Atascadero male police officers claim discrimination

November 9, 2008



A contentious reverse discrimination claim that has embroiled the Atascadero Police Department in controversy heads for mediation Tuesday.

Earlier this year, city officials launched an internal probe into complaints of reverse discrimination made by male officers against female officers in the city’s police department. The complaints allege preferential treatment for an alleged lesbian officer, provided by an upper level officer with whom she was romantically involved, sources said.

A half dozen sources have confirmed the allegations. City officials and attorneys involved in the case have declined comment.

Following the investigation, Police Chief Jim Mulhall ordered one of the alleged lesbian officers to resign from the force. Neither officer agreed to step down. Approximately 90 days ago, officials placed Lt. Carole Robinson and Sgt. Tiffany Ayles on paid administrative leave.

“I can’t discuss personnel issues,” Mulhall said, adding that the officers involved also would not be discussing the issue.

Robinson’s attorney, Jeff Stulberg, declined comment, as did Clayton Hall, an attorney hired by the Joint Powers Agency to defend the city.

Supporters of Robinson and Ayles have accused the officers who filed the complaint of spinning the truth and disseminating false information in retaliation against the women.

Robinson, with nearly 20 years on the department and its longest-serving employee, is second in command under Police Chief Jim Mulhall. A recipient of the chief’s medal of honor, Robinson had maintained an unblemished record. Until now.

Approximately 10 years ago, Robinson and Ayles began dating. Shortly afterward, the pair moved in together and co-purchased a home.

Complainants allege that Ayles, a patrol officer, was promoted to sergeant ahead of officers equally qualified and with more time on the force because of her relationship with Robinson.

According to one supporter of the pair, Robinson refused to influence the promotion decision because of her relationship with Ayles. In addition, Robinson, primarily an investigator, generally had no supervisory control over Ayles.

But because of a personnel shortage in the department, Robinson was placed in a supervisory position over Ayles for four to five months.

A few years ago, the pair was said to have entered into a civil union while on vacation in Hawaii. That would have violated city personnel regulations. Robinson and Ayles are not registered as domestic partners, and deny entering into a civil union.

“There would be outrage if I tried to promote my wife ahead of others,” one man said. “They’re the same as any married couple.”

Nepotism and cronyism can be the basis for a successful Title VII lawsuit if the practice includes unlawful discrimination. Though the courts generally support regulations that prohibit married, heterosexual spouses from working in the same department, there are cases where couples have prevailed.

Former Atascadero Police Chief John Couch investigated the allegations and put the matter to rest, temporarily, in 2005.

“He asked her [Robinson] if she was in a marriage-like relationship, and she said, ‘No,'” a source noted. Couch did not inquire further into the pair’s relationship.

Critics of the couple claim Robinson and Ayles were not truthful about their relationship which could damage the women’s credibility in the courtroom.

“Morale is at an all time low,” a source said. “People want to leave. It’s gone over the edge.”

Questions remain on the eventual financial toll this conflict will cost city taxpayers for paid administrative leave, overtime pay for officers, legal fees for city attorneys Clayton Hall and Kelly Trainer, and Ayles’ counsel, Louis Silver.


By: crunch on 11/12/08

Hey hotdog. You seem really angry. I had signs stolen off my property so many times I had to take them in every night. We picked up all of our signs we put (including large wooden ones) up within two days of elction end. You sound like a thieven sign nazi. Be honest, you were not taking signs to clean up litter, you just don't like free speech and you stole signs that you did not own. Did you also take other peoples signs that were on business property? The funny thing, is that the gay community is hounding the majority of voters after the election, especially the Mormons. You don't see them crying about the jews, catholics,hispanics or blacks who, by the way, voted two to one to not allow gay marriage in California. Interesting don't you think? Keep marriage between a man and a woman just as it is defined in Websters. I didn't say straight people because I have never been harrassed as I was by a gay nut case once upon a time. Back to topic. For those who voted for Obama because he was black, or wanted Hillary or Palin because they were women, or for those who promote because of relationships or family ties or sexual preference – you will get what you deserve. Garbage in – garbage out!

By: Countdown on 11/12/08

Keep it up Hotdog. I had a bigot attempt to assault me one day so by extension…..?

By: hotdog on 11/12/08

Hey Crunch, I destroyed some yes on 8 signs, but I'm not gay. In fact I took out a lot of them. The american taliban put them on public property, they were litter. I'll do it again.

