Pasolivo: How much is the ranch really worth?

October 28, 2009

Karen Guth and Joshua Yaguda at an investor meeting in Avila Beach

Karen Guth and Joshua Yaguda at an investor meeting in Avila Beach

Editor’s note: This is the second and final article in a series of stories examining how the development of Pasolivo olive ranch was funded through Estate Financial Inc. and how the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court-controlled asset is being managed by the wife of a convicted Ponzi scheme operator.


Shortly after the District Attorney’s office filed 26 felony charges of fraud against Estate Financial Inc. (EFI) principals Joshua Yaguda and Karen Guth, they froze the pair’s personal assets, and put Yaguda’s wife at the helm of the Pasolivo olive ranch.

Some investors and creditors, concerned with the credibility of those associated with the notorious team of lenders, question the level of prior involvement family members had in the pair’s misdeeds and whether Joeli Yaguda should be allowed to manage assets that may be sold to help pay back the more than $300 million owed to approximately 3,000 EFI investors.

After the arrest of Guth and Joshua Yaguda last October, Guth’s ex-husband and former EFI principal Charlie Applebaum was permitted to oversee the business dealings of two gas stations Applebaum owned in partnership with Guth.

However, CalCoastNews learned that Applebaum and Guth illegally used investor funds slated for EFI project construction to pay for construction and supplies at unrelated business ventures prior to their divorce in 2004.

After the divorce, Guth and Joshua Yaguda became the sole owners of the ranch with Yaguda’s wife overseeing the daily business operations.

In interviews with CalCoastNews, some investors said they are not happy that Joshua Yaguda’s wife is involved in the daily management of the Pasolivo olive ranch.

“We told the D.A. that we want her off the property,” said investor John Childers who, along with others, accuses Pasolivo of utilizing employees to perform domestic tasks not related to the olive ranch.

“There is nothing we can do to stop this,” Childers said.

Last March, Joeli Yaguda filed an application with the court to unfreeze the property and allow her to buy the ranch. She presented an appraisal, prepared by Colorado, based Nationwide Valuations, that values the olive oil business at $64,000.

But investors and Deputy Dist. Atty. Steve von Dohlen argue that the ranch is worth far beyond Joeli Yaguda’s appraisal-based offer.

“We know the business is worth significantly more than what it was valued at,” von Dohlen said.

The family’s attempt to hold onto the olive ranch has brought to the forefront questions about whether or not Joeli Yaguda is managing the olive ranch for the benefit of the investors or to promote her ability to buy the business.

In court documents submitted by the Yagudas’ attorney, Dyke Huish, Joeli Yaguda is referred to as an “innocent party.”

“While I have met, from time to time, investors in both EFI and the Fund, I have never promoted, offered for sale, sold, solicited, or otherwise advanced the business of EFI,” Joeli Yaguda said in a sworn declaration filed with the court in March

However, at an early 2008 Avila Beach investor meeting called to discuss the failure of EFI, Joeli Yaguda stood up in front of more than 200 investors and claimed she had been investing with EFI for years and that people should trust Guth and Joshua Yaguda to manage their monies.

She failed to inform the crowd that she was married to EFI principal Joshua Yaguda, witnesses at the meeting told CalCoastNews.

In addition to questions regarding Joeli Yaguda’s involvement in promoting EFI, numerous discrepancies appear in court documents that bring into question statements made by her about the actual value of the olive oil business, also known as Willow Creek LLC.

Last April, she requested the court recognize an undocumented 30 percent ownership she said she, Guth and her husband claimed she had in the ranch. In addition, Joeli Yaguda asked the court to deduct money she said the business owed her for expenses along with her husband’s ownership interest, and allow her to purchase the business for $18,000.

The asset value of the business includes furniture, supplies, leased equipment, and lease improvements with a total value of about $11,000, according to the appraisal.

Even though the appraisal is based on a limited set of assets, the accompanying purchase offer, which is based on the appraisal, includes additional assets such as more than 8,000 olive trees, tractors, and production facilities.

The appraisal states that the mill has no value.

Joeli Yaguda said in her declaration that the mill is worthless because it is “severely damaged” and that an estimated $200,000 was owed on its lease.

