Former Ralph’s Paso manager indicted for strike actions

September 19, 2008


Craig Totman, a former manager of Paso Robles’ Ralph’s grocery store, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly making false statements to investigators probing the 2003-2004 grocers’ strike.

Totman, 55, was one of eight people named Thursday in the 23-count indictment for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to undermine the labor dispute.

According to a statement issued by the Department of Justice’s Asst. U.S. Atty. Stephen A. Cazares, Totman “falsely denied to investigators that they (the current and former Ralph’s employees) hired locked out workers under false identities.” Totman faces a single federal charge.

The alleged conspiracy centered around efforts to secretly re-hire locked-out employees under false names and false Social Security numbers.

Prosecutors said the “covert re-hiring of locked-out workers was intended to better Ralph’s position in the dispute by mitigating” damage that might be done by a full-scale lockout.

Ralph’s was once located on Spring Street on the site now occupied by Scolari’s.

Telephone records indicate Totman was transferred to Southern California after the strike, where he served as manager of two Laguna Niguel-area stores. He could not be contacted for comment.

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Member Opinions:

By: NorthCountyGuy on 11/5/08

The only people who benefit from labor unions and union violence in today's workplace are the Union Bosses. The workers get screwed!!!!

I vividly recall the grocery store strike in Paso Robles where union thugs criminally assaulted and beat up moms trying to buy milk for their children. Paso cops, themselves union members, claimed they couldn't do anything to stop the violence.

In my opinion, Union Bosses are racketeering parasites riding on the backs of honest, hard-working Americans. We should not be surprising that Union Thugs are affiliated with shady criminal activities and Organized Crime.

By: Zuke on 9/22/08

Wow, took 4 years for this indictment?!?!

p.s. Personally, I can't stand SM Bill on Congalton (love the show, but turn it off when he's ranting his diatribe on there and constantly interrupts or talks over anyone with a differing opinion) and don't care for NSZ here when he eventually launches into the Democrats vs. Republican rants from any topic posted here (it undermines the times when he actually makes good points not related to politics).

By: Countdown on 9/20/08

Good story. I have friends who were involved with that store and they are very interested in any news about what went on. As far as Spinzone, just consider the source.