Local charity linked to international sex scandal

August 17, 2009

By Karen Velie

Sellathurai Jeyanesan

Sellathurai Jeyanesan

Sri Lankan Police arrested the overseas agent of the VeAhavta charity, founded by San Luis Obispo attorney Eric Parkinson, for sexually harassing orphans.

On August 9, Sinhala police arrested Sellathurai Jeyanesan (also known as Salvaduri Jeyanesan) on a charge of “sexual attacks on Tamil girls,” according to the Sri Lankan Watch. “Furthermore, he has still unaccounted millions which he raised in the name of a church in the United States, Europe, and Israel.”

Parkinson said previously his association with Jeyanesan prompted him to convert an abandoned hotel into an orphanage in 2001. Jeyanesan managed the orphanage while Parkinson raised money to fund the charity.

In 2003, Jeyanesan visited seven North American cities in a VeAhavta fundraising tour. When he spoke to potential donors in San Luis Obispo, two young girls from Sri Lanka accompanied the accused reverend. Sri Lanka media questions Jeyanesan’s decision to take the girls on the month long trip abroad without a female chaperone.

“Among his fundraisers is a California attorney Eric Parkinson…,” says the Sri Lankan Watch. “In 2003 this organization sponsored for the Rev Jeyanesan, designated as a priest of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, a speaking fund-raising tour to churches and other groups in California, Indiana, Ohio, Toronto, and New York. On this tour he took two young girls claimed as orphans from Batticaloa.”

Supporters of Jeyanesan assert the arrest was prompted by political unrest in the war torn country.

Critics of Jeyanesan, who include officials from the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India, report Jeyanesan has taken monies slated to help orphans, widows, and needy people.

“A majority of NGO’s (non-government organizations) spend most of the money on themselves,” said Harendra de Silva, a Sri Lankan detective who added that the average annual cost of running an orphanage in Sri Lanka is approximately $18,000.

Even so, VeAhavta officials report operating cost for the Grace Care Center orphanage and adult care facility run from $153,366 to $439,000 per year, according to the group’s past three tax returns. In 2005, Parkinson reported $439,000 was spent operating the orphanage (this does not include Parkinson’s salary or U.S. operating costs which in some years have run more than 60 percent of donated monies).

Parkinson appeared on Dave Congalton’s KVEC radio show and asserted that the higher cost of running the orphanage in 2005 was due to the added expense of constructing a building to house needy seniors.

However, Sri Lankan authorities report that the cost of construction should have run closer to $75,000.

Following the posting of a June CalCoastNews article, supporters of Parkinson posted numerous responses rebutting the article and praising Parkinson, a number of which came directly from the orphanage.

About an hour after a post from the orphanage, one that was refuted by numerous bloggers, a poster logged in from the orphanage and made sexually demeaning comments directed at the article’s author

Two other bloggers, from different international locations, also began posting sexual demeaning comments directed at the article’s author.

According to Parkinson and VeAhavta volunteer Lynn Holland, between 30 to 40 U.S. volunteers support the Grace Care Center by providing administrative assistance from abroad and hands on help during visits of usually one week a year at the orphanage.

A June 30 article in the Sri Lankan Watch questions the ethics of Jeyanesan as well as some of VeAhavta’s volunteers.

“Some fund organizers in the West also see this as an opportunity for holidays for themselves in exotic surroundings and amidst people who would serve them right royally as servile minions and cater to their proclivities and appetites that may even be questionable,” according to the Sri Lankan Watch.

Parkinson did not return a request for comment regarding Jeyanesan’s arrest or the questionable cost of running the orphanage.

Earlier today, Jeyanesan went before the court in the Eastern Province town of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. The courts ordered the reverend remanded into custody for an additional two weeks while they look into new allegations of sexual misconduct.

“The embezzlement of funds by Rev Jeyanesan could very well run into several millions and this is also over a period of twenty years when he was a law unto himself,” said Sri Lanka Watch Editor Victor Karunairajan. “Attorney Eric Parkinson may be one of those fooled by this priest or a partner in this deceit especially if he is going to keep two-thirds of what he raises. This is unacceptable.”

