Where does Settle live?

October 19, 2009
Allen Settle

Allen Settle


During the past four months, police and fire have responded to a San Luis Obispo house owned by City Councilman Allen Settle at least three times. The visits, prompted by complaints about noise, suspicious activities and an illegal fire, have some facing a sensitive question.

The question is: Who really lives in the house?

Settle, 66, who has been on the council and served as mayor for nearly three decades, says he lives at 1244 Drake Cir. He claims it as his primary residence in order to qualify as a legal city resident and to serve as in elective office in San Luis Obispo as prescribed by the city charter.

Settle maintains he stays part time at both the home on Drake Circle, valued at $550,000, and at another home he owns on Fox Canyon Lane north of Arroyo Grande, which is worth about $1.1 million. Over the years he has allowed foreign-exchange students to live rent free on Drake Circle, Settle said.

“I have been there constantly, but at times have taken time off,” Settle said. “It is my primary residence as designated by law. If I let a student from Sri Lanka stay there, that’s up to me.

Settle’s long standing in San Luis Obispo’s political scene and his position as a tenured professor of political science has repeatedly quieted talk about where he really lives. Many of those who have heard the allegations have discounted them because of Settle’s credentials and claims that he lives in the house he claims shares with students from other countries.

But, there are still doubters.

One of the four renters, who currently live in the house on Drake Circle, said they are not foreign-exchange students and added that Settle does not live there. But he does come by regularly to pick up his mail, said the renter.

A fair amount of neighbors on Drake, who also asked that their identifies be kept secret for fear of retaliation from Settle, assert that Settle moved out more than two years ago.

“My neighbors do not know where I stay. They don’t know if I come in at two in the morning. My wife stayed with me at the house last weekend.”

One neighbor pointed out that the renters’ cars fill Settle’s driveway and that it is difficult to miss a car parked in a cul-de-sac that has only five homes.

“He is a liar,” one woman said. “He hasn’t lived there for years. An investigator from Sacramento asked if he lived next door. I told her no and they did nothing.”

Another neighbor said she has only seen Settle when he regularly takes out the trash on collection days and picks up his mail.

Like the neighbors, the student renter, also insisted on anonymity, and added that he and his roommates, all U.S. citizens, have had no problems at the house, but he could not satisfactorily explain why police and firefighters have visited the house three times since July.

On Aug. 18, police responded to a late-night noise party complaint at 1244 Drake and issued a noise-violation warning, according to the San Luis Obispo police log.

When asked about it, Settle said he was at the next door neighbor’s home when the police arrived.

“I have a neighbor who is sensitive to music,” Settle said. “It ended when I said I can’t have this anymore.”

Although San Luis Obispo’s city charter requires its elected officials to live in the city, the City Attorney and other ranking officials are powerless to enforce the city’s residency requirement if an elected official is involved.

City Atty. Jonathan Lowell said the responsibility to enforce the residency requirements rests with the state Attorney General’s office. He added that he did not know if Atty. Gen. Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s office is still looking into the matter

However, the Cal Poly student interviewed by CalCoastNews said officials in Sacramento were asking questions about whether Settle actually lives at the Drake Circle address.

In two lengthy interviews with CalCoastNews in the past week, Settle maintained that he has done nothing wrong and that the assertion that he really lives in the Arroyo Grande-area home is untrue.

“Your primary residence is where you declare your domicile,” Settle said. “I get my mail there (1244 Drake Cir.) and claim a homeowner’s exemption there.”

According to California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 218, in order to receive a homeowner’s exemption, the home must be a person’s principle place of residence. In addition, the exemption does not apply to property that is rented.

Currently, the Cal Poly student said he and the three other occupants are paying rent to Settle.

In explaining his arrangement about the two homes and his longtime involvement in politics, he said he was very familiar with state and local laws governing residency requirements because he is a political science professor at Cal Poly.

Settle said that California’s Election Code allows politicians to move while retaining their residency as long as they are in office. His said the code refers to all state employees that hold public office.

However, the code specifically allows a member of the state Legislature or a representative in the U.S. Congress to claim their residence at the time they filed their affidavit of registration as their domicile.

The code does not mention elected municipal officials as having the same leeway.

In addition to the questions about residency, Settle has never included rent collected from his Drake Circle house on his financial declarations filed with San Luis Obispo’s city clerk.

The Cal Poly student said he and his three roommates pay between $400 and $650 a month.

“There are four rooms and four renters,” said the student. “Everyone pays a different amount.” Two of the renters attend Cal Poly, one is a Cuesta College student, and the fourth is not in college, the student said.

In response to the renter’s reports that he never stays at the Drake Circle address, Settle said he was planning to “take over the place.”

“So you (CalCoastNews) are comfortable, I will reoccupy what I had before,” Settle said in an interview. “The renters don’t know where I stay. I have other homes in the neighborhood.”

In addition to the noise complaint, the San Luis Obispo Fire Department responded to an illegal burn at the Drake Circle house on July 12. Fire department officials explained to the residents that their recreational fire pit was illegal and helped put the fire out, according to the fire incident report.

Fire responders also spoke with a next-door neighbor, who “demanded that the responders notify the owner of the property, Allen Settle, that his renters were endangering his property,” according to the fire-incident report.

Settle has served for 21 years on the City Council and eight years as mayor. He declined to respond to questions regarding reports that he plans to run for mayor in 2010.

Term limits, primarily used to reduce abuses of power, limit San Luis Obispo’s mayor and members of council from serving more than eight years concurrently in the same office. However, by switching between offices, Settle has remained a voting city official for nearly three decades.

In 2006, the Fair Political Practice Commission fined Settle $6,000 for voting on an issue in which he had a conflict of interest.

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Member Opinions:

By: SLORider on 11/14/09

You’re all a bunch of SLO “Birthers”. Seriously.

By: slocentral on 10/26/09

katmello: Interesting post. While some of the things you mention are clearly criminal acts (spousal abuse, DUI, growing pot), some of the others (infidelity, homosexual acts, etc) while distasteful to some, are not necessarily illegal acts. People in positions of public trust should not be above the law. If I provably perjure myself on a government form, I would likely be prosecuted for that illegal act. Our elected officials should be held to at least the same if not higher standards as the rest of us are.

I think we need to ask ourselves where we draw the line as far as illegal activities that we permit our elected officials to get away with. I do not doubt that others (such as Lenthall and Pinard) may also have lied about where they live, but Settle’s perjury and his lies to explain it away are seemingly more blatant and more easily provable and this has now been broadcast in the media twice in as many years. To ignore it yet again would be to implicitly condone such illegal action and invite future politicians to continue acting as if they are above the law. The line must be drawn somewhere, and sometimes, as unfair as it might seem, we need to make an example of people despite our ignoring similar criminal acts in the past. To continue ignoring them is not the solution to a corrupt government.

By: Cindy on 10/26/09

katmello – That was one heck of a post, where did you come from? I agree with SSSam, you should contact Karen..

