Local attorney accused of fraud

August 27, 2009


Federal bankruptcy court attorneys filed a fraud complaint against attorney Robert “Grigger” Jones, as well as Chris Molina, Daniel Phillips, and the group’s Pejihota LLC for allegedly hiding assets of bankrupt North County developer Kelly Gearhart.

Gearhart linked up with Jones, Molina and Phillips to sign a contract with the Salinan Tribe of San Luis Obispo County to develop an Indian casino in either Monterey or San Luis Obispo County through the Pejihota LLC.

In 2007 and 2008, Gearhart transferred between $1 million and $1.5 million into the group’s LLC at a time he “was insolvent and was made with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors,” according to the accusations.

In an apparent attempt to keep their venture cloaked in secrecy, the group has transferred their LLC filing at least four times during the past two decades. CalCoastNews discovered the transfers during a multi-state search of LLC filings.

In 2003, Pejihota Consultants LLC, at that time managed by Molina, filed a complaint against the Salinan Tribe claiming fraud, breach of contract, and intentional misrepresentation for not following through on an agreement to become federally recognized for the purpose of developing an Indian gaming casino. It is unclear how it was resolved because of issues of confidentiality.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs does not provide federal recognition to tribes primarily for the purpose of developing a casino. Tribal members, critical of the current council, were kept in the dark by their elected officials.

“We wanted a cultural resource center and medical facility,” said a tribal member who asked to remain unnamed because of fears of retaliation. “Most of us do not want a casino. The council signed a confidentiality agreement with Pejihota; we did not know anything until your story came out.”

On Jan. 16, 2007, Gearhart filed a Pe-Ji-Ho-Ta LLC with the state of Nevada. Nine months later, Jones filed a Pe-Ji-Ho-Ta LLC in California. Jones subsequently added “of San Luis Obispo County” to the name and refiled in California on Sept. 19, 2008.

On Sept. 9, 2008, Gearhart resigned as a member of the LLC. Ten days later, the remaining three members conveyed the assets of the LLC to the new LLC in an attempt to defraud creditors of Gearhart and Pejihota, according to the accusations.

“The conduct of the defendants (Jones, Molina, and Phillips) amounts to an intentional fraud causing actual damages to the creditors of the Gearhart bankruptcy estate and justifying the award of punitive and attorney’s fees,” according to the allegations.

Estimated cost of the development, according to the partners’ data, is $409 million.

The LLC members expect to reap 40 percent of all gaming proceeds for a period of seven years with an option to extend for an additional seven years. For all other developments, the LLC is to receive 50 percent of proceeds for 25 years with a 25 year extension option, according to the business plan of the Salinan Tribe and Pe-Ji-Ho-Ta LLC.

Pejihota documents project earnings of approximately $600 million over the next 50 years, according to the group’s records.

According to the Pejihota Budget, Jones and Molina are slated to receive salaries of $150,000 per year for their respective duties. Molina is the tribal spokesperson responsible for attending all tribal and governmental meetings. Jones is the chief counsel and in charge of operations, transactions, and contracts.

It is unclear who is currently funding the group’s activities. Inside sources report The Rottman Group (backers of a proposed Wal-Mart in Atascadero) was consulting with Jones.

Following an article on CalCoastNews.com unveiling the groups’ secretive plans, Jones responded to The Rottman Group’s Vice President Keith Mathias with an e-mail that states he would cast a “positive light” on their plans through the “real media folks.”

“As I related to you, I am not a checker player, thus could not have a checkered past,” Jones says in the e-mail. “I will get back to you soon on your comments on the Omnibus Agreement. I will initially say they are well thought out and acceptable to us.”

According to Mathias, The Rottman Group turned down the investment opportunity after doing their “due diligence.”

Jones, Molina, and Phillips attended a tribal council meeting earlier this month. Molina informed attendees that the federal allegations would be dispersed of within 30 days, said a tribal member.

A pre-trail date for Molina, Jones, and Phillips is set for September 2 in Ohio

Molina, when contacted by phone, refused to discuss the issue. Jones did not return calls seeking comment.

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Member Opinions:

By: cheseburger on 10/28/09

Grigger just wait and see what happens when we track down the money (ours) that you helped Gearhart steal, there is always a trail, and I always, have gotten to the bottom of who ripped me off since I was a little boy! I will never give up, you will be apprehended, indited, and screwed. See you soon. GOB.

By: Nancimeek on 10/18/09

Most recently Grigger Jones has stated he made an “erroneous error” thinking the 1st Amendment signed in california was not a forged document and is stating he is not sure how it managed to get into his files. Hmmmmm I guess someone is breaking into his office and placing documents into his files

By: Cindy on 9/14/09

cheseburger, I’m in the accounting and finance field. I can tell you right now that this Michael Gould sounds like a real “slime ball”. I sure hope you can convince your FBI contacts to look at this guy’s books. If he does accounting for Grigger Jones and tells genuine people to lose his f”cking number he’s worth looking at. If I ever hear his name come up in my business dealings or run across work that he’s done, I’m going to make my opinion of him known. Something I rarely do at the business level when regarding other so called professionals.

By: Nancimeek on 9/14/09

Cheseburger? HIs name is Michael Gould and a few months ago I sent him a letter return receipt requested asking for information on the tax returns for the estate (questions like what took 4 years to have them prepared etc) and the letter came back REFUSED The same guy who during a moderate phone call told me go “F” myself and lose his F’ing number My experience through out this case has been the people who ask how is our family doing since Dad passed, I really liked your dad, I really miss him etc are the people who are geniune and those like Michael Gould and Grigger jones who are defensive and avoiding have something they are hiding Just my opinion ANYONE ELSE?

By: Nancimeek on 9/13/09

Cindy? Yeah in the beginning when Grigger found out that we had obtained the medical records from both hospitals and had spoken with the doctor’s treating my father he told my attorney at the time in California that I had violated HEPA laws and he demanded an apology because I had started asking questions regarding Palau and my father’s beating (I was trying to obtain those hospital records) about the relationship between Jones and Elizabeth Asanuma-Meek and her daughter Lola Reklai-Meek You know seriously, NOONE should ever hide or try to cover up the truth, and Robert Jones I would think would try everything he could to be truthful and honest. You know the “sin of omission” is worse than a lie?

By: Cindy on 9/12/09

WOW Nanci, This is fantastic that you don’t only have proof of forged documents but that you have the medical reports proving that your dad was 100% incapacitated when the 2nd amendment was signed. Didn’t Grigger Jones initially send you a letter threatening you for attempting to acquire information about what the progression of your fathers medical condition had been and he said only Elizabeth could access that medical information? Talk about trying to tie it all up. You sure showed them, now get them Nanci, and Congratulations.

