honest about the true situation. This is why we all pay higher credit card interest. Second, if you read the story you will find that the reporter was contacted by Chitty while he was on duty, not the other way around. He was calling her to discuss a deal that he spoke with the reporter about earlier that evening. He went on duty at 6:PM and called her at 7:35PM. I don't think he was on break or at dinner.Third, there were other police officers that applied for the job at the SLOPD. What happend to considering the best candidate.I wouldn't call Chitty's financial problems small, he had already lost two law suits and had two pending.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Actually….is the few bad apples ruining it and putting a crappy light on the one's who pride themselves in the job they do, the honest buck they make, and the help they try and provide the public. Hard working cops are just as tired of all this bad press.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

The caliber of government employees, police officers, etc. is really pathetic nowadays. You would think they were doing a pizza delivery gig rather than law enforcement in light of whats allowable conduct while on duty and whats expected in the way of moral, ethical and finacial management standards. These people act like senators and congressmen

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

We just need to pay them more…

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

$10 million budget? Hmm, where are the kickbacks? Obviously the CoP isn't a good negotiator else the furniture and all would have been 'comp'd' another free ride on the arm? Funny they can manage such government business but, apply for a real-world job and you'd STILL be wondering how to pay the bills. Good luck working this off your records.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Dirty cops. They lie. They threaten. They hold themselves above the law. They despise "civillians". They lie some more. And never will they admit wrong.

They are worse, far worse, than street criminals for they act under the color of authority.


By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

To Paso Guy …

Sounds like you are a law enforcement officer who condones the allegations and that you think its a "left wing conspiracy".

Inviting people to "ride along and see what cops really do" is a weak arguement for your case.

You are in the minority freind! The vast majority of cops, including me, have no respect for the type of behavior suggested in the article.

Off duty side work is supposed to be done off duty … Plain and Simple

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

It is past due for an independent IA ( Internal Affairs) probe. Recently SLO failed to provide services for a call for help. Sgt. Blesdoe (?) refused to provide services and blew the call off. FYI it was a X-CON making threats from AG. thank God AG PD handled the SLO Call. Shame on SLO Corruption in the ranks.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Of course if Chitty's wife, "Sing Along Soloman", enters one of these T.V. programs that showcase new talent, she might be able to get a recording contract to help with their financial woes..

All of that talent wasted singing karaoke at the most fashionable bars in Paso…

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

The last time I got pulled over and I had a story… Your driver's license, registration and proor of insurance. The story is for the judge and now it's you are the judge.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

This whole story is ridiculous, just like most of the other garbage on this site. Stiffing in phone calls to Chitty's cell phone is "truthful,bold,cutting- edge reporting"? Your self flattering attitude is sickening. Let me get this straight if Chitty was driving on patrol and received a phone call, for whatever purpose, that affects his ability to do his job?? What do you propose he should've been doing? There is no common sense with this website. Flip the coin and lets say Chitty spent his entire shift making traffic stops and writing tickets for vehicle code violations. Then he would be an over-aggressive badge heavy cop. There is no pleasing the left wing conspiracy theorists who beleive the garbage on this site. Go for a ride along and se what cops really do and I'm pretty sure your view will change pretty quickly.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

If this guy is taking/making sales calls while on duty, he should be shown the door. In the private sector one gets fired for that.

It would have been nice if the reporter had requested the log records from the PD to acertain that he wasn't one break or at lunch when the phone call was made

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Can we cut the "drama" for a minute.

SLOPD hired back an officer who had left the department in "Good Standing." The background investigation they did probably only reviewed the time period he was absent from the PD. "Why didn't they uncover all of these financial shenanigans?" That's simple, the investigation would have noted that he was in tough financial straits; thus the reason he was opting out of private business and returning to the police department. If Chitty left in good standing and wished to return to law enforcement the police department would likely hire him back, end of story.

No backroom deals, or favors.

Now as to Chitty conducting business on city time; that may be a story, if he is acutally printing tee shirts or making deliveries while on duty. Taking a phone call from a would be customer, I am not so sure about.

The only other story is the one that is most embarrassing of all and that is the police chief who cannot live within her means…


By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

God's just having fun here. "Chitty" is better than "Buttafuoco."

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

It's up to the public to ensure these two do not continue to hold positions of leadership and trust.

I read USLO articles with much angst. Lisa Solomon. Deb Linden. Mohammed Noori. Bill Durgin. Karen Guth. Kelly Gearhart. Where are the ethics? Where is the concern for community? Why do we not demand action when wrongdoing is exposed. Enough is enough.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

These two chief's won't resign. It appears that they are acustomed to doing the wrong thing.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Probably while working and getting paid tax payer dollars.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Levitz furniture is ugly.

Where do they find the time to shop so much?

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Something is wrong here.

Both Cities need to have a personnell investigation and Calif POST should conduct it's own inquirey to assure credibility with the public

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Sad that this type of thing goes on, as it really hurts the honest officers out there doing their job with a sense of integrity day in and day out.

What needs to be done now is to see just how this issue is going to be delt with, and whther or not a degree of favoritism is going to be shown here, or if the laws are going to be applied equally.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

This is some excellent investigative work and it's shocking. Keep going. The people need to know whats going on in our county, so do the supervisors. Now what are they going to do about it?

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

The SLO Police Chief threatend to sue this paper with our tax dollars for telling everyone that she was breaking the rules and doing favors. Oh Geezzz, time for a new police chief, two new police chief's.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Ahh, this looks like bankruptcy fraud. This looks like one police chief doing another police chief a favor. This looks like qualified officers being passed over for that favor. That's what it looks like to me. Dah, I don't know what to say.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Linden is guilty of helping out a friend and colleague. Poor judgment on her part.

But Chitty needs to be canned. Immediately. And Chief Lisa has some explaining to do.

Good, solid reporting.

By: Anonymous on 8/11/08

Both chiefs must resign immediately! Linden hands a plumb job to Solomon's husband. Solomon lies in sworn paperwork. She can't even manage her own household on $220k. Linden threatens a reporter. I can't remember the last time I read such a compelling, disturbing investigative piece.

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