In addition, a Sri Lankan family living in Australia is attempting to adopt the orphan that Jeyanesan allegedly assaulted by making her their godchild.

As news of Jeyanesan’s arrest and charges become available, CalCoastNews plans to provide updates.

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Member Opinions:

By: Cindy on 9/6/09

Sure Enough – Here it is

ANNOUNCEMENTS: LOCAL ATTORNEY LOOKING FOR WITNESSES in a civil case. Anyone who has witnessed an arrest or been arrested by an officer of the Union Pacific Railroad Police in San Luis Obispo, please contact Eric J. Parkinson, Attorney at Law, at: 805-783-1070

Looks like he’s back in business. If he has a client that got abused by these guys he should ask the press to do a story about it. Word will get around and if there are witnesses they will contact him. Nobody likes Rogue hot shot LEO and the UP RR has a bad reputation for that. Heck I bet Karen will print the story if he contacts her.

By: Cindy on 9/6/09

Humm, That’s strange. I thought there were no longer any SP only UP? I’ve never seen any of them but hear they are are nasty lot that make their own rules. I think I’ll go look for the add and see what it says. Sounds like he’s looking to file a class action? Either that or we had some of them boy’s over here in SLO pushing their Fed rights around and brother Ian ain’t too happy!

By: Newsome on 9/5/09

I saw in the Trib classifieds yesterday that Eric Parkinson is looking for anyone who has been hassled by SP railroad cops.

By: 4Warn on 8/28/09

new story from sri lanka


By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/23/09


Yea I was sterotyping. I do understand that not all are bad but there are many that are.

By: Cindy on 8/23/09


I have known some honest attorney’s in my life. You don’t seem the type to finger everyone with a shingle!

I had a good experience with Roy Ogden in San Luis Obispo.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/22/09


He takes money from the kids? HE’S A LAWYER! They have their souls removed when they pass the bar.

By: mcdonald on 8/21/09

Fu*k, it just dawned on me that Eric Parkinson’s salary ended up being 4 times the annual amount that it should have took to run the Sri Lanka orphanage! Does that make any sense? What the f—?

How can he be so capable and irreplaceable when he spends 1000% more than other NGO’s to care for 900% less, before he even takes his salary ? Our local children actually donated their allowances!

By: AA101 on 8/21/09

In The Know say’s, “Eric Parkinson said that donors donated money for his salary to make up for years before. His tax returns show he only worked 8 hours a week in the years before. How much was he supposed to earn for his 8 hours?”

That’s right ITK and what’s very interesting is that those were the years when all the construction was occurring. I imagine it was very busy during that time. How did Eric Parkinson end up not being able to practice law and needing 70-80K a year because the charity took all his time? He went from 8 hours a week to claiming over 40 a week. If he needed to take all those funds that would have been otherwise available to the orphans then he should have turned over some of his duties to his on site volunteers. His friends made no sense on the Congalton Show. Just go and listen to the podcasts and then add it all up. I think lot’s of listeners got duped by them that day.

By: Jordan on 8/21/09

Eric Parkinson and the charismatic Reverend Doctor Jayanesan had our kids donating their allowances and savings to this charity……

Wana meet me in the ring?

By: Michelle on 8/21/09

I really don’t see how this can be defended. We all know that attorney’s always warn their clients not to talk.

It’s now up to the IRS to audit this charity, and reach a determination. The priest Reverend Jeyanesan has been jailed, the orphans are hopefully safe for now. It appears that the Sri Lankan government has initiated an investigation.

By: InTheKnow on 8/21/09

Eric Parkinson said that donors donated money for his salary to make up for years before. His tax returns show he only worked 8 hours a week in the years before. How much was he supposed to earn for his 8 hours? And why didn’t he donate his time to help orphans?

I don’t think Eric is a charity. So I don’t think people can donate money to the non-profit of Eric.

Also, he says on his 990 that he helps the homeless of SLO County. He does not. I guess he had a small part in a five minute video of pictures with the work of others over the pictures in 2006. Why did he claim three years of helping the homeless on his tax returns?

He claimed on the radio that he did other things with donations than take care of the orphanage. Again, if his non-profit status is due to funding the Grace Care Center and helping the homeless of SLO, isn’t that where the money is required to go? Or does Eric have the ability to spend as he sees fit?

