SLO Man attacked and robbed

October 16, 2009

A San Luis Obispo man was attacked early this morning by a man who approached him from behind and struck him over the head rendering him unconscious, police said.

Joshua Brown, 32, said he was walking near the corner of California Blvd. and Stafford St. at around 3:27 a.m. when he was assaulted. While unconscious, Brown told police some of his personal property was taken.

French hospital emergency room staff treated Brown for a 1/2 inch deep laceration over his left ear and released the San Luis Obispo resident earlier today.

San Luis Obispo police have asked that anyone with information regarding the assault contact them.


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By: easymoney on 10/28/09

“Police looking for man who harassed SLO High student Friday”

The 17-year-old girl pulled into the school’s parking lot between 1:45 and 2 p.m., when a pickup truck entered behind her. When she parked her vehicle, the truck pulled in behind the car, blocking her in the parking space.

“The driver of the truck then called out repeatedly “hey little girl, let’s play,” and tried to entice the girl to get out of her car and into his truck for several minutes, according to police.”

“The suspect is described as a white male adult in his 20s to 30s, with short brown hair, a large build and was wearing a dark shirt. Because he never got out of the car, no further details about his height, weight or clothing were known.

The suspect’s truck was described as an older model “box-style” full-size Chevrolet pickup, forest green, extra cab, with the word “Chevrolet” spelled out across the tailgate.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 549-STOP or the police department at 781-7317. ”

One more attack in the sleepy little town that no one seems to care about?

By: JanisJoplin on 10/26/09

Let’s talk a little more about ASH Management, which owns six SLO downtown bars. Being a fan of “Southern Comfort” myself, I tend to like bars. However, I have never been in any of these haunts except after hours; as you see, I am dead. I am thinking that the downtown businesses that don’t serve alochol, may be missing good opportunties for sales if they too, stayed open until 2:00 AM. Heck – after I’ve had a few shots, right before closing, I know my boyfriend would buy me anything I wanted from a jewelry store, a mink coat store, you name it at 1:59 AM. I think the other SLO downtown store owners ought to loosen up, and start with a new attitude: if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em and start having a few shots themselves and stay open to catch the after 2:00 crowd. I’ll drink to that. Cheers! JanisJ.

By: easymoney on 10/23/09

“Biz Buzz: Chamber meeting focuses on ugly side of ‘paradise’”

Recent criminal acts and ongoing behavioral problems with drunks in San Luis Obispo’s renowned downtown came into sharp focus Thursday at the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast meeting.

The audience of 250 business people grew silent when Wendy Hinsdale told of how her 15-year-old daughter was punched in the jaw by a man while they walked downtown at 1 p.m. on Oct. 3.

“The unprovoked assault broke the teen’s lower jaw in two places. Doctors had to wire her jaw shut to allow it to heal properly. As Hinsdale related the incident, members of the crowd gasped.”

“Hinsdale expressed shock and disappointment that no one stopped the attacker, though people were in the vicinity when the attack occurred. “This guy is still out there,” she said, adding how a recent trip she took downtown left her “freaked out” as Hinsdale wondered if she might see him.

“My biggest concern is the safety of the downtown,” she said. In citing another incident, Hinsdale noted that a man tried to steal a 23-year-old woman’s purse Monday night as she walked downtown, but the woman was able to fend him off.”

“What are we as a community going to do to solve these issues?” Hinsdale asked.

“It will also take a community wide effort to curtail the problems caused by people who drink too much downtown, said Kathi Main and Bill Hales.”

At least the fishwrap is covering this pow wow, which is focused on the increased crime in the SLO downtown area. This type of misbehavior is bad for us citizens and bad for business…

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

“Male ego perhaps – no guy wants it known that he was on the short end of a beating.”

I didn’t think of that but I get your point. I agree that this would be embarrassing for a guy. On the other hand, in this case it wasn’t a fair fight. He did get jumped from behind and hit with something on the head. I still get your point though, no guy wants to look weak, stupid or drunk if he goes down. You convinced me, I think the press should get permission to use the name of a victim rather than require a specific request to withhold that information.

By: sloryde on 10/22/09

OK well I hope that is the case then. I just know that if I got knocked out and robbed, I don’t think I would want my name in the paper. Male ego perhaps – no guy wants it known that he was on the short end of a beating. Especially (as in this case) people are supposing he had been drinking.