By: cheseburger on 9/12/09

Nancy what about Robert Gould, I like to go over his books, I,m sure the F.B.I. has and I called my contact there and we did the chicken dance on the phone together, he always wants to know where I get my leads from, well it’s not to difficult if Jones is Dirty then his accountant is probably well aware of the problem, if not reporting any negligence by Jones to the proper authorities, wouldn’t he be Aiding and Abed ding.

By: Nancimeek on 9/11/09

And according to the many e mails and phone calls I have received from many people in Atascascadero, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, we are not the only people who Robert Grigger Jones has defrauded. Amazing!

By: cheseburger on 9/11/09

Checker player? I think he will play checkers wearing stripes, and woman’s underwear, in federal prison. This Guy is the king pin behind the whole Hurst, Miller, Brard and Gearhart Ponzi scheem, anybody agree?

By: Nancimeek on 9/10/09

My father and I were very close My father raised me after my parents divorced and because of Robert Grigger Jones I almost went to my grave thinking my father DID NOT care about me or my brother. Now all that has changed I have forensic reports stating my father was 100% incapacitated when he signed a 2nd amendment and that the 1st Amendment giving everything to our stepmother (she and dad were married for only 11 years and on the verge of a divorce when my dad became ill) with the forensics on the 1st Amendment stating that the signatures were forged (Jones stated in his affidavit he witnessed our father sign the 1st Amendment and now he is changing his tune not admitting to witnessing the signing What a snake. Imagine allowing someone to think for the rest of her life that her father had a change of heart and wrote her out of the will. That is what Jones was trying to do. Just for money., He deliberately and without regret pushed forward…….faxing a Last Will and a 2nd amendment to a man he hadn’t even seen in person instead of advising him to get an attorney locally in Hawaii? Jones is not licensed to practice in Hawaii and thus he opened the probate in California in 2004

By: Nancimeek on 9/10/09

What is the OMNIBUS agreement

By: Nancimeek on 9/8/09

Cindy? I agree Truth is the Truth and news agencies have an obligation to report such Those who don’t you have to question Are they afraid of compromising their ad dollars, or are they afraid of being sued by someone who has a record of threatening to attach their property i.e. “Homestead your residence” a quote someone we know has used on TWO different occasions with TWO different people. Hmmmmmmmm!

By: Cindy on 9/8/09

Thanks for posting that link Nanci. I went looking for the story the other day and didn’t find it. Too bad they didn’t get into more detail about where some of the hidden assets have been located. I was floored when I saw the following statement from them. “The San Luis Obispo Tribune traced Gearhart to a small town in Ohio, which is where he eventually filed for bankruptcy.” CCN is the media source that traced Gearhart and reported it first, in fact they reported it a month prior to the Tribune. To bad Pac Biz takes it’s info from the Trib, they might have more facts otherwise.

By: Nancimeek on 9/8/09

Here is the link to the article in Pacific Biz re Gearhart and bankruptcy


By: Nancimeek on 9/8/09

American Girl? I don’t think anyone posting here thinks Atascadero or San Luis Obispo is a bad place to live, quite the contrary. In fact I will be up that way next week with appointments to look at three places. I love it enough to buy up there and live so what does that tell you?

By: Nancimeek on 9/7/09

Pixieboohoo? Can you send or post a link to the article on August 31 you refer to in your posting? I would like to investigate what I can and see if I can find any information not yet printed Thanks

YOu can also e mail me at nmeek48409@aol.com

And for that matter anyone with any information which may help our case against Grigger Jones please don’t hesitate to contact me Thanks

By: OsborneCox on 9/7/09

What DID happen on the Sept. 2 pre-trial hearing?

By: americangirl on 9/7/09

it’s not that I don’t like reading what you and others are posting on this website. On the contrary, it is very entertaining. PixieBoohoo I am not defending anyone. I know Gearhart is a crook and my friends who were swindled know it as well. I just think that some of the postings make it sound like all business people in Atascadero are crooks and that just isn’t so. In regards to Karen Velie’s articles, well she is a reporter and the one thing reporters do best is to rile up the natives (no pun intended). So I read these stories, and that’s what they are stories, to get a general feel for what is going on out there. I know not to believe everything I read. Furthermore, those of you who don’t like my postings can go ahead and keep slamming me. It just shows how little substance you have, in that you are too ignorant to converse about topics without throwing out trash talk. It’s very becoming of you. I would like to thank those of you who don’t agree with me but refrain from personal attacks. And to the rest of you, thank you for giving my postings even more validity.

By: Fedup on 9/7/09

So what happened on the Sep 2nd hearing in Ohio?

By: pixieboohoo on 9/7/09

Nice email threats Grigger to the mayor who seemed to be upsetting your GOB business as usual crap in A-town-which has been going on, as you stated for decades helping it earn the title Atrashcadero-It’s scum like grigger, Molina , Gearhart and their GOB phony Ag /developer buddies that scratch e/others backs and rub shoulders w/ their supervisor affiliates-fellow bank board officer buddies etc…. Now they have COLAB with an equally arrogant but much dumber attorney leading that charge to control development power. Ever since they lost that majority in the supes-gotta do something to maintain the control. They really lost a good soldier in Gearhart and Grigger! Just get rid of anyone who might stand in the way…threaten, blackmail…but the names are piling up, Hertel, Fowler…looking forward to a few more and learning about their newly discovered 2 million in hidden assets.. Aug 31-see Pac Cst Buz Times…by by birdies…

Crooked bunch…

By: OsborneCox on 9/6/09

Is a cartoon in the New Times the only other reference to this story that any local print media outlet has published so far? Strange.

By: Nancimeek on 9/4/09

If there is a Karma then I can only wonder how Robert Jones’ three children would feel if something like this happened to them.



Shame on the people who know wrong was done and won’t come forward or worse look the other way.

By: pixieboohoo on 9/4/09

AG: why are you protecting people who are crooks with evidence-contracts that support that-? Every story on this site has turned out to be true-not the best writing, but there is not one “opps that was wrong”…you are related somehow, especially if you ran down to the county to check records so quickly-you’re gonna lose $ or are in trouble too-so stop covering up for a bunch of scum bags PROVEN! Other people may not be talking because they are in litigation with Gearhart-karen doesn’t need to tip toe around and play softball-catering to advertising dollars/donars like the Trib.- You got something to lose-thats obvious or why would you care so much?

By: Haveaniceday on 9/3/09


You know people who were swindled by Gearhart and they are not making “blanket statements”. Oh do tell, what are they saying? I have been swindled by Gearhart, and he owes me plenty of money. I do not have anything kind to say.