Whats this!!! “Atascadero’s Tom O’Malley was once caught in a compromising situation with a man.” LOL, you just have to tell us more.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/26/09


where have you been all this time. If you need a job, Karen could use the help. By the way, now that our favorite forever candidate Matt Kokkenen is running for assembly he could use more info on Katcho. If its the stuff about Gail Wilcox then thats no good. Everyone knows about Gail and Katcho. Anyway, welcome to the party and dont be so cynical. This is about all we get for our tax dollars. What do you know about Gibson

By: katmello on 10/25/09

Wow, sorry, but who cares. If you start putting politicians in prison for lying, then we will need another dozen or so more prisons. In the scale of lies, this one rates pretty low to me. I can name plenty of current and former local politicians who fudged on their forms and/or did not live where they said (Peg Pinard, Jerry Lenthall, to name two).

The chair of the county’s planning commission Sara Christie is sleeping with her boss who runs the coastal commission. Katcho has been catting around for years and passed off an ex-girlfriend to Harry Ovitt. The husband of Pismo’s Mayor gets pulled over for drunk driving once a month, and the husband of Pismo’s vice Mayor was once busted for growing a pot farm in Price Canyon. Atascadero’s Tom O’Malley was once caught in a compromising situation with a man. Sheriff Hedges, aside from his bugging and wife-slapping hobbies, beds bimbos every chance he gets.

And so it goes…..

And so it goes…..

Nothing different here than anywhere else. those who think our county is worse than others have not paid attention to what goes on in LA or Orange County.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/23/09

Yea if you don’t think people will vote somebody back into office (or different office again) I sure wouldn’t sleep sound at night on that alone.

With the apathy that runs rambent in this country, let alone on a local level, I for one would not put money against.

By: slocentral on 10/23/09

Cindy: I agree – I think the fact that he is repeatedly being dishonest about the whole situation is the worst part of it all, from the false filings to the outlandish stories he tells reporters (“I don’t rent the house, I let foreign exchange students live there for free.” “I stay in the sewing room I added on to the house.” etc etc) Recall that what got Bill Clinton in the most trouble wasn’t the affair, but lying about it.

Regarding “voting him out”, what I think many of you don’t realize is that he is term limited and cannot serve another consecutive term on the city council anyway. He is on his way out no matter what in a little over one year anyway. The big question is will he try to run for mayor which (by the bizarre term limit rules of SLO) he is allowed to do. Either way, I think Settle is finished in this town because if he does run for mayor, whoever he runs against will make sure that the whole lying about your residency issue is front and center in the campaign.

The AG’s investigation (which is still active, according to several sources) will almost certainly have concluded by then, so it will be interesting to see if they take any action against Settle while he serves out his last year, or perhaps they will just release the investigative report knowing that he won’t have a chance of winning another position of public trust in this county.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/23/09

I have a question. I for one will admit I am one of those North County citizens and would love to vote out Settle (which is probably the most likely, rather then wait on something else) but hence don’t live in that neck of the backwoods. So do we have any posters or readers here that are S.L.O. citizens??

What are your feelings on your vote, if you would vote for? Have you voted for before? Would this change your vote?

Don’t be bashful. Heck I coped to being a North County inbreed according to some.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/23/09

Cindy states:

“We want him prosecuted for lying to the public about where he lives and lying on his “mandated” financial disclosure to the city (which is a felony by the way). He broke the law, he knows he broke the law, he lied to cover up that he broke the law and created false filings which was another violation of the law to cover up that he broke the law.”

Let’s just see how well that statement stands up over time, shall we?

By: Cindy on 10/23/09

Booty – “He owns property in San Luis. He gets his mail there. He is being accused of not sleeping there enough. For that, you and the other damaged little brains here would love to see the state throw him in prison.”

WRONG Booty, dead wrong. We want him prosecuted for lying to the public about where he lives and lying on his “mandated” financial disclosure to the city (which is a felony by the way). He broke the law, he knows he broke the law, he lied to cover up that he broke the law and created false filings which was another violation of the law to cover up that he broke the law. That makes him untrustworthy.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/23/09

Well Cin, the answer is:


Can you comprehend that?

I’ve never pretended to know what, when, where, why and how. That would be you and your idiotic little knitting circle, now wouldn’t it?

I’ve never once voted for the man, but have tremendous respect for the people that disagree with me. You know, the voters. Citizens. Anyone who has lived here more than two years has heard all of this, and more. He is undoubtedly the most recognizable politician in the county, and not all of the ink that got him there has been positive. Yet voters, you know, citizens, have returned him to office over and over and over…

When is the last time three people decided they would like you to govern them? Two people? One?

He owns property in San Luis. He gets his mail there. He is being accused of not sleeping there enough. For that, you and the other damaged little brains here would love to see the state throw him in prison.

Idiots, all of you.

By: Newsome on 10/23/09

Geoooooooooooorge — Booty crapped himself again and he’s ruining it for the rest of us

By: dhgscw on 10/23/09

Yelapop says -” If a candidate lies to obtain office, the seat was fraudulently obtained”.

If that is infact what happened – recall him. This is not difficult stuff.

By: Cindy on 10/23/09

Well Booty, perhaps in all your infinite wisdom you can shed some light on why you think the AG has conducted an investigation in the last few months? What do you think he plans to do with the information he gathered from the renters and the neighbors?

By: CitizenB on 10/23/09

Please don’t feed the trolls. But Booty is right, the chances of enforcement here are almost non-existent. However, this would make an excellent campaign issue should anyone care to take Dr. Settle on in the next election.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/23/09

Bonjour north county inbreeds, how were the boogers this morning?

So the collective wisdom, as it were, here is that you all know and have “proven” (via internet gossip, talk radio slobbering, and amazing cut and paste skills) the following:

The high crimes and misdemeanors Allen Settle has committed.

The course of action required by authorities.

What the punishment will be.

Is that about right?


Alternatively, what are the chances that every last one of you are simply delusional shut-ins, nothing-better-to-do north county mongs, AIDS riddled, advanced syphilletic, cross eyed, inbred, and struggling with the basics of independent thought?

By: yelapop on 10/23/09

dhgscw: The voters need full and accurate information. If a candidate lies to obtain office, the seat was fraudulently obtained.

By: George on 10/23/09

Here is your moderator! ease up on the George Carlin words and personal attacks, everyone. Booty is a troll, everyone knows that, so skip over his comments or say some thing relevant,do not respond to the troll. I allow it because he makes me laugh

I deleted some whiny complaints and personal attacks because no one really wants to read them. if you need to complain please use the Email.(click on my user name )

By: slochik on 10/22/09

Why are some people referring to “booty juice” as a “she”? How do you know if it’s a he or a she? What do you do for a living “booty juice”….just curious….great debate…

By: Use_it_or_Lose_it on 10/22/09

Ya’ll- Maya Angelo coined the term -horizontal hostility- the idea that the lowly black can only kill or harm one another. Express the distress laterally. Can’t go vertically up against the ones in power, so go against a peer, instead.

That’s what’s happening here. If we took 10% of the energy spent attacking one another here, and directed it at the powers that be, to do their job, the world of SLO county would be a better place.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

In the meantime, I am quivering with anticipation for the next massive cut and paste display which will brutally prove that residency violations not only warrant around the clock State surveillance, prosecution, and incarceration, but that they are commonplace.

The fact that the only two dug up so far involved a Chinese mobster and a South Central LA capo is just a coincidence, right?

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

Booty- I reiterate, “What was the earlier post that insulted all North County residents about? If you want to be taken seriously then you really need to “get a grip” on your otherwise obtuse rhetoric.”

