Bush Administration okayed pitting military against you

March 6, 2009


Was the U.S. military preparing to deploy troops against American citizens in the aftermath of the presidential elections? This Web site reported that possibility a week before voters went to the polls, on October 28, 2008, citing no less than the Army Times and several impeccable, knowledgeable, local sources possessing specific information about preparations at Camp Roberts.

Our article, “U.S. troops deployed for U.S. election control,” generated more skepticism, disbelief, and just plain sarcasm than anything published by CalCoastNews during its first 14 months of existence. But now, previously secret memos from the Bush Administration’s Justice Department lend credence to those assertions. Evidence exists suggesting then-President Bush and other high government officials had authority to ignore both the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and the Posse Comitatus Act to combat any negative citizen reaction to election results — and may have been poised to do so.

The New York Times reports “the released memos were written by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, which is supposed to ensure policies comply with the Constitution and the law. They make it chillingly clear how quickly that office was rededicated to finding ways for Bush to evade, twist or ignore both.”

The Times article specifies an October 23, 2001, memo from John C. Yoo, then a Justice Department lawyer, which explained how Bush could… deploy the military within the United States in “anti-terrorist operations.” In the same memo, Yoo argued that Bush could also suspend First Amendment rights to free speech and a free press.

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Member Opinions:

By: SensitiveGuy on 3/10/09

The "Chosen One" was never in peril.The libtards are making up crap as they bow to the annoited one.

By: outsider on 3/7/09

Before everybody gets too excited, why dont we have access to the supposed memo from John Yu..Without the memo, the whole memo, there is NO evidence of anything…JUST TALK!…It is a slow news day…Maybe Mike Brennler could investigate this memo and the FIRE in Atascadero..Or maybe our Dietician and Mother could look into it..

By: NorthCountyGuy on 3/7/09

Big Brother is listening to our phones and monitoring our computers as we speak!!!!

Bill Morem: Bill’s got plenty to say about AT&T

San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune


By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 3/7/09

good call Mcdave…should be martial, not Marshall…..

guess it's no secret that I attended public sckool

By: shingh on 3/7/09

Good story, here are some missing facts, this really goes back to Presidential Directive 25 which was updated by Bush to include. DCAG ( Domestic Combat Applications Group) for urban control if needed. HDSOC is a para-military-civilian TNG center in Nevada for domestic TNG with Camp Roberts staff as well, it involves the 160th JSOP (Nightstalkers) as well as the 350th/POC-350 PSYOP unit from Cleveland, who have been training here for Urban and Domestic problems should they arise. All of this was continued TNG of Operation Last Dance which started in Texas and is now being used in California at Camp Roberts. These sort of operations and TNG are needed to ensure control the Civilian Populations should the need arise. Camp Roberts is a prime location and close to the Ocean for Joint TNG of CTF-150,151 and 158 units to be deployed to the gulf as well so we need this type of TNG you will notice in town the many " Short Haired and Long haired bearded as well" dining and drinking together they are all part of the the New TNG for Urban and Domestic and Civil Affairs units. They are here for our protection.

By: mccdave on 3/6/09

Booty Juice: "use theater thermo-nuclear weapons against all Blue states under the ruse of insuring a McSame victory, with their real motive being to cover up their dastardly north county deeds."

The only problem with that theory is that all our local sleazebags have bomb shelters/panic rooms with 5000 rounds of ammo and a years' supply of breakfast burritos. After a nuclear strike, they'd be the only ones left, and the DA would have to drop the charges and let them repopulate Paso.

Black Helicopter Pilot: "he included that Bush would declare Marshall Law"

Wasn't "Marshall Law" a lawyer show back in the 1970s starring Robert Vaughn?

By: mccdave on 3/6/09

The essence of this is credible and troubling enough, but as always CalCoastNews has made a mess of it.

The NY Times makes no direct connection to "negative citizen reaction to election results" or anything else in recent years, and the memos they cite date from 2001 and 2002. That doesn't rule out action in 2008, but the connection fades especially since the hawks' nest — Rummy, Wolfy, Gonzo, Ashcroft — was empty on election day. Cheney couldn't even get Bush to pardon Scooter Libby, let alone deploy troops in Compton.

You might link to the Army Times article. Here's the Times editorial you quoted and their separate article. (It's called hypertext, a popular thing to do on blogs. Have you heard of it?)



You're still linking to your own articles using the bondwaresite.com domain. This is a dumb thing to do for about fifty reasons I can think of off the top of my head. You guys really ought to find some patient person to take you by the hand and introduce you to the internet. Your reporting would carry more weight if your site was better.

By: skyler on 3/6/09

All jokes aside, Since you are on the subject, Hertel Fowler Filipponi

Wittstrom all partners in fact have proven to be unethical crooks who will lie, threaten and commit perjury to get their way. What role model "community leaders" they are..citizens of the year!

A bunch of desperate liars. really shocking how low desperate people will go.

Must be getting desperate to sink so low.

By: Truthbeknown on 3/6/09

Must be another slow news day . . .

By: sunnyhaven on 3/6/09

Sally, I agree.

By: Booty_Juice on 3/6/09

I thought Bush Cheney had been convinced by Hertel & Fowler to use theater thermo-nuclear weapons against all Blue states under the ruse of insuring a McSame victory, with their real motive being to cover up their dastardly north county deeds. The only thing that prevented this was Cheney stealing "The Button" and refusing to give it back until Georgie pardoned Scooter, which he refused to do and instead started crying, stomping his feet and then taking a thumb-sucking nap.

My broker / CPA has tapes, email and finger painting records to verify all of this and has been contacted by the CIA, NSA, Illuminati, The New World Order and the Pointer Sisters to lay it all out so look for the upcoming fireworks and thanks Dan for being out in front on this as usual.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 3/6/09

You know, that tin hat wearing Dave Congalton spoke of this…he included that Bush would declare Marshall Law and refuse to leave office.


Of course none of this happened, but it must be fun for some to be checking the sky occassionally for the Black Copter.

Look for me. I'll be in the air tomorrow!

By: Nameless on 3/6/09

Yoo, and Addington should be called to testify in Congress in their roles, how they have redefined in their own terms many of the Constitutional laws. Every time the PR or the VP. wanted something they just went ahead and formulated a new theory of law to justify illigal actions by the previous Administration. They were sucessful often and today the country is morally and financiall bankrupt. The USA is disliked and hated many places around the world because of our narrow mindedness. But thats another story in itself

By: skyler on 3/6/09

And what does this have to do with abuse of power and corruption again, then covering it up?

"What if" holds no weight. Do you think Bush had any other choice than support the transition? People were about to riot against Bush's corruptness ..He HAD to facilitate the will of the people!

Weak arguement!

By: Sally on 3/6/09

If Obama had lost the election the riots would have made the Watts riots look like a picnic, of course the government needed to have contingincy plans.

As thing turned out what ever you may think about Bush, he and his administration worked very hard to help the Obama team transition go very smoothly, maybe the smoothest in history.