Police raid home and business of postal worker

August 12, 2009
Police search an Atascadero dry cleaners for drugs

Police search an Atascadero dry cleaners for drugs


In a page right out of the Keystone Cops, police kicked down the door of an unlocked home and then ransacked the property based on a bad tip from an informant.

At around 7 p.m. on Monday, an officer yelled “search warrant” outside a large plate glass window at Fashion Dry Cleaners in Atascadero. Moments later, an officer hit the window cracking it then another officer began beating out the glass with what looked like a bat.

A sergeant involved in the raid of the dry cleaners refused to give a reporter his name or what agency he worked for stating it was an “ongoing investigation” and that numerous agencies were involved.

An Atascadero police dispatcher said San Luis Police Department was the primary agency responsible for the raids.

In addition to SLOPD, Atascadero Police Department, the narcotics task force, and parole assisted in the raids, according to San Luis Obispo Police Department Public Information Officer Chris Staley

Approximately 10 officers participated in the raid of 55-year-old Yasuro Gonzales’ business while another team of law enforcement personnel smashed through a garage door at Gonzales’ San Miguel home.

“The front door was open,” Gonzales said. “They didn’t even try it. They told me to put a claim into the city (for damages to his home and business).”

San Luis Obispo County Judge Michael Duffy signed the warrant that allowed police to ransack Gonzales’s home while his 20-year-old son stood handcuffed in the front yard. According to the warrant, officers were searching for methamphetamine, paraphernalia used in preparing narcotics, financial records that show controlled substance transactions, and cell phones.

Gonzales left his home a little after 5 a.m. for his primary job with the postal service. At 4:30 p.m. he joined his wife at the family dry cleaners on El Camino Real. He arrived home a little after 7 p.m. to find eight officers searching his home and his son restrained.

“When I got home I asked, ‘Why is he handcuffed?’” Gonzales said. “They said, ‘For his own safety.’”

Gonzales’ 28-year-old son lives in an apartment next to the dry cleaners. Police arrested the son after they discovered one marijuana plant at the apartment during the raid. The officers found no illegal substances in their search of Gonzales’ home, Gonzales said.

The conflict between police and the Gonzales family began approximately six months ago when 30-year-old Luis Gonzales was released from prison after serving three months for a parole violation. He moved in with his father and for a few months he worked and stayed clean, Yasuro Gonzales said.

When Luis Gonzales appeared to be getting back into drugs his father asked him to move out. Luis Gonzales is currently in violation of his parole.

“How many times do we have to tell them he (Luis) is not welcome here,” Gonzales added. “I don’t want him on the street. I would rather see him in jail then on drugs.

“They have been by the dry cleaners at least three times looking for my son (Luis),” Gonzales said. “They have no respect. My other son was behind the building and an officer pulled a gun on him and made him get down on the ground. When he showed his identification they let him go.”

In addition to multiple stops at the dry cleaners, Gonzales said officers had entered his home on three prior occasions.

“They entered my 16-year-old daughter’s room and told her to get out,” Gonzales added. “They didn’t even tell me they were there. I was in bed. They told my son if we have to come again it was not going to be pretty.”

SLOPD Public Information Officer Staley said it is unusual when a search warrant does not produce the expected outcome during a raid. He declined to answer questions regarding whether narcotics where discovered during the raid, because “it is still an active investigation.”

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Member Opinions:

By: silent_circus13 on 9/7/09

As much as it may appear as thought someone civil rights were violated here, the police had (in this case) a lot to go on. I PERSONALLY know there is/has been alot of drug trafficking going on through this place, mostly meth and a little weed. They’ve had their eye on no only this family but this business in general as I also know that the woman who used to work and live there (where gonzales’ son now lives and works since losing his old job) was also ‘trafficking’ methamphetamine out of her ‘apartment’ at this place of business… the pd should have done a little more research however so to have been able to catch these scum bags in the act. Now the pd has pretty much lost whatever lead they had since now these losers will either stop doing what they are doing (Unlikely since we are tallking METH here) or start doing it somewhere else where their likelihood of being caught or cornered are much less… it pains me and the whole community to know that guys are still buying, selling, and using.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 8/21/09

These types of incidents highlight exactly why SLO County needs to have Civilian Review Boards. Most of these civil-rights violating incidents are being hushed up thru hush money, secret back-room wheeling and dealing, and the govt employee unions. Instead of being willing accomplices to the slick cover-ups, the Milquetoast Media of SLO County should be demanding full disclosure and full accountability concerning these violations of our civil rights.

By: Rany on 8/19/09

There hasn’t been anything in the Tribune and the police still aren’t talking. I know that someone did contact the ACLU.