Clotil and Yves de Juuen, the owners of Olea Olive Oil Farm in Templeton, disagree with Joeli Yaguda’s allegations that the mill, with a purchase price of over $400,000, has no value.

“They owe $5,000 a month for another year and then the business owns the mill,” Yves de Juuen said. “We offered to buy Pasolivo for double the $64,000 she offered.”

Von Dohlen said the cost of repairing the mill was $25,000 and that most of the repairs have been completed.

In Joeli Yaguda’s declaration, she said that all loans to the olive ranch were made personally by Guth. She added that the ranch had no obligations to EFI at the time her husband and mother-in-law were arrested.

However, von Dohlen not only questioned her claim to ownership, but also pointed out that the purchase amount she was offering did not remedy a $100,000 debt the olive business owes EFI for monies paid to the ranch’s vendors from EFI bank accounts.

Another bone of contention is that Joeli Yaguda is overstating the number of people needed to run the olive oil business in an attempt to downgrade its value.

Clotil de Juuen said Olea farm’s tasting room traffic is similar to Pasolivo’s. However, they run their Templeton operation with just two employees while seven to 10 workers are currently employed at Pasolivo.

San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Jac Crawford rejected Joeli Yaguda’s request to purchase the ranch earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Guth and Joshua Yaguda are slated to be sentenced Dec. 7.

Following their sentencing, the olive ranch will be sold to the highest bidder.

“We want the maximum amount of return on the sale,” von Dohlen said. “The amount offered by the defense is willfully inadequate.”

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Member Opinions:

By: Pas0Girl on 11/4/09

$64,000? You’re kidding, right?

By: john on 11/4/09

Unrelated to the article. A developer in the central valley is interested subdivision properties in that area. I know EFI had loans of this type in its portfolio. Who should be contacted about possible purchases?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 11/1/09

Not giving up but thinking of passing the plate for collections. We are going to need a whole new prison, just to house all these bastards.

By: Nameless on 11/1/09

BeenThereDoneThat; Unfortunately, you are right with regard to the FBI. For so many years they were directed to find “terrorist” even with the smallest resemblance, thus had to forgo their traditional field of investigations. They are more aggressive now that all the financial problems surfaced and destroyed the economy, Medoff,Stanford and others exposed. Don’t give up for now that the bastards are on the run. Its a matter of time.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 11/1/09

Has anyone seen the article in a local publication today on Goldman Sachs? Is it any wonder why this local stuff takes so long to get investigated by the F.B.I.

With all the things at the National level of coruption on down to the local fraud, this is going to take some time.

By: knowthisatascadero on 11/1/09


I have to commmend you on your efforts to put together a “blog” where information regarding local issues can be presented.

But, unfortunately, you have let several “posters” (posers) hijack your hard work. The personal attacks and self-rightesness of the self titled perfect people who post here are detracting from your work.

Whether the truth is posted here or not, does not change the fact that the truth is out there.

Karen, have you ever thought of having a seperate, but attached, “bash blog” where those that want attack can post their off topic rants.

My thoughts.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 11/1/09


I hate to paint with broad brush but what you mentioned in your post about the courts is soooo right.

LAWYERS. In the state of California alone we have a per capita rate of 10.9 per 10,000. Or another way to look at it is 1 per 1000!! Do we need this many?? Hell no, because when they don’t find work they go after other things. Lawyers are one reason workers comp got so high in this state.

What does any of this have to do with above article? It is the lawyers that help keep a lot of these people going. Anybody remember Gearhart showing up to city council meetings with his lawyer on a regular basis??

By: hotdog on 11/1/09

countyauditor-are you the county auditor? I thought George said no theft of names of living people on this blog site!

You are obviously a right wing whack job, but I did go to the site you offered and it is pretty interesting.

I guess we should cool the politics somewhat, we discover our passionate differences there but in this story line we find our county crooks are equal opportunity thieves, they steal from anyone and everyone!

I am sure our large group of victims run the whole spectrum of ideologies, and by uniting behind the principal of justice we can inch forward in our quest for resolution.

I do find it frightful that after all these years (since the mid 1800s), with all those past economic disasters- we are still scattered about like a bunch of chickens with little knowledge of what happened, and what to do. Lax oversight and enforcement. The confusion of the lawyers (including the DA and FBI), their dysfunctional communication with and support for the victims, the slow process, uncertainty and further costs to pursue recovery. It staggers the imagination, this is like a two bit third world country in many of its affairs.