Typecasting all gays the way you did is just what this is about. You'll lose, in the end. It's about justice. I'm sure there are plenty of crummy gay people, the straights have more than their share. Did you ever say 'straight' people harassed you? I doubt it.

Of course this and most posts are off topic, the story is about preferential treatment etc. Yet whenever a minority group is hounded by others I'll be there, to hound back.

By: crunch on 11/12/08

Gays are very forceful about getting what they want. Prop 8 was a good example. Signs destroyed, people yelled and cursed at, demonstrations after the vote. Hatred and anger abound on the gay side. Gay marriage was never a constitutional right as they claim, either Federal or State. I have been a victim of gay hostility in the work place myself. I know how it feels. The APD needs to clean itself up. If a cancer is permitted to grow in any workgroup it will destroy it in the end. APD has had problems with professionalism for many years. Lets hope they can quickly get to the bottom of this mess and get it cleaned up, and yes, the taxpayers will end up paying the legal costs.

By: Booty_Juice on 11/12/08

Thank you north county hairy palmed dwarves for the masterful display of pure redneck ignorance.

The only remaining question you need to ask yourselves is: If you are not f*cking your wives in the ass, then who is?

By: NorthCountyGuy on 11/12/08

The workplace should not be a war zone for culture, ideology nor theology. Particularly, govt workplaces in public buildings financed by the taxpayers. In practical reality, a few emotionally immature idiots in the APD are costing us taxpayers a fortune. When are the spoiled brats in the APD going to grow up and get out their diapers? Liberals and a few Christians are heavenly-minded such that they are totally useless. Most liberals are useless parasites with chains and shackles on their brains.

BTW, I.E. and A.O.L. are designed for maggot-infested, technical-illiterates high on dope. Smart, well-informed people use Firefox.


By: Countdown on 11/12/08

Sure copter pilot. You can believe whatever you desire. There have always been people who will discriminate against others for a variety of reasons.

I am waiting to find out the results of the mediation an to find out what really took place.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 11/12/08


Well then you must also support my right to say that there is nothing natural or normal (religion aside) for one man to insert his penis into the anal opening of another. I find a lifestyle that is engaged in that activity to be abhorrent

By: Countdown on 11/12/08

Bravo,.. again. There are many things that I don't necessecarily agree with but which I support others right to pursue. It's called being an adult. I don't want my views on certain things to impact the rights of others just as I don't want the views of others to limit me.

Like religion. I can't for the life of me understand how people can become so consumed with obvious myths, but I support their right to believe what they will. Try it some time.

By: hotdog on 11/12/08

The so-called 'liberal' judges, and I admire the term though right wing fools have denigrated it, are not liberal. People like you always call the judiciary 'activist' (as though it shouldn't be-but what do you Joe six-packs know?). They interpret legislation for conformance with our constitution. As before they will render this disgusting discrimination inconsistent with our founding principles.

You cite two votes in favor of outlawing a basic right of people. Those were based on fear mongering, lies and an avalanche of church money that stampeded the voters.

I'll bet there are thousands of people who sincerely feel gay marriage is not right-as opposed to the millions who would reject that notion if facts, sanity and reason were to prevail. "Do unto others……"

These campaigns always energize the low level elements of society, and those who get their kicks putting someone else down. I suppose you would like to bring back the Jim Crow laws. Go to for some good info on this. One of the lies spread by you folks was that churches could lose their tax exemption if we allowed the 'fairies to run around and do whatever they desired'. Well, now you've done it, because of Prop 8 and numerous other abuses we are going after that little privilege. We are tired of paying you to support dysfunction in society. With your good buddy Karl Rove and other crooks you have denigrated and harmed our democracy, we have suffered many abuses from your twisted take on your little book. You should keep your church ideas in church and leave society to run its affairs based on its rules.

As you said, we are given free will. I obey most laws, and work to change the ones I disagree with. One of my heroes is Martin Luther King, a man of the cloth. He would be disgusted with your attitudes and actions. If you are so wigged out by your book why don't you follow it? Stone those who disagree with you. Murder your children that smoke weed, your spouse that cheats on you; take others as slaves, never borrow or lend money or acquire earthly wealth. Reject scientific advances to protect your health. You pick and choose what to wig out on in your little book.

Of course I will never change your mind, I write this for the sane who read these blogs and find solace in knowing others out there who can think, and do not need the crutch of the radical right church to survive.