NorthCountyGuy, Something must have come out of the murder you describe. Didn’t this elderly man have family that followed up? It probably got settled out of court and swept under the rug. Too bad the family probably took the money and didn’t pursue it in a different venue.

By: NorthCountyGuy on 8/19/09

About 10 years ago, the home-invasion killers of the SLOPD shot a senior 4-times in the back in his own bedroom during a no-knock drug raid at a completely wrong address. There wasn’t a hint of remorse by the trigger-happy, senior-killing backshooters of the SLOPD. The DA of that time, Barry LaBarbara, covered-up the cold-blooded murder of a senior citizen.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09

Thanks Cindy

By: Cindy on 8/17/09


Like you said, Didn’t really like to, but ah..

You were Right on the ticket and the timing was appropriate, IMO.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09


“speak softly but carry a big stick”.

Yes we don’t need A.C.L.U. yet. You speak softly and find the facts like I said, if it does play out to be true, then the A.C.L.U. is your big stick!!

I really wish before people get so overzealous on my comments, they would read them. I keep getting taken out of context.

By: AA101 on 8/17/09

Contacting the ACLU is a bit over the top right now. The SLO police should be given some time to issue a press release. It’s an ongoing investigation and we don’t know if there are things that must remain confidential at this time. It’s not as if this is a common occurrence. Like they said, it’s rare that they don’t find what they are looking for.

By: Cindy on 8/17/09

Or like Sheriff Bufford said “walk softly but carry a big stick”.

Hope I have the right Sheriff from the right movie! Movie was Walking Tall (1979)?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09

Or like Teddy Roosevelt said, “speak softly but carry a big stick.”

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09


Yep. I always believe if you are serious step it up. Don’t waste time with the L.A. Times. It will bring sympathy but no action.

Like my favorite line by Sean Connery from the Untouchables.

“If they bring a knife you bring a gun. If they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue.”

Not literally but you get the point.

By: Michelle on 8/17/09

Oh sh*******************t.

If you call them, they will come.

By: Cindy on 8/17/09


If it hadn’t been mentioned to them before, it has been now! I know they have been reading this site along with lots of friends from the post office.

Now see what you’ve gone and done, Ollie. ;-)

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/17/09

If this does play the way it is written and the cops screwed up, instead of calling the L.A. Times as people have suggested, (I don’t like even suggesting this but) has anybody thought to tell the family to contact the A.C.L.U.?

By: Nancy on 8/17/09

That’s right, I knew that :)

Which brings me to question why Ian Parkinson who is running for Sheriff has abandoned his post as the SLOPD Public Information Officer?

He has turned this post over to one of his colleagues rather than answer or explain the actions of his department. Police Chief Deb Linden has allowed him to “duck, tuck & roll”. If, he is going to adopt that sort of posture when he “screws up”, what will he do when he is Sheriff and accountable to no one?

By: Cindy on 8/17/09

Hotdog is correct, it would be the SLO CC that “hired” and over see’s the city manager that “hired” the police chief.

Sheriff is elected and we are all his boss! Hahhahha, I guess it takes a recall to get him out or to force him to do something that he doesn’t want to. Of course the same can be said of a City Council but at least they aren’t a “one man band”!

Mr. Ramos won’t be returning from Europe for another two weeks so it could take some time

to see if he will get involved with this.

By: hotdog on 8/17/09

Nancy, the Supes have nothing to do with SLOPD, they are city cops, the Supes are county. And they have little control of county cops, the sheriff is elected independently. For good or bad that is where it is…

By: Nancy on 8/16/09

I see this site is a bit calmer this morning, not for the less, I’m still having some good laugh’s.

McDonald, I love your cartoon vision. LOL, that is really funny. I can picture it, LOL some more. This site should get an artist and you can come up with the creative jokes.

Your spot on about the need to demand an explanation and accountability from the SLO police and anyone else involved. They are so arrogant. It will probably take a discovery process to get to the bottom of this. If wrong doing is found we will probably have to climb all over the damn Board of Sups to get Linden to take action. People really do have to start taking control of government and putting it back where it belongs (serving us). I’m thinking that Ramos might be able to gain some assistance (regarding discovery) through some of the Cal Poly law professors. Could even be a good student project.

By: mcdonald on 8/16/09

Are there any pro-bono attorney’s out there, that are as incredulous as the rest of us, who, will step up to assists this family? The police are going to remain silent and hide behind that long reaching probable cause excuse that we idiots have afforded them. What was the probable cause? The only way the facts are going to be disclosed is with the assistance of an attorney.

