Judge won’t allow Dan De Vaul’s appeal

November 18, 2009

Dan De VaulSuperior Court Judge Michael Duffy disagreed with Dan De Vaul’s lawyers’ arguments that misconduct by Judge John Trice had tainted the jury. Due to Trice’s fear of something becoming public, the attorneys remain under a gag order and are not permitted to say whether or not they plan to appeal. [Tribune]

Trice’s highly unusual gag order has the honor of being the first ever issued in San Luis Obispo County regarding a misdemeanor case.

Court room observers were somewhat surprised that it appeared Duffy had written his decision before hearing arguments. After oral arguments, Duffy immediately began reading from a previously prepared statement.

De Vaul is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Trice Monday morning at 8:30. De Vaul supporters are calling for a rally in front of the court house (corner of Palm and Santa Rosa) at 8 a.m. on Monday.

De Vaul will have thirty days after sentencing in which to file an appeal.


Yosemite Sam and whomever,

When you call anyone out, expect that you will be asked who you are? Don’t feel bad, SanSimeonSam is frightened, too … cowardice is just sad and unnecessary.

I don’t think Dan will get what he deserves, but maybe cooling his heals a bit will give him time to reflect on how to become a good human being, because he is an awful neighbor. I have known real Samaritans… and he aint one.

Funny how Danny boy NOW wants to be incorporated by the city… sounds like, maybe his supporters in the downtown association want to come to his rescue? Gotta keep Dan’s folks outta the downtown and back on the farm, right?

8am Monday? It won’t come too soon.



I don’t quite understand roger, are you threatening me. Fortunately this website retains records and if you come to san simeon and do harm to me or my family the police will be at your doorstep. I express an opinion and you threaten me. You make vulgar references to bestialiy et al and then imply your going to hunt me down with the implication of what …physical violence on my person. I am not Dan and i am not frightened of you but i am forwarding your threats to the SLO police and ask for an investigation. You really need to find your sense of humor in all of this.


Roger you wrote,” or you too busy making love to barn yard animals?”, this is exactly sways opinion negatively and lowers one’s self to dirt, you brought mustard on your chin with your own bad ethics, this kind of trash belongs elsewhere. Let’s keep a little more adult orientated.


Apparently Dan is looking at some jail time. A group of us will be meeting outside the court house at 8AM on Monday morning to support Dan. Hope those who have empathy for his situation come down and support him.


SanSimeon Sam is the real man, Roger, Sam’s Dam right and when did you move here? Go back to Long Beach, the Chese agree’s with this,”The Mullhollands, Katchos, Gibsons, Christies, Romero’s Browns, Carters, Ogrens, et. al. need to be investigated by serious people and kept in check , removed from office or prosecuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!” These are words endorsed by the Cheseburger.

I have know Dan De Va__ for over forty years, he is a kind a caring humanitarian. Roger learn how to spell Dan’s name for Christ sakes. Dan De V. is a hero to me, Roger my only Christmas wish is that you, are some day without a place to stay, (in the rain).


…oh, I would be happy to share my ancestry with you ‘Sam’ just ell me who you are? I am sure that you are aware of the latest rulings allowing folks like me to find out about folks like you… or you too busy making love to barn yard animals?

In any event, I have a neighbor who is one of our local finest gendarmes… and he diagnosed my two tire problem as “some asshole placed big nails in tires.” Not to worry…. just some boys out to play.

So back to you ‘sam’…… so who are you… or should I find out myself.




Woke up to find flat tires this morning… coincidence?

Careful, folks.



woke up this morning to find i was ugly….coincidence?

Two questions roger

when did you move here from SoCal

when did you let the air out of your tires


well, ‘son of sam’

You’re ugly but it aint just the mirror… so who are you?

As for my tires… fortunately I have on of the local finest living next door who diagnosed ‘some asshole placed nails in tires.”

So I’d be happy to trace my ancestry back for you… is it, Dan? ( oh, by the way, I could find out myself as I am sure you know the latest ruling against anonymity on the net… or do you?)

So son, are we taking this personal are we?



IMHO, Dan DuVaul has been given so many breaks one can only wonder who is protecting him? The county shouldn’t levy one fine for unpermitted activity on private property until Dan cleans up his act. No one should get a free ride and no one is above the law.

Almost anyone in the county who had a small amount of the infractions that Dan has had would have had to pay dearly, so why not Dan DuVall? Yes, Dan certainly deserves everything he gets… and more.

I heard a rumor that he took a dead cow and stuck it on someone’s fence… was that Christine Mullhollands? Let’s just say, that Christine and I do not agree on much except a wonderment on how Dan DuVall has gotten away with so much for so long.

By the way, Dan, I have been impressed with how you play fast and loose with things… however, are you documenting and paying your taxes on all this stuff? Inquiring minds want to know.

Roger Freberg … one of Dan’s pissed off neighbors


So i noticed that my diatribe is not recorded as a comment. Hmmm i wonder what it is. I forgot to footnote that the only good that may come from this is costly waste of time is that if the powers to be actually put our very own Emperor Norton in prison I believe the backlash against Mullholland will be such that she couldnt get elected dogcatcher in this county (even if she ran against Matt Kokkonnen)

Now that might be worth someone doing some jail time.


By all means lets put Dangerous Dan De Vaul behind bars for a year. How dare he come to town and put in a farm right in the line of sight of Ms Mullholland and her Johnny come lately superficial crowd from southern california. It goes without saying that the true crime is the money we wasted on Mullholland while she and her crowd attempt to improve property values by unleashing more homeless (many of them sex offenders and mentally challenged folks) back on the populace. But then Dan should never have built there in the first place knowing the type of neighborhood he was moving into. (Mullholland and her cabal were there first right ?) And the county supervisors (gibson in particular) were right there in support when Dan said he was shutting down and throwing the folks out. Lets see Gibson said that there were city agencies, and maybe state agencies and then of course Federal agencies and the churches and the non-profits that could help (and did anyone think to call the UN, he was certain they could help) BUT DON’T CALL THE COUNTY…ITS NOT A COUNTY PROBLEM. I did hear that Gibson and the others had Pavvo Ogren issue a lucrative contract to the brother in law of his crony buddy (the one they say resigned after being on paid administrative leave for so long) to beautify the landscape around the bridges on the creek where the homeless folks will go. I am sure that Ms Mullholland and crew will reward Bruce for that gesture. We wouldn’t want outsiders to think we let our homeless live in an unlandscaped environment.

It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that there has been way too much incest for way too long among the political in crowd in the county. Uncoveredslo is beginning to chip away at the thin layer of respectabilty that conceals some serious corruption. The mullhollands Katchos Gibsons Christies Romero’s Browns Carters Ogrens et all need to be investigated by serious people and kept in check , removed from office or prosecuted. It is time for a citizens review board with some teeth. These scumbags are costing the taxpayers a ton of money and are allowing developers like Copeland to convert us into another Ventura.