By: Truthbeknown on 11/12/08

BobMclemon on 11/10/08 said "That's what I mean about pick and choose Christians. They focus on the verses that fit their narrow minds and disregard the rest. I don't see them focusing on adulterers, or idolaters or the many rules in Leviticus and on and on."

Sorry to comment off-topic again. Bob, you are correct that some Christians do pick and choose verses, but the word of God is clear on this subject, as well as adultery, idoletry, etc. That some Christians choose to follow some things and not others is against God's word, but men are given free will and are far from perfect. Not all Christians do this, so please don't label and lump them into categories, just as I'm sure you don't like being labeled.

Now for hotdog: While the Bible may not be authority over you, it is for hundred of millions across the globe. Since the State seems to hold authority for you, consider this: California voters voted in 2000 that marriage should only be recognized by the State if it's between a man and a woman. In early 2008, liberal judges voted (4-3) to turn down the will of California voters. On Nov 4, the California voter once again voted to keep traditional marriage. I'm sure there were many non-Christians who voted for Prop 8. So now, not only is gay marriage against God's law, it's also against State law. Will you and BobMclemon pick and choose the laws you are to follow?

By: JorgeEstrada on 11/11/08

I just reviewed my budget and decided that this is no longer an issue. The tax payer can't afford to be a sucker for a man or a women in a uniform, butt we would pay to see a boxing match.

By: xlswede on 11/11/08

It all rolls downhill. Management is responsible, all the way up to the city manager & city council. Maybe they should push for binding arbitration, apparently that is a more accepted method of fleecing your employer.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 11/11/08

Are these people Super-Cops?, or are they Super-Crybabies? Is the APD infested with a bunch of chauvinistic wimps and crybabies who can dish out police abuse to their victims but can't take it!!!!! Is this Nazi-style witch hunt covering-up for a former As….. Police Chief suspected of being a rapist?

Are these parasites related to the knuckle-dragging moron, barbarian and bully having a reputation for being Paso Robles' nastiest police officer? Is Paso's nastiest police officer related to a rapist?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the home-invasion Super-Cops who like to taser Seniors having heart disease, and handcuff 4 year olds?

By: Countdown on 11/10/08

Very well said Hotdog and from those others that exhibit reason and rational thinking.

Good to hear you on Dave's show Karen. What a mess at APD.


By: hotdog on 11/10/08

Someone with the gall to use the word 'truth' in their handle quotes the bible as some sort of authority. That is all that needs to be said about their logistical ability and rational thinking. These people can't seem to get it that this is a secular country and the American Taliban will never run this nation (at least from now on). Our radical right religious elements are no better than those from other regions that find solace in spreading hate and death in the name of their 'holy book'. Bible, Koran, Torah-blah, blah, blah. True believers keep their religion to themselves and peacefully live with others who differ. Promoting discrimination is an active assault.

The state licenses marriage, not the church. I am sure this whole mess will be thrown out by constitutional authorities.

By: BobMclemon on 11/10/08

Nice job on Dave's show tonight. It looks fishy but I will have to reserve judgement for more information.

That's what I mean about pick and choose Christians. They focus on the verses that fit their narrow minds and disregard the rest. I don't see them focusing on adulterers, or idolaters or the many rules in Leviticus and on and on. Live and let live. As Olbermann said tonight, why begrudge anyone happiness?

By: whitefeather on 11/10/08

It makes no real difference to me what their sexual desires are. Leave them at home and do your job. If the secretary gets special treatment for giving the boss "treatment" they should both be fired! This is the exact same, transfer each to a separate department or fire each of them. If there was preferential treatment.

By: Truthbeknown on 11/10/08

If the information above is true, this relationship is clearly a violation of the personnel rules of the city of Atascadero. In addition, it appears Robinson lied to her superior officer, Chief Couch, at the time.

I must comment briefly off subject regarding Prop 8, Christians, etc. For those that are Christians, the Bible is crystal clear regarding homosexuality. It is sin. See 1st Corinthians 6:9 and Romans 1:26

By: ThomasPaine on 11/10/08

I listened as well but will have to wait for some more facts before I decide how to think, although I have my suspicions.

I am surprised that those involved did not take the simple steps of making this a non issue.

I agree that the mere appearance of impropriety is not enough to warrant dismissal but I understand where such thinking comes from.

Just like the brouhaha with the PRPD, it seems that APD is likewise encumbered.

Good job on Dave's show Karen.

