Verbal swords still crossing in Atascadero

February 19, 2009


In Atascadero, change means more of the same when it comes to contentious city council sessions, with councilmember Tom O’Malley and cohort councilmember Jerry Clay demonstrating they have enduring memories.

O’Malley’s barrage of accusations aimed at Mayor Ellen Beraud during last month’s “strategic planning” meeting caused her to walk out of the meeting. O’Malley had brusquely contended that Beraud “misrepresented” the council and had secret correspondence with Wal-Mart officials.

The incident was reminiscent of last year’s “trust building” meeting during which councilmember George Luna stormed out after fielding accusations that his wife had broken the law. During the same meeting, O’Malley challenged former Mayor Mike Brennler to handle their disputes his way, man-to-man out in the parking lot.

Check out the following blow-by-blow council discussion from February 10 — ostensibly about citizen concern regarding a lack of decorum at the council session in which Beraud walked out.

Clay: We still have the nay sayers out there at the first of the meeting spreading their poison….I think its disappointing that we still have people just stirring the pot trying to make things look bad and it’s disappointing to me and I just wish they would go away and join the (inaudible) folks.

Councilmember Bob Kelly: We all know what happened after it happened and I walked away with the impression that Tom had apologized to you (Beraud) and you had accepted that….

O’Malley: Actually I didn’t apologize….

Beraud: So are you saying you are not apologizing?

Clay: Well, ahhhh.

O’Malley: I thought it was a good process we resolved some.

Clay: So my point is you talked it out. Right?

O’Malley: That’s right.

Kelly: I thought everyone came away satisfied.

Beraud: I still think I could have used an apology. I do not think I would have ever pushed someone to the point that I would upset them [enough] to make them leave the room.

Clay: Ahhh.

Beraud: I would appreciate an apology, but if you believe in your heart of hearts you did absolutely nothing over the line, that is your decision.

O’Malley: I though it was really appropriate to review my concerns with you and we did it very calmly.

Clay: I think we are hashing this out.

O’Malley: That is why I suggested that I think it might be helpful to review council norms.

Clay: Okay.

O’Malley: We can bring it back on the agenda and talk about it.

Clay: I never got a call from you, Ellen, when you requested that someone be in the room when I requested you meet with me and so you know you do not have to apologize. All kinds of little things happen and we just move on to better things.


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TBK: I often wonder if you understand WHY the "three amigos" are what you describe as "angry". I think the right word is frustrated. Frustrated with the lack of honesty, ability to obtain certain records without jumping a million hoops and dealing with people like Jim Shannon, who, by the way conveniently forgets how extremely negative all his comments were to the previous council. Great to have such a selective memory there Jimbo!!! AND, there were alot of others who also were rude and opinionated such as C. Santos, M. McDaniel et al. Interesting that what they perceive as undermining the growth process in the City only applies to opposite opinions. They need to perhaps, revisit the previous council meetings. And then get their head out of the —- sand.

By: Unbelievable on 2/25/09

Boy TruthBeKnown,

read this: [ Brown Act and tell me what chapter and verse she violated? O'Malley wrote to Trader Joes and signed it as the Mayor. Is that a violation too? The City lawyer is an ass and doesn't know what he's talking about either. Or is Clay's "I want a WalMart" also a violation? You can't have it both ways.

By: InTheKnow on 2/25/09

To TruthBeKnown

Please get a book on the Brown Act. It is OK to talk about your views generally. What is OK is to make a decision on a specific project publicly before it is discussed.

Not that I am totally enthralled with any of the council. First you have Ellen, who voted no on almost everything, and then you have Bob, who voted yes on everything. Go back and look at their records on the planning commission.

Much of the problems this city faces are due to the uncontrolled building Gearhart was allowed to do. Bob never voted against a Gearhart project, nor did O'Malley or Clay.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/25/09

An interesting development- during discussion of the council norms, the City Attorney said that councilmembers should not provide their position on a decision that will come before them for a decision. This includes e-mails, blogs and websites. If you look on Ellen Beraud's website: she states that "Not only will I oppose rezoning the residential land purchased to build a Supercenter, blah, blah, blah." If that' the case, that sounds like a violation of the Brown Act, city codes, and council norms.

