U.S. Marshals seize Hertel and Fowler’s yacht, guns, and ammunition

June 1, 2009
 An example of a 2005, 67-foot Bertram yacht

An example of a 2005, 67-foot Bertram yacht


Federal authorities seized bankrupt developers Ronald Hertel and Robert Fowler’s 2005 Bertram yacht including guns and ammunition, and a 1988 Broward yacht under purchase by Hertel earlier this year as part of an ongoing effort to recoup funds the financially troubled developers owe to lenders.

U.S. Marshal Adam Torres acted on a court order requested by City National Bank to pay off a $1.75 million mortgage the bank says Hertel and Fowler owe on the “Dram Buoy,” a Bertram yacht the developers registered in the Cayman Islands. Hertel and Fowler haven’t made monthly payments of $8,333 since November 2008.

The boat was seized in January because of concerns the developers would steer the ship from U.S. waters.

Last month, the bank filed a default judgment against the 67 foot yacht, “together with her boats, guns, ammunition, small arms, and appurtenances…”, according to court documents.

U.S. Marshals also seized the 106 foot “Cajun Princess” to cover debts owed for maritime and unpaid contractor liens of more than $4 million. Hertel was refurbishing the Broward yacht slated to be valued at approximately $14 million after the ship’s remodel, according to court records.

In addition, VFS Financing has filed suit against Hertel and Fowler for a $7.15 million default loan the pair guaranteed personally for the purchase of a business jet. Following their failure to make payments, Hertel and Fowler surrendered the aircraft to VFS Financial. The financier claims they were unable to sell the aircraft which in turn obligates the developers to cover contractual money damages of $3.2 million.

Hertel and Fowler contend that the jet’s value at the time of surrender covered monies owed and the failure to sell is due to inadequate marketing by the lender, according to the developers’ declarations.

Last December, a thousand-acre parcel of the controversial Santa Margarita Ranch and a Pismo Beach proposed development, owned by developer Ronald Hertel, were sold at public auction to help cover debts of $7.6 million owed to Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Co. on the ranch property and $7 million owed to Heritage Oaks Bank for a construction loan on the Pismo Beach property.

Hertel paid $1 million for the Pismo Beach property in 2002. He never started construction of the proposed condos.

In January, a group of three creditors forced Hertel and Fowler’s development company, R.W. Hertel and Sons, into involuntary bankruptcy in an attempt to collect debts of $42,000. Hertel and Fowler failed to show for meetings scheduled by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California in Santa Barbara, according to The Ventura County Star.

These mounting default notices and foreclosures illustrate the financial troubles in which Hertel and his partner Fowler are enmeshed. Sources have provided CalCoastNews with information of an ongoing fraud investigation of Hertel and Fowler. Officials from the SLO County district attorney’s office denied the existence of an investigation.


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ember Opinions:

By: rukidding on 7/12/09

Nice Boat.

By: INVESCO on 6/7/09

Dear Ms. Velie got a note about your story on these Builders. I was in Semi this morning and has a very interesting meeting with a Investment broker, who knew of your story and knew more about this RW Hertel or better known as Ron W. Hertel, she told us that Ron Hertel for the past two years has been getting many if not all of his personal holdings and business holdings maxed out in ” Shame loans” with one of his close and personal friends, KITCO HOLDINGS, LLC just recently he took out ” $1.5 Million dollar loan on his own home with KITCO and another two loans from private people for $227K then listed his home for sale $1.795 which is 950K overpriced that way it will never sell and NO ONE in BK can force a sell since it is over encumbered with bogus loans, he did the same with a Apartment complex in San Luis Obispo called Rancho Obispo Apts, and several other properties. He also has sold many of the vast fleet of Rich Man cars to get cash out of the region. His home MLS # 80010043 314 Mariposa Dr., Ventura, CA 93001