I say pro-bono because this isn’t about bringing a law suit it’s about demanding police reports, court documents and accountability. The police won’t even admit that they didn’t find any drugs! We know they didn’t because if they did, they would have been all over the “horn” about it.

The public has a right to know why this brazen travesty occurred. Justice needs to be swift.

By: Cindy on 8/16/09

Hahhaha George, bad info insurance! LOL

AA – Your theory is interesting. I doubt that this would have been grounds for a judge to issue a search warrant. I thought they needed some kind of proof. A “hyped up” drug addict claiming to produce meth in his families business or home just doesn’t hold water. I believe it’s possible that Luis might have said these types of things but it should never had been grounds to trigger this sort of an event, IMO. I should think the narcotic officers are well aware of the behavior exhibited from meth users and the like. Also a meth lab has a distinct smell that is near impossible to miss. I don’t think this is a reasonable probability.

By: George on 8/15/09

Any guess about how much the informant was paid and do they have insurance for this type of thing (bad info insurance) :-D

By: AA101 on 8/15/09

In trying to make some sense out of all of this, I have to begin by questioning what evidence could have been put forth to Judge Duffy to gain his signature on this faulty warrant. I know 3 things.

That police were searching for methamphetamine.

That they were relying on information from an informant.

That Luis Gonzales was an abuser of illegal substance’s (most likely meth) and who was in violation of his probation.

Moving on to part b of this outline.

Is it natural for a father to assist his son in recovery upon release from jail? Answer YES

Is it natural for a father to tolerate intrusions by parole officers upon his families domain, when he has other children to consider? Answer is “ONLY” yes if he believes that no laws are being violated.

Is it reasonable that when other family members are at risk due to sudden relapse by this family member (Luis the oldest) that a father would redact family hospitality?

The answer is YES.

Does Mr. Gonzales love his son,Luis? Answer YES.

Is Mr. Gonzales an enabler? Answer, Probably not, he has duties to 4 other innocent family members.

Now I’m back at square one and here is where my experience comes in. “meth” users do and say the strangest things without consideration or reason. It’s possible, very possible that the narcotics officers actually had Luis Gonzales on tape (retrieved from their informant) saying the most egregious things during a state of euphoria IE: meth induced psychosis. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a substance abuser while under the influence of methamphetamine to have imagined himself (or wished himself to be recognized as )a drug load who owned a factory. These people can be very tricky, I wouldn’t be so hard on the police. I don’t condone their actions but I do understand what all the possible scenario’s are.

By: Rany on 8/15/09

It appears clear that law enforcement had been harassing and even violating Yasuro Gonzales’ & his families civil rights for sometime. First, when a parole officer or any officer is seeking out a parolee they should know what the person looks like. There is no reason not to know that. Plenty of photos are surely available. Does a bounty hunter go out without a photo? To demand that a different “innocent” family member hit the ground via gun point is unconscionable. This is, maybe not illegal, it’s at best inexcusable harassment. Get your act together law enforcement, the citizens pay you well to work in this county.

Now, as to entering the room of a 16 year old female sibling. The father of Luis originally allowed him to stay in his home. During that time parole officers had a right to enter after knocking of course. They did not, I repeat DID NOT have a right to enter the rooms of other family members. To enter this child’s room and demand that she leave it was not within the duties afforded the parole officer. There has been a great deal of wrong doing perpetrated upon this family.

I do hope they seek justice. There is simply no indication that this family was hiding a fugitive from the law or engaged in any unlawful practices. That’s what makes this behavior by law enforcement so astounding!

By: mcdonald on 8/15/09

I hope Hodin or Jerry James or both, do a cartoon in the New Times. I just had a comical vision of a bunch of gestapo driving away from a smashed up scene in 10 cars hauling battering rams. In the center car looking out the window is a frazzled little marijuana plant with a punk hair cut a reverse happy face and two of his branches hand cuffed

By: Nancy on 8/15/09

Daren’t, TBK managed to get another post deleted, or did he do it himself?

I didn’t see anything wrong with his last post, it was so ridiculous that it was hysterical. It actually made my morning, I really had a good laugh, I seriously was LOL.

By: George on 8/15/09

Dissent we can handle.

Wanna point out grammatical idiosyncrasies or complain about moderation?

use the handy “suggestions” link.

Noise gets deleted,

By: Michelle on 8/15/09

As a citizen of Atascadero, I’d like to know if the city of San Luis Obispo is going to reimburse the city of Atascadero for their use of our resources. Considering that they lead everyone on a wild goose chase that culminated into nothing more than violating the civil rights of one of our “upstanding” local merchants, I’d expect nothing less.

