Medical marijuana growers arrested

November 19, 2009

potA former Atascadero resident and two medical marijuana growers were arrested for having a better than expected crop. The growers, licensed to produce 9.4 pounds of marijuana, were arrested by Oregon State Police who seized 200 pounds of pot found at the group’s farm in Grants Pass, Oregon. []

Former Atascadero resident Thomas Bletko, 50, previously dealt in drug pipes, of which thousands are reported to be stored in an Atascadero storage unit.

Police were tipped off when a pair of farm laborers said they had been paid for their work with marijuana. An Oregon State Police trooper discovered a pound of marijuana in the workers’ Honda Civic during a routine traffic stop.

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Alright I admit I smoked that stuff one time. I went blind and masturbated, best time of my life, since then I’ve been completely brain dead, why do you think your reading this? At least I have compassion for the millions of people, expressively cancer patients going through Chemo, puking their guts out,can they have a puff or two would that be to much to ask?????????, to help them keep down their dinner, and rewind “dopers,I hope those dopers go to jail for a very long time.” you got to be out of the forties or something wish you were puking!

Oh please, you are defending Medical Marijuana?

I grant you that, Marijuana does make you stupid and takes you out of the game.

These growers were greedy and did a very stupid thing. Not only did they sell a pound to people who didn’t have a permit but they grew 10 times more pot than they were legally allowed to grow. The actual law in grants pass allows 1.5 lbs per person with a permit. That’s a lot of marijuana. They legally could have grown 19.5 lbs but they had to grow 200. DUMB

Rewind, it is a scam, because it is so much cheaper on the corner of every street.

Maybe you watched fear the refer, to many times, ever heard of glaucoma or chronic pain, pot does a lot of good for some, not one defrauded investor has pumped lead into Gearhart, Miller or even Barad after sitting back smoking a fat one. Please come back to the planet you live on, this is 2009.

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hotdog ate your comment! ;->

Medical marijuana is such a scam. I hope those dopers go to jail for a very long time.

Rewind to the bottom of the page, you are batting minus eight, somebody tell me how to make it number nine!