U.S. troops deployed for U.S. election control

October 20, 2008


For the first time in more than a century and in apparent violation of federal law, the U.S. military soon will be policing American streets –ostensibly to control anticipated post-election disruptions.

Battle-trained infantry troops will be in place and ready to conduct hostilities against American citizens, according to reports in Army Times. Unknown is how many troops will be deployed for what the military has dubbed “Consequence Management Response Team” operations.

Army Times reported Sept. 30 that the 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, which has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq, is now retraining for the same mission at home — with a twist.

The 1st BCT soldiers are learning use of the first ever non-lethal package that the Army has fielded, according to1st Commander Col. Roger Cloutier in the Army Times interview. He was referring to crowd and traffic control equipment and non-lethal weapons designed to subdue unruly or dangerous individuals without killing.

A half dozen sources have told CalCoastNews.com that the Army is pulling together two divisions, approximately 20,000 soldiers, for domestic operations. (A battalion consists of fewer than 1,000, and a troop is fewer than 250.) Sources in the Camp Pendleton military base area in Southern California assert heavy troop movement throughout that area.

A spokeswoman for Camp Roberts said she had no information on any such plans.

Since 1878, deployment of military inside U.S. borders has been prohibited under the Posse Comitatus Act, as a response to one of this nations’ most contentious elections.

During the 1876 U.S. presidential election, Samuel Tilden defeated Rutherford Hayes in the popular vote, with 20 electoral votes left uncounted. After a contentious dispute, a compromise was made, Hayes was awarded the presidency and federal troops were withdrawn from southern states.

Since then, the primary responsibility for overseeing federal elections has been the duty of the individual states.

The Posse Comitatus Act prohibits the deployment of U.S. troops inside U.S. borders except in cases of epidemics, natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, or responses to biological, radiological, or nuclear attack.

Following allegations of illegal military actions, Army officials retracted part of the original announcement and changed the story on the Army Web site. According to the new version, a non-lethal crowd control package deployed to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, as described in the original version of the Army Times’ article, is intended for use in the war zone, not in the United States as previously stated.

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Member Opinions:

By: pismoclam on 11/14/08

So we were going to have troops to make sure that the retards against Wal Mart don't riot and cry when they get their butts kicked. hehehehehehe

By: Paso_Guy on 11/6/08

well, I see that this was a lot bout nothing!

By: George on 10/25/08

your concerns are addressed in the guidelines outsider,I missed CarolAnn's prognostication,however,davidbroadwater has show us how to respond to such remarks.Complaints about the blog should be emailed to us, not posted in the thread,get a thicker skin.

By: outsider on 10/25/08

What kind of open blog is this? Only for the lefties? Broadwater can use names but if someone else does then the comment get deleted…what happened to freedom of speach…

By: George on 10/24/08

FYI, this story is also being discussed at Congalton's blog,

By: Paso_Guy on 10/24/08

Sorry Laura, I don't trust anything I hear on ANY of the cable news shows..they all seem to have an agenda. Just a couple of days ago, CNN did a Palin interview regarding an article written in the National Review…turned out the article (per the guy that wrote it) was totally misrepresented.

Can't trust these bastards, any of them.

By: davidbroadwater on 10/24/08


re: Laura "those rights" – Yes, esp. as Cheney/Bush usurp legislative and judicial branch authority to expand executive branch supremacy. Laura presents a rational context with which to view this matter – loss of habeas corpus, privacy rights, representative republican government.

re: CARiley "passive/aggressive… personality… obsessive, aggressive… disturber… ranting" – Wow! This site has a resident arm-chair shrink, just like on TV! Ad-hominem smears are the last refuge of the defenseless and, usually conclude with the shit-slinger covered with feces, as in CarolAnn's case.

re: mcdonald "criticize the work of these reporters?" – Due to their unsubstantiated assertion that troops are being deployed "for U.S. election control", thereby disseminating unreasonably fearful expectations and deflecting attention from the real story, the militarization of civil government.

