Pardon our dust

November 16, 2009

under consructionBy THE STAFF

Welcome to CalCoastNews’ redesigned site!

We’re working hard to bring our readers more stories, more services and more to talk about.

Those who wish to comment must have their first posts approved. All subsequent comments will then be posted automatically.

Because we moved to a new site, passwords have been reset. If you did not already receive an e-mail with your password, use the lost password link in the login box located on the lower right column to retrieve it.

The calendar will take a day or two longer to transfer to the new site.

If you notice something that is broken or troublesome, please leave us a note in this section. We’ll get right on it.

Thank you for your patience as we move CalCoastNews another step forward.

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Site working SWEET now, KUDOS, I would still like a comment tally on each article, but not a big deal.


Try blocking all IP’s from north county. The useless bastards should be working down the mines instead of whizzing around on mobility scooters paid for by me, reading useless muckraking or surfing the internet for Morlock porn.

Recommend replace continue buttons with comment tally ( suggestion)

Continue buttons bug fixed,, much better and cleaner, Thanks!

The RSS feed is not working. I used to subscribe to the feed and get updates on my iphone, on my PC at work and my PC at home thru a google gadget – now its broken and the RSS link at the bottom of the page goes to your 404 page. PLEASE HELP!

New site sucks, same as the old site. This site still cracks me up.

Hey Sam … who are you? I could find out myself?

Don’t look now Karen but your Webmaster is in the pay of the Tribune and the rest of the Establishment that wants to silence you and your good work. Your site has gone from user friendly to a disaster. Hope you can work out the bugs. But right now its got the swine flu.