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

I would highly encourage slocentral and all like-minded blog pissers here to test the validity of their delusional beliefs in the real world of meat and potatoes. Knock yourselves out.

And report back on how your views are recieved.

By: dhgscw on 10/22/09

To those who feel this Settle thing is such a heinous offense the solution is simple – initiate a recall. Or, the next time he runs for the seat again, or another position in government, vote him out. All the gossip, speculation, hear-say and the lack of civility shown toward each other in this conversation accomplishes nothing. Let the voters decide if they consider this a serious matter and want him to represent them. We live in a representative republic – let it work.

By: lagunaLounger on 10/22/09

booty’s last post is the kind you see when someone has been owned in the debate and has nothing left to say. been sarcastic and mention their daddy. nice one. at least booty has actual knowledge of one thing. knitting that is! maybe she should go back to her knitting circle and leave the political debate to those intelligent enough to participate

By: Michelle on 10/22/09

We actually have far less crime here in North County, particularity Atascadero than we have in SLO. We all know it, maybe Booty lives down by the SLO creek and logs on at a coffee shop?

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of a creek rat with a stolen lap top.

By: Jordan on 10/22/09

Rewind says “Glad to see at least one person here [Booty Juice] has a brain.”

Booty_Juice says “any and all of those residing in north county where the prevailing talents lean toward dog bothering, thievery, public corruption, religion, stabbing, meth snorting, alcoholism, sister shagging, pissing up the wall, insurance and benefits fraud, wife beating, gluttony, laziness, and nose picking.”

Need anyone say more? Why are these people allowed to troll like this? This is clear undisputed trolling. Where is the moderator? This is a simple example of trolling without a doubt by any stretch of the imagination. There is no reasonable debate/ value of input in these posts. Why does CCN allow this?

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Thank you slocentral for the impressive display of your cut and paste skills.

Uncle Daddy must be so proud.

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

Sorry, but this is more of BootyJuicy’s pure drivel.

“Even if all of this were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he would at most be required to pay a fine, revise his paper work, etc. etc. A parking ticket.”

Haha, this is pure fantasy! A fine and revise your paperwork? If it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he would be required to STEP DOWN. End of story. There is no provision to pay some “councilman who doesn’t live in SLO” fine or amend your paperwork to say “Oh sorry, I live in AG, not SLO.” This is once again more of Booty’s fantasy world with no backing in reality.

Let me quote DIRECTLY from the SLO city charter, since I’m sure you haven’t read it.

SECTION 403. Eligibility for Office.

No person shall be eligible for election to, or to hold, the office of Mayor or Council Member of said City unless said person is and shall have been a resident thereof, or of territory legally annexed thereto, on or prior to the date of such election or appointment, for at least thirty (30) days next preceding said person’s election thereto or appointment to fill a vacancy therein, and is an elector thereof at the time of such election or appointment.

SECTION 406. Vacancies.

An elective office becomes vacant when the incumbent thereof dies, resigns, is removed from office under recall proceedings, is adjudged insane, convicted of a felony, or of an offense involving a violation of the Mayor or Council Member’s official duties, or ceases to be a resident of the City, or has been absent from the State without leave granted by the City Council for more than sixty (60) consecutive days, or fails to attend the meetings of the Council for a like period without being excused there from by said body.

So, let me trim out all those big confusing words for you:

“No person shall […] hold, the office of Mayor or Council Member of said City unless said person is and shall have been a resident thereof […]. An elective office becomes vacant when the incumbent thereof […] is convicted of a felony, […] or ceases to be a resident of the City […].”

Very clear cut and dried. If you don’t live in SLO, you are out. Additionally, if you are convicted of a felony, (such as perjuring yourself on a financial statement or tax form) you are also out.

I can’t wait to see how you’ll spin this one in an attempt to claim you aren’t completely wrong. As always, I support my points with facts taken from sources like the SF Chronicle, SLO City Charter, etc. BootyJuicy never states the source of any of her drivel and apparently makes it up on the fly so she can be a foil to my logic and common sense.

By: Rewind on 10/22/09

Glad to see at least one person here [Booty Juice] has a brain. This site cracks me up.

By: Sht4brains on 10/22/09

Well, nothing happens until you become the target of the person behind the trigger who has the “up” on you. I am beginning to understand booty’s sht4brain. lol

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Make an attempt to think about what you are asking for: An entrenched, bureaucratic enforcement authority willing to surveille an ELECTED official to determine how many times he pisses on plumbing he owns within the district he represents. If the number comes up lacking, you are suggesting he be prosecuted and incarcerated.

If that is in fact what you want, you better be willing to see many, many other ELECTED officials surveilled and prosecuted likewise by a permanent, bureaucratic enforcement agency, with an agenda you may or may not agree with.

A terrible idea. You might not know it, but the courts know it. So do even the agencies charged with enforcement.

ELECTED officials are rightly held above bureaucracies. Why, because you can vote them out. You want a bureaucrat fired for misconduct much less prosecuted and incarcerated? Be my f*cking guest and good f*cking luck.

Mongs, the lot of you.

By: Nancy on 10/22/09

I take exception to Booty’s last post.

“They wouldn’t because they shouldn’t”, that’s just pure BS.

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

Booty – That last post was a good one and drove it home. What was the earlier post that insulted all North County residents about? If you want to be taken seriously then you really need to “get a grip” on your otherwise obtuse rhetoric.

By: Nancy on 10/22/09

Booty says: “Where Allen Settle pops Viagra at night or shits in the morning really should be the least of your concerns.”

Booty, we have to start someplace, why not right here. We have to send a message while setting a precedent.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Attention silly CCN knitting circle, blog pissing pilgrims:

All of this is extremely old news. Even if all of this were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, he would at most be required to pay a fine, revise his paper work, etc. etc.

A parking ticket.

If you think anybody is going to spend the time and resources investigating (again) and prosecuting this thing with the intent of INCARCERATING the man you are seriously mental.

They wouldn’t because they shouldn’t.

Everyone knows about this, and more. Yet they VOTE the man in time and time again. You know, like drive to the precinct voting location, stand in line, get your ticket, go into the booth and vote for who you want to represent you?

None of this is the level of offense that all of you idiots think it is. Deal with it.

The way to get the man out of office is through the ballot box. This aint gonna cut it.

You know it’s true. And if you don’t, time will learn ya.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

slocentral. During what period did the disclosure you reference cover, and were renters in fact present during that period?

Do you have even the slimmest actual knowledge of what you are talking about?

If you have proof of financial disclosure violations, show it here or provide it to the authorities. See what happens. Maybe they’ll see things your way. What do you think the chances of that are?

Your “assertions backed up by facts and explanations” have so far been funny as hell.

News you can use: Internet blog pissing and talk radio tidbits are less than marginally useful. And Karen’s schtick only goes so far.

Are you the least bit capable of rational, independent thought?

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

Booty: “Settle has never denied owning rental property in SLO that I am aware of. His Ocean Air rental and the Dalidio parcel what, ten years ago comes to mind. Provide evidence he is concealing required financial information”

As just re-stated on KVEC, Settle claimed ZERO rental income on his financial disclosure form. Nice try, Booty, but you are wrong once again – thanks for playing! Have you been right about anything?

I have backed up every one of my assertions with facts and explanations. You state no facts and just dish up insults and petty childish namecalling.