I read in news from Sri Lanka that the Rev is also being investigated for stealing donations. He is accused of making up orphanage grocery receipts for a market that does not exist. And he also had been accused, in the past, of sexual assault on another reverend’s’ wife. Why did Eric keep him on and have full faith in a man with so many allegations of theft and sexual assaults?

By: MartinW on 8/21/09

Just read the article mentioned by Mark. Read a few others in the Sri paper’s also. This Reverend is quite a piece of work. Does he get along with anyone? His own church is denouncing him. How could all this have gone unnoticed for so many years? The Church has been accusing him of mismanaging funds to the tune of millions of dollars and another Reverend in good standing has accused this “Reverend Doctor (?)” of raping his wife!

Now he has been arrested for messing with the orphan girls! I can’t fathom that this guy was on our streets collecting money from our school children!

By: Cindy on 8/21/09

Not to get off topic but:

LensCleaner, Hahahha, did you go on a Lewis & Clark expedition to find that old song?

And it goes, ” All Together Now” ……..

By: Cindy on 8/21/09

Thanks Alan,

The Sri Lanka Guardian and the Sri Lanka Watch have been exposing Jey for sometime. This latest article is obviously referencing back to Karen’s articles of 6/26 and 7/1/09, when the VeAhavata supporters were vehemently defending their fund raising cause.

In all fairness, if the Sri Lanka Watch is relying on Karen’s reporting to make claims that Jey receives one third of the funds raised by VeAhavta, then they missed the boat. Karen never reported that the priest received any known “percentage” of contributions. Eric appeared on the Dave Congalton Show and stated that he had rarely sent funds to Jey for distribution, he also stated that Jey no longer had any access to the funds afforded/earmarked for Grace Care. I’m not aware that there is any evidence to refute Eric’s assurances (regarding that concern).

Eric and his supporters also informed us that the 60% salary Eric received, was in fact specifically earmarked and donated by his supporters for that very purpose (Eric’s salary).

Certainly, this is a rather convoluted issue , considering the logistics, geographic’s and lack of transparency, one should expect it to be.

The two concerns that I personally would like to see addressed at this time is:

1. That, Jey has been arrested for sexual misconduct towards orphan girls. (Eric did state that Jey acts as the executive overseer of the Grace Care Center.)

2. That, there is a clear and rather gross disparity regarding the cost of construction, housing, clothing, nourishing and educating orphans, displaced elders and day care in Sri Lanka (including the war torn areas) with that which VeAhavata and it’s president contend.

By: Alan on 8/21/09

Check out this article concerning Father Jeyanesan in the Sri Lanka Watch, dated Aug 21, 2009. http://srilankawatch.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=64&Itemid=2

By: LensCleaner on 8/20/09

Remember that 70s song written by Rolf Harris?

some of the lyrics went like this ””

Ty me kangaroo down sport,

Ty me kangaroo down.

Ty me kangaroo down sport,

Lieutenant, Ty me kangaroo down.

By: Laura on 8/20/09

Ha, Unlike woman, men seem to have an alter-ego and they have a need to name it. Peter, Harry, Nimrod and now I know about a Joe. I don’t know why they do this, we always know which head they are talking from!

By: Booty_Juice on 8/20/09

PHD in Pediatric Proctology with a minor in Idiotic Primitive Religious Superstitions.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/20/09

Maybe he is like that old Motley Crue song from the 80’s.

“He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood”.

By: Nancy on 8/20/09

They probably instructed the Rev Dr. Jey to stop talking to Karen about his “cocky joe”!

I saw that post, before George deleted it.

Does anyone know what the designation of his supposed doctorates degree is? They put a picture of it in the Sri Lankan news, exposing it as bogus but I don’t recall what he claimed to be a Doctor of. Theology, probably?

By: Cindy on 8/20/09

BTDT – I think your definitely correct. In a sense it’s good that they can control their people but their ability to silence everyone is also alarming.. What comes to my attention is that when the vulgar posts showed up last month, those posts didn’t only come from the orphanage. Those posts also came from other areas in Sri Lanka (well outside the orphanage). They obviously knew who everyone was because they were able to put an immediate stop to it. When you’ve got several individuals sending sexually explicit private e-mails to a reporter and slimming a blog with vulgarity, there is something very odd going on. Having the ability to call an immediate cease and desist is something to take notice of!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/20/09

Interesting that the last time we talked about this group a couple months ago, numerous supporters were here within a day defending.