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

sloryde – I suspect that keeping the woman’s name out of the paper may be by request rather than policy. I think most female victims are concerned about the assailant learning who they are and coming back to find them. While its unlikely that an assailant would actually do this, it can happen. Men don’t seem to have those same concerns, in fact most men are just the opposite and wish they could get their hands on the guy that assaulted them.

By: sloryde on 10/22/09

It is just me, or does it seem like a double standard to anyone else that the male victims of assault/robbery like this guy and the carjacking yesterday have their full names published, but female victims like the victim of the attempted robbery yesterday and others in the past are given privacy? I think every assault victim should have the right to privacy, not just women. I don’t know if this is a SLOPD police or a media policy, but it seems a bit sexist to me.

By: Cindy on 10/21/09

I saw that story this morning. It struck me rather odd that she waited 4 hours to report it to the police and has no description of her assailant. No way to capture the criminal when he’s got a 4 hour lead on everybody.

My very first thought after reading that story was to wonder if she is a sad attention starved young woman. I know it’s unfair of me, just saying that it was my first thought.

By: easymoney on 10/21/09


“we may live in paradise but it’s infested with vipers.”

Right on the mark…

Look at the KSBY website today,

for yet another smack and grab story.

By: oldster on 10/20/09

Shoots,,,,paperboy know lots about this stuff…

By: paperboy on 10/20/09

I’ve said it a million times, we may live in paradise but it’s infested with vipers.

Still, this is a NY style mugging, very rare in SLO and certainly newsworthy if for no other reason than it might get people to be more careful.

The two girls who were kidnapped and killed were Rachel Newhouse and Andrea Crawford and they were both k&k by Rex Krebs. Newhouse was drunk and walking alone late at night when she was abducted but Crawford was home in bed when she was taken from her own apartment.

Kristen Smart was k&k by Paul Flores, though she was never found and he was never charged. If this had been a young woman attacked, it could have been far worse than a mugging.

Bottom line, be careful at all times no matter where you live – and get some pepper spray and learn how to use it too.

By: Cindy on 10/20/09

BTDT- I’ve always gotten your point, Yes I agree about the VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM. Nobody should sneak up and whack people off the head, not for any reason. I wasn’t trying to make it into the victims fault. I just have less empathy for him than the 15 year old girl in broad daylight. When we put ourselves in vulnerable situations we have to be aware that shit could happen. Yup, it sucks. ;)

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/20/09

Yea how about Smart (missing) or the other two girls (whose names escape me) that were abducted and killed? Did they deserve this?

Maybe they weren’t paying attention? I think a person gets my point. Again VICTIM, VICTIM, VICTIM.

I hate things that turn around on the victim (even when not meaning to) in that it lessens the actions of the perp.

How about rape? There is another one. Like I said in another post, I am on a vendetta against crime. Period.

By: Cindy on 10/20/09

LL “it sounds like you must have better self defense skills than most”

Pepper spray ;)

By: lagunaLounger on 10/20/09

Well, if you are stealthy enough, it is completely possible to sneak up on a sober person without them detecting you. The guy may have been deep in thought or distracted by something else, and the assailant may have had a bat, brass knuckles, blackjack, or some other kind of weapon. People who get knocked out often can remember the details of what happened right before they were knocked out anyway.

This town seems seductively safe to most people, even at night. Recall the 5-6 women who were walking home alone in SLO at night and were assaulted by the “midnight bandit” or whatever they were calling him? I don’t think people implied those women had been drinking. No one thinks it will happen to them.

I appreciate your confidence about an attacker not being able to sneak up and overpower you, Cindy, but it sounds like you must have better self defense skills than most. I am a 6 foot, 200 lb man in pretty good shape and I have no doubt that a determined attacker could take me out even if I was stone cold sober.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/19/09

I agree about paying attention but it still takes it away from the fact that he is still a victim and that it is sad that we can’t walk around without a**holes lurking.

Also we don’t know if he (attacker) could have come out from behind a car etc. and even if he was drunk, does that make it alright for ANYBODY to attack another human being??

By: Cindy on 10/19/09

BTDT and LL – I don’t necessarily believe that he was drunk because he was out at 3:30 in the morning. I think he was probably intoxicated because he let someone walk up behind him and whack him on the head. I too have been out for a walk late on a summer night. Anyone else around is very noticeable. I would never allow someone I didn’t know to come up behind me and even if they were face to face I would be certain that they weren’t in a position to over power me. That’s just common sense. How can someone not pay attention on a deserted street at that hour of the morning?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/19/09

Thanks Laguna. I figured it was an oversite. I am with you 100% that, lets keep the light on the perp. and off the victim.