Blog masters, please conduct an investigation of this apparant violation in keeping with your goal of ferreting out violators of the law.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/24/09

Continuing on . . . watching the presentation by ADE on economic development. . . a very good presentation! I'm a little disappointed that there was no mention of the future use of the Veteran's Memorial Building (old City Hall), but perhaps that will be addressed at a later presentation? I think that building has a better use than as a government office. ADE has given us much to think about and build upon!

By: Truthbeknown on 2/24/09

insider on 2/24/09 said: "I don't think I can make it tonight but I bet the "angry three amigos" Broadwater, Brennler and Comar will surely be there to entertain."

I'm currently watching the Public Comment period of the CC meeting, and you are right, Insider. The same negative people are speaking and bringing up things that occured in the past.

It's good to see O'Malley apologizing to Beraud in a show of goodwill. It looks like the CC has moved forward, even if Brennler, Broadwater, O'Keefe, Perkins, et al have not. It seems all the controversy is stirred up by less than 10 of these negative folks. If they would expend half as much energy on positive pursuits that they spend on negative ones, I think they would be much happier.

By: insider on 2/24/09

I don't think I can make it tonight but I bet the "angry three amigos" Broadwater, Brennler and Comar will surely be there to entertain.


I almost forgot – it's Council night for Atascadero!! That means that Insider/Outsider/Booty Juice/starvingmexican, et al will be entertaining us ON CAMERA there. Just watch for them. It's like "Where's Waldo"!!!! Or pin the tail on the dumb#$*.

By: Clemintine on 2/24/09

Insider writes:

"What are you going to say if WalMart begins a renaissanse for Atascadero?"

Please excuse me while I get off the floor from laughing.

Yes indeed ! You betcha! Wal-mart is gonna git us a dog-gone renaissance. Hot dang!

Is it the water in Atascadero or what?


Walmart is coming, whether we like it or not Insider. I don't have to like it. I do, however, expect a certain amount of discontent over the proposed size and I have every right, as you do, to express this concern. If Brennler and Bereau did so much damage in the few years in office, what does that say about the goobers that have been on the Council for decades? They are so inept as to have even stirred up the pot of discussion on anything. Me thinks they posture to the cameras WAAAAYYYY to much.

By: Unbelievable on 2/24/09

Thanks for replying Insider,

But you never addressed my questions. Here's my predictions: City Hall will crumble from lack of progress, just like the Printery. Downtown will never grow and the Carlton will shut down. If you read the economic forecast that came out today, the City seems to think that tourism will save A-Town. You, on the other hand, feel that Big Box stores will be it's savior. I predict that any additional revenue coming from any of those projects will be absorbed internally by the ever-expanding budget of the City Manager's office and won't be visible to the public in any form. As for your comment about leaving – if you want to buy my house at current market prices, I'd be happy to leave your wonderful hamlet. Until then, you're stuck with me as a neighbor and I'm stuck living in a town bun by crooked Realtors and conmen with no vision.

Oh yeah – great comment FFT!

By: insider on 2/24/09

To FracturedFairytales

Your right the downtown is devastated. Those downtown buisnesses have been begging us to let WalMart get started. One buisness women was brought to tears as she literally begged the City Council to expedite the WalMart. So its clear keeping WalMart out has not worked. We kept WalMart out and our town continued to die. Is it dead enough for you? So its dead, its inactive, it produces zero tax base. Now lets see what happens when WalMart arrives. What you guys don't get is WalMart does not provide the types of products or shopping experience everyone envisions for our downtown. What a perfect example what WalMart can do. Even you agree our town is completely deteriated. What are you going to say if WalMart begins a renaissanse for Atascadero? What if a shuttle take citizens from Multiple family areas to the WalMart with a stop at downtown as a part of the route. I'm sure your bitterness will sustain all success that may come.


To Insider: How do you know you were here before any of us were and why does that even make a difference? If you have been in this City that long, why oh why has NOTHING but NOTHING gotten done? The Carlton is going down the cr@pper and downtown looks like a nuclear bomb exploded. Walmart may be coming, but why would anyone leave the supposed SUPER STORE and go over to any stores in the outlet center???!!! If you can buy everything you ever needed or wanted at Walmart, then why stop and visit anywhere else? I don't get the mentality of folks who think that it will bring prosperity to any other business, when it will be the STORE OF STORES. Am I the only one who sees this? FYI – the Council has had the same people recycled over and over and yet, here we still sit (in the mud). Productive, hmmmmm, questionable….