“shut your drooling gob. Idiot.”

Ah, you know someone has truly gotten to you and you have no facts to stand on when you have to devolve to sophomoric insults. Thank you for showing us all the great mental capabilities you were going on about earlier.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Cindy. I would love to stand corrected, but neither you nor anyone else has shown evidence, here or elsewhere, that Settle is violating his financial reporting requirements.

You are making a statement of fact. Back it up.


Knit one, pearl one.

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

Booty you’re obviously off your medication again.

Booty for your information the renters said that they pay rent. What reason would they have to say that? If they live in Settle’s home for free do you think they want to take a risk of being evicted? Settle did not report the rental income on his financial disclosure to the city. Do you comprehend that?

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Slocentral. You previously cleared up any doubt, if there ever was any, about your inability to draw distinctions and desire to score debating points in the complete absence of logic or rationality.

But thanks for driving the point home.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Settle has never denied owning rental property in SLO that I am aware of. His Ocean Air rental and the Dalidio parcel what, ten years ago comes to mind.

Provide evidence he is concealing required financial information or shut your drooling gob. Idiot.

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

Booty: “I am still waiting for one single case anywhere in the state where a politician was removed from office for what Settle is accused of here: Questionable residency. One. Single. Case.”

Wow, ok, let me make it even clearer for you. From the SF Chronicle:

“San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew was ordered Wednesday to stand trial on felony charges that he lied about where he lives to run for office and to vote in city elections. [Exactly what Settle has been accused of.] If convicted on any one of the charges, Jew would be forced from office. Already, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is seeking approval from the state attorney general to sue to oust Jew, contending that he didn’t meet City Charter residence requirements to hold his post representing the Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods on the Board of Supervisors.”

Let me repeat it for you in case you missed it: ****If convicted on any one of the charges, Jew would be forced from office.***

And guess what? He WAS convicted of the charge of lying about his residency and he removed himself from office as part of his plea deal in the “questionable residency” case. Sure, he was removed from office by himself, but if he hadn’t, he clearly would have been removed by the city council very quickly due to him lying about his residency. This had nothing to do with the extortion case.

Since you are apparently not clear on the legal process, let me fill you in. Each case is tried on its own merits without regard to any other crimes committed. It is only in the sentencing phase of a trial that past crimes can be admitted into evidence. This is one of the cornerstones of our justice system. So to claim that Jew’s conviction for lying about his residence and his removal from office had anything to do with the separate extortion case shows just how little you know about our legal system. Jew didn’t get convicted of perjury because he was a “Chinese Mobster” as you put it, he was convicted because he lied about where he lived, just like Settle is being accused of.

By: factcheck on 10/22/09

Booty_Juicer: “This violation is the equivalent of a parking ticket.” Okkaayy… a parking ticket is an infraction. Lying about your primary residence so you can illegally hold political office is *felony perjury*. We won’t even delve into the crime of not declaring rental income to the federal, state, and the city government. Yep, Booty is sure making a lot of sense here. She is going to be in for quite a surprise the next time she commits a “parking ticket-like” felony.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

I understand how much physical pain it causes to attempt to draw distinctions between two seemingly similar situations.

Making distinctions requires nuanced thought processes not available to most humans, particularly any and all of those residing in north county where the prevailing talents lean toward dog bothering, thievery, public corruption, religion, stabbing, meth snorting, alcoholism, sister shagging, pissing up the wall, insurance and benefits fraud, wife beating, gluttony, laziness, and nose picking.

Where Allen Settle pops Viagra at night or shits in the morning really should be the least of your concerns.

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

So Booty is saying that the issue of residency only came up as an after thought and not the primary complaint. Sort of like “throwing the book at them”.

It’s still clear that a sentence of one year of incarceration and 3 years of probation was

imposed for this single offense.

By: karen on 10/22/09

I will be on the Dave Congalton Show today at 4 p.m. to discuss this issue. Turn your radio to 920AM or listen live at 920kvec.com.

By: dhgscw on 10/22/09

Well stated Booty. All of a sudden Booty is the one making sense here.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

Ed Jew. A Chinese mobster who was extorting his constituents while in office.

Richard Mayer. One of the most openly and blatantly corrupt politicians to ever hold office in arguably the most corrupt city in all of California.

I am still waiting for one single case anywhere in the state where a politician was removed from office for what Settle is accused of here: Questionable residency.

One. Single. Case.

The system sets the bar high with regard to reversing the will of voters, a rare policy that they actually got right. Those of you who would compare Settle to the above individuals and would love to see him incarcerated are on glue. Plain and simple. Too much time on your hands.

I have a problem with Settle being a two-faced, arrogant, useless, career politician. I have no problem with that fact that the majority of voters disagree with me and continue to return him to office time and again despite this story others being public knowledge for many years.

Stretching residency requirements behind a thin veil of plausible deniability occurs everywhere in the state, and has never been punished with removal from office that I have ever seen or heard of. Nothing posted here yet refutes that fact.

How about you girls just finish off that 12 pack and have a lie down.

By: Rany on 10/22/09

We know that there was some sort of an investigation. The neighbors were questioned and so were the tenants (rent payers). That appears to have occurred within the last year?

dhgscw, What is your interest in our county? You said that you log on here from 1000 miles away. Are you McDow or Limon’s relative?

By: mcdonald on 10/22/09

Booty isn’t going to apologize, he is going to wait this out and hope it goes away. Just like Lisa Solomon, Jim Mulhall. Jerry Shea, Dan McDow, Limon and all the rest.

To get back on topic, I think it was sloryde that asked:”Does anyone know if the Attorney General investigated Settle and filed a report?”

By: Nancy on 10/22/09

BootyJuice was wrong and slocentral was right.

Booty owes slocentral an apology for calling her moronic. That wasn’t just an opinion, he portrayed an outright misrepresentation of the facts, all in an intentional effort to denigrate slocentral.

Jordan you forget about how all our dogs have fleas and that we have no teeth or that our 600-800K homes are all shacks and meth labs.

By: dhgscw on 10/22/09

Cindy – this is still America. Booty is entitled to his opinion as nutty as some may think it is. By the way, Booty is not the lone ranger posting here with unusual opinions.

By: Jordan on 10/22/09

As a North County resident, I do object to the many times that Booty_Juice referred to me, my family and my neighbors all as being, “sister shagging, meth smoking, dog poking, aides infested, inbred alcoholics and drug dealers”!

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

dhgscw – You are new around here. Booty_Juice is notorious and known for singling out entire townships while attributing all sorts of perverted behaviors upon “all” the citizenry.

Believe me, Booty earned this one.

By: dhgscw on 10/22/09

Folks, you are getting your shorts all knotted up over small potatoes here. You have much bigger problems in SLO county than this.

By: Laura on 10/22/09

Hhahhah slocentral just kicked the Booty all over the blog! Put down your knitting Booty_Juice and man up.

And another thing, who are you calling old ladies? Only an old fart would know about “knit one, pearl two”.

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

Booty- YUP, she kicked your butt, apologize to slocentral.

By: sloryde on 10/22/09

Wow, I think Booty_Juice just had her booty kicked! LOL!

Does anyone know if the Attorney General investigated Settle and filed a report?