I suggest, for a sad confirmation of my comments, that anyone sit in court for an hour and try to make sense of anything that happens. You are lucky if you can even hear what is going on, the acoustics are terrible, the lawyers mumble and speak away from the audience (and never use the mics right in front of them). In our cases the hearings are usually postponed endlessly without the slightest regard to the victims. No one ever asks us what we think, nor are we actively kept informed of any of the process that we are so intimately concerned with. Sort of a tragi-comedy.

By: George on 10/31/09

What dhgscw said.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/31/09


Yea the F.B.I was established as the lead investigator on Hurst/Gearhart a little over a year ago.

I talked to the F.B.I around that time myself and they had already been snooping for some time.

By: dhgscw on 10/31/09

What could politics on the national scene possibly have to do with this discussion? Vent those feelings elsewhere.

By: Paso_Guy on 10/31/09

Some months ago, I called the DA’s office to ask some specific questions regarding the EFI case. I spoke to John Tooley (sp?) who I believe is the lead investgator for the DA’s office in the EFI case.

I sked him if there would be arrests forthcoming in the Hurst case. He answered that the SLO and the FBI had an agreement that SLO would go after EFI and the FBI would pursue Hurst. Limited resources.

If this is the case, it would explain why no on has been arrested by our local authorities.

I had $ with EFI and none with Hurst, so haven’t bothered to persue the FBI

Has anyone here made contact with either the FBI ot the DA and have a different look at this?

By: Cindy on 10/31/09

Insider is a known troll around here. He used to slime all the threads until George came on board. We all learned to ignore insider and not respond.

I would like to see Gearhart, Miller and daughter, Grigger Jones, Melanie Schneider, Ron Shores, Linda Kennedy all picked up and thrown in jail. Then I want the FBI (Shea is worthless) to ferret out their culprits (partners and LLC buddies) find the rest of the money and throw them in jail too. Right cheseburger?

By: JustAsking on 10/31/09

Politics aside… No, really.

What sentence would you like KG and JY to get? How about JY, and anybody else? Who else would you like to see picked up by the authorities?

I approved this…

By: hotdog on 10/31/09

Michele and burger man, you are so right on. Another divergence but since politics is everything (such as our lame DA is somehow playing politics instead of enforcing the law) everyone knows the party of no, the repos, have only one agenda item-screw up anything the Pres wants to do. He has wasted a year trying to engage them in healthy debate over Health Care Reform (that McCain and some others keep saying is sorely needed) but all we get is obstruction and lies from those clowns. Of course some of the Dems are just as worthless, but way fewer of them than those across the aisle (unanimous opposition to any meaningful reform from Palin’s party).

Lies and obstruction, scaring older people, holding organized riots to stampede congress people- pretty much all nazi tactics to herd everyone this way and that so no one knows which way is up. All this from the pious party extolling ‘family values’ when so many of them have been caught with choir boys in the back room or hustling some gay sex in public restrooms. I don’t know how they get any votes…

By: Michelle on 10/31/09

cheeseburger, I wasn’t upset at you, I was just frustrated. Politics get me so irritated, Bush destroyed our country. I dislike Bush more than you hate Gearhart, and that’s pretty bad.:)

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/30/09


I feel the same. I like the give and take of blogging with you and agree that no matter what side your on I really don’t want to open the can of worms on health care.

On the fraud at hand. I’m with you. We need to clean this county up from top to bottom.

Hey Lowe’s just opened in Paso. We probably would have to buy all their cleaning supplies to clean up the mess left in this county.

Hopefully with time justice will visit all the Gearhart, Millers, Guth’s etc. that need to be dealt with. God willing.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/30/09


Narrow minded Republicans won’t give Obama a chance and keep blocking his health care???

Let me get this straight. The Republicans who have been locked out of the negotiations and have NO majority in either house and they are blocking the health care???

I assume you are joking right???

Sorry for getting off topic people but he brought it up and I had to challenge it.

By: cheseburger on 10/30/09

btdt, the picture is quite unnerving, almost scary, as it suits a moderator, maybe that’s why I respect what he told me!

Just asking, I say the value of the whole shebang at $250,000 business equipment an all.