By the way, I hope this doesn’t get into the LA Times. It won’t be the city of San Luis Obispo that takes the black eye, it will be Atascadero. People won’t recall who was responsible, but they will remember where it happened.

When one family’s civil rights are violated, everyone’s civil rights are violated. Never forget that Atascadero.

By: Roo on 8/15/09

From Nancy: “Are you sure that’s what you meant to say?”

Nope. That’s what I meant to WRITE.


Mabee I cann writ storys for this sight. I cann spel reel good…

By: Nancy on 8/15/09

TBK, Hummm..Ummm..Ahhh.. Geeezzzz,

Now what could Ian Parkinson possibly have to do with this story. Who do you think heads up the SLOPD while on the streets? Who do you think took the gang up to Atascadero and San Miguel all decked out in riot gear? Who do you think gave the directives to break through unlocked doors and plate glass windows to bust a single lonely little marijuana plant? Oh that’s right it must have been Mike Brennler!

What ever in the world could Mr. Ramos have to do with CCN and this story? Ahhhhh…daahhhh.. who is the editor of this paper, Strobridge? LOL

By: Nancy on 8/15/09

LOL, This place is too much this morning.

Roo, You just said “I really WANT to take this site seriously, but rudimentary spelling and grammar skills should be present on a “news” site, in my opinion.”

Are you sure that’s what you meant to say?

By: Jordan on 8/15/09

I am currently prone to agree with the supposition posted by Afriendindeed.

I’ve scanned the local Tribune this morning and they have yet to bring public awareness to this incident.

There is no reason to allow the Tribune to direct the outcome of our elections. There are numerous reputable (though smaller) news sources in this county that can collectively run right over McClatchy and his spin. I look forward to the experience that Ramos will bring to CCN. I’ll be following your success. Great job CCN. We need more of you.

By: Jordan on 8/15/09

It looks like TBK’s post got deleted. Usually George tells us when he deletes a post so I assume TBK thought better and removed his own embarrassing faux pas.

By: Cindy on 8/15/09

TBK say’s, “How about this for future reference: If I don’t specifically direct a comment towards you, don’t reply to my post. Do you think you can do that?”

Sure TBK, I can do that but I wasn’t replying to your post, in fact I rarely reply to your in-comprehensive rhetoric. My response was to FRACTUREDFARIETALES post, in fact it even addressed FFT:

How about this for the future TBK, stop dragging names into stories that have nothing to do with the issues, as in nodda, zilch to do with the issues and I won’t tweak your brain.

By: Afriendindeed on 8/14/09

The Tribune is in bed with Ian Parkinson. They intend to make him our next sheriff, so expect only positive coverage from the Trib.

By: hotdog on 8/14/09

TBK, I’m not sure about the gig with you and Cindy but of course your last request makes no sense, we all comment on issues of interest to us-usually sparked by someone else bringing up an issue not directed at us.

Like Cindy, I wonder why the incessant references to Mike and Dale in a nasty sense. They have not commented very often (in fact I have never heard from Dale here) so why do you feel the need to kick them so often? Some think you might be some sort of troll…

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/14/09

To Cindy.


By: Cindy on 8/14/09

BTDT – I wonder if they sat around and had a few beers together back then? Bet they did!

By: Cindy on 8/14/09

I think it’s unfortunate for Ian Parkinson and his gang that the new editor of CCN is Mr. Ramos! I’m sure that he would know how to bring additional attention to this story if he chooses to do so. We’ll just have to wait until he returns from Europe and see what he decides. In the mean time its possible that the Tribune is looking into it. If it ends up in LA before it ends up in their paper, ha need I say more.

Martin – It isn’t necessarily self serving for the gov to settle matters out of court when they have culpability. It’s actually in all of our best interest. I’ve been told that Mr. Gonzales isn’t the type to bring a law suit, he’s more likely to allow the city to repair his damages and then let it go. If this is true then I guess they knew who to pick on. Sounds like a very nice man and family to me.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/14/09

And Lincoln said……….

“and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Well poor Abe didn’t know what a sad state of affairs we have here in SLO county. The county Gov. answers to themselves, the police answer to themselves. We see it again and again here lately.

Sad indeed Abe.

By: MartinW on 8/14/09

This will get swept under the rug. The law enforcement will hide behind their “ongoing investigation” excuses and continue to refuse to answer for their actions.

If or when the effected family files a law suit the various city entities will settle out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. That’s how government runs. I’ve seen it before. They serve themselves, it’s called “shut up and cover up”.