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

If you want a second source, read this SF Chronicle article: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/04/22/BAKF1774LV.DTL

Key quotes from that article:

“Jew was sentenced in San Francisco Superior Court to a year in county jail for lying about living in the city district he was elected to represent.”

“The state had charged him with nine felony charges for allegedly lying about where he lived so he could run for office and vote in San Francisco elections.”

Which is exactly what I said in my first post: Nine felony counts, a year in jail, for doing what Settle was accused of doing. Any other questions?

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

Booty_Juice: Ironic that you call me a moronic poster but apparently don’t know how to comprehend wikipedia. Even what you quoted supports my statement.

You arrogantly asked “Show me one case in the entire state where this has ever resulted in loss of office.”

And from that very wikipedia page you just quoted, it says:

“On September 25, 2007, Mayor Gavin Newsom suspended Jew for alleged official misconduct and began the process of removing him from office” and “The nine counts of felony charges brought against Jew included four counts of perjury, three counts of election code violations, voter fraud, and providing false documents when he filed in candidacy papers claiming that he was a resident of the Sunset district”

The extortion case was an entirely separate case that had nothing to do with the residency requirements violation. Wikipedia even nicely lists them in two separate sections for you.

In the extortion case, he was charged with “two counts each of bribery and mail fraud and one count of extortion.” and “Jew was sentenced to 64 months in state prison and fined $10,000 for extortion”

In the false residency case he was charged with “four counts of perjury, three counts of election code violations, voter fraud, and providing false documents.” and “he was sentenced to 1 year in county jail, 3 years in probation and fined $2,000”

It is very clear they are separate cases and had nothing to do with each other.

In the false residency case, “prosecutors presented testimonies from Jew’s neighbors at both of his homes, indicating that Jew had never lived in his 28th Avenue apartment and spent most of his time in Burlingame.” Settle’s neighbors also claim that he doesn’t live in his SLO home and spends most of his time in his AG home. How many more similarities do you need?

I believe an admission that you are wrong and an apology for your “moronic” comment are in order here.

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

Booty Juice: If you want a SECOND case in this state, there is South Gate City Council candidate Richard Mayer who was arrested and charged with seven felony counts of perjury, filing a false election document, and soliciting perjury for running for South Gate City Council and claiming his South Gate home as his primary residence while his real primary residence was in Boyle Heights.

If he had actually made it into office, he would have no doubt been removed immediately.

I’m sure with a little searching one could find plenty of other cases in this state where a politician has been removed from office and charged for false residency claims.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

First Google search for Ed Jew was wiki:

“He was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors after capturing 52% of the votes in November 2006. Several months after taking office, the FBI raided his office and homes for allegedly extorting money from small business owners in his district. Shortly after the raid, the city attorney began investigating Jew for violating residency requirements necessary to hold his supervisor position. In September 2007, he was suspended by Mayor Gavin Newsom and later resigned in the face of extortion and perjury charges. In late 2008, he pled guilty to both charges. He was sentenced to 64 months in state prison for extortion, and a year in county jail for perjury.”

Moronic poster here claims “Search for “Ed Jew”…not only lost his seat, but was charged with NINE felony counts and spent a year in JAIL for doing precisely what Settle did: claiming a residence he owned but did not live in so he could keep his councilman position.”

Get a grip.

Typical CCN old lady knitting circle.

Knit one, pearl one.

By: slocentral on 10/22/09

I guess the last three posters didn’t read the previous comments before posting. Search for “Ed Jew” on this page to see my comment from 10/19/09 about this SF councilman who not only lost his seat, but was charged with NINE felony counts and spent a year in JAIL for doing precisely what Settle did: claiming a residence he owned but did not live in so he could keep his councilman position.

I don’t think nine felony counts and a year in jail is minor league stuff the equivalent of a parking ticket.

The difference is that the SF City Attorney proactively investigated that case and officially sought approval from the California Attorney General to file a lawsuit. Our City Attorney is content to do nothing and say it is all up to the California Attorney General to look into it and hasn’t even bothered to check if the AG has a current investigation regarding this.

If you guys want another case, look up Jersey City Councilwoman Nidia Lopez who is currently on trial for having a primary residence in Florida, not Jersey. Or former Clark County Commissioner Lynette Boggs, who was charged with four felonies for lying about her primary residence.

Purjury and fraud is NOT minor stuff, people.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/22/09

do remember that case up in SF…Norm something.

If I’m not mistaken, he had endure a public flogging and run around the block backwards.

BJ is correct, this is minor league stuff

By: Cindy on 10/22/09

Booty – It’s a felony to provide fraudulent information on his mandated annual financial disclosure. He has been failing to report the rental income that he receives in SLO. He obviously doesn’t live at that property and has continued to compound this fallacy. If I’m not mistaking there was someone in SF that received a year in jail for something similar. Can’t recall who it was, maybe someone remembers or knows?

By: Booty_Juice on 10/22/09

This violation is the political equivalent of a parking ticket. Settle knows this. Show me one case in the entire state where this has ever resulted in loss of office.

By: Sht4brains on 10/22/09

This story reminds me of when Lenthall “moved” from his large Ferinni Heights home to one of his rentals in south SLO during his campaign. Yeah right. Maybe Settle and Lenthall did favors for each other. Both don’t need to be in public office to serve their own personal agendas.

By: DashRiprock on 10/21/09

This one’s a no-brainer, why isn’t Settle out on his nose yesterday? I guess he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, well, I suppose he’s proved he is smarter than Romero.

By: mrehand on 10/21/09

Turquoise- Thanks for answering my question about who the legal responsibility to enforce the City Charter falls to- the City Manager. I realize he is about to retire, and think overall he has done a good job except by looking the other way on this issue for far too long. As much as I would like to make decisions that affect the Citizens of AG, I don’t live in AG and have no right to greatly affect the lives of those who do.

This sounds like not only old fashion political corruption, but also a criminal issue on several fronts. The Council should put this item on the next agenda and conduct an official and public investigation immediately, or risk becoming included in a public recall efforts as accessories to this fraud.

I’m sure the new City Manager will not make it his top priority to have one of his new bosses investigated and arrested for violation of the City Charter- justice for this has to come from the people through the media forum demanding action from the Council and/or the State Attorney General’s office.

Good job digging more up on this Karen keep up the pressure- you are on the right path, hopefully the New Times and TT pick up on this and demand on behalf of the lawful voters and residents of SLO for a formal investigation to get to the bottom of this.

By: dhgscw on 10/21/09

I never believe a news story that relies on ‘unnamed sources’. You never know what the motivation was to stay anonymous.

By: Scarlet on 10/21/09

Hey Ryan. Fancy meeting you here. Just so we’re clear: you’re not insinuating that the Settle residency issue was broken by New Times, are you? A local blog was responsible for that. And Karen didn’t merely uncover the citations, but tax complications and additional detailed info from renters and neighbors.

New Times, through you in particular, have made it clear that it does not talk to people who do not care to be outed, or risk friendships or job loss. Karen provides information (and, yes, from anonymous sources), that helps shine light on local problems- something sorely needed in a county fraught with lender theft, lack of accountability among various law enforcement officials, a complacent DA, etc.

I heard you once say on Congalton that her stories were not valid because she uses anonymous sources. What is more important: naming your source and risking their future or getting vital info to the public. I know where I stand.