By: insider on 2/24/09

to Unbelievable

You just sit back and watch. With B&B out of the picture I predict within a short time we will see structures starting to rise in that project that is fully improved with infrastructure. The WalMart should be on its way to final approval in 6mo or so. A new Right Aid at the corner of 41 and El Camino and a new Jack in the box at Santa Rosa. In addition to that the existing center across from the new WalMart will take on a whole new activity in anticipation of the certain coming of WalMart. We will start getting word on new tenants for the Rottman section and plans for the Citys residential expantion at the south west of town will move forward. In addition the Council will come to grips with the budjet and take a realistic view of what to do with the printery and old City Hall. Its a great time for Atascadero and Yes Ellen will vote no many more times before she gets the old heave hoe by the citizens. And yes people like you will continue to take the negative side of everything and try and attack our true city leaders every chance you get. And yes Broadwater, Comar, and Brennler will waste our time with their conspiracy theories at the beginning of every CC meeting. My answer to all of you is if you hate this City this much why don't you just leave and don't let the door hit you where the sun don't shine. Those of us that care were here before you got here and will be here when you leave.

By: Unbelievable on 2/24/09

Boo Hoo, Insider.

If the City Manager's office didn't lie like a dog about what was happening at Del Rio in the first place and showed some honesty maybe things might have moved along a bit differently. Instead, they tried to ram a 250,000 Super Wal-Mart down everyone's throat. Of course, they're going to meet resistance for their actions. It's the city over-expanding budget that started the whole mess. Their settlements downtown didn't help the situation either. How come I never hear Insider talk about the mess in front of the City offices? City planning is a joke!

By: insider on 2/23/09

Council norms should be focused on how to mute Ellen Bereau and Economic development should be focused on how to expedite the WalMart center.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/23/09

Fractured, the council norms will be discussed at tomorrow's council meeting, along with economic development. It should make for an interesting evening!


Insider and Tony Soprano are beginning to sound alot alike! Get rid of her?!!! That seems to be your mantra for everything you deem not to your satisfaction insider. Why don't you run for office – you seems to have all the answers to all the questions all the time. Let's see how fast you would be run out of town on a rail. It ain't as easy as you seem to think it is. But, TALK IS CHEAP.


TO TBK: I'm alittle confused on the council norms?! What is normal for O'Malley, Clay, Fonzi and Kelly?? I'm thinking that it is lying, falsifying records, destroying honesty, babbling incoherently, accusing others of dishonesty and all the while shining their crowns blinding people (such as yourself) to their true purposes. I am hopeful that we can heal and get on with moving this City forward, rather than lining certain peoples pockets.

By: Cindy on 2/23/09

The city has been set back by millions of $$ because of over development of residential property and selling off prime commercial property to re-zone as residential to line the pockets of developers. Luna complained for years about it while trying to put an emphasis on commercial development. The previous councils were too busy and ignorant to pay attention. What millions of $$$ have we all lost because WM isn't here? We have actually saved money because we don't have to spend on the infrastructure that will be required to accommodate such a monstrosity. AS usual Insider you are way out there.

By: insider on 2/23/09

Whoever you think I am, I am no one you listed, or no one your group has ever listed. Also we is used as I feel a part of my city as opposed to those of you who only wish to destroy it. I do take note that you can not dispute the hard facts that Brennler and Bereau have set this city back by MILLIONS $$$$$. Fortunately we can now laugh, clap and smile during a public meeting without law inforcement being called.

By: mcdonald on 2/23/09

I agree with MyThoughts. I had the same impression as soon as I read the follwing..

"we settled that suit for 50K and there were no attorney fees since the insurance company fought that one". Insider is city management or even a City Council member otherwise he would have said "the city settled" not "we settled". I'm not surprised to see such a disturbed wretch at the helm in Atascadero. I'm sure city management isn't pleased with Brennler's investigations or the transparency brought forth by Ellen and Brennler.