I would say that you are related to someone in the situation as told above, or you’ve been in bed with all of them. You do not know what you are talking about. These accusations and allegations are not being made up, just for kicks. This is reality, get a clue!

By: americangirl on 9/3/09

How can any of you claim that these are facts when Karen Velie herself refers to them as accusations and allegations? To answer some of your comments about my posting, no I am not a Molina. My agenda is simple. I am tired of this hack of reporter making leaps in assuming a conspiracy in everything she writes about. I have no doubt Gearhart is a scoundrel. I have been reading Velie’s work as well as others. I have seen discrepencies. Blanket statements about individuals and groups of people fly easy from your and her finger tips. I know people who were swindled by Gearhart and none of the people I know are making these blanket statements. Salinan9 and others sound like they are trying to seek revenge for some personal matters. Pixieboohoo you wrote for me to go to the county office for evidence. I have. A lawsuit pending is the only evidence, and we know that there are NEVER any frivolous lawsuits right? Yes it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. If you’re right I’ll gladly apologize for my naivity. But if your wrong those of you who have been should apologize for throwing out accusations and making blanket statements. If you don’t agree with that, it just proves you are the bitter hypocrites and trouble-makers that I suspect you are.

By: pixieboohoo on 9/3/09

Why do you think he slithers back in every time there’s talk of federal recognition-every 8 or 10 years…Its all about money-and he needed a vehicle=gearhart and grigger. Sounds like American girl is trying to protect reputations that already are FACTUALLY blown-why don’t you go to the county clerk and pull the docs yourself and read them-its a fact …sorry.Grigger and Molina are on the take with Gearhart.

By: Cindy on 9/3/09

american girl – There is proof of everything in this article. There are contracts that afford Molina and Jones $150K annually. There are documents with Molinas name on the LLC. I don’t see how you can call this accusations. The LLC is funded with dirty money stolen from investors by Gearhart and hidden with the help of Jones. These guys were all ordered into court this week. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

By: Clemintine on 9/3/09

Come on Americangirl … let Molina speak for himself. He’s a big boy right? … or maybe you are a Molina yourself?

Every tribe has those that walk on the right side of the river and those that walk on the wrong side of the river.

Molina has been cozy with Gearhart and Griggar Jones for many moons. Isn’t that proof enough?

By: pixieboohoo on 9/3/09

American girl-what is your agenda???

Are you related to Molina or Grigger?

Theres an obvious division of opinion amongst the tribe as with any group of people-they don’t all have the same goals: Eveybody knows there if a potion of them who want a casino and all they talk about is ” I can’t wait till I get that check everymonth’

I have heard it-Then there are others who don’t. Prospect of big $ has always sucked in thieves and opportunists. Which are you?

By: americangirl on 9/3/09

I have just a few more questions and thoughts to put out there. On 8-30-09 you wrote that Chris Molina is getting paid 150,000 a year by the LLC. Do you have a copy of Mr. Molinas bank statement? Do you have any cancelled checks, invoices, or anything, or are we just to take your word for it. Why don’t you start proving the things you say. Myself and others would be more apt to believe you if you had any evidence, you know PROOF. This type of slamming of peoples names hurts families. Families that you are supposedly related to right? I mean you are a Salinan right? Isn’t Mr. Molina in the same tribe as you? Help me understand.

By: americangirl on 9/3/09

how is it that you supposedly know so much about Mr. Jones and the Salinan Tribe? Do you speak for the entire tribe? You say that most of your tribe doesn’t want Federal Recognition for a Casino, but I heard from a member of your tribe that you guys voted for it. So what’s the deal? Who do you really represent and what is your self-serving agenda? I am really trying to understand.

By: americangirl on 9/3/09

I have been reading your postings and I have to wonder, what exactly is your agenda? You seem to want people to trust you because what, your honest? Where is your evidence. Ms. Velie seems to have as many accusations as you do but yet you two produce NO evidence, only your word. Forgive me for being a bit skeptical.

By: Cindy on 9/2/09

Doesn’t your tribe have tribal counsel meetings where everyone attends? Maybe you can ask for a meeting to have this issue openly disgusted?

By: Cindy on 9/2/09

Nanci, It makes sense that she was uncomfortable talking to you or your brother. What could she possibly say to you? That she didn’t call you when your father was sick because she didn’t think you would care? That your father made all the changes when he was ill because he didn’t love you anymore? What could she say? She knew what she did and she couldn’t face you. Something very similar happened to a friend of mine. She lived the next town over from her father but had no idea that the wife (5 years older than she was) had managed to get the will changed during a time that her father was going through chemo therapy and receiving heavy narcotics. When her dad died they were all best friends until a week later when it came time for the will. Her dads wife stopped all communication as if they were suddenly life long enemies! Also when my friend called to see if she could take a few of her fathers belongings for “keep sakes” she was told that it was all being handled through the attorneys. Turned out that she had been removed from the will and everything went to the wife (married 8 years)! The wife had actually video recorded the husband saying he was signing a new will and knew what he was doing. He had a morphine drip in his arm at the time! He also wasn’t wearing his glasses and the video doesn’t reveal that he was told what the changes were.

Unfortunately this happens all the time and the laws should be tightened up especially if a person makes changes shortly before they expire. There should be safeguards. I also know of a case where a live in caregiver married the patient and had her name added to the property. The children had no idea they got married and had never had the father declared incompetent because he had a full time care giver and they wanted him to stay in his home! She got half the estate!

By: Nancimeek on 9/2/09

It’s all in the paper trail. We have one linking several people to Elizabeth and money she has spent on lawyers, cash withdrawals, plane tickets purchased for friends and relatives, phone records for her cell and land line, and of course most importantly she didn’t call us to tell us Dad was sick, she didn’t even call my father’s brothers in California. And 8 months after our father dies and we send her a return receipt letter we get a letter from Jones saying “Elizabeth does not feel comfortable talking to you or your brother, perhaps when she feels more comfortable etc etc” Just curious to get other opinions on THAT? Was there a family problem we didn’t know about? We NEVER had harsh words with Elizabeth, and in the letter Jones says to have all correspondence “be directed through his office” WHY? And over the years when we did call him he wouldn’t return our calls, his secretary colleen acted irritated and put out when we would call and this was before we hired representation……….Any comments on that

By: Cindy on 9/2/09

Nanci – Michael Gould a CPA out of Paso Robles told you “to lose his “F’ing number and never F’ing call him again”!

That’s unbelievable. It’s also ridiculous that it took 4 years to file the tax returns. Geeez, Well I sure won’t ever recommend Gould to anybody. That’s just so egregious of him to talk to you like that, guess you had them scared and rightfully so. When Grigger gets prosecuted and it ends up in the paper I hope you include this guy (Goulds)name and behavior in your interview.