By: Cindy on 11/10/08

I listened to the Congalton Show and I'll be happy to stay on topic. The fact is if Robinson didn't lie when she said that she wasn't involved in a marriage "like" relationship, then Bill Clinton didn't lie when he said "I didn't have sex with that woman".

By: hotdog on 11/10/08

ThomasPaine, a voice of sanity and kindness. I'm listening to Velie on the air and reading these posts, wow. To turn this issue into an anti gay saga is typical of some of our posters. I think strict monitoring by our esteemed moderator would remove many of these hateful posts, but sister George is always tolerant. Too bad some of us are lesser souls.

I have oodles to say about these off topic issues but won't, and urge others to wander back to the subject. What gets me is this issue seems relatively simple, and an hour long investigation should yield answers and resolution. Why this has been going on for months, and will longer, at great cost to the people of Atascadero, boggles my mind.

I think our society is full of slow moving resolution of our problems, and that keeps us from realizing our full potential.

I don't think the 'appearance' of wrong doing is enough to fire anyone-that violates the principle of 'innocent until proven guilty'.


By: paperboy on 11/10/08

I say fire 'em both. Even the appearance of impropriety should be enough for a cop to lose his or her job. Seems clear to me that they lied about their relationships to the former chief of police.

By: MartinW on 11/10/08

I think the gays should go and create their own nation and stay out of the democratic process. The democrats don't need them. They are very destructive. They should create their own party.

By: ThomasPaine on 11/10/08

That should be a good show tonight.

If people want to think that the Gays had anything to do with the disaster of the last 8 yrs. so be it. Absurd of course.

This issue is about possible nepotism interfering with the APD, nothing at all to do with sex. It will be interesting to see where the facts lead. Good job CCN.

By: Laura on 11/10/08

To In the Know

What kindness got all of us was "W Bush" in office for the last 8 years. I am kind and I am tolerant and I'm sick of it. I'm happy that we have Obama and I can guarantee that we didn't pull this off because of the gays. They have caused more trouble than I even want do go into here. They made me embarrassed to even be who I was. I had to make excuses about how they weren't a part of who I was or why I always voted like I did.

By: InTheKnow on 11/10/08

We need to demand tolerance for all our people regardless of race or sexual orientation. Your type of hatred creates children that torture other children because they are different.

By: InTheKnow on 11/10/08

I believe God wants us to treat each other kindly even if we don't agree. The nastiness of the bigots that need to turn this topic into how much they hate a portion of the population is sickening. Shame on you.

By: Laura on 11/10/08

The way that I see it, if it wasn't for the gays getting in everyones faces and demanding tolerance we wouldn't have had 'Bush" in office for the last 8 years. The gays are an embarrassment to the democrats and frankly, we don't need them. Back up.

By: DanBlackburn on 11/10/08

Karen Velie will be on Dave Congalton's Home Town Radio show on KVEC-920AM today at 5:05 p.m. to discuss this article and some of the colorful reactions from readers.

By: Nancy on 11/10/08

Yes Rany- You have those facts straight. It seems that people who have "queer" ideas (these are queer ideas and not name calling) want to re-write the book on society as we all know it.


By: Rany on 11/10/08

Let me see if I have this straight. Woman want to have sex with woman. I can't say sexual intercourse because we all know that this isn't possible. And men want to have sex with men and I won't even elucidate on that one. They all want the rest of society to agree that its normal and its OK. And that Christians are just a bunch of phonies who don't understand Christianity. Now do I have this right? Just asking for a little sanity here.

By: ThomasPaine on 11/10/08

Bob. Do not try and reason with these people for it cannot be done. Their perverted sense of religion is what sullies this nation. If Christians actually acted like you write, they would be more respected and better thought of. As it is now they are looked upon with ridicule and derision.

So is it alright for a woman to wear clothing of more than one fabric? Have you stoned to death any of your children lately for talking back to you? This is the type of absolutism these lesser thinking types must accept if you follow their thinking to it's logical conclusion.

Like it is posted on another site.

"I like your Christ but not your Christians. Your Christians are not very Christlike." Gandhi

APD does have many problems, none of which is connected to a persons sexuality.

I would say that it is as normal for one to be homosexual as it is for one to be an intolerant bigot. And much more desirable to hang with. Peace

By: CarolAnnRiley on 11/10/08

To FedUp

Same thing right back at yah.

I love this beautiful planet. I want it protected and unpolluted for all time to come.

There are better and unselfish ways to get what we all need from it. Its all here for all of us. Stop the rape.