By: insider on 2/22/09

to MyThought

Pay attention. The settlement was reported at a City Council public meeting. And as to the money that B&B cost us lets start with the WalMart that would already have been built and have paid building fees and property taxes and taxes on sales. And the two restaurants that would be open right now that we don't and probably wil never have. And what about all the adjacent comercial development that was coming with it from Rottman. Maybe even the office depot would have stayed had construction started when it could of. Then we have all the rediculas city attorney fees for all Brennlers cr@p like campaign reform, investigation after investigation and lets not forget the 100k for the economic study him and Ellen had to have. Like I said 50k was the cost of doing buisness and unfortunate and I'm sure they all learned a lesson including George Luna.

By: MyThoughts on 2/22/09

OOOPs You slipped up Insider. Its called a Freudian slip when you wrote

"we settled that suit for 50K and there were no attorney fees since the insurance company fought that one"

Now everyone knows you are truly an Insider. You are one of the Atascadero City managment team. McKinney, Lewis, O'Malley, or even Bob Kelly formally known as Dewdog.

Millions in lost fees and taxes? Really? Without specific facts you speak out of your posterior Insider

By: insider on 2/22/09

to MyThoughts

That was a drop in the bucket compared to the Millions of lost fees and taxes over the last few years caused by Mike and Ellen. I think we settled that suit for 50k and there were no attorney fees since the insurance company fought that one. Like I said maybe a unfortunate cost of buisness unlike the intentional attempt by Mike and Ellen to kill the WalMart deal, Campaign reform ordinance cost w/ attorney fees and lets not forget all the investigations instigated by Brennler. Like I said before Brennler is gone and its time to Mute Bereau.

By: MyThoughts on 2/22/09

Talking about attorney fees Insider. You conveniently leave out the costs for legal fees and court costs for having bungled the imminent domaign matter involving a citizen who owned property across from the Carlton and the scapegoating of the employee who was initially fired then rehired when they realized they had broke the law.

Who in the current Gov was responsible for those costs?

McKinney, O'Malley and Clay that's who.

And Clay was even caught having leaked closed session information to the property owner.

Wake up Insider These guys are as crooked as they get … then again those who blindly defend the crooks are likely made from the same mold, Right?

By: insider on 2/21/09

Mike and Ellen had Atascadero stuck on stupid for the last two years. They lost us millions in income and cost us even more in wasted effort, attorney fees, and consultants and endless sidetracking. Mike is gone and Ellen is pointless. Lets just get her out of the Mayor possition and silence her now.

By: Rany on 2/21/09

What is all this BS? Lets face it O'Malley took 5K from WM and tried to hide it by filing late. Clay went to the party and neither of them ever mentioned it to the public when there were inquiries. Those two are the ones that should have nothing to do with WM.I've never listened to such a bunch of BS in my life. As long as Clay and O'Malley are on the council and encourage their ABA friends to cause havoc Atascadero will never get anything done. I don't think any of them realize that they sound terribly ignorant and in some cases down right uneducated.

By: insider on 2/21/09

Ellen is an idiot who's just looking to toot her own horn and rub shoulders with the right folks. Or should I say the left folks. It's well known WalMart is at the cutting edge of green technology in big box stores. If our brillant Miss Ellen would have done any research at all. Which of course would of been no harder than a simple google she would have had all the information she was looking for. But no she wanted to look impotant and she certainly achieved that. The council should have a vote to forbid the Mayor from having any personal contact with WalMart since it is clear she opposes the project and would do anything to upset the process. The City council should sanction the Mayor at once, forbid Ellen from having any personal contact with WalMart or their representatives and consider a new ordinance to have a new Mayor elected by majority council vote until such time in the future the Citizens, without a special election, can elect a Mayor. This social experiment that O'Malley by his own words supported in order to be fair to the minority has obviously failed. Fire the Mayor Now!

By: Truthbeknown on 2/21/09

Thanks, Clem – you prove my point.

By: Clemintine on 2/21/09

"I am merely a normal citizen (Joe Sixpack, if you will) who relates the truth…"

Hah! The truth from your perspective with no respect for other peoples perspective.

What are you a Jerry Clay clon?

Its simply a matter of connecting the dots TBK. We see through your politics, your hatred and your deceite which you disguise with claims of being "Joe Sixpack"

By: Truthbeknown on 2/21/09

Clemintine on 2/21/09 said: "Its telling that you didn't deny Citizens claim that you are one of the ABA, a group whose whole motivation in life is creating disharmony and dishonesty."

No, Clem, it's not telling at all. Previously on this blog, I've been accused numerous times of being part of the ABA or other groups. I've also been accused of being any number of councilmembers. I've also been accused of being associated with the Chamber, and on and on and on . . .