so the broker told me he has to appear soon in a Court Hearing in several states over legal action thus this way he can say he is ” Broke” and therefore no one can collect on anything since all his holdings are over maxed out in ” Loans” from his friend at KITCO, and the new company he has been doing with this Avila Village, LLC in conjunction with Rossi Trading Co.,LLC with Sunrise Mortgage and Investment Company of Arizona with main office at 1159 Marsh St. Mr D.M. Patrick, VP for loans to Rossi & Hertel so you have a nest egg of shell and off shore and foreign Companies and LLC’s that would take a Army to unravel. This broker is cooperating with authorities on a inquiry into the activities of these companies. I am going to ask her to contact you after she is done with the banking officials she is working with, she has a boat load of evidence, she thinks a big sham has taken place and many investors mostly elderly have lost millions and can not lien the property when they get court judgments since all the land office buildings, etc are all over loaned by this KITCO firm a sweet deal of Hertel to cover his tracks and claim he is broke and in Millions in debt to his friend KITCO.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/5/09

Not that I am a big fan of the Gov. but a lot of what they are doing is fixing the greed of others.

They are complicent in that they could have regulated better.

By: starvingmexican on 6/5/09

We have so many theifs, from local to Wall St., that the Fed is up to their eyeballs in investigations.


Speaking of theft.What do you call what the dummies in Washington are doing?You know to whom I refer.El President and his band of scum sucking idiots.

By: shingh on 6/4/09

First they have never appeared in BK court so this morning a Federal Judge signed an order Compelling them both to appear next Monday in a Sworn Federal hearing in Santa Barbara, CA. So to answer the question the court has not seen them nor have they presented any assets to the court all there selling and hiding money, and concealing assets or transferring anything is Fraud. FYI, this morning Rossi did come up in a meeting where he took over as Rossi Trading Company, LLC about $ 1,165,994.80 at 6655 BayLaurel Dr., in Avila, CA from RW Hertel & sons this is now considered fraudulent transfer and is now under investigation as well as many others. Oddly it all happened because of yesterdays show on KVEC.

By: mccdave on 6/4/09

It’s my understanding that it’d only be “fraudulent conveyance” if RW Hertel sold assets at below “reasonable value,” though apparently trouble can arise even when the sale price might be reasonable — fair value can be hard to judge, especially now. And since these guys aren’t cooperating, there may be a presumption that it was fraudulent.

I wonder what Rossi’s exposure could be and why he isn’t being hands-off given how bad this has gotten.

By: Nameless on 6/4/09


Everything can be sold in BC, provided its approved by the BC Court. Proceeds must be reported and approved also.

By: Nameless on 6/4/09


My question to you is; do you trust an extortionist or a mafia member when they come to your business offering protection? Yes, I trust them, because we can’t refuse their offer. Just contemplate the alternative!!

Same with our Government and politicians. We have first class protection after most everything had been criminalized through regulations and tough law enforcement i.e. medical marijuana etc). For years property owners couldn’t clear around their property and now we need “hero” firefighters to put out fires caused by decades of underbrush.

With kids in the State; well, think about it! Once you pay your property taxes (under prop 13 that is low for some jack asses) income taxes, sales tax, users fees, traffic fines and other hidden fees, users fees direct and indirect either by the customer or passed through from businesses, no money left for a decent private school.

Now, that the state is so broke, they may have to cut the rate of increases in their pays. It’s just unbearable that the State can only collect taxes at 2004 level. Imagine how many people would be happy to have their 2004 incomes?

Now, make your judgment if I trust the Government or politicians still!

By: shingh on 6/4/09

No your wrong, Palo is correct to sell, give, transfer or otherwise dispose of ANY assets while in Federal Bankruptcy is a Crime and is Fraud under the fraudulent transfer act, these guys can not disguise or hide or conceal any of this it is now the subject of a Federal Court Order, my bet is the Court will intervene and take back everything remember. These guys owe millions to Banks, Investors and owe hundreds of thousands in Taxes, to State and Federal Gov.

