Medical pot icon Charlie Lynch gets national attention

March 15, 2009

ABC’s John Stossel explores an American anomaly — medicinal marijuana which is legal in some states, including California, but unlawful under U.S. law. Stossel’s third segment of his series “Bailouts and Bull” examines the extraordinary case of Charles Lynch of Morro Bay, who was arrested and convicted on federal charges after San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Pat Hedges initiated action against the business.

100 Years in Jail for Medical Marijuana

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By: tarandfeatherthejerk on 6/14/09

For the love of your country, read the constitution.

Pat Hedges is in need of tarring and feathering and run out of the country. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution and broke it.

Allowing the Constitutionally Criminal FBI to come into his town and arrest Charlie Lynch for LEGAL ACTIVITY was a total disreguard for the Constitution which I am sure Hedges is to ignorant to read or comprehend.

Pat's wife shoulda grabbed his gun and done the whole country a favor.

Charlie Lynch just got sentenced to a year in prison.

Pat Hedges and Judge George Wu need to spend a year at the bottom of a lake attached to a nice large rock. Better stay in your own states guys where you have your buddies to protect you because your disregusrd for the Constitution qualifies you to not be safe in mine.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 3/22/09

The 2-faced schizophrenia over medical pot continues. Feds raid Lake Tahoe marijuana dispensary |

By: NorthCountyGuy on 3/21/09

Lynch To Be Sentenced Monday. There is a video and article on this subject at reason tv.

Will the federal judge listen to reason or will he listen to the hairy knuckle-dragging barbarian that SLO County has for a Sheriff.

By: Booty_Juice on 3/17/09

Yes Hedges is one enormously ignorant, insecure, dumb ass, redneck country bumpkin. Reaching that conclusion is not rocket surgery, which makes Lynch's actions all the more stupefying: The definition of "pioneer" is all too often "a pilgrim face down in a mud puddle with eight arrows in his back".

By: DashRiprock on 3/17/09

Hedges was born a redneck and has no clue, those of us that lived a normal life at his age know alchohol is much worse than pot..

By: ThomasPaine on 3/17/09

Drug laws in the US exist for the continued funding of anti drug money makers. Prisons, LE, etc. Jorge, what good is it to be able to say anything that you want when anything that you say doesn't matter?

By: R.Hodin on 3/17/09

This is what's in it for the Sheriff's Dept:

1) continued eligibility for federal law enforcement grants from an alphabet soup of agencies

2) continued slush fund contributions from drug-arrest-related confiscations

I don't recall reading in the Trib (or from Hedges during the County budget process) what the annual numbers are for those two items. From this perspective, Hedges is going "above & beyond" the call of duty to keep his department budget flush, and the county "safer." Ironic.

By: JorgeEstrada on 3/17/09

I can only imagine that being Top Deputy Dog, when done right you make enemies and when done wrong you go to jail. As for shaming our county, just read our local news on the internet and see what the entire world reads. I think we should just have a good laugh and be thankful we are Americans, where anyone can say anything.

By: WiseGuy on 3/17/09

The news is that for more than a year Sheriff Hedges has shamed our community, repeatedly, on national TV.

The point being made on these national shows is that there is something very WRONG with the way law is being enforced in San Luis Obispo County. It's a continuing tragedy that has escalated because of some "deal with the devil" Hedges has made with Bush-era Federal Agents.

And our county puts up with this as if it is everyday business. How many nation-wide embarrassments does SLO County have to put up with before law enforcement leaders around here step into the 21st Century and give up on the witch hunts that cost the tax payers untold amounts of money each year.

Could it be that pot smokers drink less wine and beer and use fewer prescription meds?

Don't vote for any Sheriff who will keep up the insane witch hunts and not follow California law.

By: unlisted on 3/16/09

This isn't news… Drew Cary did a program on this almost a year ago, with many of the same clips. You can watch it at:

By: Goyo on 3/16/09

What's in it for Hedges? He wants a job with the Feds,the FBI, the DEA, ICE, any organization that will allow him to engage his hypocritically-righteous paranoia under cover of authority. He knows he has no future here on the central coast anymore after his high-jinks with spousal abuse and spying on his own people. The sort of character flaws that make for an officious pest at the county level are actually necessary for advancement in law enforcement at the federal level. He's in good now with the Feds, without having to be somebody's bitch.

By: JorgeEstrada on 3/16/09

I can support those who actually need the benifit from pot as we all need the benifit from having a, not pot friendly, Sheriff. Maybe the Sheriff Dept can hire the accused to provide the oversight through the SLO Co. Dept. of Aggriculture? A win win? They already regulate various substances and cetainly can partner with the appropriate Medical Doctors.

By: WiseGuy on 3/16/09

Interesting how Mr. Stossel states, several times, that medical marijuana is legal in California. Sheriff Hedges continually acts like he's never heard of such a thing. As Stossel would say: "Give me a break!"

Who in hell does Hedges think he's working for? Local citizens or Big Brother Federal Government Storm Troopers left over from the Bush Administration?

And now Hedges has shamed our entire county on national TV. How does Hedges sleep at night?

What is in this for Hedges? Why would he be so fanatical in his efforts to go against the will of local voters? What deal did he make with the Feds? What's in it for him?

There IS an agenda somewhere there that remains hidden.

Hedges continues to issue non-answers and treats the local namby pamby media like chumps, knowing most reporters are too gutless to keep pounding him with the difficult follow up questions whenever Hedges glosses over or completely ignores basic legal facts.

So we are left having to have a national news media reporter do the work that our local media should be doing.

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 3/16/09

WHAT IS: Tax pot?