Length of deputies’ visit to sheriff differs

January 27, 2009


How long did sheriff’s deputies spend at the home of Sheriff Pat Hedges and his wife, Sandy Oneal-Hedges, following a reported domestic disturbance? Official reports vary from more than an hour, to just 15 minutes, depending on who provided the information, and when it was divulged.

San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputies responded January 19 to a domestic disturbance call at the North County home of Hedges and Oneal-Hedges.

According to sheriff officials, Oneal-Hedges called 911 at 5:36 p.m. to report her husband was screaming at her and asked for assistance. A sergeant and a beat car deputy responded to the house and cleared the incident without creating a report

Two days after the incident, Undersheriff Steve Bolts told a CalCoastNews reporter that a deputy and a supervisor spent approximately an hour at the Hedges home.

A few days later, according to a Tribune article, the amount of time deputies spent at the scene had shrunk to less than 20 minutes. Later that night, KSBY reported the call had been cleared 15 minutes after the deputies arrived.

Oneal-Hedges said she is not sure of the exact amount of time the deputies were at her home, but believes it was more than an hour. She said neither deputy wrote anything during the time they spent interviewing her and Hedges. The incident ended, according to deputies, when the sheriff agreed to leave the premises. Oneal-Hedges noted that she is not the type to call 911 merely because her husband was screaming at her.

A freedom of information act request regarding access to the 911 and dispatch tapes was denied. One expert, Peter Scheer, executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition, said the release of 911 tapes is discretionary to the department. He was unsure if the radio dispatch tape – which would verify the amount of time deputies spent at the residence – would fall into the same category.

Nevertheless, the department is required to provide the factual circumstance surrounding the incident, along with the time and the location for all complaints for assistance, according to Government Code section 6254(f)(2).

On January 26, the sheriff’s records department provided a report to CalCoastNews with Hedges’ address redacted. According to the latest account of last weeks domestic disturbance call to the Hedges’ home, the deputy and the sergeant both arrived at 5:52 p.m. and left at 6:12 p.m.

During a 1989 divorce, Patrick Hedges and his then wife, Sandra Hedges, took out restraining orders against one other during their legal separation. Another marriage, to Ramona Hedges, ended in 2003 amidst allegations of frightening behavior.

“I found my husband’s demeanor to be very threatening and intimidating,” Ramona Hedges said in court records.

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Member Opinions:

By: tarandfeatherthejerk on 6/14/09

For the love of your country, read the constitution.

Pat Hedges is in need of tarring and feathering and run out of the country. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution and broke it.

Allowing the Constitutionally Criminal FBI to come into his town and arrest Charlie Lynch for LEGAL ACTIVITY was a total disreguard for the Constitution which I am sure Hedges is to ignorant to read or comprehend.

Pat's wife shoulda grabbed his gun and done the whole country a favor.

Charlie Lynch just got sentenced to a year in prison.

Pat Hedges and Judge George Wu need to spend a year at the bottom of a lake attached to a nice large rock. Better stay in your own states guys where you have your buddies to protect you because your disregusrd for the Constitution qualifies you to not be safe in mine.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 1/29/09

Speaking of the totally USELESS Grand Jury of SLO County, is the NO GUTS GRAND JURY of SLO County a willing accomplice to the criminal-violence, criminal-malfeasance and criminal-terrorism of the SLO County Ol'Boy Clique? Is the NO GUTS GRAND JURY a willing accomplice to the corrupt public officials of SLO County? Does the NO GUTS GRAND JURY of SLO County constitute fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayers' dollars?

By: NorthCountyGuy on 1/29/09

Is it Domestic Violence or is it Domestic Terrorism? In case the Sheriff of Nottingham's wife is found dead, will it be yet another accident-on-purpose murder by a mysterious party known as "Excited Delirium"? Is the Sheriff of Nottingham under stess due to his Double-Standard Coverups for the criminal-malfeasance and criminal-violence of the SLO County Ol'Boy Clique? Is the Sheriff under stress due to the communications of death threats by his Deputies against the injured and bleeding victims of the SLO County Ol'Boy Clique? What is the Sheriff of Nottingham's frequent misappropriations, thefts and embezzlements of Federal, State and Local taxes for Ol'Boy Clique coverups costing taxpayers in terms of human suffering? When is the SLO County Ol'Boy Clique going to be deterred from stalking, bushwhacking, maiming and murdering the innocent citizens of SLO County? Are the Sheriff of Nottingham and his willing accomplices repeat offenders?

By: George on 1/28/09

Please help create a, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at another commenter.