By: Nancimeek on 9/2/09

Hi Cindy and Martin…… to answer your question I had all of the properties appraised two years ago AFTER the market started to fall and Grigger still sold the properties way under value, and not only that he undervalued the properties on the tax returns aided by the accountant Michael Gould in Paso Robles. The goal from the beginning was to have the properties and the estate valued at less than 2.7 million The estate is actually worth 4.2 million but Jones has always insisted it is worth only 3.7 million and by stating he funded or was going to fund a million dollar trust fund it took the value down to 2.7 million Now, if you have an estate listed at less than 3.0 million you DON”T PAY TAXES. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Grigger’s goal was does it? He crafted the 1st Amendment to reflect and support his agenda which was to have the estate not pay any taxes. When it came time to sell the properties Jones screwed up and forgot that Elizabeth is not an American Citizen at the time of our father’s death, he had Elizabeth start the process of becoming an American Citizen Now she has lived in the US of A since 1975 and NEVER became a citizen My father didn’t encourage her because by the time 2002 rolled around he was planning on divorcing her and became very sick so that didn’t happen and before we knew it he was dead. Jones brought Michael Gould the accountant from Paso Robles into the soup stating Elizabeth couldn’t sell the properties because she wasn’t a citizen yet, however MIchael Gould could help her. Strange thing is Michael Gould;s name NEVER appears on any of the sales transactions, only Robert Jones, and if the estate needed an American Citizen to help Elizabeth sell properties why didn’t Jones contact myself or my brother? Because he knew we would catch wind of what he was up to Hope that answers your question. Feel free to call me (760) 413-5660 if you have any questions. By the way the few times I contacted Michael Gould in Paso Roble he was rude, angry, non-compliant. I politely called Gould to find out the status of my father’s audit (Grigger Jones never filed income tax so after 4 years the IRS demanded an audit of the estate) to lose his “F’ing number and never F’ing call him again” Not exactly a professional demeanor. And you are right Grigger got his $45,000 the first year in attorneys fees from Elizabeth Pretty high fee for a simple probate wouldn’t you say?

By: Newsome on 9/1/09

Hey Karen: Nice job on Cöngåltó last week. Did I hear you say then that you were working on a real eyepopper for Monday, 09/01/09, involving two of our local top cops? What up with that?

By: MartyTracey on 8/31/09


By: Cindy on 8/31/09

Martin, I thought the same way but it is what it is. The two properties that really stand out are the one on Main Street in Rialto and the one in Arkansas. The one in Rialto was sold to the city, it just isn’t likely that the city did an underhanded deal. The one in Arkansas was sold to the abutting property owner. It would be quite a coincidence that Grigger could have had a relationship with those people. It really does appear that “it is what it is”.

Grigger prepared a few pages of legal docs and faxed them to Hawii. Then he looked up a few people and did some quick sales (offering a deal that no one could pass up). Then he collected a tidy little sum of 45K for A DAY’S work. Make sense now?

Maybe Nanci will check in and give us her latest opinion on this question.

By: MartinW on 8/31/09

Selling off parcels that far below market value doesn’t add up, not even for Jones.

By: Cindy on 8/31/09


I think Nanci investigated the real estate transactions and didn’t find that Grigger got kick backs from the buyers. It looks more like he was guilty of gross incompetence and derelict of duty. He was unloading the real estate as fast as he could to get his fees from Elizabeth. Looks like they all got screwed at the time, except for Grigger and the buyers. Hopefully Grigger will soon be made to answer for his careless actions. If he isn’t made to answer then there is no justice in SLO county, IMO.

By: Laura on 8/31/09

I just read the July 14/09 article that the Tribune published about this story. They sure did a bang up job of keeping Griggers name out of it. They even mention that an attorney who did work for the Salinan Tribe was owed $100K (but don’t tell anyone it’s Grigger)! Guess Grigger was already making claims against rights to some of the stolen money, AH, despicable slime ball. They make it sound like the money was spent and never mention that Grigger refiled the LLC and moved the assets into it! They just say Gearhart never disclosed it in his bankruptcy and that he was involved until Sept 2008!

I watched Nanci Meek’s U-tube video’s a couple of times before I put it all together. Grigger Jones presented back up forged documents to the bank of Hawii to add credibility to the will that he changed. Poor Nanci and her brother. This is a terrible crime and abuse of ones position. I hope the police get this to the DA and charges are filed ASAP. Its been a long time coming. I wonder how Grigger could have screwed up the real estate transactions so badly? He was selling at 25% of fair market value! He had to have gotten something back somewhere. Did he really find the buyers on the internet? This man really makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe there will be some poetic justice and there will be no inheritance for him to leave his own children.

By: hotdog on 8/30/09

Another little tidbit on our dear crooks, Grigger is the local mouthpiece for Jay Miller of Hurst Financial, what a den of thieves…

By: Michelle on 8/30/09

We can’t change the face of the A-Town city council if we can’t find good people willing to run. Most people just don’t think it’s worth it. Look what the realtor’s put Ellen Beraud and Mike Brennler through. It was disgusting. Maybe once the FBI lock up some of these criminals it will clear a path for transparency. Joanne Main is a joke and should be replaced. She has done nothing for the local merchants except intimidate everyone and kiss up to the GOB’s who have destroyed A-town. Many think that life is too short to put up with these jokers and their cadre. Let these 4 clowns take the city to it’s knees, then things will change.

By: Michelle on 8/30/09

I hope that things haven’t gone too far to turn back for your tribe. There are many Indiana Tribes in CA attempting to gain Federal recognition. It’s becoming very difficult and the plans for a casino are more than apparent. I think Chris Molina and his greed along with some of your elders have sold your tribe down the river. Good Luck, I really hope you can overcome this treachery.

By: bluemule on 8/30/09

Amazingly, Grigger Jones is the 2007 Atascadero “Citizen of the Year,” or so says Joann Main and the chamber of commerce. He’s in good company with Gearhart in that regard. Is anyone else completely fed up with the good-ol-boy liars, cheats, crooks and thugs that have taken over our city and run it into the ditch? Unfortunately there two or three folks on our city council who do their best to encourage this sort of repugnant behavior, but I’m hopeful things will change come election time.

By: pixieboohoo on 8/30/09

Not only is he a traitor Salinan-he’s a Dishonest greedy thief who’s name pops up every 8 years or so when the issue of tribal recognition comes up. You ought to organize a majority of tribe members and vote to barr his involvement with any Salinan legislature or economic endeavors WHATSOEVER going forward. Save yourselves the problems later.