By: George on 10/21/09

Anyone with questions about moderation can click my user name for hints.or use the Email link found there.

By: slomadman on 10/21/09

Allen Settle is not now, nor has he ever been, a lawyer. He is a full-time, tenured professor at Cal Poly. He supplements his regular university income with his council member stipend or salary as well as doing occasional consulting work for state and federal agencies. Of course, the income he may receive from residential rental property is also a supplement to his university income as well.

By: RyanMiller on 10/21/09

Since this post may initially seem off topic, it seems I must supplicate to someone named “George” in the hopes it will stay on the site.

Cindy: I heard New Times had been mentioned in the comments for this story, so I checked it out. I saw that your most recent comment seems to have been directed at me (forgive me if I assume too much) and wanted to clear up any misunderstandings, so rack-n-blurb doesn’t suffer any slings intended for me.

This is my first post ever at this site, under my name or otherwise. I do not post anonymously or under pseudonyms here or elsewhere.

Congratulations Cal Coast News on discovering the recent police and fire calls and advancing this story.

By: Cindy on 10/21/09

Ryan, oops I meant rack-n-blurb. If I gave CCN what you call a “plug” by stating the facts, so what? CCN took this story further than the New Times did and that’s a fact. New Times did the story 18 months ago and the story obviously wasn’t effective because Settle’s is still in office. CCN stepped up and did more research in an effort to put a stop to his shenanigans. True?

By: rack-n-blurb on 10/21/09

Charlotte, oops I meant Cindy. Each and everyone of your posts is a plug for cal coast news.

George will delete this as it is off topic. But she won’t delete your post (which is also off topic) because you suck up.

If George reads this far before deleting, I do think the Settle issue is important. I think the city of slo should have a council member who follows the spirit of the law. Not the letter of the law.

Allen likes a podium. Plain and simple. He can’t get enough of the sound of his own voice. If he were not on the council he would be standing out on Branch street expounding to hapless tourists.

By: Black_Copter_Pilot on 10/21/09

50 posts…has this issue been settled?

By: turquoise on 10/21/09

Q: “The question now is, who’s legal responsibility is it to enforce the City Charter, and who has enough courage on the Council to end this facade and place this issue on the agenda to call forth for an officila investigation and if proven that Settle has not only lied about his residency, but filed fradulent tax claims a vacancy should be declared immediately to restore some sense of legitimacy to the City Government.”

A: SECTION 109. Violation of Charter.

The violation of any provision of this Charter shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and may be prosecuted by the authorities of the City in the name of the people of the State of California, or may be redressed by civil action, at the option of said authorities. The maximum penalty upon conviction for the violation of any provision of this Charter shall be a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one (1) year or both such fine and imprisonment. Any person sentenced to imprisonment for the violation of a provision of this Charter may be imprisoned in the County jail of the county in which the City of San Luis Obispo is situated. The City Manager shall be responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Charter.

(Long-time City Mgr Ken Hampian is leaving; a replacement is being selected.)


By: Cindy on 10/20/09

rack-n-blurb – New Times did a fun article 18 months ago and exposed Settle’s “most likely” residence. Settle “squeezed” out of it. CCN took the facts a bit further and “locked” him in to the reality of his circumstances. Hopefully there isn’t any “wiggle room” left.

Dave Congalton merely pointed out the undisputed additional facts that CCN “drove home” to the public and those who have been lax in enforcing our city by laws.

By: rack-n-blurb on 10/20/09

Dave Congalton,

Nice back handed acknowledgment to the New Times. Thought you were a bigger man.

By: slochik on 10/20/09

This whole thing makes me feel “dirty” and taken advantage of. What a creep.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/20/09


settle is a state employee at least part time. as a lecturer at cal poly he pulled in over 91,000 last year plus who knows what in future retirement benefits. He can certainly afford a couple of homes since this is only a part time gig for him…He also has a law practice and one can only imagine how much he makes from his city job.

By: dhgscw on 10/20/09

In the scheme of things, SLO county has much bigger fish to fry. However, this may be a symptom of what the mentality in SLO county is.

By: Booty_Juice on 10/20/09

A living testament to the invincible power of arrogance and stupidity.

By: factcheck on 10/20/09

NATIVESLO: Agreed and according to the New Times Article last year, Settle actually owns at least five homes and ten vehicles. FIVE homes! Most people in this county are struggling to afford one. Is it any wonder that the city council has consistently made decisions that has left us with one of the least affordable cities for housing in the country? When you own five houses and are legally renting at least 3, increasing affordable housing is clearly not in your personal best interest. It’s time we had some city council members more in touch with the people they represent.

On another note, county supervisor Jerry Lenthall also “accidentally” listed the one house of his THREE houses that is out of his district as his primary residence for four years. Apparently he has now corrected this “clerical error”. http://archive.newtimesslo.com/index.php?p=showarticle&id=2866

By: NATIVESLO on 10/20/09

WOW, a Political Science Teacher at Poly that can afford to live in 2 homes worth almost 2 mil is really sad as those fees keep raising… As for his recording/voting Settle is known at City Hall as not stating his position or changing it depending on which way the wind is blowing. He is a joker, unfortunately, a very smart one.

By: rogerfreberg on 10/20/09

I am a great admirer of Allen Settle as a someone who practices what he ‘teaches.’ A Political science professor has great credibility IF it comes with actual experience. Hopefully, he shares with his students his ‘real pointers’ and not just his rhetoric.

Allen has survived countless political storms and when the dust all ‘settles’ he’s the only one often left standing. He is derided by many as a ‘weather vane’ and I have heard a number of folks question whether or not his vote is up for grabs…. even remarking that it may go to the highest bidder… whatever that means. However, he does seem to be all over an issue before he temporarily takes a side.

Personally, political survival should not be the primary goal of politicians, it makes them weak and prey to the various momentary whims of a community. Unfortunately, all too many people are willing to sacrifice character and integrity for one issue. It reminds me about all the women who turned a blind eye on Ted Kennedy because he ‘voted right.’

Allen is not the worst that has ever sat on SLO Council… but he has survived… and it is the reason he has survived that should give any thinking person reason to ponder.

Is this the best we can do?

By: Tobykanobe on 10/20/09

I am so sick of our government behaving badly at all levels and both sides. Settle should come clean or go home…to Arroyo Grande.

By: Citizen on 10/20/09

Alan Settle should resign from the City Council. He has proven himself a liar and a cheat. Why would SLO put up with this nonsense.

By: mrehand on 10/20/09

The fact is if these allegations are true, and all signs point to yes this is a clear violation of City Charter section 403 (residency requirement), and section 406 describes in detail when it becomes the responsibility of the City Council to declare and fill a vacancy upon a council member no longer residing in SLO City.

The question now is, who’s legal responsibility is it to enforce the City Charter, and who has enough courage on the Council to end this facade and place this issue on the agenda to call forth for an officila investigation and if proven that Settle has not only lied about his residency, but filed fradulent tax claims a vacancy should be declared immediately to restore some sense of legitimacy to the City Government.

It’s the only way for those who have looked the other way, or worse yet covered this up for too long to redeem the public’s faith in Local Government- if not, many will go down when the State comes down and cleans house on those that knew about this farce and those officials whose duties included upholding the City charter, which it appears from the evidence at hand they have failed us so far.