BTW: I consider the first comment a troll

for clarification read the guidelines behind my user name.

By: karen on 1/28/09

Tune into the Dave Congalton Show – 920 AM -today at 4 p.m. to hear more about this issue or listen live at http://www.920kvec.com.

By: Booty_Juice on 1/28/09

"Oneal-Hedges noted that she is not the type to call 911 merely because her husband was screaming at her."

Add that to his other wives' experiences and you could conclude that you are dealing with an insecure, badge-heavy boyscout who gets his rocks off pushing girls around.

By: GrayGranny on 1/28/09

Domestic violence comes in all different shapes and sizes and the Sheriff Pat Hedges incident screams of domestic violence. Ms. Sandy Oneal-Hedges did not call 911 because this was the first time Sheriff Hedges yelled at her – she knew the situation was going to escalate into something bigger. For those that have been or are close to a domestic violence relationship, this incident is a classic textbook example. I wish our county residents would stop trying to disguise this situation as something other than what it is, domestic violence. Our community needs to wake up and recognize how wide-spread and damaging domestic violence is … it cuts across all socio-economic boundaries, ethnicities, religions, professions, gender, etc. It is time we all take a strong stance and no longer tolerate any form of domestic violence. Domestic violence can kill someone you love.

By: Slotown on 1/28/09

HonestyPlanet is actually on to something. The ATTITUDE reflected by Hedges is one that is very troublesome. He appears to demonstrate a arrogance that he is above the law, and so far has been right. He is yet to be held accountable for any of his actions even though we had to pay out a fortune in legal bills and penalty for his violating someones civil rights. TBK is probably a leg humper bucking for a promotion as stated by directing everyone to the other problems in the community, not his department. The public good is self evident in that the truth about the character of one of the key elected officials is shared. We have a right to know the good and the bad about our PUBLIC officials and they should have realized that before running for office. It appears to me that everyone in the County merely wants an ethical Sheriff to provide the protection for us in our home, work and recreation. Sadly, Hedges (whom I voted for) has let us all down by his corrupt actions and unethical behavior. TBK, this is unsavory business and government practives and your denial won't make it go away. You sound like the Sergeant that responded to the call and found no problem. Too bad you don't have the guts to proclaim that the "Emperor has No Clothes?

Speaking of no guts, where is the Grand Jury on this and the previous issues? Not one peep. I always thought they were our watch dogs to protect us but they have turned to jellyfish. That would be a good article for the Cal Coast News. We know that the Attorney General is a joke, the Governator is a joke, and the DA has his hands tied by the conflict of interest. So how does justice ever prevail? We are witnessing the demise of an entire society one day and one issue at a time. It is time for Nuts and Bolts to leave the Sheriff's Department and provide some solid leadership.

Cal Coast News: Keep up the continued good work on public corruption and take a run at the Grand Jury and Dale Strobridge of the Deputies Union. You might uncover more than one snake.

By: hotdog on 1/28/09

Wow, seems like we have an issue over the time spent dealing with this thing. Just how long were the deputies there, and what happened? TBK, I think you're all wet. Something to hide? We want to know what our top cop is up to, and how stable he is. Sounds like maybe he isn't. After his persecution of a certain business in Morro Bay I have lost all confidence in him and this affair just throws gas on the fire. Keep on this CCN, I smell a rat.

By: HonestyPlanet on 1/28/09


It's totally relevant. Public good is served by public knowledge, and best served before the next election. Why can we hear the 911 call which is placed before every published news event (that I can recall)….other than this one?

Stated Goals….served. Is it me, or is anyone else growing tired of the "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude reflected by so many of our elected officials…..Even more tiresome are the anonymous bloggers who support these antics….(good luck on that promotion deputy TBK!!).

By: InTheKnow on 1/27/09

The public records act was enacted to keep the public informed. Accurate information is a legal requirement you would think the sheriff’s department would comply to. The sheriff should be held to the same rules and laws as everyone else. If this had been another household, a report would have been made not buried. Does being sheriff mean Pat is above the law? What do the spouses of public figures do when their mates commit domestic disturbances, grin and bear it?

By: Truthbeknown on 1/27/09

Cal Coast News said: "WHAT WE WILL DO CalCoastNews.com will continue to focus on truly important stories — stories with a public interest. By investigating unsavory business and government practices, we will stimulate positive change. We are non-partisan and adhere to the strictest journalism ethics and standards. Our objective is for advertising to become a source of sustainable funding."

So I ask again, how do articles like this serve your stated goals? What public good is this accomplishing?