By: Lickadisplit on 6/4/09

Palo, if someone wants to sell a interest in a property because of a distressed financial position, and someone buys it…IT IS NOT SHELTERING MONEY, it’s called getting a good deal. Stop jumping to wild conclusions.

By: PALO on 6/4/09

Good and very interesting comments as well as your radio talk show. For the record RW Hertel et al recently sold his interest in Avila Village etc to hide assets from the Bankruptcy Court. Who bought it ? Rossi Trading Company this is the second or third time they have conspired together to shelter assets. Late today a meeting is taking place with a team of investigators in your town to share files and reports with each other involved in the Hertel & Fowler Bankruptcy and their ongoing failure to appear. Word from the US Marshal is if they do not appear at next hearing they will issue arrest warrants for them to comply to appear and answer questions under Oath. The other shoe is about to drop.

By: shingh on 6/3/09

Those who lost to Hertel & Fowler hand in their some big things are currently happening in the State & Federal Side. Bankruptcy court is conducting huge Investigations. They know about REGAL GENERAL CONTRACTORS, INC. Lic # 859606 and who is behind it.

By: COPPER on 6/3/09

Here is an interesting note, today at lunch at our local CPK who sits accross from us Bruce Gibson and DA Kirk Wilson then who comes over Robert Fowler they exchange papers. Mr. Fowler leaves very fast almost runs to Corner View Restaurant meets another official from County Gov.then flees there as a process server try’s to serve him papers some weird stuff is up here. I asked one of the woman present what was up she said Corner View is a Fowler hang out and he was waiting to get some papers from the DA and BOS on some deal ? Smells really bad to me.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/3/09

Good point Nameless.

Question I have though, is at the end of the day and no matter what side of the political aisle you are on, do you really trust any politician alone with your wallet, or daughter??

By: Nameless on 6/3/09

Blaming the local FBI agent for not investigating a financial complaint might be relevant, but misplaced. Remember 9/11, 2001 and the war on Iraq? Don’t ignore the reasoning to go there and the actual cost in the future. An acquaintance from the FBI told me last year when I asked; “Where was your agency all along when these incredulous frauds were perpetrated on the entire country and locally? His answer was an eye opener. They had number of cases with evidence of Mortgage and other financial frauds being done by legion of brokers, banks, straw buyers title companies etc. “Lay off of it” they were told by the hierarchies in Washington. “Who are the victims? Besides it’s not a priority”.

The Government was happy to see everyone going to the ATM machine withdraw money they never had. Wages were low comparing to 30 years ago or later. Taxes could not be raised to pay for the war and domestic spending. Such an action would have raised questions from the public about the War. Every one was happy and in La La Land. Wall-Streeters cooked up good products, sales were brisk around the world. Fees and bonuses overflowed to all involved while the Government took in huge sums of taxes without raising them. Rating agencies certified Bonds at AAA (any who would not oblige was cut off from future businesses).

Investors collected above rates of returns, while new homeowners (actually renters) came in the market place flipping properties (suddenly became experts in real estate investing), cities income overflown from new fees, property and sales taxes etc. and every one was happy.

New dawn with a new Administration who like the previous one, conveniently sets aside market economy to achieve its objectives. Constitution matters less other than obligatory lips service. Nationalizing industries, banks whatever they can get away with.

We haven’t seen the true result yet. California is broke, because it can’t print money to issue bonds like the Federal Government. The big Federal spending will result in not being able to borrow money on the world market without paying high interest rates. Inflation will follow flagflation, so our life style as we know will change forever. Our currency already sliding and will get lower. Today’s oil price will look a pittance when the value of the Dollar levels off (priced in $, therefore it must adjust).

Of course Big Brother will step in with a helping hand and we all be spared of pain, although we won’t know it because we can’t criticize the hands that feeds us.

Just like the previous Administration made it Unpatriotic to question their actions, the current one is learning fast. Anyone questions their incredible spending and handling of the economy told that they need a chance. Their misplaced bets will be our pain again.

