CSU Chancellor announces first step toward layoffs

November 2, 2009


Just three months after California State University (CSU) officials pitched furlough days as an alternative to layoffs, Cal Poly professors received notice of intended terminations.

Last July, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed said furloughs would save 6,000 jobs and 22,000 classes and warned that if faculty did not agree to the proposed pay cuts they faced significant layoffs.

Nevertheless, representatives of the chancellor’s office now report the plan proposed in July also included reducing student enrollment by 40,000 and reductions in the workforce.

“As a result, please be advised that the California State University has determined that at some point as we continue to operationalize (sic) the plan there may be a need to implement the layoff procedures. . . , ” CSU Senior Director of Labor and Employee Relations Bill Candella said in the Oct. 28 notice.

In July, some faculty members voiced concerns about the possible loss of jobs because Reed refused to guarantee that the suggested furloughs would preserve jobs. Nevertheless, in August, faculty members voted in favor of decreased salaries and up to 24 furlough days a year.

Reed projected the furloughs would eliminate $275 million of the system’s $584 university budget deficit.

“Although no campuses let alone individual CSUEU members , have been identified for layoffs at this time, the Chancellors Office has determined in light of these facts that the CSU may need to implement the layoff provisions of Article 24 and this letter serves as notice…,” Candella said.