By: Cindy on 8/30/09

pixie, The Tribune actually did do a story on the funds that Gearhart hid in the PI- Ji-Ho-Ta, LLC and the fraud being charged thru the BK Trustee. They kept Griggers name out of it. They actually called it an “Exclusive” even though Karen had already broke the story while alerting and providing her documents to the Bankrupcy court! If you look at the e-mails that Grigger was sending to Keith Mathias you’ll notice that he was assuring them that he would get the media to cast this endeavor in a positive light. I guess to answer your question, yes it appears that Grigger has some connections over at the Tribune.

By: pixieboohoo on 8/30/09

Cindy: That’s scary stuff! Why hasn’t the Tribune covered any of this? Too many people who are connected to their advertising dollars perhaps/ Seems like a pretty factual and news worthy story regarding Gearhart and the casino dreams with Molina, Grigger and Philips-yet not a word from the Trib? Maybe Grigger threatened them too!? Scooped again!

By: Cindy on 8/30/09


Not sure what post your referring to however,

Yes it’s true and apparently it was a rather nasty beating. There hasn’t been a great deal of details to date about the attack. Karen did indicate that she believed she either knew who it was or knew what it was about but didn’t want to make any “public” allegations at this time regarding her suspicions.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/30/09


I didn’t post the comment you mentioned but did hear that part on this past Thursdays show. Check the podcast on KVEC’s website.

I haven’t listened to that, so I don’t know if it made podcast.

I don’t recall myself that she said it was for any particular story, just that sometime in the resent past someone unknown to her, assaulted her.

It sounds like she actually didn’t see the attacker but she said she thinks she knew who it was.

She also mentioned that in the last year they have received threats, from being threatened to be beaten, to being killed.

By: Jordan on 8/30/09

Mr Robert Jones,

I find it rather telling that you would write the following to Mayor Brennler: “I can only surmise that the need to be in the position of “mayor” without the ability to lead is a sign of what can only be described as unhealthy narcissism.”

Do you think there is such a thing as a “healthy narcissist”, Mr. Jones?

I suggest you seek self help @


Introduction to the affliction through a personal look at the disorder and its consequences.

By: Nancimeek on 8/30/09

I am so grateful to Karen for going forward with her research. The main stream media should take notice and not be afraid. Kudos to Karen. Keep on looking for the truth. My father was born and lived on an Indian Reservation in Pueblo Colorado until he was 12 and took alot of pride in his Indian roots. Attending Pow Wows in So Cal and telling us stories about his father, my grandfather assimilating into main stream culture. Shame on these guys for exploiting the Salinan tribe for their monetary gain and using the tribe to hide Gearhart’s assets. I hope this does not damage the Salinan Indian Tribe’s hopes for other endeavors they have planned.

By: Michelle on 8/29/09

The word is that Grigger has lots of e-mails floating around. This is going to be fun and it couldn’t happen to a person and certain associates that are more worthy.

By: AA101 on 8/29/09

Nanci Meek, I think that bringing criminal charges against attorney Robert Jones is excellent. I would like to recommend that to gain some semblance of real satisfaction that you bring civil charges. The Jury will be in your corner Nanci. I can’t imagine any jury not taking exception to what happened to you. The reasonable doubt is on your side.

By: Nancy on 8/29/09

Rany says : Pacas, “it was all about a WalMart for her to secure higher tax revenues so that the Chiefs could promise more (undeserved and over the top) monies to the troops. I don’t want to hear about Pacas.

Sure Rany, so now we have the (not a diva) Roberta and her boy Al Fonzi. Same thing, different faces.

By: MartinW on 8/29/09

Mike Brennler, I commend your tolerance and self control when confronted with these unscrupulous characters such as Grigger Jones and his egocentric correspondence. You are a gentlemen and trusted member of our community. Keep up the good work. We can vote you back into position any time that you choose. I do agree that this/your time has been better served identifying and cleaning up those who would present a “mask” of integrity, while shaking the wrong hands at the end of the day.

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/29/09

It just came to my attention that Karen Velie was seriously beaten during her investigation of this story. Please protect yourself Nanci.

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/29/09

My cheers to Nanci Meek. I sure hope you prevail. I saw the pic’s of your father with you and his granddaughter. Of course he loved you and would never had wanted to disinherit his own beloved. We all know what he was getting from the Philippine woman. He knew it to, she wasn’t more to him than you were. In the end if he had to make a choice he would have disowned her if it came between the two of you. It’s doesn’t appear that he wanted an “all or nothing”, it appears that he wanted to share but someone got greedy. Don’t stop Nanci, Attorney Jones appears to be the “poster child” for attorney jokes. He is an embarrassment to the honored lithographed words, “Jurist Doctorate”.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/29/09


Not sure on the code one way or the other but either way Laura is right that at this point this far down the road and with a bankrupt builder, to little to late.

By: Rany on 8/29/09

Yes sure Laura, We lost the “diva”. Over loving the Cops and FD more than she should have been. It was all about a WalMart for her to secure higher tax revenues so that the Chiefs could promise more (undeserved and over the top) monies to the troops. I don’t want to hear about Pacas.

By: Laura on 8/29/09

CitizenCane wants to know,

Do building codes allow this or is this illegal? Does anyone know?

What’s it matter dude? Like we can make Gearhart fix it? The person who knew what was going on is Becky Pacas. We lost her.

By: CitizenCane on 8/29/09

BTDT wrote :

“Again the pavement is still there right under about 12 inches of top soil.”

Do building codes allow this or is this illegal? Does anyone know?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/29/09


I’ve been on it. Real. The thing is, is that with time and no proper drainage, probably will be trouble with grass in long run.

They put no holes or anything through pavement to drain.

Again the pavement is still there right under about 12 inches of top soil.

Go by and you can tell outline of parking by shape of grass. Sad, but pretty funny looking.

By: Nancy on 8/29/09

Grigger Jones wrote to Mike Brennler regarding Nanci Meek: “If you intend to do something with this, I suggest that you get your residence homesteaded at your earliest convenience. “!!!!

What a sick puppy, no that’s too kind, PITBULL. He ran for City council! Thank God someone was watching over Atascadero back then.

By: Cindy on 8/29/09

BTDT – I saw that project when it was paved. At the time it was supposed to be open space with grass for children to play on. Kelly got the Atascadero planning staff to agree to let him put fake grass, like astroturf down to correct the problem. Is it real grass or fake? I remember that Steve McHarris was incensed because when he was out citing the project Kelly walked up to him with Grigger and Bob Kelly and introduced them to Steve as “here are your next two council members”, they then set out to presser Steve to let it go! They didn’t win the election that year. Not sure where Bob Kelly stands on issue like this these day’s but he sure does vote arm in arm with Clay. Clay might be well meaning but he just doesn’t seem to get it. He’s a GOB through and through and can’t help that. I don’t think he even knows that, he really thinks they are all good guys! I once told him about Kelly Gearhart receiving land from a trust that was illegal, Jerry excalimed ” Kelly Gearhart, NO WAY” He also told me that development money was getting tight and Kelly was Atascadero’s HOPE! He really didn’t know.