Unless we all ask hard questions and vote accordingly, we are sliding into an abyss.

By: Cindy on 6/3/09

Honesty Planet- Your dead on the target. CA gov has this monopoly tied up tight. Question is how to change it – for real?

Booty Juice – You were doing great and you actually had my full attention until your meds wore off and you went into your typical 4th grade tirade with the name calling. Whats the matter, did your X wife move to North County?

By: insider on 6/3/09


Right on. While we are at it why don’t we reduce the county and city staffs to the bare essential and let independent doctors, acountants, computor consultants, contractors, engineers, planners and architects fill the gap with independent contracts with individuals, developers and the county.

By: HonestyPlanet on 6/2/09

Booty: Concept almost perfect….the modern recession means you can no longer spend money you haven’t actually earned….for things you don’t really need. Also a good definition for deficit spending.

In reality, all that most consumers have done is follow the government’s lead…..and now the government (i.e. California), like most modern consumers, can’t figure out how to make a budget…..the solution is easy, it’s not a question of supporting the wasteful practices by increasing taxes, it’s a matter of no longer spending money we haven’t earned, on things we don’t need.

In California, we have politicians and government related employees that have acted like Wall Street Investment Bankers….How much money can I make doing what I do???

(don’t you DARE question me….I’m protecting you from criminals, fire, or yourself).. Sure, public service, but as exemplified by the SLO Police arbitration, they have no real concept or concern about how their actions effect the populace. If this wasn’t the case, why do UC chancellors make $300,000.00 plus, and then scream for increasing tuition costs? Why do un-educated prison guards earn more than school teachers? Why do SLO city police make about double the income of a New York street cop? Don’t kid yourself the concept of public service has become a joke, but often repeated as a guilt-trip for explaining salaries and benefits that have no rationale explanation. Who can retire the fastest with the most benefits, seems to be the marching orders….and don’t change things until I’ve got mine. Why do taxpayers subsidize public employee retirment benefits that make social security retirement benefits look like a cheap tip? It’s all about greed. It’s taken it’s toll on Wall Street and now it’s the government’s turn. So where do we go from here?

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but don’t kid yourself about what you earn, or what benefits you think you’re entitled to. Let’s put everyone on Social Security, and make government employees as “at-will” as the private sector. Level the retirement benefit playing field, and anyone can be fired for being a non-performer…..without Civil-Service hearing rights…..sounds like a good start to me. Got an argument against it? I’m all ears….

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 6/2/09

My spies tell me that Booty Juice is a refugee from MSNBC. It was a good fit if you ask me.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/2/09

Dash. I know for a fact that the F.B.I. is investigating him.

By: DashRiprock on 6/2/09

Question is; how is Gearhart escaping these same takeovers?

By: OsborneCox on 6/2/09

I agree… A Booty_Juice-for-Roadrunner swap would be the greatest improvement this site could make.

By: sharibaby on 6/2/09

Dan and Karen,

Can you please, please take down the absent Road Runner and put Booty Juice there instead? Go on, do it. Ask Congalton to pay for it. He owes you for all the free content you give him.

We want Booty Juice, We want Booty Juice!

By: shingh on 6/2/09

This new federal law F.E.R.A (Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act 2009) was signed into Law on 5/20/09 they have hit the streets with their running shoes on. They were in SLO recently and will be back. joint Operations of several federal agencies. So if, big if you poster have information on any of these many named persons or any new ones you can mail it to:US Department of the Treasury Attn: CID Unit,Los Angeles Field Office 751 Daily Dr. Suite #100 Camarillo, CA 93010 with information on this financial fraud perpetrated by anyone or business or banks send it to them open named or no name just get them the information the FERA unit will do the rest. This site and you posters have some good Intelligence to give.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/2/09

Calworth. I agree that this bunch you mention is part of the problem but it is also one of many in the pot.

We were in the black from WWII till the late 60’s and the Johnston admin. give away of the Great Society.

We are a debtor nation. Sooner or later that has to come to a head.