Three days now on this. Zip. Zelch. Nada.

I would bet good money they are reading all these posts.

The fact that they got on as fast as they did the last time, I know they must have someone passing the word when something is mentioned about them.

So again to this group are we to assume by your silence that not only is it possible that these charges might be true but that indeed the original charges might also???

By: Laura on 8/20/09

McDonald !

Hahhah hahha ahahahh lol.

By: mcdonald on 8/20/09

I heard that God Bugaloo is the one that you kick a few tires to.

By: Cindy on 8/20/09

AA101 – “Maybe they are just a mix of all religions, sure sounds mixed up! ”

I think your right about that. There is a lot of paganism over there (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.)

They have lots of “Gods”. Missionaries can and do walk up to them and offer to pray under the name of Jesus Christ. If they (the Indian) feels like Christ is “connecting” to them in some way, they will claim Christ and get outright baptized! That doesn’t mean they “really” gave up any of their other Gods though! If one God doesn’t work on a Tuesday they just invoke a different one! That’s why it’s best for them to just say God, and never mention which one!

Clara wasn’t necessarily talking about the God of Moses while avoiding the name of Christ. She could have been talking about (Hare) Krishna. We really have no way to know.

It’s all kind of amusing.

By: OtisCampbell on 8/20/09

Free proxy servers allow the user to mask their ‘true’ IP.

By: AA101 on 8/20/09

Thanks George, I listened to the pod casts.

The fact that Clara logged on from Long Island, N.Y. explains why we heard from her, at all. One of the flock was probably out of range or over looked and didn’t get her mouth taped!

Cindy, According to what is being said in Sri Lanka, this is a Jewish sect. That explains why Clara applies her own interpretation to some bible verses where Christ is mentioned. Not that it matters to me what religion they are. The fact she avoided the name Christ, which was in that scripture (something a christian would never do) definitely implies that they aren’t Christians. Maybe they are just a mix of all religions, sure sounds mixed up!

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 8/19/09

George- maybe she was on vacation.

By: congaltonkvec920 on 8/19/09

I just checked the podcast for my July 1st interview with Eric Parkinson and was able to hear it without difficulty. Give it another try.

By: George on 8/19/09

FYI:Clara posted from Long Island.USA.

By: Laura on 8/19/09

They sure are keeping a low profile. I have no doubt they have already chastised Clara. There is a vast time difference between our country’s but I doubt that any more Sri’s will engage this site. I suspect they have all been “debriefed”. Silence is their only defense right now. The Parkinson family knows all too well how and when to employ that tactic.

By: MartinW on 8/19/09

I’m Christian, I keep it real. This sounds like

THE MOONIES (close but not likely). Does “definitely” sound like some kind of an Indian cult though.

By: Cindy on 8/19/09

About Clara’s Post, RE: 1Peter 5; 8-11

She didn’t think she was quoting the bible (like I implied to her) and I don’t think they have created their own Bible. Clara was applying her own interpretation of the scripture into every day lay mans terms. I’m just trying to be fair to her. That doesn’t mean I have changed any of my opinions. I just don’t think I needed to be so condescending towards her. Below is the literal scripture she was interpreting into her own words.

1Peter 5; 8-11

8. Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

10And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 11To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.

Clara, I reiterate:

“I’ll believe you when Jey and Eric allow me to audit their books, all of them.

IF Jey would lie about his doctorates degree what else do you think he would lie and scam about? Your not going to try and tell us his degree is legitimate and from a reputable institution, are you? ”

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/19/09

I am still trying to stay objective but I’m starting to smell fanaticism from Clara and this group.

By: George on 8/19/09

AA101 copy paste this in your windows media players click ‘file'”open URL”


this way you needn’t download teh silverlight.