By: Rany on 8/14/09

Humm, After pondering these facts its apparent that the police planned to approach the business only after it was closed and the Gonzales family had left for the day. Now why would that be? Lets consider the following:

Where is the danger? There are patrons exiting/entering through out the day and the family and children are working there. Is there really the possibility of an undetected meth lab that might blow up? I don’t believe there was. This is a law abiding family who have always been respectful and accommodating to law enforcement. That is with the exception of the oldest son Luis who is no longer welcome. It seems to me that the police could have walked into the business a few minutes before closing and asked the Gonzales family to open the back of the store for inspection. If the family refused well then the police always had a search warrant to fall back on. My point is that these police planned and wanted to break in the windows and create a dramatic take down scene with all their riot gear. Why? Thrills maybe? Don’t take me wrong, I have no doubt that they thought they were going to find some drugs, hopefully meth, after all they did have a tip that they were relying on? But why the big show, I suspect it was all about posing for the newspapers and TV in their ” Halloween costumes”. In the end they refused to give their names or even what division they worked with! I “kind of” feel sorry for these humans, I said “kind of” sorry. I think this story could hit the LA Times if enough people contact them. LA will like it because it say’s ,” see these things don’t only happen here in the big city.”

By: mcdonald on 8/14/09

CitizenB just hit a nerve in me. He’s 100% correct. Based on previous visits these “perps” knew that there was no real threat.

It was all a big show and they lost more than ratings. I’m going to contact KSBY and the LA Times. They aren’t going to get away with this. People need to know.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/14/09

Does anybody else find the sad humor in a lot of the recent storys or blogs?

People comment about Brennler, Strobridge, Parkison and Perry. Interesting that they are all present or past cops. Just saying.

Maybe they should sit down like Obama and company and all have a BEER. ;-) ;-)

By: CitizenB on 8/14/09

Isn’t is SO much easier to break into a hard-working middle-aged Hispanic man’s home and family business (where there is likely to be no real threat based on the experience of three previous visits) than to track down the real perp on the mean streets?

By: Laura on 8/14/09

I smell another Hedges coming down the pike.

By: Nancy on 8/14/09

Where is the Tribune with this story? They know about it by now. I noticed that they have an article out today about the Sheriffs race and how Parkinson has collected the most contributions for his candidacy. They sure don’t want to inform us taxpayers about what his departments been up to but rather about his run for Sheriff.

By: Cindy on 8/14/09

FFT say’s : “TBKandKTA: You people need to find another outlet for your issues with Brennler/Strobridge.”

That’s OK FFT – Their statements were among the most obtuse of the day. Considering that this debacle was initiated out of the SLOPD, what do you want to bet that it was headed up by their (TBK, etc) golden boy Ian Parkinson? Now do they really think that anybody is going to vote that guy into office as our Sheriff once the law suits hit the fan and this outrage all becomes main stream media?

I find it interesting that Ian Parkinson is the SLOPD “PIO” (Public Information Officer) and was the mouth piece about himself when this dept busted some kids stealing cars but a new person has been filling in for him as PIO when questions are being asked about this recent travesty of justice that was perpetrated by Ian’s dept. This would have been covered up if CCN hadn’t been driving by at the time.

By: JorgeEstrada on 8/14/09

It seems like this news happens allot if you are a Gonzalez, a Sanchez, a Garcia and yes it could be an Estrada next but this is California and soon these names will be kicking in doors too. How does this sound? I don’t needs no stinkin badjes, abierta la puerta!!!


TBKandKTA: You people need to find another outlet for your issues with Brennler/Strobridge. Hey, how about running for City Council?! You would appear to fit right in with the crooks and redneck seated there now. Then you too could be omnipotent instead of just impotent.

By: bobfromsanluis on 8/14/09

rukidding: Okay, no racism; sexism, maybe? 5’6″, 10 inch gun and a two pound badge- maybe you just issues with short people then? Look, I agree that there are those in law enforcement that definitely have an “attitude” problem, in that, they have a badge and a gun and the attitude that what they are doing is without a doubt the absolute legal correct thing. I respect the job that law enforcement is tasked with, and the bravery they exhibit in that they show up and do their job every day not knowing what they may face around the next corner or through the next door. When examples like this incident come up where an obvious screw up has happened, there does need to be an explanation so another botched arrest attempt hopefully doesn’t happen.

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

easymoney – What I said is “I do suppose that it’s always possible that the family set the cops up.” Not the other way around, however no matter which way you turn it and look, it doesn’t add up. If I had to guess I’d say there’s a parole officer that has a personal interest in this guy Luis (and maybe his family) and mislead the police into a raid that never should have happened. That’s just a guess, I’ll reserve my full judgment of this fiasco until all the information is provided by the courts and law enforcement.

rukidding – Yes that’s what I thought you meant.