The list goes on and yes it will (scammers and crooks) happen again but to say that is the one and only I think is being short sighted, if that was the way I understood your comment.

By: calvertworthington on 6/2/09

The gross and complicated scams perpetrated by the scheming licensed realtors, brokers and investment wizards has little to do with poor judgement of under educated and media-brainwashed consumers.

The same class of scammers did their dirty work in 1929, and similarly in every great economic upheaval. They always survive on the booty they’ve stashed, and await their next opportunity.

Influence and adored greed at the ‘top’.

Ignorance and misplaced trust at the bottom.


Holy Moley – I am in TOTAL agreement with Booty Juice on this one. I have never seen such a sorry bunch as the product of the last 3 generations (mine included), who have demanded compensation in their lives for just breathing!! My generation was given alot (Baby Boomer) and we then gave even more, which has resulted in the most selfish, self-serving, whining bunch of people EVER. Look at all the “hippies”, who didn’t take responsiblity for anything. They then pass that attitude onto their children, who in turn pass that on. We are a huge sorry lot and it only takes a few individuals to take advantage of our greed and run with it. We DO need to live within our means. Not everyone should have been given a mortgage, credit cards, loans. We ought to really thank the banks and mortgage lenders, property “flippers” and their ilk for creating an atmosphere of almost giddy stupidity and self indulgence. As one poster states “the chickens have now come home to roost” and we are all sitting on a pile of poo.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/2/09

Yea I figure the man hours the Fed. will put in, first investigating and then prosecuting, will be stagering.

We may need a new federal prison just to hold all these scumbags.

By: Nameless on 6/2/09

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The FBI and other U.S. agencies are working to prevent fraud and corruption related to government bailout money and the economic stimulus package, in what could be the “next wave” of cases in the financial crisis, FBI Director Robert Mueller said on Tuesday.

Mueller said in a speech to the Economic Club of New York that the FBI, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the inspector general of the Troubled Asset Relief Program were working to track where federal money is going.

“With billions of dollars at stake — from the purchase of troubled assets to improvements in infrastructure, healthcare, energy and education — even a small percentage of fraud would result in substantial taxpayer losses,” Mueller said.

Mueller added: “We and our counterparts in other agencies are working to prevent what has the potential to be the next wave of cases: fraud and corruption related to the TARP funds and the stimulus package.”

He also said the agency was shifting resources in New York to combat white-collar crime.

Mueller told the luncheon gathering that the agency had 1,300 securities fraud cases, including many Ponzi schemes. The FBI was investigating more than 580 corporate fraud cases, he said.

(Reporting by Grant McCool and Martha Graybow; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)

By: hotdog on 6/2/09

Booty is back, with a vengeance. And he/she is right on. I’ve been living that life for many years, these times hardly affect me at all. The personal greed and shameless buying spree most folks are on, not to mention their wasteful ways, is a big problem. Look at how you do dishes, the laundry, cook, heat/cool your home. Tighten up, save water and gas, consolidate those errands, do free stuff like walking and observing nature (the source of all things). Live within your means, give more to charity.

Many adults lived through the early 70’s when we had the oil embargo and other reminders of our frail society. For a time we had a wise President who tried to get us off oil and live more responsibly. He (Jimmie) was castigated and the next one destroyed his work and our sense of right and wrong, and how to live. Now the chickens have come home to roost. We have failed to heed the obvious, we have failed to teach our children wise living principles, we have failed to consistently elect wise politicians (though I think we are doing better now).

Its all about tough love, and making sensible choices. We have been lazy and stupid, so the recession is giving us another reminder. Will we heed it? I wonder…

By: mccdave on 6/2/09

Booty_Juice: “Those nice farmers waving green stuff in your face as you head to the Bingo are actually selling fresh food. All you have to do is cover it in salt and sugar and boil it for an hour. Then sit down at your table and eat it. Topped with lard for all I care.”