Take away the equipment you have no business, to sell, olive oil is a highly sought after high dollar commodity and a must have for any heart patient, Jolie is living in a dream, I want to hear her scream when they slam the door behind her.

Mishelle I didn’t mean to piss you off, I like your points, I thought you meant bush, you know he did hand Obama a kind of deflated ball, and (dollar) maybe it was so slimy it slipped out of his hand or was stripped off him by narrow minded Republicans who won’t give him a chance and keep blocking his health care reform, I’m sure you agree with that and if you don’t or anyone else doesn’t that’s OK hopefully no one will blow themselves up over it, to messy.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/30/09


You need to READ the WHOLE article. Statement………

“They owe $5,000 a month for another year and then the business owns the mill,” Yves de Juuen said. “We offered to buy Pasolivo for double the $64,000 she offered.”

Let me see two times 64 is $128,000 right??

That doesn’t sound like a garage sale.

Statement #2…………

“Clotil and Yves de Juuen, the owners of Olea Olive Oil Farm in Templeton, disagree with Joeli Yaguda’s allegations that the mill, with a purchase price of over $400,000, has no value.”

The mill I would think even with depreciation would still at least be a couple hundred grand.

Think about it. You are trying to buy something. Of course your going to talk the price DOWN. You aren’t going to admit it’s value.

Last as for there being no value in a bad name. I have seen a lot of business that go bankrupt, open again as a different name, or just change name.

Meridian use to be Estrella.

Hope Farms was Trianna and another name I forget.

You can’t convience me for a moment that this business has no viability.

Heck we didn’t even have an Olive Festival that many years ago and now we do. Why?? It isn’t because olive oil, etc. isn’t the thing of the moment.

By: D.T. on 10/30/09

BCP ~~ Thank you for your words of wisdom but what qualifies you to make a statement like that? Is our own District Attorney writing in?

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/30/09

the BCP reports that hidden accounts do not exist…futhermore, any and all monies that come from their assets or the sale of properties will equal or be less than what the bean counters and sharks will charge.

Trust me on that!

By: Joanna on 10/30/09

Who really cares about the tiny little bit of money the Pasolivos sale will render for the investors. The bigger picture is what they have gotten away with so far. I’m conducting a poll….how many of you think the DA was able to confiscate ALL of Karen’s assets? I’m including the assets that she may have bought with investor’s money. Also including accounts that were, and may still be, hidden. Do you believe they found it all? If not, what percent?

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/30/09

I would submit that the value of Pasolivo is the sum of the “garage sale value”, plus the value of capital that would provide profit, if any, plus the value of goodwill.

As the enterprise is tainted, there is no goodwill value here and I would assume, no profits either so the value would be the auction/garage sale value.

Would you pay anymore for a non-profit with a soured name?

By: JustAsking on 10/30/09

Pixieboohoo? What is that?

Cheseburger,like I’ve said before, you’re all right. Seem to have your head on straight,and not so sensitive that we can’t even bring up issues without you going ballistic. Sheesh.

So let me get this straight, this olive ranch isn’t really a ranch, it’s a business. So, when that competitor in town wants to buy it, they really just want the equipment, right? The building stays on the ranch and is sold when the property is foreclosed on, right? So, is this “business,” really worth more than the equipment?

Now the tough question: Is this busines more valuable as a going concern? Anybody?

By: pixieboohoo on 10/30/09

High didg-Paso Olivo products are for sale everywhere at all the high end markets around the county! WHERE are those monies going??? If the busuness was for sale without being forced under this circumstance-it would go for 100’s of 1000’s$$$! Isn’t the land someones else’s too? STILL SCAMMING!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/30/09


Have you ever checked out the pic of George? I did when I first got here over a year ago.

I like the indirect light from the glow stick.

By: JanisJoplin on 10/30/09

This is very serious business, on this subject, I see. Really, I am a working stiff with my nose to the grindstone and the only news I have on the subject is old news to all of you: Last year at the Olive Festival some lady went over to protest about these olive sellers, with handbills, and then I saw the Police arrive. Secondly, I have info that the CPA was playing both sides of the table. Which I find ethically disgusting, if proven. So, I am a light weight regarding these conversations and I will move on to other discussions on this board. Bye for now. By the way, I follow your law suits in the paper, and I am proud of you all for standing up for yourselves. I sued a former employer one time in Federal court and won. That was awesome!