What is truly telling is that the people who make accusations are so sure that anyone who dares to have a differing viewpoint, must have some sort of agenda. I am merely a normal citizen (Joe Sixpack, if you will) who relates the truth without all the bias that most bloggers on this site seem to have.

There is much inuendo, hatespeak, and general unhappiness, and little truth being told here. Very sad!

By: Clemintine on 2/21/09

The "Truth" hurts don't it TBK. Its telling that you didn't deny Citizens claim that you are one of the ABA, a group whose whole motivation in life is creating disharmony and dishonesty. Kelly Gearhart would have fit right in with your groups mentality. Better yet ABA should vote Gearhart as their very own lovable citizen of the year.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/21/09

CitizenCane on 2/21/09 blurted: "TruthbeKnown is just one of those ABetterAtascadero bafoons."

Why is it on this blog that whenever anyone comes in with a differing point of view, they

are attacked and pummeled by multiple bloggers? Is this the open and frank discussion the Blog Masters want?

And why are ya'll so hypocritical? It seems Beraud can do no wrong and the other council members can do no right. If Clay or O'Malley had done what Beraud did, you would be all over them like flies on sh*t. In fact, you are anyway. Hipocrites!

By: outsider on 2/21/09

Nancy and Michelle…get over it..youve lost control of the city council and the brown shirted,brown nosed eco frauds got taken down by the City of Atascadero..Why dont you apppeal it like Proposition 8..What elitists and blabbering fools..ive heard that there is a new eco fraud idea in Atascadero where we will have proposed setbacks beyond the normal code setbacks from the center of the street gutters..I sure hope someone has looked into that terrible pidgeon and bird problem at the Wallmart site..This is what Ellen was hoping, that Walmart had some green answers for and to the blacktop for the parking lot…Yes, Cindy we are the laughing stock of the county becasuse of people like YOU and Ellen,and all of the other eco and anti-business frauds…

By: MartinW on 2/21/09

I think O'Malley could use a little help. Maybe he should take advantage of his position with the County Dept of Mental Health. Jerry Clay has always been a little off and it gets worse as he gets older. These men are an embarrassment and obviously out to disseminate false and foolish information.

By: Michelle on 2/21/09

And to think that O'Malley thought he was suited to be on the County Board of Supervisors!

By: CitizenCane on 2/21/09

TruthbeKnown is just one of those ABetterAtascadero bafoons.

Complaining about Beraud signing an email as Mayor … Give me a break! You don't think OMalley ever sent out emails or documents signed as Mayor when he was dealing with the Rottmans or Walmart. Only difference is that O'Malley would simply lie about it until he gets caught … again!

TBK needs to go back to High School and get an education. Atascadero people … Geesh!

By: Booty_Juice on 2/21/09

Atrashcadero would be lucky to attract a Mega Pornshop and a needle exchange center. I've always dreamed of living there.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/21/09

Nancy on 2/21/09said: "This is unbelievable. Ellen sent a letter to WM asking if they had green building? How can she bring it up at a council meeting if she doesn't know what is available?"

You forgot to mention that Bearuad signed the e-mail as Mayor of Atascadero, thereby representing the City. She could have easily inquired of green building techniques by bringing it up DURING the council meeting, which is the proper way to do it. She knew that WalMart representatives would be coming to meeting.

By: CitizenCane on 2/21/09

If you have paid attention to Atascadero history you will find out that Kelly Gearheart owned O'Malley and Clay. Same thing for realtors Fonzi and Bob Kelly.

There wasn't a Gearheart project these fools didn't drool over …. and all the while Gearheart was taking the town to the cleaners.

These people are self serving wretches.

By: Michelle on 2/21/09

O'Malley took 5K from the Rottman group in contributions on behalf of Wal Mart. O'Malley shouldn't even be involved in voting on anything that has to do with WalMart. Jerry Clay is just a dump country bumpkin but O'Malley is an outright sociopath. Both council members are disruptive and vengeful. They are not working in the best interest of Atascadero .They both need to grow up and seek professional counciling.