By: bluemule on 8/19/09

I was ready to give Parkinson and Jeyanesan the benefit of the doubt until I read their supporter “Clara’s” post below. Yikes! If ever these was cool-aid induced testimony in support of charismatic cult leaders, Clara’s is spot on. And what’s with the wierd reference to “1Peter 5; 8-11?” Have these people written their own version of the bible?

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/19/09

I sure hope that you aren’t all jumping on innocent people. India is a very different country with it’s own politics. I recall hearing this guy on the radio at KVEC and he sounded pretty sincere to me. They all sounded like sincere people. It’s possible that there is an explanation for the finances. It’s possible that the local organizers aren’t privy to all the oddities possessed by the priest. Its possible that the priest has been falsely accused. It’s also possible that this is exactly what this looks like. If it is, its near incomprehensible.

By: AA101 on 8/19/09

I just read the previous articles on this, the attachments, and read some of the Sri Lanka press reports. Couldn’t get the pod casts from the Congalton Show running. They changed something and I can’t even stream the show anymore.

This whole situation reeks of wrong doing. It appears that someone is taking advantage of a sad situation that exists half way around the world. It seems to me that a man picks his vocation and seeks it out to the fullest extent possible. That means if you love the Indian children then that’s where you go. Sitting in SLO and running this foundation full time isn’t reasonable. This could well be all done with good intentions, I don’t know, what I know is that it doesn’t look clean. I looked at the tax returns, the original loans to fund the restoration and morphing of the hotel into an orphanage were loaned by Parkinson relatives. It was all paid back with interest through contributions. Now we hear (from Sri Lankan officials) that this construction would have normally cost $75K but somehow cost near $275K! Someone has some explaining to do.

By: Cindy on 8/19/09

Scarlet – “If I recall the Congalton interview correctly, he went to bat for the reverend and said he had full faith in him”

Your post was open to interpretation. Unless a person had listened to the show they wouldn’t necessarily know what you meant. I knew what you were saying and judging by Nancy’s response, she knew too :)

By: Cindy on 8/19/09


I agree with Scarlet, Karen should come back on the show and do a follow up about this. After the last round I wasn’t certain what to think. These new and renewed allegations lend a great deal of credence to Karen’s original article.

If she goes on, please give us all some notice. I’m informed that only 1% of the readership here is blogging. There’s a lot of people who will want to listen.

By: George on 8/19/09

A con artist’s goal is not to gain the confidence of his mark, but to give his own confidence to the mark.

By: Scarlet on 8/19/09

Dave: I thought I was clear in my post that parkinson went to bat for the priest. I’m glad you aired both sides of this issue, but I couldn’t help feeling while listening to your program that parkinson is a slick snake oil salesman. I suppose this is an attribute that helps him convince people to give generously to a charity halfway around the world. Please keep bringing Velie on; I finally feel like I know what’s really going on in my community – as bad/sad as it is.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/19/09

Well stated Booty.

By: Booty_Juice on 8/19/09

Religious nutters of every sky pixy persuation believe themselves and their leaders to be above the rest. It’s just a required part of the gig.

Fact is, if you want to steal money you work in finance. If you want to fiddle kiddies you work around kids. If you want to steal money AND fiddle kiddies, religion is perfect for you.

Buggering the flock is a centuries old, time honored tradition for a reason.

By: congaltonkvec920 on 8/19/09

Scarlet — I have never defended Eric Parkinson. I gave Karen an hour on the radio to present her original story. The next night I gave Eric equal time to respond. It’s up to you to decide who is telling the truth. Personally I find the allegations to be increasingly disturbing, but we need to know much more.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/19/09

Wow Clara.

Impossible? Yea isn’t that what they said about the Catholic Priests?

How about Jim Baker? Jimmy Swaggart?

Aren’t these men human? They can’t sin? They don’t make mistakes?

If this is true Carla you are the one who is going to be very disillusioned.

I think it is funny that the last article a couple months ago about the financing, everybody from this group jumped on Karen and this site and said it was all lies.

Interesting. This time it is being reported as something that happened over there. Did Karen send her agents over there to plant evidence against these men? Hmm.

Also interesting that all the defenders who jumped on this like a dog on a bone a couple months ago are completely silent.

Steven? Please tell us are we wrong again?