The single biggest mistake this site has made is not giving Booty_Juice a regular column. They could syndicate it in the Atascadero News for all the folks up there who haven’t yet found the internet.

By: Nameless on 6/2/09


WOW!!! You have the nerve to educate people? Why can’t we have everything we want without paying for it? Isn’t that what our local state and federal governments are doing? All those “public servants” who feel so shafted by the budget problems would have to live within their means (as far as our tax dollars go). You mean they can’t live happily ever after with a 30 years cushy safe jobs all the good benefits, holidays sick days and vacations off? Hm should they give up 90% plus of their salary of the last three years as retirement for work (show up) with a COLA adjustments and benefits every year? Aren’t you asking too much sacrifice You mean our kids should be told to study hard and not tell them how great and special they are when just being stupid as the rest of us were in kids age? You mean to tell us that study hard work is something to earn not a given? You mean to really let them know in school that not everyone is special and hurting their self esteem for being a lazy crappy bastard is just the way it is? Oh, Dinosaurs are not as important in education than History, Ggeography Finance and of course read, write and work hard? Now my friend you are trying to set a new standard for our kids who might grow up and have to make a choice between right and wrong! That is just unfair of you!!! Do you realize if we do that our kids might just be productive citizens vs. the bums on the corner demanding their rights? Or better yet some of the high flyer’s with our money facing some serious jail time while the rest of us have paid for their exclusive life style.

I have enough of you non-sensible analysis.

By: Newsome on 6/2/09

Three cheers for Booty’s doctor’s who finally got his meds straightened out! He actually makes sense today.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/2/09

WOW, and there it is folks. Booty stated EXACTLY what is WRONG and why we are where we are. The top 10 list is right on!!

Having grown up in the 70’s Kmart was king for tennis shoes. I never even heard of brand name (or knew that anyone bought shoes outside Kmart) till the early 80’s.

Living within one’s means? What a great idea. Just wish more people like Booty would get this point.

I find that if Blue Jeans are over 12 bucks a pair at Wal-mart I feel like I am getting riped off. I still can’t believe people out there pay $70.00 to $100.00 or more for jeans. Then they complain the Gov. needs to give them some kind of social program.

Or how about buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks for $3 bucks when you can get the same flavored coffee at Circle K for a buck and a half.

People complain they have no money? Go by the Starbucks at Home Depot in Atas. and the drive thru is full!!

Well the list goes on, so I will stop before I start drooling like a mad dog about this.

By: Booty_Juice on 6/2/09

The only thing that prevents crime is the knowledge that the consequences will be very, very unpleasant. We used to teach this to children. We don’t anymore, consequently the prisons are full and the streets are not safe.

Believe it or not, we actually NEED this grinding recession to remind people those credit cards and Plasma TV’s are not the saviors they think they are. We need to see the fraudulently enriched tossed in prison as well as real poverty – where you work or you starve. We need to see con men fleeing for their lives and work shy wastrels being denied their pieces of silver to sit and drink Bud Lite all day and we need to sharpen our minds to produce ambition where only mediocrity sits today.

Our education system needs to be destroyed with a sledge hammer and rebuilt to suit the needs of society, not the finger in the air whims of our masters who have forgotten that they are indeed public servants. We need to smash the reliance on the State and show the bone idle Xbox playing morons who infest our land that crime and poverty is a cold, horrible place and should be avoided at all costs – even if that means (gasp) keeping your nose clean, your head down and the telly off.

Bring it on, I say. It’s hair shirt time, and not a moment too soon.

Let’s have a look at what a recession will bring. Firstly, credit is hard to come by. Unless you have a good record of borrowing money and paying it back, you won’t get it. People are beginning to shout that this is not fair, as they’ve been able to borrow squillions before, buy loads of useless shit and have the odd month off from repaying it. Well, tough titty. The rules have changed. If you had an ounce of foresight, you would have realized that buying things you can’t afford to pay cash for, using other people’s money is a privilege, not a right.