By: Nancy on 2/21/09

This is unbelievable. Ellen sent a letter to WM asking if they had green building? How can she bring it up at a council meeting if she doesn't know what is available? So of course Jerry and O'Malley have to try and make a big deal out of it. Its the same thing they and their friends used to do to Mike Brennler. It's no wonder Atascadero can't get anything done. O'Malley and Clay need to get off the council. They are the cities biggest problem right now and have been for some time.

By: CitizenB on 2/21/09

No wonder A-Town can never seem to get anything of substance done! Walmart or no Walmart, I have a feeling this town is headed for disaster. When I moved here in 1987, things were looking up and I thought Atascadero would be a nice place to live and raise our family. Now all I hear are negative comments, name-calling, and accusations. Our city government is a total joke with a dysfunctional decision-making process. Atascadero politicians are so eager to help each other and help themselves that they never seem to look at the big picture or what might really make Atascadero better. They just keep selling Atascadero short, making decisions that might benefit in the short-term but have poor long-term outcomes, all the while selling the public on that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. First it was the Outlet Center, then is was the Carleton and Dove Creek, now it is Walmart. They keep giving away quarters to get back two dimes.

By: starvingmexican on 2/21/09

Good job Tom.Good job Jerry.The hell with the rest of these libtard boneheads.

By: starvingmexican on 2/21/09

Ellen had a "Green Agenda" i'm sure.ehhh maybe a few pesos from the Big W?

By: InTheKnow on 2/21/09

Ellen asked about green door policies. She did not ask for a policy change. Any citizen can ask about policies. Back door dealing is when you are working a deal and denying it when asked about it like O'Malley did. He was caught by e-mails that proved he was no honest. How can Ellen even bring up a policy of green building if she doesn't know the stores options.

By: outsider on 2/20/09

Mythoughts…Try not to do too much thinking as we can all tell it hurts…Ellen(just say NO)just got caught trying to pull a fast one..I dont know if she was acting as a dietician or a mother but she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and should be apologizing to the other council members and the entire city..Most of us in Atascadero feel she is not up to the task of representing the city..she is such a downer and any business prospects would shy away from doing any business with her or the city…and they have!!As far as fairytales and Mr me…all of us here get tired of seeing the uniforms and the flashlights you carry as you search out mini infractions being done in the name of nameless conservatives…Good work..

By: Truthbeknown on 2/20/09

InTheKnow said: "Ellen did not break the Brown Act sending a letter to Wal-Mart asking about green building policies. She told people she had done it so it was not a back door deal."

ITK, I am not very familiar with the Brown act, but will start studying it more closely. I have to disagree that Beraud told people, as you say. I went back over the video of thew Jan. 27 council meeting, and the subject of her e-mail to Aaron Rios of WalMart was first brought up at public comment by members of the public. Only then did she admit that she did it.

Now compare her back door method of not consulting other members of the council with the way Clay approached a similar issue. Clay openly discussed his proposed changes to the WalMart project in a council meeting and the council agreed to put it on a future agenda for discussion, which they later did.

Beraud's back door method seeking inquiries for possible changes to the project was not transparent. Clay and O'Malley, and members of the public merely held her feet to the fire about it. If she is so sensitive that she cannot take a little heat, perhaps she is not suited for political office, no?

By: MyThoughts on 2/20/09

Fractured has it right Insider and outsider is the same knothead just using diff email accounts and definately off his meds …. Go take your meds In&Outsider cause your much more civil when you do

By: outsider on 2/20/09

fairytale and me…i know its hard to take being on the losing side but Ellen is a joke around the county and our city as was Brennler…Ellen(just say NO) and Mike(lets have an investigation) Brennler thought they came in with a mandate but soon found out what our town wanted…Being a Mother and a Dietician is important work and Ellen has shown us the way…Now that we have some qualified new council persons we can move ahead with the cities business…

hey Fairy and you guys wear uniforms at home or just driving around looking for infractions…thanks for all that you


insider, outsider – potatoes, pototoes.

By: insider on 2/20/09

No one wants Ellen gone. Its too enjoyable to watch her eat a good helping of humble pie every couple of weeks. As too Brennler he saw the writing on the wall, tucked his tail between his legs and scurried off like a good puppy.

By: Me on 2/20/09

Personally, I do want a bunch of liberal, eco brown shirts running my town.

By the way, have you ever head of Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies? There is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically "lost" whatever debate was in progress. (See Wikipedia article on Godwin's Law).