The charges keep stacking up like cords of wood. One o.k. maybe maybe but they are starting to add up!

By: Cindy on 8/19/09

Per Clara: “1Peter 5; 8-11”

“the adversary will tempt you to doubt,

to hold back, to kick a few tires, to think,

we are not going to make it . RELAX , Always remember that God’s Unusual plan ends with a rainbow of new HOPE!!”

What the heck???

Clara you didn’t think you were quoting the bible there did you? Never mind, you sound like the rest of this group, NOT CREDIBLE. I’ll believe you when Jey and Eric allow me to audit their books, all of them.

IF Jey would lie about his doctorates degree what else do you think he would lie and scam about? Your not going to try and tell us his degree is legitimate and from a reputable institution, are you?

By: clara on 8/19/09

Rev Jeyansean is A Great man … and that too a Man of GOD. here are the allegations on top of this article..

“Sri Lankan Police arrested the overseas agent of the VeAhavta charity, founded by San Luis Obispo attorney Eric Parkinson, for sexually harassing orphans.

On August 9, Sinhala police arrested Sellathurai Jeyanesan (also known as Salvaduri Jeyanesan) on a charge of “sexual attacks on Tamil girls,” according to the Sri Lankan Watch. “Furthermore, he has still unaccounted millions which he raised in the name of a church in the United States, Europe, and Israel.”

I know Rev Dr Jeyansean and Mr Eric Parkinson years working with them on numerous Projects. These two men hav chosen to leave the comfort of their lives and made lot of Sacrifices to start a project only coz that it was in their hearts as a calling of GOD.

In the time i worked with them … they were Godly and respectful to the childern and treated them as if they were their own …..

It Hurts to see such Rumour mills working non stop to defame these people and it only puts a Hurdle; But not a complete block to the long vison and God’s plan they have for them..

I wish this just makes them grow stronger and wiser and God will use them for even better purpose.

the number of children and the widows and the neglected Elderlys can speak the truth to all this.

when u do a good deed there is always someone trying to bring u down….. but Rember This is the Work Of OUR LORD. you will see how lil miracles happens every day~!

There is A truth to the story and it will come thru. …

Un till then… I ask everyone of you to look carefully and understand ” were these Men REV Jeyansean and Mr ERIC parkinson …. 2 of the most courageous MEN of God have actually fallen in the wrong path or is it just an attempt of some MALICIOUS people ??????

Well God is in Controle of everything and no one is above His power ….. and Rev Jeanesan and Mr Eric Parkinson You are both in out prayers and God will not fail you.

1Peter 5; 8-11

“the adversary will tempt you to doubt,

to hold back, to kick a few tires, to think,

we are not going to make it . RELAX , Always remember

that God’s Unusual plan ends with a rainbow of new


By: mcdonald on 8/18/09

“Some fund organizers in the West also see this as an opportunity for holidays for themselves in exotic surroundings and amidst people who would serve them right royally as servile minions and cater to their proclivities and appetites that may even be questionable,” according to the Sri Lankan Watch.

Hopefully this has only been about tax deductible vacations.

By: Nancy on 8/18/09

Scarlet, You are correct. Eric did go to bat for the priest and for the author of the vulgar e-mails/posts. Steven Booth said that it was done by a person who he knew and loved! JMitchell was at the orphanage at the time the perverse writings were authored and they came from the same IP address that JMitchell had logged to the CCN site with. Something seems very wrong. I do think someone should interview the orphan girls. My guess is that nothing is being done to protect the girls. Eric is probably still denying it all and blaming it on politics.

By: Rany on 8/18/09

It really frost’s my ass that more than half the funds end up paying Eric Parkinson’s salary. Then there are the expenses for him to travel back and forth. It doesn’t make sense to run this orphanage from half way around the planet.

It’s selfish of Eric to insist on living in San Luis Obispo and having to take so much out of the donations. Why doesn’t he just move to Sri Lanka or better yet help the people where he lives and maybe live up to what he say’s on his 990 forms. There are homeless people who are cold and starving right in his backyard. Guess he couldn’t earn a big salary doing that though.