By: MikeBrennler on 8/29/09

Please allow me an opportunity to share some interaction that I had with Grigger Jones while I was Mayor of Atascadero.

The interaction was in form of three emails which are pasted below.

I think they speak to issues of intimidation and my resistance to bullying.

Keep in mind these emails were sent to City of Atascadero in my capacity as a public official thus they are public record


Subj: Letter to Editor Atascadero News 2.15.08

Date: 2/13/2008 5:50:06 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

From: grigger@robertmjones.com

To: mbrennler@atascadero.org

Sent from the Internet (Details)


As is my policy, I am sending this to you before it is published on Friday in the Atascadero News. Up to now I have stepped back and just observed the City Council without comment or criticism. I can no longer. I am really disappointed in your attitude and your actions. It is obvious that you are vindictive and not the responsible individual you professed to be when you ran for election. In my experience, the behaviors you are exhibiting in attacking staff and creating witch hunts does nothing more than hurt our town. If you really wanted to help out Atascadero, perhaps you should investigate the very organization that supported your election, the Atascadero Homeowners’ Association, concerning their violations of the FPPC rules.

When a city council consists of individuals whose background is wholly government service, and who have never had to make a payroll, make business decisions, create and maintain capital and operating reserves, purchased inventory, or market their business, it is no wonder that we have no direction in this town. When meetings last until 1:30 in the morning, that is just poor leadership. I can only surmise that the need to be in the position of “mayor” without the ability to lead is a sign of what can only be described as unhealthy narcissism. While past City Councils had members with political agendas designed to keep them in office, I can recall none more blatant than the current one. Most of the councilmembers that I have known over the past 29 years, tried earnestly to keep Atascadero economically viable. Merely appearing in grand opening ceremony photo opportunities is not an earnest attempt to keep Atascadero economically viable.

I will suggest to you that you may wish to reconsider your attitude toward how this City is run and what is best for us. Those of us who have lived here for many years, kept and ran our businesses and professions in Atascadero, raised and educated our children here, do not take kindly to ex-government workers who attack our institutions with absolutely no positive vision for improvement. Generally their political careers are rather short.

Good Luck to you.

Grigger Jones

Robert M. Jones

A Professional Law Corporation

8655 Morro Road

Atascadero, California, 93422


—– Original Message —–

From: Mikebrennler@aol.com

To: grigger@robertmjones.com

Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 5:49 PM

Subject: Re: Letter to Editor Atascadero News 2.15.08

Thanks for your thoughts Mr. Jones. I must confess that I do not share them.

I am on no witch hunt and only demand that my government operates openly and honestly. I am also not inclined to sweep matters under the carpet. It is clear that you don’t have a clear understanding of the information I have received in my short capacity as a public official.

I can only surmise that your anger at the AHA, of which I have little contact, stems from their criticism of you in reference to the Meek case as well as the event wherein you were accused of intimidating a city employee in an attempt to intercede on behalf of a prominent developer. If both matters are factual it is pitiful behavior indeed!

If any shame is to be cast please look toward your own behavior. My father used to say that whenever your hand points a finger there are usually three other fingers pointing right back toward you.

Welcome to the race for council. I am sure it will be interesting.


PS: I have no confidentiality note attached to my e-mail so please feel free to share it.


Subj: Re: Letter to Editor Atascadero News 2.15.08

Date: 2/14/2008 5:21:51 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time

From: grigger@robertmjones.com

To: Mikebrennler@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)


Thank you for your quick response. You mention the Meek case. I am mindful of the internet ranting of that unbalanced individual. There is no judicial privilege there. But thank you for bringing it up. I should remind you that I am a private citizen and you are a public official. No privilege attaches. If you intend to do something with this, I suggest that you get your residence homesteaded at your earliest convenience.

Good Luck


By: Cindy on 8/29/09

Michelle – Grigger probably would have got away with the stashed funds if it wasn’t for Nanci Meek. What goes around comes around sounds truer by the day. She became a licensed private investigator to legally gain access to information that isn’t so easily accessed by a lay person. She has been tenacious in tracking his movements for years and I don’t blame her. What kind of attorney receives a phone call from a man’s (who is too sick to take action) 5th wife asking to change a last will and testament removing the biological children and does it? It appears that Grigger Jones did it, that’s who. How unconscionable. Now she has the SOB for fraud with forged signatures. I hope she sues him for everything he owns. Maybe she can at least buy back the land her grandparents settled.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/29/09

Wow! I didn’t know KVEC was now airing Air America.

On the Grigger Jones connection to Kelly, it was Oct.05′ or 06′. Kelly was required on his project on Tecorida behind A&W on Morro, to put in a grass area that was about 100’x150′.

Instead he put in another drive entrance to project and parking where it (grass) was to go.

That is were Grigger got involved. In the end Kelly dumped 12 inches of soil on top of the parking lot and put grass on top of it. Go check it out if you don’t believe.

Take a 18″ rod and poke it down. Bet it will stop.

By: Michelle on 8/29/09

So Grigger Jones has been hiding over a million

$ of dirty money for Gearhart! How about that. Guess he thought he could get away with it. I’m just wondering why Gerahart didn’t get out of the LLC before he went insolvent? Guess it’s because he was gonna have to trust Grigger, probably something he wasn’t looking forward to!

By: mccdave on 8/29/09

Unless I missed something, I think the only ethnicities that might be offended by what I wrote are Italians, Rednecks and whatever species of parasite Kelly Gearhart is. But if there’s even the penumbra of a slur there, I’ll let a representative from Wounded Knee accept my next Oscar(tm) for Best Actor.

By: hotdog on 8/29/09

My money is on Nanci Meek and the BK court in Ohio. Bravo to CCN for bringing this out and the heroes who found the dirt on Grigger. I hope sometime all the quiet ‘diggers’ will get their due reward for exposing the crooks, hurray for them.

And once again the nay sayers need a little lesson in history. Every time CCN comes out with an expose they hurl mud at Karen Velie with all sorts of idiotic dialog. I think in their 18 plus months of reporting on various scandals in our dear (dirty) little county this site has never been proven wrong despite the vitriolic opposition by some on the blogs. Pretty impressive record.

And thanks to the courageous Dave Congalton for continuing to give Karen a voice on the air. Unlike the 6 hours per day of nasty lies by the national commentators KVEC runs morning and night, Dave’s show allows for all attitudes and stimulates healthy debate on a local level.