re: mcdonald "doesn't say anything about 'shooting Americans'" – The UncSLO story asserts that "infantry troops will be… and ready to conduct hostilities against American citizens". Engagement in, and cessation of, hostilities in common military and diplomatic language refers to acts of war, i.e., trying to kill people.

re: mcdonald "reasonable… deduce… "hostility"… US Citizens… facts" – A logical deduction without a factual basis, i.e., pure conjecture.

re: mcdonald "I'm aware… Troops… overseeing "target precincts"… potential for anarchy" – Please describe how, as a "military man active in my homeland", you know about targeted precincts, how they are designated as possibly anarchic, and how you know US troops will be involved their oversight. Please also provide a reason for obeying such orders in light of the Nuremburg Principal requiring soldiers to disobey illegal and illegitimate orders.

By: Laura on 10/23/08

To Paso Guy..

Go read what InTheKnow posted about the reports coming from CNN. Go read the sites posted by davidbroadwater. THOSE RIGHTS, those rights are what everyone is concerned about.

By: Paso_Guy on 10/23/08

to intheknow

What civil rights are you speaking are you referring to?

By: InTheKnow on 10/23/08

The point is, our civil rights are being stomped on.

By: Cindy on 10/23/08

Oh boy mcdonald,

Now you've gone and done it! Are you wondering what I'm talking about? You'll see:)LOL

I don't know what roll these deployments will play in the post elections but the very fact that there appears to be US military Troops deployed on US soil should be of grave concern to all of us. Who is it that they are going to be policing? Who is it that they are training to engage and for what purpose?

By: CarolAnnRiley on 10/23/08

To Mcdonald:

David Broadwater is a well known "passive/aggressive activist with an interesting twist to his personality. If there is the slightest word, action or suggestion thats "off base" according to his "thinking" (doesn't fit in his box), he attacks. It doesn't matter if he is attacking allies or foe. He is known as an obsessive, aggressive "shit disturber". I'm not saying its bad but its not good either. Its just what it is. If you engage him get ready for a bunch of ranting. On the positive side it will be interesting.

By: mcdonald on 10/23/08

davidbroadwater says:"for those not totally duped by this blog's sensationalist disinformation about "U.S. troops deployed… to conduct hostilities against American citizens", i.e, shoot them, here's something really worth reading:"

Thanks Dave,

I followed and read some of the links that you suggested. They are informative and follow along the lines of this story.I suggest that everyone read them. I wonder why you find it necessary to criticize the work of these reporters? This article doesn't say anything about "shooting Americans". At the same time if US Troops are deployed in US cities and are training to use "non-lethal" weapons ie: rubber bullets and bean bags (per Army Times) it's reasonable to deduce that this "hostility" would be (if deemed necessary) carried out upon US Citizens! The facts are the facts. Yes this story is sensational, its sensational and it's true. As a military man active in my homeland I'm aware that these Troops will be involved in overseeing "target precincts" where there is a potential for anarchy. It's the beginning to what seems an unending escalation of government trespass upon the people of our great nation.

By: InTheKnow on 10/23/08

CNN is now sayig, "The open admission that U.S. troops will be involved in law enforcement operations as well as potentially

using non-lethal weapons against American citizens is a complete violation of the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act, which substantially limit the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement unless under precise and extreme circumstances."

Also mentioned on air that the troops were here to do crowd control following possible rioting after the election.

By: davidbroadwater on 10/23/08

UPDATE: for those not totally duped by this blog's sensationalist disinformation about "U.S. troops deployed… to conduct hostilities against American citizens", i.e, shoot them, here's something really worth reading:



ACLU Demands Information On Military Deployment Within U.S. Borders

Deployment Erodes Longstanding Separation Between Civilian And Military Government

The American Civil Liberties Union today demanded information from the government about reports that an active military unit has been deployed inside the U.S. to help with "civil unrest" and "crowd control" – matters traditionally handled by civilian authorities. This deployment jeopardizes the longstanding separation between civilian and military government, and the public has a right to know where and why the unit has been deployed, according to an ACLU Freedom of Information request filed today.