Yes, your house is full of Wal Mart crap, but you haven’t actually bought it. Other people have. You just used their money to do it and now, you’ll have to capitalize your labor and give the people their money back.

That means:

Little Tyson WON’T be strutting around the playground in $90 trainers this year. He will be wearing generic tennies that you bought for $6. He WILL survive, trust me. Most of the other kids will be wearing them as well. 99.99% of the kids in the world wear nothing on their feet at all.

You will not be able to take the entire family and Nanna to Disneyland twice a year and put it on the plastic. Trust me, this is a good thing. Eventually, your children are going to have to earn their own money and if you have been teaching them that spunking every penny you have up the wall is a good policy, they have been ill advised and are in for a large shock later in life. 99.99% of the world’s children do not know what a Disneyland is or have any need to know. Spend the money paying back a bit of last years meth fuelled bender in Cancun before you start spending even more of other people’s money.

You will have to sell your Escalade with spinners and get the bus. Yep. Tragic isn’t it? No more burnouts away from the lights wiv ya crew in da back, trying to get that bird with the tattoo on her tits to shag you. If you want her to shag you, be nice to her, be attentive to her needs and show her you care. Handbrake turns are not romantic.

You may have to cook some food. This is a hard one. 99.99% of the world has managed it but somehow, life without the “ding dong” of the Dominoes Pizza man (with free Cola) arriving at your crib every night, spilling out utter shite for you to eat on your laps while watching the Simpsons is actually not a bad thing. If you can save up $100 (without immediately spending it on a video game or a handbag) you could buy a dining table and some chairs. Then, you could sit as a family and eat together. Maybe some of you could talk about stuff. Decide things as a family, plan days out together and get to know the other people who live in your house. You can buy food in markets. Those nice farmers waving green stuff in your face as you head to the Bingo are actually selling fresh food. All you have to do is cover it in salt and sugar and boil it for an hour. Then sit down at your table and eat it. Topped with lard for all I care

Your house. This is a hard one, because some of you saw stuff and thought you had to have it. So that hot tub you bought on the Visa card and have used twice (both times to invite your wife’s girlfriend’s over, although you weren’t so keen when they brought their slimmer hubbies and your missus whipped her tits out, were you?) and cost $6K didn’t actually ADD $6K to the value of your house. In fact, it turns out that spending $20K on patio heaters, a ride on lawn mower, a “chiminea” and koi carp has actually brought no return at all. Apart from more letters offering “consolidation loans” secured on your foreskin.

A recession means you will have to live within your means. It means that you can no longer spend money you have not actually earned. Just like the rest of the planet in fact. It can be done.

BONUS: 10 money saving tips for poor people who don’t realize they are poor yet (but effing will, soon enough)

1. Stop spending money.

2. Cook food yourself.

3. Don’t go to Maui with Nanna on shit holidays you cannot afford.

4. Stop trying to keep up with the effing Joneses who are just as effing skint as you

5. Get the bus.

6. Life is short. Do stuff that doesn’t cost money. A walk with the kids for example.

7. Put a jacket on.

8. Get a bike.

9. Stop pretending to be rich. There is no shame in poor but honest. Even if you lost everything, you still have more than most of the planet. Which is why half the bastard planet is trying to get here by any means possible.

10. Tanning/nail studios are the work of the devil. Stay away from them

Go and look at some really poor people (Atrashcabama and Peso Robles is a good place to start) and you may just understand that it doesn’t matter what other people think. Including me. You’ve been sold fools gold and it ain’t the end of the world. Anyway, serves you right, you tossers.

By: BLAW on 6/2/09

Say here is a twist to these guys, FDIC recently warned Affinity Bank of Ventura about their financial condition, one reason was Hertel failed to pay on several big loans. Affinity is now suing them in Stanislaus Superior Court several cases against them are;






Including Point Center Financial and others,apparently Hertel/Fowler have started a new contractors business using Fowlers son in law, Regal General Contractors, Inc. Lic# 859606 with Fowlers daughter Devon Nicole (Fowler) Giordano they got the contract to complete the very homes they defaulted on in Astscadero from this Point Center Financial, talk about a scam. They are using Meridian Realty Consultants both located at the same address in SLO 811 El Capitan way #210 and as a agent of service they use Mr. Fowler’s Camarillio address so now that you peaked my interest I am doing some home work on this bunch.