By: George on 11/10/08

"note: Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at other members of the site."

By: Fedup on 11/10/08

Carol Ann,

I guess it is all right to force an agenda on everyone as long as it is your agenda. What a hypocrite.

By: MartinW on 11/10/08

Oh how interesting. Now Mclemon is going to try to dictate and rework 2000 years of what a Christian is. Hey People did you know that a Christian ignores the words of our savior? Did you all know that Christians are embarrassed of Christians that believe in the word of our good book? It's Ok to do what??

The good book is flawed and didn't mean what it said about a man laying with a man as he would with a wife (woman)? This is what I mean about getting in peoples faces and trying to change over 5000 years of truth and values. Its there in the old and new testaments.

By: BobMclemon on 11/10/08

Of course it's about picking and choosing. It's convenient how people focus so hard on an issue such as homosexuality but then ignore everything else. Christians are embarrassed by people such as you. Whatever you practice, it isn't Christianity with your twisted need for scapegoats to make you feel superior.

The Christian industrial complex makes millions off of the ignorance by such as you. Leaders pull your strings and convince you of things that aren't true.



By: CarolAnnRiley on 11/10/08

Hey FedUp

You and I might agree on this one but unlike you I'm an environmentalist. I'm reasonable about it but I care very much about the environment. There is perversion and then there is "perversion". I'll take a homosexual over a self servicing special interest earth polluter any day of the week.

By: MartinW on 11/10/08

Well I guess we all know what Bob McLemon is into. As for his mentioning his Christian background. Well buddy, this isn't about picking and choosing. Its right there in the bible "in your face". If you can't accept the word of Jesus Christ about heathens then your not any Christian that I want in my church.

By: Fedup on 11/10/08

I agree with Carol Ann. I am sick and tired of every one with an agenda trying to force it on me, many times with the blessing of the government (the environmentalists are the worst). It only serves to make me want to fight back (I voted yes on 8).

By: BobMclemon on 11/10/08

I respectively disagree. I think that it is normal. It does not threaten my marriage or my beliefs.

If some throw it in your face it may be because they have been kept down for so long.

I don't particularly like anyone throwing anything in my face, straight or Gay. But that is not indicative of the majority of Gay relationships.

By: CarolAnnRiley on 11/10/08

To McLemon

I agree that there is nothing wrong about two people wanting to be together. The problem is when they get in everyone else's faces with their "alternative life styles". Alternative indicates a choice. The problem is when they try to force themselves down every one else's throats about their choice and how we should all except it as normal. Its not normal for 98% of us. We try to be tolerant and kind. Don't push it.

By: BobMclemon on 11/10/08

There are plenty of sites discussing Prop 8 where you would be lambasted for your intolerance Carol. But as far as the APD it is not an issue. There are plenty of real problems with the APD one of which may be the abuse of power and nepotism.

Nothing perverted about two people wanting to be together.

By: CarolAnnRiley on 11/10/08

Hey BobMcLemon,

Homosexuality isn't normal. Maybe some people like it but it isn't normal. I've been around enough men to know what their butts are for, it's there for the same reason that my butt is there. When two daddy's or two mommy's can make a baby I'll agree that they are entitled to use the age old word "marriage".

By: lowcarb on 11/10/08

For those officers who want out – the US Border Patrol is actively hiring in all southern sectors. They have a *huge* facility in Tucson AZ – looks to be at least 25 acres. For an entry level agent pay can go to $70k/yr.

Also – the State of NM is actively hiring.

Cali POs are considered prime hires due to the training and experience here.



By: BobMclemon on 11/10/08

"Bull dike type." I am sorry but you need to join your mate in the cave.

This isn't about sex. This is about possible misuse of power. It has been happening in the "straight" world for thousands of years so no surprise it can happen elsewhere.

Homosexuality is as normal as anything else.

It does not threaten children or marriage. I can't believe that I am explaining this.

As a Christian I am embarrassed by so many ignorant people using religion to justify their intolerance.

By: Cindy on 11/10/08

I agree with "InTheKnow". This is about nepotism. If a husband promoted his wife or visa versa it wouldn't be allowed. That's why Chitty works for Chief Linden in SLO and not for Chief Lisa Solomon Chitty in PR (although his hire is still questionable).

I think what happened to Rany's sister-in-law is reprehensible but I'd like to point out that the same thing could happen with a heterosexual store manager and her police officer lover. Its not that the pair were lesbians or that one was a police officer its that they were sexual predators.