I feel the same on the late night owl and peacefull, when the majority sleep.

By: lagunaLounger on 10/19/09

BeenThereDoneThat: Sorry. “Everyone” was an exaggeration. I did notice and do appreciate that not everyone assumed this poor guy was a drunk asking for trouble by being out late at night.

By: Truthsayer on 10/19/09

I am sorry to burst your bubble “saveslocounty”, but I moved here with my family at the tender age of 10 years old from upstate New York in 1969. At that time, it was absolutely safe to walk the streets of any city in this county until people with your type of attitude arrived.

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day and remember we are all neighbors and when we fail to watch out for or inanely denigrate one another, it is a sad day in a what used to be a true paradise.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/19/09

Laguna. I would reread some of posts. Prior two to your posting are in agreement.

By: lagunaLounger on 10/19/09

I love how everyone is assuming this poor guy was drunk. Not very likely at 3:27am! Clearly none of you have ever been out after 3am in SLO. The bars kick people out before 2am, and by 3am the drunks have either gotten home, sobered up, passed out in a ditch, or been arrested for drunk in public.

I sometimes go for walks that late because it is normally pretty peaceful and I have rarely if ever encountered any drunk people at that hour. At 2am, sure, lots of drunks, but not at 3:30am.

Some people are night owls and like the calm and peace of the wee hours of the morning. Please don’t assume that if someone doesn’t like to be awake on the same schedule as you that they must be a drunk and in some way deserved to be attacked. That is mean spirited and closed-minded bigotry, plain and simple.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/18/09

Wow. You in your entire life have never been outside in the middle of the night?

By: RU4Real on 10/18/09

Can Joshua tell us WHY is was out “wandering around” at 3:27 A.M.? Was he walking home from work or perhaps “vandalizing cars”? Could this possibly be the SAME Josh Brown that worked as a “security guard” some years back? If so, HE was responsible for “keying” at least 2 cars.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/18/09

I myself hate all crime. Period!

By: easymoney on 10/18/09

Question, why all the concern about this one crime and not the same attention paid, for the young lady who got her jaw broken just for walking down the street in broad daylight?

There are plenty of crimes of this nature happening every year in most of our cities yet few make the front pages or garner the attention here.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/18/09

I need to get myself one of them. ;-)

By: PaulJones on 10/18/09

“Grammar Police”, That’s why all the great and less than great leaders of this nation have secretaries.

By: Nancy on 10/18/09

I know the answer to who set up Shorts. Chitty set up shorts for ripping off some T-Shirts!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/18/09

While I do agree that walking late at night might be risky, lets not forget, drunk or not the guy is still a VICTIM!!

I don’t care if he is drunk or not. This chatter on this of lessing the actions will only embolden it more. In that if someone keeps getting away with that and around here there aren’t many people out at night, how long till the perp. decides to crawl into someones window to rob a house?

Criminals always keep moving up when they aren’t stopped. They get embolden. Let’s still remember who the criminals are regardless of how the victim may have acted.

By: Cindy on 10/17/09

Sorry Oldster, I stand corrected, it was truthsayer that said : “I for one, find most of these comments completely out of text and insensitive!

By: oldster on 10/17/09

Hummm. Don’t remember ever complaining about anyone on this comment board being insensitive. If I were to complain, it would be that we are too sensitive. The only thing I know about shorts is that mine are a bit tight today…

By: Cindy on 10/17/09

olster – Hahahahh, We do that all the time. You have done nothing but complain sice you arrived here. I remind you that you started out complaining that we were all insensitive. Now you don’t like our verbiage, sentence structures, grammar etc.

I just want to know who set up Shorts when he clipped Solomon’s pistol. They caught Shorts too easy and knew who the gun belonged to immediately. Got any ideas oldster?

By: Saveslocounty on 10/17/09

OK, now we have the grammar police. Or did I spell that wrong too. Tell us oh wise one, what has your comments contributed to this story or blog? What a grump.

By: oldster on 10/17/09

I’m sorry. I’m talking about writing that makes no sense. 1. We have a man who talks while unconscious. 2. We have a little girl who was attacked on the street and kept walking. 3. “A person who puts themselves in a position of volnerablity (sic) does not rise to the same level of concern as there was no doubt an alcohol factor.” I’m afraid we have a sentence that, quite simply, makes no sense.