By: BLAW on 6/2/09

The Tribune was pissed off you scooped them on this one, I happened to know one reporter who said ” S???” how do they keep scooping us. She never ever has cussed in all the years I’ve known her, so this story got to them. For further information this Ron Hertel actually took the Dram Buoy without permission from Cayman Is. to the Oxnard Harbor, when the US Marshal’s located it to seize, Hertel’s response was ” Oh I was going to move it to Cabo San Lucas to rent it out as a fishing boat to make money to pay the debt. Ya right, with Guns and Amo, all illegal so what was he really going to do ? Sell the contraband to the Drug gangs is my bet. Well done CalCoast, our DA would never prosecute them, he is their buddy. I know Shea and he is a weak man for corporate prosecuting unless someone holds his hand through the process with him. I expect more to come done the pipeline on this culprits soon.

By: mccdave on 6/2/09

In a bubble, property development attracts crooks, plain and simple, and a lot of them landed in SLO. This is one measure of how crazy our local bubble got.

The Tribune isn’t hitting all this stuff very hard because they never met a development project they didn’t like. Their articles about King Ventures (including one today) show a complete lack of skepticism.

The last thing one should expect from other local media outlets is any grand unified theory of local developer fraud, especially since the Tribune has been a minor participant in it.

By: shingh on 6/1/09

CCN, nice story still wonder where TT is on these issues. I remember about 3 years ago State Fish & Game Agent Todd Toggnizzi filed Criminal Charges against them over the illegal dumping of dirt in the river, the problem was DA Shea and Von Dolen declined to prosecute and the State AG only does for felonies, so I’m betting the reason the DA’s office denied the investigation is two fold one they don’t know the State and Federal Government is doing it or they do not trust the DA, and or two the DA is clueless just like in the EFI matter it took others to show him how it is done. The good News is apparently the facts speak for themselves the Federal Government is indeed investigating and others are getting judgments in suits to seize his assets, so his multi-million dollar accounts will vanish.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/1/09

I’m not sure (so just guessing) but possible murder, money cases, etc. the Fed might pull someone’s passport while they investigate.

If you did that it would be not impossible but harder to leave country.

I don’t blame the Gov. as much as the theifs. We have so many theifs, from local to Wall St., that the Fed is up to their eyeballs in investigations.

By: paperboy on 6/1/09

Are these two guys in custody? Or will the government wait until they skip to the Cayman Islands or somewhere else with no extradition before they lock them up? Geez, no wonder our country is so messed up.

By: Caliy on 6/1/09

Good revelation on this Firm and its owners, down here in Ventura they are in deeper trouble owing so many Banks and Investors.

I wonder why your District Attorney is sitting on the side lines ? could he be part of the local problem ? or maybe he is out of the legal loop. The authorities we have dealt with on the federal side are all from Los Angeles or Washington DC, so we are fully aware of the federal investigations into their activities, so maybe your district attorney is not allowed to know so as not to tip them off, I can only assume he is out of the loop since so many people have been bilked up your way as well as state wide. Our Lawyers like others have joined together to help the federal officials. We were instructed not to say to much since it is an ongoing criminal investigation but you all seem to know plenty. Best of luck and good story, a law firm from San Luis Obispo working with our lawyers told us to check it out so keep investigating and posting so we can make sure all those who got screwed by these guys know too, were you aware in the 2007/2008 VC Foundation RW Hertel & Sons, Inc. is listed as giving money to the foundation to get a write off, then they don’t even pay the taxes they do owe.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 6/1/09

Maybe we need to build a new prison to hold all these developers and real estate crooks. Ugg.