By: mccdave on 10/29/09

“Following their sentencing, the olive ranch will be sold to the highest bidder.”

“‘We want the maximum amount of return on the sale,’ von Dohlen said. ‘The amount offered by the defense is willfully inadequate.'”

The problem with these big liquidations is that they’re selling into a bad market. One of the things that pulled down financial markets a year ago was forced selling by various parties to meet redemptions, margin calls, etc., which pulled down asset prices even further in a vicious cycle. The recovery of stockmarkets since March may be largely due to them overshooting on the way down, and it’ll be interesting to see if property does this too, especially in the western U.S.

George: “no spoof names of living people, (one more & I will block your ip address)”

We really don’t know what we’re doing, do we. Does George understand how IP addresses are assigned to most users on the interwebtubes? Does he understand that “blocking an IP address” won’t work and could actually block someone other than the person he intends?

Who cares about spoof names? A spoof name of a person who might actually post here and cause confusion should be blocked (though verifying someone’s identity might pose difficulties), but otherwise I fail to see the problem. Meanwhile, as usual, these comments boards remain full of garbage.

By: George on 10/29/09

Janis can stay,Hillary is closed, please, no spoof names of living people, (one more & I will block your ip address)

By: oldster on 10/29/09

Whoops…see I missed “madoffed” comment of 10/29/09, explaining what is involved in the “business”. Don’t think I’d want to get involved in that property at any cost… Thanks

By: oldster on 10/29/09

Hummm,,,let me get this straight…If I hadn’t lost well over $100K to Hurst, I would, now, have enough money to buy an olive ranch (orchard?) east of El Paso de Robles? $64,000? Have to get that straight….$ for what?

By: Rewind on 10/29/09

I haven’t heard this much adolescent arguing since grade school.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/29/09

Another on the blame game. This is a bi-partison issue, in that there is blame on both sides of the aisle.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/29/09


Minor correction for you. Madoff scheme evolved well over 15 years, so you really can’t blame G.W. If you don’t believe look up on line. Well know fact.

What you may have confused is that around 2001 somebody (forget who) was looking into something and Madoff would later say that he thought he was going to be pinched then but it continued.

Again Bernie’s scheme evolved over many years.

By: Michelle on 10/29/09

STOP IT cheseburger and get a clue. It doesn’t matter what Janis J said today. Tomorrow he will have everybody fighting and will be laughing, don’t you get it? Janis showed up right after George told Obama to get a new name? Get it together chesebuger.

Do I have to spell out to you who was at the helm for 8 years when people like Madoff and others went unchecked thanks to approved operations by the then president and GOP, who?

By: JanisJoplin on 10/29/09

Hello: It is, I, Janis. I have never posted on here until two days ago. I am not a Ponzi Scheme principal, nor am I a former investor. I am a fan of Janis Joplin, thus the “handle”. In fact, Janis and I have something in common, a former boyfriend of mine, a former pro golfer – dated both of us. He had entertaining stories to share about Janis and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did not tell entertaining stories about me.. All investors have my sincere sympathy – I do not have your problems – I have my own problems – I fudged – I currently am a member of the human race. Do I still have to change my name? JJ

By: slocentral on 10/29/09

Ruth Madoff (wife of massive Ponzi Schemer Bernie Madoff) had to forfit 97% of the assets she had claimed after her husband’s arrest and would never have been allowed by the court to run a business that was related to the fraud. Why is Joeli Yaguda treated any differently?

The court has essentially put the fox in charge of the hen house here. I really hope that the court was smart enough to freeze all of their shared assets, as anything that wasn’t frozen is probably safely stashed in a Bahama bank account by now.

By: cheseburger on 10/29/09

Right on Janis Joplin, ya know she did more good for our country before she O.D., then all the bushes on earth. J.J. you have a good point but I’d become something to eat, rather then a dead person. Hilary do you mind that your husband sleeps around? Always wanted to ask, thank you for making that possible, now go become a sucker of something edible. And don’t be capping on my queens they are all real people.