"The military's deployment within U.S. borders raises critical questions that must be answered," said Jonathan Hafetz, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. "What is the unit's mission? What functions will it perform? And why was it necessary to deploy the unit rather than rely on civilian agencies and personnel and the National Guard? Given the magnitude of the issues at stake, it is imperative that the American people know the truth about this new and unprecedented intrusion of the military in domestic affairs."

"This is a radical departure from separation of civilian law enforcement and military authority, and could, quite possibly, represent a violation of law," said Mike German, ACLU national security policy counsel and former FBI Agent. "Our Founding Fathers understood the threat that a standing army could pose to American liberty. While future generations recognized the need for a strong military to defend against increasingly capable foreign threats, they also passed statutory protections to ensure that the Army could not be turned against the American people. The erosion of these protections should concern every American."

Other sources reporting on this development (unlike UncSLO) include The Raw Story, Common Dreams, Bloomberg & Democracy Now (http://rawstory.com/news/2008/ACLU_demands_info_o



By: mccdave on 10/22/08

150,000 troops can't even control Iraq. Tell me how 20,000 are going to turn the entire country into Franco's Spain?

NoSynapseZone: "Personally I am a member of a 'well organized militia'"

The phrase is "well regulated," and I'm sure we all sleep better knowing NSZ's lightly-regulated militia of one is out there ready to shoot wolves from a helicopter.

By: ThomasPaine on 10/21/08

Even Greenwald had initially dropped the ball with this story. I would advise all to read the Greenwald article, and other Lexus links for more information. This has been on the blogs for some time now. More of the same abuses of power and the weakening of our rights.

By: Nancy on 10/21/08

I don't know what the Army Times is and isn't reporting but I have it from a military source that the government is gearing up for extreme civil unrest after the elections. I expect the Army Times has probably played the facts down and will go and read it.

By: whitefeather on 10/21/08


Really I thought that the house, senate, president and more so the FED all have influence on the "bad economy"! Maybe the senate should not have allowed risky lending or forcing it onto both banks or lenders?

By: davidbroadwater on 10/21/08

Tin Foil Hats deflect attention from the real story:

"troops deployed for U.S. election control

… policing American streets –ostensibly to control anticipated post-election disruptions. Battle-trained infantry troops will be in place and ready to conduct hostilities against American citizens…"!?!?!? There's nothing like that in the cited article, at all.

Reality Check – see Glenn Greenwald with the legislative history and resistance(http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2008/09/24… – "There's no need to start manufacturing all sorts of scare scenarios about Bush canceling elections or the imminent declaration of martial law or anything of that sort. None of that is going to happen with a single brigade and it's unlikely in the extreme that they'd be announcing these deployments if they had activated any such plans. The point is that the deployment is a very dangerous precedent, quite possibly illegal, and a radical abandonment of an important democratic safeguard. As always with first steps of this sort, the danger lies in how the power can be abused in the future."

Quit spewing distortions and paranoia.

By: JorgeEstrada on 10/21/08

Again food and water, that is the issue. Don't forget it!! Political lip service is a ploy for the empty mouth. If we need soldiers here, join for the food and water.

By: Countdown on 10/21/08

We are actually more than 40 trillion in debt. Most of it is just off the books.

By: Cindy on 10/21/08

I'm anticipating problems at the poles this election. It has to do with the fact that millions of new people have registered as Democrats. The republicans have been questioning their voting eligibility. I've heard some are already registered or some didn't properly fill out the forms. I'm not certain what other problems exist with these Citizens (?) but it's anticipated that many new registrants will be denied the right to vote. Sort of a new twist on what happened in Florida back in 2000.If this happens or is perceived to be happening there will be RIOTS. This would be my guess why the troops will be deployed to certain precincts.

