Hertel claims as many as 300 bank accounts

August 5, 2009

Ronald Hertel, the local developer forced into bankruptcy by creditors, testified that he has as many as 300 personal bank accounts, though he is not quite sure.

During his testimony last week, Hertel said he was unable to explain money transfers because his employees handled smaller money exchanges, those under $250,000 to $300,000, without informing either himself or his partner Robert Fowler. [Ventura Star]

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Member Opinions:

By: paperboy on 8/7/09

He has 300+ personal bank accounts? Shoot I can’t even keep my one checking account straight.

By: skyler on 8/7/09

To:laugh yer ass off F U san Luis-doesn’t change the facts, theres llc’c under llc’s and much money missing-many bank accts:that is a fact..

By: JoJoo on 8/6/09

Now that’s a whole lot of banking and he can not recall ? are these the same people who claimed how rich and famous their are with Jets, Yachts, Wineries, Hotels and Fast Cars ?

My guest is with that many admitted accounts their are probably many more the trustee will uncover along with the investigators. Same old question where is all the money over $ 250 Million is missing according to one local PI who is working on this case for a Bank, this may very well end up as one of the biggest financial cons in the Central Coast and yet I see nothing in the Tribune, congrats to CCN

By: skyler on 8/6/09

Birds of a feather flock together!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/5/09

It’s his fault. It’s her fault. It’s their fault. Anybody but me!! Heck the next thing out of this sack of S*** mouth will be the devil made him do it.

By: Al on 8/5/09

He certainly eats well… a wiener and fine Cabernet from every bank account it seems.

By: WazzUp on 8/5/09

Does Ron’s nose grow when he talks?