Computer snafu temporarily halts birth control prescriptions program

January 5, 2010


A computer glitch with California Department of Health Services’ computers prohibited many low-income patients from filling birth control prescriptions during the past few days.

Pharmacists throughout the state, who attempted to fill certain birth control prescriptions for patients covered by the department’s Family Planning Access Care Treatment program, were informed that their eligibility for the prescription had been denied. The program covers about 2 million men and women statewide.

Employees at Health Works in San Luis Obispo said they had at least 20 patients come in yesterday asking why they were no longer eligible to receive birth control.

“We have been giving out samples,” said Nurse Practitioner Cynthia Scott. “We are trying to help keep people from getting pregnant. We ordered some morning after pills for just in case.”

State officials report the problem that originated from a Jan. 1 computer system update was fixed around 3 p.m. today.

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OMG!!! I thought fornication was a constitutional right?!!! Every thing else seems to be!! ;-)

Maybe that is what they ment by the pursuit of happiness. Lol

I wonder if there is *anything* else someone could do to avoid getting pregnant during this crisis…


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