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/13/09


The police were out to this families home on 3 separate occasions, they also visited the family business on 3 occasions. No arrest were ever made, no drugs were ever confiscated. Now we have this great big “over the top” take down on this family. With 3 teenage children all they find is one lonely marijuana plant it a family members apartment. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Guess whose “walking and quacking”.

By: rukidding on 8/13/09

To Cindy and Bob-Racism was never mentioned. I was talking about mentality, size, and quotas. I don’t make the rules I just see the results. Example, 5’6 cop with a 10″ gun and a 2 lb. badge.

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/13/09

Thanks for the tip Vagabond. No there wasn’t anything in the papers that I recall. When did this happen?

By: easymoney on 8/13/09


LEO does not set up anyone who is innocent and if someone is dumb enough to break the law, they deserve the repercussions of those acts.

I do not know the people involved nor the LEO who responded, but I do know there are many in this county quick to judge LEO and yet expect exemplary behavior above and beyond the realm of reality. If it quacks like a duck… Emergency response is to act responsibly, quickly and in the best intrests of the public. How bout you?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/13/09

Sorry Cindy. You must have misunderstood my joke. I had a wink at the end. I was kidding about three people. You know Obama, and three (The V.P., Cop and Professor) Yes I did hear about that one.

Maybe all our law enforcement train by the same manual?

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

easymoney – I do suppose that it’s always possible that the family set the cops up. After all apparently it was a tip that was relied upon, but one would think the police would have been smarter than that.

Vagabond, I don’t recall reading anything about a car being shot up on the fwy by the police. If you know this to be true you might want to contact Karen with any info you have. Usually when something like that doesn’t hit the papers it’s because there is something to hide. She’s caught the police hiding things before.

By: Vagabond on 8/13/09

Big Smiles

Yes it was the police, I don’t live in SLO Co. anymore, so I was wondering if anybody knew what happened.

By: easymoney on 8/13/09


If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck it might be a duck.

Very much like the before mentioned Boston arrest, it was because of belligerent behavior that might endanger the LEO or the perpetrator.We are citizens commenting on a possible crime and court case, which we do not have privey to.

There seems to be a lot of whining going on on this site a situations that spring from hearsay or inuendo. Lots of political opinoins commenting on o going situations.

The courts will sort this out like all cases before them.

By: Michelle on 8/13/09

easymoney, No one is discussing “all law enforcement”, they are referring to these particular bone heads. This is a very disturbing story. Someone has a special interest in this 30 year old man and has crossed the lines and violated this families civil rights beyond comprehension. This man doesn’t even live with his family or work for them and the police had been informed of this and even searched on many previous occasions. The entire family has been traumatized. This is serious, we are all going to pay for this. It makes no sense.

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

BTDT you must have been drinking lots of beers and missed lots of news. It was all over the news and the police wanted an apology and it was all pretty funny.

What happened is that a black college professor was harassed and hand cuffed on his front porch (for nothing except being incensed at rudeness & humiliation) by a dump ass Boston cop and it made headlines. Obama publicly called the cop “stupid” or something like that. It turned into a nt’l debate on political correctness!

Yes, I did misread your post,sorry. I thought your were ragging on the left. Yup Clinton did add all that extra law enforcement and I agree that we don’t need it. Just legalize marijuana and we can dump a large portion of the cost of LE.

By: easymoney on 8/13/09

For those who whne about their local police, sheriff or fire deparments, please take a breath and put yourself in their shoes if only for a minute. All EMS and LEO place themselves in harms way to protect and to serve.

Sure there are those few, who misbehave or act out inappropriately, yet the majority of those who serve you do so with that in mind only.

Anyone can whine or complain, especially from the comfort of their easy chair in front of a computer, using an fictitious name

And to bring up a Boston professor who was deemed out of control by local LEO and arrested for disorderly conduct, should be asshamed of themselves. Obama admited he ahd no facts or contact wit the situation, yet he meade the choice to speak out and condemn based on hearsay…

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/13/09

Wow! Was my comment taken out of context. Reread. I said that Clinton and Obama wanted more cops on the street. Didn’t Clinton put in funding for 100,000 more in his second term? Hmm. PLEASE.

I don’t disagree on the W Bush and rights but that is not what I said.

I missed the thing on Obama a few weeks ago. What was it? I was busy out drinking beers with three friends. ;-)

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

bobfromsanluis, I couldn’t agree with you more. I didn’t really take rukidding’ comment as racism. I interpreted it as a spoof on some people’s mental competence as in dummies can get on the police force too.I could be wrong through, maybe he meant it literally.