Statistics prove that most sexual predators are white straight men! Lets try to stay on topic here.

By: mcdonald on 11/10/08

I must admit that I find all this confusion over ones sexual orientation bizarre. I don't appreciate anyone trying to convince me that its normal because it isn't. I understand that some people were perhaps born in the wrong body and have a need to change it. So then go ahead and change it. Be a man or be a woman but stop with the man that wants to be a man and have sexual relations with a man. The same goes for the woman. There is a problem, a real problem with this. These people should not be in our schools, military or in our police departments. The reasons are obvious. There are jobs that are specifically for woman and some for men. Like strip searches and showering together. It's against everyone else's civil rights to be forced to put up with this. They also have no business trying to teach children that this is normal. Its not normal although they would like to gain as many numbers as possible to make it normal. If they want to serve in the military then we will have to build 4 sets of barracks. I'll agree to one new type of barracks, where all the gays men and woman alike can stay together. Lets see how like it.

By: InTheKnow on 11/10/08

Is anyone normal. We are all different and we need to respect each other. The point is, regardless of sexual orientation, these officers should conform to the same letter of the law that the strait officers are held to.

By: Rany on 11/10/08

To mcdave,

I am Suzanne (Mrs Rany) and yes I do have a first hand account of a situation that happened to my sister. She was accused of shoplifting (an offense that didn't occur) by a lesbian (bull dike type) store manager who took her in a back room and searched her. The manager found nothing and had illegally searched her to begin with. My sister is very attractive but also a bit mentally challenged due to an accident she had when we were children. If this wasn't bad enough the lesbian manager then called her "lover" a police officer and wanted my sisters vagina searched! The officer told my sister she would be arrested if she didn't let her search. When we found out about this we filed a law suit and the manager and officer were both dismissed from their jobs and a settlement was reached out of court. It didn't change the trauma my sister suffered or the anger our family and friends continue to harbor.

Now as to "Countdown". Rany didn't say that the problem at the APD is gender based but in fact it is gender based. If these two woman were not lesbians they wouldn't have been able to hide behind the nepotism rules that apply to the rest us and we wouldn't have to all pay for a law suit right now. Telling us to crawl back in our cave says plenty about your character and you really aren't worth the dignification of my reply.


By: Countdown on 11/10/08

Some twisted attempts at thinking there Rany and Fedup. Whatever problems exist at APD, and I would submit that there are many, are not the result of peoples sexual orientation. Now go back in your cave, please.

By: InTheKnow on 11/10/08

To Rany,

I don't agree. Though I don't want to see gays or straits making lewd public displays, let others live as they will.

The issue here is unfair treatment to the men because the gay couple is not considered married. If they were strait, they would have a common law marriage. Case closed.

By: mccdave on 11/10/08

Rany, do you have any accounts of real occurrences? Your concerns may be legitimate in the abstract but also have the ring of hypotheticals that people always use to discriminate against people who are different. And accusing an entire group of sexual assault without specific allegations is dubious.

There are real issues related to gays/lesbians in some contexts, and policing may very well be one, but some people also need to own up to their own 1950s-vintage homophobia.

By: Fedup on 11/10/08

To Rany'

Right on! You expressed eloquently what millions of Americans have been feeling for years.

By: mccdave on 11/10/08

In my experience, the Atascadero police are simply not professional and are routinely dishonest.

By: Rany on 11/10/08

Lesbians should not be allowed on the police force. They take charge of female detainees. They conduct searches on females and its the equivalent of being strip searched by a male.

My wife certainly wouldn't want to be trusted into the care of a lesbian police officer. She tells me they probably do unnecessary searches just for a thrill. I understand her concerns. If a male strip searched a woman it would cause a major backlash and a question of intent and morality. It's the same thing if the woman enforcing her powers over another womans body is a lesbian. Enough is enough with this screwed up society. This behavior isn't exceptable, isn't normal and is destructive. It's constantly in everyones face and somehow we are supposed to think its OK. Well it isn't. I'm tired of having my children exposed to this perversion and it is a perversion. Wake up people. I'm sure I'll get some flack for this but I'm entitled to my opinion. I'm tired of being told to "shut up" while people flaunt their perversions in my face and the face of my children. My civil rights say I have a right to bear arms. That doesn't mean I can walk around with a gun on my hip and wave it in peoples faces. Keep it in the bedroom and "outta my face". It's offensive.