When is the Mayor going to stand up and show some leadership on this? What a sad way for Romero’s legacy to be remembered as covering up for Settle and this embarassing situation…

By: congaltonkvec920 on 10/20/09

Actually, this story has been around for a long time, mostly at the rumor stage. Yes, New Times gets credit for having the journalistic “balls” to finally track the rumor down. They did follow Settle home one night from a city council meeting — surprise, surprise — Settle went to Arroyo Grande.

However, Karen breaks new ground here: (1) She’s got the Drake Circle occupants getting noise complaints (2) She’s interviewed the current residents and neighbors and has detailed information here (3) it looks like Allen may be caught in some outright lies.

I’ve always liked Allen Settle, but this charade he’s been putting on for years is pretty silly. Rumor has it that he wants to run for mayor and I hope he doesn’t. Glad to see Karen put this issue back in the spotlight. Hoping New Times and The Trib will jump back on it, too.

By: Cindy on 10/20/09

Hopefully this story will bring about some action. The fact that Settle didn’t live in SLO was brought up in the past by the media but it died there. It’s now a reported fact that Settle does rent this 4 bedroom home to 4 people. It’s now reported that he doesn’t file accurate financial disclosures. The police have had to visit this property on 5 separate occasions since July of this year. Hopefully CCN has brought enough attention and information for the authorities to take this seriously.

By: Octavian on 10/19/09

Wasn’t this story already covered in the New Times?


By: pixieboohoo on 10/19/09

Achadjian OUT ! Settle OUT! No more settling!

By: pgillis on 10/19/09

Vagabond: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

RatPatrol1967: You can unseat someone. It takes work, which you don’t want to do.

The Gillis Family

By: Vagabond on 10/19/09

San Simeon, Pgillis and Rat are all correct.

San luis Obispo county is the laughingstock of California.

If you weeded out all the corrupt cronys that serve now or wish to serve in any elected position in SLO county there would be very few left.

I only read this blog for the entertainment and to show neighbors here in Oregon what NOT to allow in local government.

And for that I thank Cal Coast News.

By: rferris on 10/19/09

I think Alan Settle ,on the whole,really cares about SLO! Maybe he feels the “end” of helping his former community is worth employing the “means”of mendacity. I would vote for him again IF he actually lived in SLO but the charade of the last few years regarding his actual residence is damaging his integrity even in the eyes of many of his supporters.

PLEASE ALAN,either move back into SLO ( not a chance considering where family and hearth are at……)or run for office where you actually live. Runnning again in SLO with things as they are is WRONG

By: DashRiprock on 10/19/09

In his mind where ever he says he does…have you ever had a conversation with him…..BORING…….he could fill in just fine for sleeping pills.

By: SanSimeonSam on 10/19/09

Fact Check RIGHT ON……You may have nailed this guy on a technicality. Settle is arguing a technicality like the scumbag lawyer he is. He doesn’t possess the ethical qualities it takes to see that we should follow the spirit and intent of the law and not attempt personal gain from working the loopholes. Settle is the type that would work hard to get a pedophile released from ASH on a technicality regardless of the individuals guilt or innocence (providing there was a buck or 2 in it for him) In any event if you read his statements they don’t speak to intent. It is obvious to the most casual observer that only residents should be allowed to represent residents on city councils. Just as only US citizens should be allowed to represent other citizens in congress. Settle doesn’t care about right and wrong only what serves Settle. This is a very disturbing pattern with most of our local representatives…Mullholland, Ogren, Settle, Linden Gibson, Katcho, the Hooker and deputy pimp and others. Again, we need a Citizens Review Board with some teeth and some outspoken critics of the status quo around here. Perhaps this merry eclectic band of uncovered bloggers should form a coalition:

Velie’s Vigilantes


Karen’s Crusaders

In the meantime lets continue to have fun with all of this without getting blood pressure to high. After all this is about all the benefit we get from the taxes we pay to support these worthless parasites on the public dole. (oops too harsh)

By: RatPatrol1967 on 10/19/09

pgillis-as someone who has talked the talk and walked the walk, I think I have a right to say you don’t know what you are talking about. So long as the laws are not enforced, why bother to ‘form a committee and do something’? Short of overthrowing the government, there is no hope. Trying to get the bad guys run out of office is just a joke. They are allowed to lie in the statements during the election, and the cronyism is crippling to anyone trying to do something for the entire community, not just a small portion of it. In this county, where graft & pandering is a way of life, tring to get rid of the problem is just a hollow threat. Especially in a community where everyone wants a handout, is on the government dole, or conning their fellow neighbor. Simply put, no one gets into politics that is not greedy for self-interests and slightly delusional.

By: slochik on 10/19/09

hopefully he has been under surveillance for the past 6 months which will show he does not live in SLO.

By: factcheck on 10/19/09

If Settle claims that he and his wife live in the house with 4 renters, doesn’t that violate the county ordinance stating no more than unrelated 5 adults can reside in the same house without a special permit. Unless Settle obtained a special permit, or these 4 renters are related to him, he is allowing a code violation.

By: 4Warn on 10/19/09

He’s just another political scoundrel so send a message by throwing da bum out !!!

By: pgillis on 10/19/09

Sharibaby: You prove our point. It was reported last year and still nothing has been done, so no one in SLO should be complaining. Residents of SLO and SLO county need to stop blogging, talking etc., and take some action. Otherwise, you are getting what you deserve by re-electing the same people over and over again.

The Gillis Family

By: slocentral on 10/19/09

Wow, does City Attorney Jonathan Lowell do anything other than cover up for city employees that break the law?

Look up the case of former SF City Councilman Ed Jew, who was charged with nine counts of felony charges included four counts of perjury, three counts of election code violations, voter fraud, and providing false documents when he filed in candidacy papers claiming that he was a resident of the Sunset district, when he really lived in Burlingame. In his case, very similar to Settle’s, he had two houses: a nice one in Burlingame where he really lived, and a not as nice one in SF which he kept so he could stay on the city council.

The SF City Attorney investigated after some complaints, found he really lived in the house in Burlingame and then officially sought approval from the California Attorney General to file a lawsuit to remove Ed Jew from office. The city attorney later had the county DA file criminal charges and Ed Jew was sentenced to a year in county jail.

So clearly our city attorney could start an investigation and take action if he wanted to be proactive about the situation and work to eliminate corruption. But instead it seems he is taking the attitude of it being someone else’s job.

Does Settle really expect us to believe that he can afford the luxury of $1.1 million dollar AG home that sits unoccupied for all but his occasional visits, while he stays in a home worth half as much that he shares with 4 student renters? Would it make sense for anyone to do that?

Hasn’t anyone thought of setting up surveillance of the SLO house from either a stakeout van or a neighbor’s house? It doesn’t really matter if he has other homes in SLO. He’s claiming that one for residency, so he needs to be spending most of his time there.

By: pgillis on 10/19/09

Well, when someone who lives in SLO or SLO county decides to take some action to stop the corruption going on, let us know. All of you blogging here should get together and form a committee. We have the same thing going on here in Poway, people just keep changing roles on our city council, so the corruption and “good ole boy” mentality keeps going; until now, with the recall.

The Gillis Family

By: sharibaby on 10/19/09

Old news. New Times did the story early last year. Not to say Settle isn’t full of it.