About all the people going over there for a week at a time to “volunteer”. It’s about a vacation by the sea in a exotic country where you can purchase great items for pennies. Then you get to write off the vacation as a donation! Ha, now add the behavior of this priest and I think there is plenty to be alarmed and angry about. Nothing but more attorney scams.

By: Scarlet on 8/18/09

What is Mr. Parkinson doing to ensure that none of his dependents have been assaulted? If I recall the Congalton interview correctly, he went to bat for the reverend and said he had full faith in him. How does he feel now? I suppose we’ll hear something about religious persecution or the tsunami or …..

By: Jordan on 8/18/09

I don’t expect we’ll be hearing from this group any too soon. These problems are indefensible. It’s not just the behavior with this priest, the cash stands out like a — on an —.

By: Afriendindeed on 8/18/09

So the obvious question becomes — Who is willing to call the IRS and report Eric Parkinson?

By: Cindy on 8/18/09

This is interesting, On 5/15/02 the you shall love web site (Grave Care) wrote an article about the fund raising tour. They make no mention of the children that Jey had with him. Instead they say that he was touring with his wife. The Canadian group mention that he had the two little girls and make no mention of his wife. No other articles mention that his wife was on tour with him.

I also noticed that Grace Care web site mentions that the Rev and his wife spent time with their niece “Laurel Parkinson”. Are these people all related?

Booty – I just took a good look at the photo. Leave it to you to come up with that conclusion, although it does fit the photo! Sometimes you crack me up. Try to behave.

By: Cindy on 8/18/09

I know that I was taken back when I saw some of the sexually explicit posts that were showing up on this blog when Karen originally ran this story. They were popping up as fast as George could delete them. When it was determined that many of the posts were coming out of the orphanage itself, well that should have been a wake up call. As I recall Eric and Booth didn’t seem to think all that much about it, in fact they made excuses for the conduct.

By: MartinW on 8/18/09

I know that the $$ don’t add up. So does the IRS and that’s why Erik Parkinson has been lying on his tax returns for years and claiming that his organization assists the homeless in SLO county. The fact is that he has never done anything for them. Reputable orphanages and care facilities in Sri Lanka serve 10 times the people for a tenth of the cost that Erik claims to spend. They only care for approximately 80 orphan girls. They have a day care center a school with about 20 students and a few elderly. Facilities this size operate comfortably on $20,000 a year.

By: Michelle on 8/18/09

This so called priest is a creep IMO. They call him a phony priest with a fake doctorate in Sri Lanka. To think that he flew over here from India with two little girls claiming that if we (Americans/Californian’s) wouldn’t

go over there to witness the suffering then he was going to bring it to us! As if that makes any sense. It was a vacation for him and he made some good money while he was on it.

Now he’s been arrested for sexual misconduct and this isn’t the first time he’s been accused. One really has to wonder about all this.

By: Laura on 8/18/09

This priest and Parkinson were taking the little orphan girls to schools here in our county. The children were doing fund raisers for them. I’ll have to go back and read the original article CCN did on these people. I don’t recall how much they were raising or how much Parkinson was paying himself but it was a lot more than the 18K that it should cost to run the orphanage.

By: JorgeEstrada on 8/18/09

If I were a lawyer and this story was wrongly distroying my character, my law practice, my friendships or sex life, I’d be in court to resolve this issue. Then again, that may happen anyway.

This is just another example to never send money. Check the arithmatic: $ + lawyer = lawyer

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09

Ah. I’m anxiously waiting for the following to come back and defend.

StevenBooth, LynnHelland, JMitchell, Peace,

Zack, Honesty.

I can’t wait to hear them this round. I mean innocent till guilty but comon I’m starting to smell something bad here and it isn’t just my feet!! ;-)

Let’s see if they come back for round two.


How very, very sad.

By: Cindy on 8/17/09

Like I said before, The IRS is privy to the cost’s to run a “full blown” orphanage in Sri’.

Maybe that account’s for the tax returns that include serving the homeless in SLO. Something that Eric has never done.

By: Booty_Juice on 8/17/09

Looks obvious in the photo from the kids face where the mans hand is.

Yet another religious, kiddy fiddling thief.

By: OtisCampbell on 8/17/09

Likely the IRS is/will investigate trail of U.S. donations considering amounts involved.