By: Joanna on 10/29/09

Lemme get this right… Joeli is allowed to run Pasolivos with money supplied by the DA. Isn’t this money coming from the assets of Karen Guth and Joshua Yaguda? Money that should be slated for the investors. Joeli lies to the court stating, “I have never promoted, offered for sale, sold, solicited, or otherwise advanced the business of EFI.” She was at the Avila meeting and as I remember at the Atascadero meeting standing in front of all the investors once again promoting EFI. What a joke! This woman is as crooked as the other two! And how has she come up with the money to buy Pasolivos? Family members, friends? I bet all that money traces back to KG when her cup overfloweth with too much money. She had to park it somewhere. What a good daughter-in-law Joeli is trying her hardest to help preserve Karen’s assets. I take it back, “husbands in jail, moms in jail, might as well take what I can from mom, hubby and the investors!”

By: cheseburger on 10/29/09

Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, and neither do olives or cheseburgers. The daughter should visit mommy for a very, very, very long time. She lies like a dog sh-t on the lawn! And the mower is coming, vivid.

By: Newsome on 10/29/09

CCN: It is odd that this is the “2nd and final” story in the series. The story is still unfolding, and there is tons of missing bkgd information. What gives?

By: medoffed on 10/29/09

All the trees, buildings belong to the ranch. Pasolivo Business value in it’s equipment, tools, supplies and name “goodwill”. Once the ranch is foreclosed Pasolivo must move leaving building behind, but able to take everything else with it unless attached to the structure. In real estate, everything that is attached to the structure remains with the property, in this case part of the ranch. According to the article, the olive press is worth some real money, not what Jolie claimed. She is another dishonest character in fleecing investors. Her days shall come too. It’s only a matter of time.

By: Jordan on 10/29/09

Hillary Dued makes one single point. “So, is it an actual piece of real estate, or just a name? Pasolivo ”

BTW guy, we could all do with less of your mockery. People are suffering in the 1000’s. That’s not an exaggeration.

By: medoffed on 10/29/09

Just for curiosity, What is the subject? Sarrah Pallin, Obama, or who? Stay the course.

By: Laura on 10/29/09

Hillary, Thank you for bowing out although I’m sure you’ll be back with a different name. You see, if your name was actually Hillary, you would have told us that. Frankly Hillary Handle, you sounded like Sarah Palin, dah , dah, dah so I’m happy to see you choose a different name.

By: Michelle on 10/29/09

Many fine hard working citizens have been taken advantage of here. I remind everyone that individuals from all walks of life have been bamboozled. They are Dems, Reps, Non Partisans, libertarians, etc. This ponzi has had no bias. Please have respect for all of us and stop with the political posturing. Have some respect for your neighbor who has been damaged, in many cases beyond repair. It’s everyone’s fault that this occurred and I could mention who was at the helm/watch when it all went down.

By: Cindy on 10/29/09

To JanisJoplin and Hillary.

What’s up Mr. Obama impersonator, just testing the waters, eh?? I don’t care how on topic you are, JanisJoplin is an inappropriate handle and you know it. Using “Hillary” is “pushing it”, but you could always argue that one, you troll.

I might add for any newcomers that the Obama handle was recently disallowed on this site. Check back to the last posts on the last thread.

By: JanisJoplin on 10/29/09

Some of us are waiting to hear the other shoe drop – where is the identification of the Ponzi Scheme’s principals CPA? The firm is in Paso Robles. This CPA had to sign off on all Guth’s and Yaguda’s audits. Send the California Accounting Board investigators over to the office along with the IRS and the FTB. They have malpractice insurance – why leave any stone unturned? They are laughing behind the investor’s backs.

By: Cindy on 10/29/09

Regarding the Pasolivo land. What is the acreage that the tasting room and facilities are located on? What is the acreage of the orchard? Does anyone know, even just an estimate? I would think the land alone is worth far more than 64K!!

By: Citizen on 10/29/09

Guth and the Yagudas have no shame. Let’s make certain that the next Olive Festival does not include Panolivo under the direction of Joeli Yaguda. If it does, then the Festival should be publically boycotted. Small towns still have the informal power of shunning liars and cheats.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/28/09

P.S. I also have to comment on the pic. of Guth an Uncouth. Do mom and son use the same red hair dye?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/28/09

Man o man. This woman is living in Fantasy land at Disneyland!! I love how she values the stuff on price. What a BEE-E-AT-CH.