By: bluemule on 8/29/09

And let’s not forget how Grigger Jones and current Atascadero city councilman Bob Kelley were palling around with Kelly Gearhart a few years back when they were both council candidates. As I recall the intent of the get-together was to bring some heavy pressure on city staff to bend and even break the rules in Gearhart’s favor in order to save him some money in required code improvements at one of his development projects in town. As is now evident, both Gearhart and Jones appear to be persons of questionable repute. As far as Kelley goes, well, if you lay down with dogs like he did….

By: Fedup on 8/28/09

I would like to offer Karen my free personal protection from these small town thugs. Nothing would make me happier than to knee cap the whole lot of them. Let’s see how brave they are when they are up against a man instead of a woman. As for Dave Congalton, on his show yesterday when asked about having Grigger Jones on his show he said no less than four times “Jones is pretty powerful isn’t he ?”. It is time to man up Dave. If you are so afraid of stepping on toes in this county maybe you should turn your show over to someone who is up to it.


I’m thinking that we should put all these bums in a room and let them duke it out – see who comes out the winner of slimeball international! I am a great believer in “no honor amoung thieves” and they will turn on each other like a pitbull on a kitten. I’d love to hear their version of the whole mess. Those kind of people are so used to pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes, they have gone blind themselves.

Do you make fun of all other ethnicities or cultures besides your own? We cherish our heritage.

By: CitizenB on 8/28/09

Dang, mccdave — you made me snarf my coffee I was laughing so hard! What a great summation of SLO County (sorry to say!)

By: InTheKnow on 8/28/09


So the public should not know about allegations by the courts or the police unless someone is found guilty? Guth and Yaguda have not been found guilty, yet.

The peeping Tom yesterday was picked up nearby the home, no absolute proof, but it is news. Boys arrested for stealing from cars, news before guilty.

Though you think It’s not news when a federal court finds reasons to pull an attorney into court for fraud, we should only know about it if he the court say he is guilty. Why is taking millions a private issue when taking trinkets from a car is breaking news?

Also, Madoff should not have been spoken about until he was found guilty if we use your reasoning.

Instead of saying no proof, I am sure the courts did not file allegations with out any proof, why don’t you say a possible criminal with money and clout should not be mentioned by the media until proven guilty.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/28/09

If justice is served, hopefully not long.

By: Afriendindeed on 8/28/09

Any bets about how long before Grigger Jones is arrested?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/28/09


Yes I for one did and do know Kelly. I will say this. If you strayed from conversation not relating to building, then there wasn’t much small talk.

Always had the feeling that building and money were his only true loves. That is what he talked about.

By: mccdave on 8/27/09

Wait — so Kelly Gearhart _can’t_ get Frankie Valli to headline at the Salinan Sands Casino? Now _that’s_ fraud.

This is turning into a replay of part of the Jack Abramoff scandal or Harry Shearer’s “Not Enough Indians,” which featured a town that couldn’t get a Wal-Mart and opted instead for an Indian casino.

I assume part of the $409M cost of the casino could have been defrayed if they’d simply restored the Atascadero Rotunda city hall building and used that to house the slots and the fountain of malt liquor designed by Phyllis Madonna. Of course it would mean surrendering the middle of Atascadero to become part of the Salinan Reservation, thus putting a crimp in the Glen Beck Teabagger protests that occur there regularly, but there are surely tens of thousands of gaming-ready citizens ready to take their hard-money lending winnings and double down on 14-black.

By: DashRiprock on 8/27/09

It just amazes me some of the highly educated people gearheart reigned in…I wonder how many of the people posting actually met him…if you knew him and had a dialogue, you were chatting with an extremely ignorant man….he happened to buy a few pieces of real estate and catch the cusp of an up real estate market, leveraged, and believed he was superman….at the height of his wealth, and we are talking heavily leveraged, he was lucky to be worth 100k in this false market….he is toast….didn’t care about anyone but himself.

By: Cindy on 8/27/09

After watching your u-tube video this is enough to make me sick. If this is all true then he is one hell of a rotten guy. Whats with him and Elizabeth, anything? Why did he do this, is it all just about the money?

By: Nancimeek on 8/27/09

Except the 1st Amendment signed in California is NOT notarized. Let’s be clear on that. Kind of strange isn’t it The one signed 3 days before is notarized but we are pretty sure that document was created after Dad died since we have documentation to prove such…….and it is strange that the 1st Amendment signed in California is not notarized Also the pages don’t match the one jones insists was signed in Honolulu and the pages are not numbered. I have a copy of the affidavit if anyone would like to see it or publish it.

By: Nancimeek on 8/27/09

Yes Cindy that is correct

By: Cindy on 8/27/09

Nancimeek, Just for the record I want to confirm the following: Am I correct that Grigger Jones presented a sworn affidavit stating that your fathers notarized signature was executed in his office. Then when it was determined that the signature was a forgery Grigger claimed he didn’t know who signed the document? Is this correct?

By: Nancimeek on 8/27/09

By the way Hats off to Karen Velie She is a brave person and I admire her tenacity and passion for getting the truth out there. Can’t say the same for the San Luis Obispo Tribune reporters I think the other media are afraid of these guys. What ever happened to Freedom of Speech? It’s alive and well at the Cal Coast News and Dave Congalton’s radio show BRAVO!

By: Nancimeek on 8/27/09

Check out our You Tube and see what Grigger Jones did to our family We filed a criminal complaint with Atascadero Police Department now that we have forensic evidence declaring 100% that the documents Jones admitted to the courts in San Luis Obispo are fraudulent. Also an affidavit signed by Jones in 2005 prepared by Bank of Hawaii attorneys he specifically states the 1st Amendment was signed by my father in California three days after signing the same document in Hawaii, now he is back peddling and stating that he doesn’t recall my father signing the document and doesn’t know who signed it. Hmmmmmm



Let me know your thoughts I return my phone calls unlike some attorneys I know.


By: Cindy on 8/27/09

I was just over at the Tribune and posted on a thread about a peeping Tom. I immediately received a reply in the thread. It went like this……………..

“To Cindy: Nothing to do with this story, but I need to correct an accusation you made about me on CCN.

You said: “I’m pleased to see that you two along with TBK (who has been missing since his cover was blown) don’t like my posts. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Not true, my ‘cover’ was not blown, assuming your referring to the ridiculus accusation made by Blackburn. My account was closed by your good buddy George, so I am unable to respond to your accusations there.

I’ll keep in touch here, tho . . .”

This guy really wants to participate!!