By: paperboy on 10/19/09

How huge a person’s ego must be to go through all this skullduggery just to keep a seat on the city council, which is supposed to be a volunteer position.

I ran into Mulholland the other day and she mentioned Settle’s shenanigan’s with the term limits, and that he really doesn’t live within the city limits.

I’d suggest citizens do a ballot measure to redefine the term limits law, but Settle would just find a way around that one too.

The toothless grand jury could be called in. But without residents putting pressure on, nothing will happen.

Someone really does need to file a formal complaint with the A.G.’s office, especially if he’s dodging taxes. Settle hasn’t been a BAD councilman per se, but enough is enough. Twenty-one years is too long for anyone, after all, he’s no Ted Kennedy.

By: pgillis on 10/19/09

The citizens of SLO will have to take action by doing a recall. It is going on in our community right now. A city council woman abused her power, so one our our residents started a recall and it is going forward full force. You, the voters, have to get something going, or nothing will ever change.

Go to http://www.recallrexford.com and check it out.

As our 2nd attorney said after taking over our son’s case, “SLO and Poway are two peas in a pod. They both think they are above the law and the rules don’t apply to them.” So true. We know more about the corruption going on in SLO county than the majority of SLO residents and we don’t even live there.

The Gillis Family

By: Cindy on 10/19/09

Someone did do an investigation on Settle. The neighbors and renters were interviewed according to this article. The AG is mentioned as being informed also. So far it doesn’t look like anything came of it. Lets see if any action is taken?

By: RatPatrol1967 on 10/19/09

This story is such a dud. Anyone who knows anything about the League of Women Voters know that you don’t have to live where you vote. Duh. You can live in Orange County and vote on issues in Cambria, and not even own a house there! You can live in Mendocino County and vote in Barstow, and never set a foot in that town or county. Julie Rodewald and her little crew of misfits refuse to ENFORCE election laws, and this county knows that. Time & time again, she just smiles when these crimes are reported to her, and says in her sweet tone, “I’m sorry, but SLO County simply does not have the money or time to enforce those laws”. At least she says she is sorry, even though you know she really could not care less. Julie is very polite, but useless when it comes to ‘walking the walk’. Just another politician taking the money for doing the very least!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 10/19/09

Classic example of why most here and everywhere HATE politicians. They are so FULL of S*IT!!

By: mcdonald on 10/19/09

Man oh Man, Settle’s and his wife sure are a couple of real swingers and with college kids!!

WOW all that bed hoping!

By: factcheck on 10/19/09

OH the irony!

So according to police records, there were two additional noise complains about Drake Circle address on Friday, June 26 at 11:44pm and Monday, June 29th at 11:26pm that resulted in no citation, in addition to the one on August 18 that resulted in a citation being issued to one William G. (I’m not printing his last name for privacy reasons.) If Settle was really just next door, wouldn’t William G. have told the responding officer so Settle could sign for the DAC instead? The CalCoastNews should talk to the responding officer to see what he observed and heard when arriving at the call.

So, the irony? In a recent article by the Tribune entitled “San Luis Obispo City Council tells police chief to create stricter ordinances for noise and curfews”, they talk about several proposed ordinances including:

* “Stiffening noise violations so that houses get on the problematic “premises” list after just one call, and allowing officers to send administrative citations to houses where there is a party but the tenants do not answer the door;”

Looks like Settle’s property would have ended up on that list!

* “Establishing a firm count of rentals in the city through changing the licensing system for rental properties.

Council members seemed to worry the most about how controlling rental properties might work.

Rental owners are supposed to get “tax certificates” now and pay a fee like other businesses, whether they have 1 or 100 rentals. But the system has not produced an effective inventory, so it is not easy for the city currently to cite the landlord for a problem at his property.

The council asked Linden to come back with two proposals, one that would do an effective inventory and license homes, and one that would require go further and require inspections.”

This is very interesting and ironic, since Settle is also violating the tax certificate law and basically stealing money from the city he was elected to serve, and these proposed inspections could very well catch him doing it. I wonder what was going through Settle’s mind during these discussions about landlords hiding the fact that they are renting property? Has anyone looked at a transcript of his comments during this meeting? Is he going to abstain from the vote on this issue because as a illegal renter and owner of a house that gets noise complains, it would be a conflict of interest for him to vote?

And finally, the Tribune article fittingly ends with a quote from Settle himself:

“It has to be clear to everybody in this city that this has to apply to every resident, not just students,” said Councilman Allen Settle. “This could be a wedding, any party.”

Does it also apply to councilmen, Allen? Oh wait, you carefully said “every resident”, which unfortunately doesn’t include “every councilman” in this city!

By: Cindy on 10/19/09

One has to wonder if the Settle’s might be filing separate tax returns? He takes the interest, prop taxes and home owners exception on one home and she on the other? It would be a sweet deal if he has leveraged the rental property and doesn’t claim the rental income. Just curious?

By: slochik on 10/19/09

deny..deny..deny…he will believe his own lies. It’s going to get ugly…

By: Cindy on 10/19/09

The tales and cover ups are always so much worse than the initial “act” in question.

This is where we learn about ones true character. How much will they lie?

Oh what a tangled web we weave,……….

When will they ever learn?

By: PaulJones on 10/19/09

This guy needs to go. Will they ever learn? Its time for a lesson in honesty.

By: SarahO on 10/19/09

Settle’s owns a home valued at 1.1 Million in Arroyo Grande but lives at the house in SLO with 4 roommates? He and his wife spent the weekend there? There are 4 bedrooms and 4 roommates! The roommates don’t know where he stays because he has other homes? There seems to be a wave of public officials telling “all sorts” of stories to the citizenry. This seems to be occuring from AG all the way up to Paso Robles!

By: slochik on 10/19/09

He’s so shady…and he’s going to snap with any pressure he feels from the public or authorities on this…just watch. Crazy.

By: slocentral on 10/19/09

It is amazing that Settle continues to collect rent from these students in violation of tax laws and his financial declarations and gets away with it.

This should be a simple one for investigators to prove. Make a surprise visit to the home and interview the renters, who probably aren’t going to risk perjury by lying to a state investigator to save Settle’s ass. If they paid rent by check, that is a simple one to track and prove. If he was smart and has them pay with cash to avoid a paper trail, they’d be withdrawing that amount each month to pay him, which would appear on their financial records. If he is not declaring this rent on his taxes, that is tax fraud – if he is, then again that is an easy way to prove he has renters.

One renter saying he pays rent there should be enough for investigators to get a warrant and do a surprise inspection of the property and find out who lives in which room to prove that Settle doesn’t live there.

By: slochik on 10/19/09

This guys is a joke. Who does he think he is?

By: Scarlet on 10/19/09

So, Settle is illegally representing SLO citizens. Who placed second to him in the election? Should he have to repay his salary? What about his tax filing; that too appears to be falsified. Should he also be required to repay the rent he collected from the students? And how much were those service calls to his home? Settle is an expense we cannot – and should not have to – afford. I hope those student renters are aware of their rights as tenants.

By: itneverends on 10/19/09

Who actually votes for this guy?

By: scooterman on 10/19/09

What do you know more corruption in local politics . Do any of our city or county employees ( mainly the ones in charge ) Have any morals to follow the laws we follow. I guess not.