Now, 4. “While I didn’t say he was drunk, if he were, then I don’t see that as frightening as the attack of (perhaps, ‘on’?) a young girl in broad daylight.” Obvious, isn’t it, that an attack on a young girl is worse than someone being drunk?

By: Cindy on 10/17/09

Anyone walking the streets at that hour of the morning had ought to be aware of their circumstances. I can guarantee you if I ever found myself in that situation, I would be alert enough to make sure no one snuck up behind me. I believe this man/victim was under the influence and careless.

This can’t be compared to the young girl attacked on the street in broad daylight.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/17/09

Experience tells me that most young men walking at that hour of the morning are usually under the influence of alcohol. While I didn’t say he was drunk, if he were, then I don’t see that as frightening as the attack of a young girl in broad daylight. There is certainly concern that a preditor is also out stalking in the early morning and there may be a pattern of assaults that warrants attention. Just an opinion.

By: oldster on 10/17/09

And, for ‘Saveslocounty”: “A person who puts themselves in a position of volnerablity (sic) does not rise to the same level of concern as there was no doubt an alcohol factor.”


By: oldster on 10/17/09

Jeeze, Truthsayer…I wasn’t on the street that day, when, as you write, “a little girl was attacked and did nothing but keep walking.” That sounds awful; sounds like one tough little girl….

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/17/09

To bad he was attacked from behind. Probably didn’t see attacker. Would be interesting if possibly same person that attacked girl. M.O. sounds similar. Just a thought.

By: Saveslocounty on 10/17/09

Sorry Truthsayer. The young girl attacked while shopping with her mother was a real tragedy and sickening to us all. A person who puts themselves in a position of volnerablity does not rise to the same level of concern as there was no doubt an alcohol factor.

This is still a free country and if you hate the people of this county so much, you are welcome to move back to Bakersfield.

By: Truthsayer on 10/17/09

I for one, find most of these comments completely out of text and insensitive! What is the matter with you people that you can joke or digress the issue of a person being attacked on our streets? I suppose it was people like you who where on the street that day when a little girl was attacked and did nothing but keep walking.

I am so ashamed of what this once beautiful county has become and it is not the place but the people.

By: Rewind on 10/16/09

Ive heard there are many comedians out of work right now. Looks like they are all right here. This site cracks me up.

By: Nancy on 10/16/09

I just want to know, how come SaveSLOcounty is so smart? Is this a conspiracy or something?

She’s good at this, she really is!

By: Saveslocounty on 10/16/09

No, Hedges, Perry, Donovan and Bolts set up Hoving, while Strobridge set up Solomon who implicated Mulhall while Linden set up herself by not disclosing McDow but did cover up the Parkinson promotion, arresting the wrong bank robber and Chitty background issues. Edge covered up Wilcox who was uncovered (litterally) by Perry who was but merely waving the union flag. The DA Shea refused to file charges on Hedges, Perry, Bolts,Donovan, Solomon, Mulhall or Chitty but may finally file on the guy who took Solomon’s gun. Lesperance was hanging with some drug addicts when arrested by Arroyo Grande Police who are the only ones to do their job so far.

Oh, for the robbery victim, sorry you got your head bonked while staggering home at such a late hour.

By: oldster on 10/16/09

“While unconscious, Brown told police some of his personal property was taken.”…..hummm…might I send that one into NPR? Sometimes I talk in my sleep,,,but…

By: Nancy on 10/16/09

You’re so wrong. I think that Hedges, in an effort to save face set up the drug dealers that were servicing the CDC. Approximately 25 individuals were arrested (big catch) and the main dealers were angry at McDow and in turn set him up.

You are all so funny, LOL, you are so funny!

By: AA101 on 10/16/09

That’s not fair, Gale Wilcox and Perry set up Solomon and Mullhall, after David Edge set up Wilcox and Perry.

By: BIG_SMILES on 10/16/09

Right SLOandDysfunctional but you forgot to mention that it was Solomon and Mullhall that set up McDow and Limon. They all are doing anything to take the spot light off themselves.

By: Cindy on 10/16/09

What’s with all these attacks in SLO lately. The 15 year old girl who was walking down Higuera with her mother in the middle day that got punched in the face really took the cake.

Very Funny SLOandDys

By: easymoney on 10/16/09

Facts? Who, what, when, where?

By: SLOandDysfunctional on 10/16/09

WOW, that McDow will do anything to draw attention away from the news stories about him.