By: Rany on 10/21/08

I really am at a loss to understand what is going on with the Bush Administration and the deploying of troops for "election control".

I understand Laura's points and have my own that follow along the same lines.

I never thought this day would come but as a registered Republican I'll be voting for Barack Obama this election. This will be the first time I've broke party lines. If that can happen then I guess anything can happen.

By: Laura on 10/21/08

I'm convinced at this point that the republicans have lost their minds. I've never seen such a divisive party in my lifetime. Pro American's and Anti American's? What the hell are they doing? At the same time I'm irritated that Obama's wife said that this was the first time she was proud of our Country. What an idiot and I don't necessarily want to see her as first lady of this Country but at least she isn't running for office. I've considered the issues and I'll be voting for Obama this election. In the past, morality was an issue with me but I'm starting to think that if anyone has a 666 on their buttocks its Bush and McCain. I also can no longer stomach Sarah Palin. She is such a "put on" and well coached. When I listen to her it's beyond my comprehension that anyone could consider her capable of holding a Presidential position. The coaching only goes so far and then there is Sarah. She reminds me of a high school cheerleader that has straight A's in home economics. I'm ready for someone like Obama (only choice I have) to straighten this mess out. I have no faith in McCain. When Clinton was in office the Country was in great shape. Things like our Social Security were secure (for once in many years) and our economy was booming. I can't believe what Bush and his cronies have done to our Country. We are over 10 Trillion in debt. Thats a big big number. Now he thinks we need to protect ourselves from ourselves. Geeez couldn't have anything to do with the republicans Pro-American vs Anti-American campaign, could it? With that said I'll sign off, I just had to unload my disgust.

By: JorgeEstrada on 10/21/08

People don't fight over politicians or whiskey, they fight over food and water.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/21/08

Close , but no cigar, CarolAnn.

I put on my "underground-radio-receiver tin hat" this AM and pointed it towards San Francisco.

What I found is that Bush is concened that civil unrest will occur after the election when it is revealed that President-Elect Obama has 666 tatooed on his left (natch!) buttock. Believe me, this ain't going to be pretty!

By: CarolAnnRiley on 10/21/08

Its really starting to look like Obama is going to win this election. Is Bush afraid that the evangelist are going to riot!

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/21/08

This reminds me of the Gearldo special where he broke into Al Capone's Safe. And i will bet big $ it has the same result.

By: Nancy on 10/21/08

I hear what your saying Laura and Countdown. The whole country is watching. It could turn into what NoSpinZone calls a "lock & load". I hope the republicans play honest but the fact is that they have more at stake now than they did for both Bush elections. This time they'll get caught if they try it and I fear that they will try it. Maybe that's exactly why they're gearing up for civil unrest. We the people have lost so many of our rights under a republican controlled/uncontrolled administration that I already feel like I'm living in a police state at times. I'm a non partisan but have some strong feelings having experienced the Bush administration. By the way, I hope you'll be voting yes on prop 8.

By: Countdown on 10/20/08

Troops protecting our liberty and freedom, since when?

If the republicans steal his election by purging and caging then no amount of troops or militia will be enough to stop the revolution.

By: Laura on 10/20/08

I think that Obama is probably going to win this election. The republicans have destroyed our economy and failed the middle class on all front's. I fear that there are plans to "steal" another election like Bush did with the last two. If that happens again (hopefully we now have more oversight) there could be trouble in the states where they manipulate the ballots.

By: InTheKnow on 10/20/08

It may be weeks old news, but I didn't know it. And I've asked around, it is not common knowledge.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/20/08

Jesus wept.

Weeks old news and utter bs. Even the tin foil mad hatters beat you to this.

By: George on 10/20/08

"Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at other members of the site" thank you very much.