George Carpenter’s dog found alive near Gorda

January 22, 2010

The dog of missing San Luis Obispo man George Carpenter has been found.

Scooter was found alive, near Gorda, on Highway 1 in Monterey County. Law enforcement officials are now concentrating their search for Carpenter in that area, despite heavy mud slides and poor weather conditions.

The dog will be returned to the Carpenter family.

Carpenter, 74, who suffers from dementia, has been missing since last December when he took his dog for a drive to Laguna Lake Park.

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Just heard that they may have found George’s truck on the south coast ridge road near Lions Den, and are starting to search the area nearby in the Silver Peak Wilderness.

Thank you Cindy. Cal Coast News should change their story so that people know what really happened. They are making it out to sound like search and rescue were out looking for them and they found the dog.

Apparently Scootter wandered up to a home where the owner was outside in his yard. Scooter is said to be very thin but in reasonable good health. Its hard to say how far Scooter had traveled or how long he was on the road alone. This is a happy event but it is also so sad. I don’t think George is going to be found in the same shape that Scooter was found in.

Oh yes, If Scooter could talk!

I am so happy that Scooter was found alive. I sure hope that Mr. Carpenter is found soon.

It was stated someplace esle that Scooter wandered up to someones home in Gorda? So……were search and rescue out looking for him and find him or did he wander up to a house? Which is it?