SLO hospitals battle over trauma center

December 14, 2009

imagesMike Hodgson in the Times Press Recorder has a two part series about the increasingly ugly and bitter battle between local hospitals. The issue: Whether or not SLO County should have a designated regional trauma center at one of its four hospitals.

The only facility currently eligible is Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, so obviously they love the idea. But CHW-owned French Hospital and Arroyo Grande Hospital are doing everything they can to block the proposal. Things are bound to only get nastier in 2010.

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Wasn’t there a big furor over cardiac surgeons all moving to French? Medicine looks increasingly like a racket.

mccdave, boy have you got that right, Oct. 21 2004, my daughter was taken out of my wife finally after, suffering at the hands of Dr. Arron Kromhout, a new surgeon, who thought he would perform his first C-section on my immigrant wife and daughter, French has a great cardiac facility but don’t go have a baby there, I demanded my wife be evaluated for a C section and all I got from the vicious nurse after she broke my wife’s water at 3 and 1/2 centimeters of cervix dilation with giant cu-tip, stating “I’m going to speed things up” was they won’t do it, then this clown Kromhout shows up days later and say’s he’s going to do the surgery, I had never seen him before, he said Dr. Seagal was on vacation and he was filling in, he looked a little wet behind the ears, so I asked him how many C-sections he had performed, he says between 100 to 200, and thought the chese would buy that, he also refused to do a tubalization we had jointly requested months earlier, because of a 30 day waiting period was 8 hours away from being complete, (more likely he wanted his first solo operation to be as easy as possible), Dr. Monroy came to the rescue, saying since this was an emergency C-section he would do the procedure, the Hospital CATHOLIC Health Care West, stopped him saying it was not an emergency C-section which it was. Dr. Monroy performed the C-section, but my wife was still fertile, which SHE did not want to be! The hospital faced a law suit from the chese, Karen Traft is a very nice person and sort of got him off the hook and the hospital. My demands were not for money, they were for Kromhout and the nurse to be fired, the hospital paid Monroy to go back in and do the tubalization for my wife, saying to me it will all be free and implying that the Dr. Kromhout and the nurse would be fired and I would have to sign a paper saying I would not sue, well if your still reading, the Doctor and the nurse were never fired and every time his commercial came on TV, my wife saw red, because she had to go through two procedures instead of one, they broke so many patient rights laws it’s pitiful and they admitted it. And I never signed any freaking paper!

My wife stated the next time she needed an operation she wanted her mother and I to perform it and will not go back to a hospital ever, (damages,causation), time went by, we enjoyed our baby, I learned he was not fired, nor the nurse, six months later I learned it would have been his first C-section ever, not a lawyer in this area would sue on this case because they said, “we want a tool left behind or something big,” the real reason they were afraid they might end up on the table of the hospital they sued, makes sense to me.

This is fact, if not, sue me, so, I can file a counter suit, because the statue of limitations has expired, on the bases of this independent case, the cheseburger say’s give it to Sierra Vista, French does not respect patient’s rights and tried to pull a fast one on the chese, there were even more hideous violations committed during our brief stay at this hospital but they are almost unbelievable, so unless prompted, I will not go into them, thank you for reading, I know this is a little off topic, but it is fact, not slander! And in my opinion Sierra Vista is the better hospital because of location and staff.

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