By: bobfromsanluis on 8/13/09

rukidding: Do away with “equal opportunity”? Nice subtle bit of racism there, especially since we don’t know if all of the cops were white or not. Sheesh. I do agree that there should be some sort of psychological screening to keep out those immature bullies that get their jollies beating down a potential criminal. I do certainly hope that the family sues all of the related agencies and even the judge if that is possible.

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

BTDT – Your spot on, but – Don’t give us that crap about Clinton and Obama. It’s “W” as in Bush who initiated the biggest trashing of our rights in the history of this country with his illegal Patriots Act.

Also I don’t think Obama likes cops much. He called a Boston cop stupid in the Nt’l media, for over stepping his bounds last week, remember?

By: rukidding on 8/13/09

Try doing away with “equal opportunity” and actually hire only the people that are really qualified to do the job.

By: Laura on 8/13/09

“an officer yelled “search warrant” outside a large plate glass window at Fashion Dry Cleaners in Atascadero. Moments later, an officer hit the window cracking it then another officer began beating out the glass with what looked like a bat. ”

You’ve got to be kidding me. They could see right through the window, why didn’t they wait for someone to open the door or contact the owner if the place was closed and locked?

Have people just gone crazy? Those jokers deserve a slap up side the head. They definitely shouldn’t be carrying guns. They are out of control and acted no better than thugs. Now we all get to pay for the foolish damage. Nothing but little boys wanting to play “tough guys”, and now they all look like idiots. So much for Pride, Integrity & Guts.

I agree that more and follow up psychological testing should be required of police officers. It’s already a known fact that most police have insecurity complex’s and join the force for the wrong reasons. I know we all try to weed them out but too many get though the screening process.

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/13/09

Vagabond – are you saying that the police were responsible for shooting up the car on the fwy? If not then whats it got to do with this story?

By: BIG_SMILES on 8/13/09

“They told me to put a claim into the city (for damages to his home and business).”

Don’t you just love it? They (police) play we pay.

This is exactly why informants testimony should never be considered credible in a court of law. Ha, I bet that guy’s in deep shit! Wonder what trouble he was trying to get himself out of? Wonder what Mr. Gonzales oldest troubled son, (who doesn’t live with him) had been in prison for and what his parole violation is, using drugs assume.

BTW Meth lab my ass, you can smell one a mile away.

By: Vagabond on 8/13/09

A while back some poor folks had their car shot to hell in Paso (?) on the Freeway, I wonder what ended up happening there?

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

Harold – It’s because the criminal might flush his marijuana plant down the toilet before he lets them in :)

By: JesseJames on 8/13/09

“SLOPD Public Information Officer Staley said it is unusual when a search warrant does not produce the expected outcome during a raid.”

This is hilarious. Like the last time they raided all the boys houses who were “involved” with the frat hazing incident? What “evidence” did they gather from that? Every home had the wrong kids names on the search warrants and not one camera, computer, or other digital device yielded any evidence. Nice work SLO PD.

By: Harold on 8/13/09

Somebody like a home owner or police officer is going to get shot if they keep up these tactics. Many home owners would arm themselves if someone was breaking into their house. If the homeowner shoots the policeman breaking in The homeowner will likely end up dead too. Why not knock on the door or call on the phone first from outside.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/13/09

This article is one of many reasons why I have been opposed to Presidents (i.e. Clinton, Obama) that keep saying we need more cops on the street.

What good does it serve in the end? You think it protects? Cops are reactive not proactive. In this I mean that if you call the cops and tell them, “I think my ex., neigherbor, friend, etc. is going to kill me,” what can they do? Basically nothing till that person kills you. Then they can react.

It reminds me of joke a comedian told about calling the cops because he though someone was going to kill him. The cop replies, “we will arrest him once we have your dead body!”

Oh and another funny thing on this story. The police are going to arrest the man because he has one marijuana plant? Good God!! Somebody hurry up and arrest this man so we can give him the death penality!! He is a threat to society! He has a marijuana plant for God’s sake!!!

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

McDonald has a good point. The police simply yell “police” and they think that identify’s them but home invaders can also yell “police”. If the police aren’t supposed to be there then the resident wouldn’t believe that it’s the police and will start shooting from terror and fear. Some police and the resident will all end up shot. I agree with the person who said these tactics shouldn’t be allowed unless it’s a dire, as in a do or die situation.

By: Nancy on 8/13/09

Let me see if I have this straight. The police and parole officers employed these actions upon this family because they have a son who is in violation of his parole who, isn’t living with them? Have law enforcement lost their even lovin minds? It appears this family has been continuously harassed for months. Our law enforcement has been over stepping the line for too long and the citizens have not demanded accountability. This is what happens when local citizenry becomes complacent. “Keystone Cops” is too kind.