Oh outsider, where have you been? We have sooooo missed your insight. Your view of what is and has happened is so bizarre. Brennler did not resign, nor was he fired. Please kiss and make up!!

By: outsider on 2/20/09

Ellen is a dietician and a mother…those two attributes gives her special insight into whether or not drive thru facilities are ok for Atascadero. Everything has come full circle..Ellen and her special interest groups have failed to ruin Atascadero. Brenler is gone, and she is overcome by being alone in her views(just say NO)and really is a joke as Mayor. She should resign as Brenler did when he saw the handwriting on the wall..Atascaderians dont want a bunch of liberal,eco brown shirts running our town..


BlackCopter Pilot: Sit down and talk with Ellen and you will find a decent, kind person with NO agenda other than to improve the likes of the Mudhole. On the other hand, sit with TOM and JERRY or the other two clowns and you will find personal agendas up the kazoo. I pity those that have yet to figure this out, for we are doomed to repeat and repeat and repeat the same history with the same results.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 2/20/09

Don't have a dog in this fight, but based on past borish behavior, Ellen is getting her well deserved dose of Karma

By: Laura on 2/20/09

Ellen Beraud-Thanks for holding down the helm. I know its not easy dealing with the likes of Clay and O'Malley. They do make the Atascadero City Council look like a joke. Unfortunately there are enough realtor's, mortgage brokers and developers in Atascadero to undermine the facts and real issues. When you throw in the special interest of the Chamber of Commerce we are bound to get stuck with unprofessional Good Ole Boy's in short pants that are used to getting their own way. Many of us appreciate you Ellen.

By: Jordan on 2/20/09

It sounds like its Jerry (after 10 years) and O'Malley (after 6 years)who are the ones that don't understand "The Brown Act". They certainly have broke it enough times like when they tried to have a closed session about eminent domain and force the Gaughn's off their property! What about the time O'Malley told his neighbor David Broadwater (in an e-mail)that David couldn't repeat what O'Malley said or it would be a violation of "The Brown Act"! That was complete BS. How ignorant can Clay and O'Malley be? How can they not understand "The Brown Act"? They are just looking to create descent as usual and obfuscate the real issues. What do you want to bet that they have a financial interest apart from the public in these issues? They sure have been caught lying enough times, too bad the public doesn't follow the facts more closely. The fact is that any council member can write a letter of inquiry to anyone and it is not a violation of "The Brown Act". Ellen did her job and did not violate "The Brown Act". If Jerry and Tom still don't understand "The Brown Act" I suggest that they get the hell off the CC before they get us all sued again for at least (Tracey and Gaughn) the third time. Hang in there Ellen you've got a grip on more decorum than I would have if I was in your position.

By: InTheKnow on 2/20/09

To TruthBeKnown

It is OK to send out a letter as a mayor or a council member. It is not OK, according to the Brown Act, for three or more members to get together to discuss an issue.

Ellen did not break the Brown Act sending a letter to Wal-Mart asking about green building policies. She told people she had done it so it was not a back door deal.

By: Truthbeknown on 2/19/09

It's unfortunate that Beraud tried to circumvent council norms. You would think after two years on the council she would know better.

Isn't sending out e-mails, signing them as the mayor without the other councilmember's consent a violation of the Brown act?

By: Cindy on 2/19/09

O'Malley and Clay used to blame their inappropriate and down right adolescent behavior on Luna and Brennler. What's their excuse now? These two never should have been voted back into office. AS for Jerry's complaint about citizen "nay sayers" , I've never heard such obtuse and obnoxious behavior as what has been delivered from his friends in the ABA group.

Indeed Atascadero is the laughing stock of the county.

By: Booty_Juice on 2/19/09

ZZZZZZZZZZZ……He sat on my finger……….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………She looked at me…………..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………….He smacked his lips…………ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…………..She said I didn't say that………..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Wake me when the north county inbred sister shaggers do something intelligent as THAT will be note worthy.


Why does this kind of behavior still shock people, coming from the TOM and JERRY show?! Honestly. Those two buffoons are so entertaining to watch. One never shuts up and one can't complete a thought. Who keeps voting these two clowns in????? Oh yeah, it's the McDaniel, Buban, Jackson, Burbachs of the world. Congratulations. We are the joke of the county thanks to all of you. Poor Ellen. She is surrounded by jackals. Run for your life!!!