By: bluemule on 8/27/09

While it brings me great joy to see some more heat coming down on these dishonest slicks, I have to admit that a casino might not be a wholly bad idea in Atascadero or somewhere else in the north county. We could certainly use the jobs and tax revenue. After all, casino gambling is really nothing but a voluntary tax levied almost exclusively on rubes and morons. Completely voluntary! How can you argue with that? (Although I have a feeling that a few of the esteemed contributors to these comment pages are ready to give it a vitriolic go.)

By: mcdonald on 8/27/09

Well well, LifeLongAtasResident is at it again.

you give me the impression that you would be comfortable if life could go on like business as usual. These embarrassments that are revealed on CCN is something new to you. It’s not that “things” haven’t come up in the past, it’s just that it hasn’t been made so public. Isn’t that the truth?

It’s time to grow the f*uk up and act like an adult, LifeLongAtasResident. “and the times they are a changin”.

By: OsosGrande on 8/27/09

NoCoSkeptic. You are correct.And I bet Gearhart and Jones have the same insurance agent.

By: Cindy on 8/27/09

LLAR says : Ever, its wrong, so why dont you grow the F up and act like andult!

What’s the matter LLAR, are things are bit stressful?

emt1 says: Doesn’t cindy have anything better to do than to blog on every article? get a life!

If you know that emt, then you must be here reading everything. Good.

I’m pleased to see that you two along with TBK (who has been missing since his cover was blown) don’t like my posts. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

By: emt1 on 8/27/09

Doesn’t cindy have anything better to do than to blog on every article? get a life!

By: Jordan on 8/27/09

I recognize the name of Grigger Jones as being the President of the AMWC (Atascadero Mutual Water Company). He needs to resign pronto. I heard the Congalton show and I didn’t like the connections he has to all these questionable characters. I wasn’t pleased to hear about his clever campaign contribution filings either.

Where there is smoke there is usually fire, there is a whole lot of smoke and I don’t think it’s from someone puffing something.

By: CitizenCane on 8/27/09


In slamming CCN you always seem to raise the spector of proof.

How many articles that CCN/Velie/Blackburn have written pointed us to smoke? And how often did the smoke prove that there was indeed a fire?

You asked Cindy what a “GOB” is. I am assuming Cindy was referring to a “GOOD OL’ BOY”. You fit that mold, constantly trying to defend the likes of Gearhart, Grigger Jones, O’Malley, Clay, Fonzi, Kelly, McKinney, Main … and the list goes on and on and on.

The “up yours” language is juvenile and also indicative of a GOB.

By: Rany on 8/27/09

The reporting on this site has always turned out to be the truth. Have another drink LLAR, your posts are barely legible as it is.

I’m told that there is a law suit pending against Robert Jones for forging the last will and testament of his x-partner, two days before the man died. Then Jones cheated the mans biological children out of a million plus dollar estate and worked with the mans 5th wife to secure the assets for her and her daughter from a previous marriage.

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

The entry from Nancy is exactly my point! No one should harm anyone!

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

Salinia9. Sorry you are wrong. The people on here get off on trashing other people without any proof! Am I wrong? Many things are aid on here to insite people. Just like Ron Berry does on a regular basis. Ive been to the meetings with him as an investor and he spoted many things that I personally know to be lies. So anyone reading this should not take any of it as fact.

By: Nancy on 8/27/09

I’m impressed with the e-mails that Karen has gotten her hands on. I wonder what else she has and I bet attorney Jones is wondering too.

Maybe somebody will beat the shit out of Karen again and try to find out. BASTARDS.

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

Ciny. Maybe you need to take that edge off man! I lost over 700K with this shit and im pissed but I will not lower myself to your leve. Ever, its wrong, so why dont you grow the F up and act like andult!

By: Cindy on 8/27/09

It isn’t difficult to know who I am LLAR. I don’t have anything to hide.

There is proof, nothing is being said without proof. If you want to wait until a judge agrees then say so, but don’t say there is no proof. This wouldn’t be going to court otherwise. This isn’t the first time your “Good Ole Boy”(GOB) Grigger has pulled a fast one either. Some of us know more than you think. It’s not over for Grigger.

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

WOW fractured arent u a quick one. Nope not in hte story but I do know the truth about his from my own investigation. You should try it yourself!

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

Cindy, Calm down! What ever happed to inocent till proven guilty? Whats a GOB? I just think there is to much stuff said without any proof. Its all about sensationalism.This kind of ilk causes peoples lifes to be threatened and ginging some of the older folks heart attacks and so on. So Cidy and I knwo who you are UP YOURS!


LLAR: Wow, if you change the second L to I you would reveal the person behind the mask!!! Your comment about Karen is nothing short of “vile”. If you are so informed regarding this matter, you are either someone who is related to, friends with or one of those listed in the story.

By: Cindy on 8/27/09

No – It’s UP YOURS LifeLong, I too have seen the documents. You do in fact attempt to discredit the reporting on this site at every turn. You don’t like the truth and your a bit more upset today than usual. So which GOB are you?

By the way, your buddy Grigger has been busted sending out e-mails on how he plans to use the media to sway public opinion. Ha

By: NoCoSkeptic on 8/27/09

Can someone please tell me who the players are? Is Robert Jones an attorney in Atascadero? Is Daniel Phillips the insurance guy in Atascadero? Is Chris Molina the guy who works with Daniel Phillips?

Just looking for some help. Thanks.

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

CC, exactly remember that, what goes around comes around. I sweep nothing under the rug. When you go around and throw out all this crap with no back up to insite. It’s wrong. I also have nothing to do with any of these people and I do NOT like Molina or Phillips, so up yours!

By: CitizenCane on 8/27/09

What’s the matter lifelongatasresident? Can’t handle the truth? Your kind and all of those creeps who sweep things under the carpet are killing our north county community.

For all we know you are one of those named in this article.

What goes around comes around. Remember that!

By: Lifelongatasresident on 8/27/09

If you wanted to be informed as to the truth and not the ilk and vile you get from Karen, go somewhere credible for your information. Once again she has them all guilty before thier day in court.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/27/09

Again like I said in the posts about the go-cart track developer, “is their any decent developers left?”

Crocks to the left of me, crooks to the right.

Yes I am painting with a broad brush but heck can you blame me? Look how big the canvas is in Atascadero!

I met Chris Molina once and he seemed like a pretty decent guy. Not so sure anymore.

By: CitizenCane on 8/27/09

In the days of the old west they used to hang horse thieves from the nearest oak tree.

The problem in Atascadero these days are there are not enough oak trees to deal with all these crooks … excuse me, I mean “citizens of the year”.

By: karen on 8/27/09

I will be on Dave Congalton’s KVEC radio show today at 4 p.m. to discuss this issue. Tune your radio to 920 AM or listen live at 920kvec.com.