By: Laura on 8/13/09

These type of police tactics should only be allowed for the most extreme circumstances and I do mean “extreme circumstances”. This is dangerous and its a danger to society.

Sorry boy’s, you need to get your jollies some other way (I don’t even want to think of what you’ll come with).

By: MartinW on 8/13/09

I’m with you McDonald. There would be plenty of widows around including mine, probably.

A word to Law Enforcement – Don’t ever kick in a man’s door unless your certain that he’s doing something. If he’s innocent he’ll believe your home invaders and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from coming through. Stupid is as stupid does.

By: mcdonald on 8/13/09

Those SOB’s. If they had kicked my door in they would have met rapid fire from a 357 Mag kicking out hollow points.

By: Michelle on 8/13/09

This is the kind of police tactics that make citizens very very angry. I can’t even fathom the police pulling that on me and my family. If the Gonzales family brings suit against the responsible parties a jury with award them big $$$. The Tribune should run this story to exonerate Mr. Gonzales good name. I’m certain people saw his business being broken into by the police. I feel so sorry for this poor man and his innocent wife and children. What a nightmare. i hope there is an investigation into the previous violations of his rights. Imagine someone walking into your house when your in bed and telling your 16 year old daughter to get out of her room? My God and all under the guise of a public servant!

By: Cindy on 8/13/09

Unbelievable. I agree with GrayGranny – Who falsified the evidence to get the probable cause search warrant? Its obvious that this gang in blue love to do this stuff. Why try the door knob, you may not get to kick the door in, that’s why.

Yup- Hey boy’s lets bust up plate glass windows at a local business and really get the blood rushing “They told me to put a claim into the city (for damages to his home and business).” Lets stick guns in innocent peoples faces, don’t want to pass up that chance.”They have no respect.” That’s right Mr. Gonzales they certainly don’t. There are a few cops that need to be tarred and feathered and run the hell outta here. This is going to cost us all a pretty penny. These hot heads need to be better screened before graduating from the police academy – Case point, there’s a story in the TT today about a Santa Barbara cop that exposed himself to two young teenage girls. How’d he pass the “carry a gun test”? These blatant bully tactics and violation of rights (such as described here) has to be met “head on” and dealt with harshly.

They made an arrest for a little marijuana plant growing in an apartment, if the guy had a prescription we’ll probably get sued for that too.

By: karen on 8/13/09

I will be on the Dave Congalton Show at 6 p.m. today. Turn your radio dial to 920 AM or listen live at http://www.920kvec.com.

Editor George Ramos is on vacation in Europe.

By: GrayGranny on 8/13/09

There are MANY local residents who can attest to the fact this is not uncommon behavior for NTF and our local parole agents to pull shenanigans like this raid. I do not know this family or their situation but if Judge Duffy had enough information to sign a search warrant, I’m wondering who falsified probable cause “evidence.” Our local law enforcement agencies and their “peace” officers get a big adrenaline rush from busting through doors…with or without cause. Many parolees are afraid to speak up when this happens to them for fear their parole agent will find some way to violate him or her and send that individual back to prison. Our local parole agents consistently operate under the guise of fear and intimidation.

By: mccdave on 8/13/09

I had an absurd encounter with the Atascadero PD last year, and their complete incompetence is no surprise. Nice to know SLOPD and other agencies are teaming up with them.

(I’m gonna take a wild stab here and assume that the Pulitzer guy isn’t editing these stories yet. Until he is, could you at least hire an 8th-grader to proofread this stuff?)

By: knowthisatascadero on 8/12/09

TBK – while usually you are right on, you are wrong on this one based on the information available at this time. Now, if it comes out that there is sex, conflict of interest, sex, illegal wire-tapping, sex, collusion, sex, don’t question me knock the door in, don’t turn that handle………..

You will be right on!

By: Vagabond on 8/12/09

Bwa Ha Ha Ha, SLO County, the laughingstock of California.

What next?

Debauchers, Crooks, Inepts! Here is your home!

Bankrupt CSDs,

Keystone Cops

Dysfunctional County government.

What more could you ask for?

Oh ya, how about the worst newspaper in the country.

Bakersfield is starting to look pretty good.

By: Al on 8/12/09

WTF is SLOPD doing in Atascadero?? Lagging on Cal Poly arrest income?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/12/09

P.S. Dreg not drug. Dreg as in dregs of society.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 8/12/09

Boy. You gotta love the county lately. It is either SLO or Atas. Making good ol dreg news.

Heck CCN might needed to hire another reporter just to keep up with all the Bull—- in these two cities.