Ed Arnold charged with one-two-three-four-five felony counts

January 22, 2010

The District Attorney’s office announced five felony counts Thursday against Arroyo Grande city councilman Ed Arnold. [KSBY]

Arnold now faces criminal charges, including: First-degree residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting corporal punishment on a spouse or cohabitant, criminal threats, and possession of an assault weapon.

The married councilman was arrested in December, following an incident at the home of a 28-year-old woman in Arroyo Grande. If convicted on all counts, Arnold could spend nearly ten years in jail.

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“The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office is charging Ed Arnold with five felony counts.” like one wouldn’t be enough, Mr. 98% conviction rate D. A. is all over this one,(great), but what about the north county Hurst, Miller, Brard, Gearhart, Stewart Title and Heritage Oaks Bank alleged fraud, when is our district attorney going to tackle the big fish? I know deep down they want too and hate all the criticisms. I believe if their hands are truly tied by a higher power that they should at least try to make that power perform transparently, accountable and swiftly, (some of the defrauded investors are ninety years old), and if this is not happening, somebody in the D. A.’s office should scream like hell and inform the investors of who dropped the ball and when. Although these crooks seem to be slipping through the cracks in our justice system, it is not over yet. Oh, and Ed Arnold will probably receive probation, pay fines and go to anger management classes,,,,,in a plea bargain wait and see. As you can tell I want a big fish fry, for all the defrauded investors,within their lifetime and mine.

Wow cheese. Your memory must be slipping. Remember the F.B.I. is investingating any and all in the Hurst/Gearhart fiasco. Hence the local D.A. is out of the loop. Better the F.B.I. More resourses and experience with this, than a small local jurisdiction.

Just wondering why this article is so short with no sordid details. This time even The Trib had more details. Just seems unlike most Cal Coast News articles. ie. the recent article on Dean Smith. I must say both The Trib articles on Mr. Arnold and the Cal Coast article on Dean Smith made me go. YIKES! These our local politicians and educators?!?

BTDT, I don’t think he was out intending to beat this woman up, I think he was out to initially kill her, hence the pipe. Sounds like he came to his senses after the first blow. He obviously completely lost it and can be a very dangerous man. I’m surprised they didn’t force him into immediate psychiatric counseling as a condition of his release (pending trial).

O.k. first innocent till proven guilty. With that said there are still charges. If these charges are true this would be pathitic. Mr Arnold are you that much of a p*ssy? You had to not only beat a woman (wow that must have been a challenge for a guy your size) but with a pipe no less?? You sir (if true) are pathitic. You outt to be taken out to the parking lot (if found guilty) and beaten with a full size truck, running your sorry a** over REPEATLY! You give men a bad name you wuss. No wonder your wife went the other way. With you as her only sorry choise.

BTDT he’s not a wuss,”He obviously completely lost it and can be a very dangerous man.” and if these charges are true, (I have seen ones that were not), he should have his oh, so, sorry, innocent, until, proven, guilty, *ss, run over by a steam roller, and then we use him for roof shingles for the defrauded investors, I’ve got a few leaks.

Cheese I think both you and Cindy have missed the point on this one. Beat her or kill her, if he is only using weapon like pipe vs gun, a man would probably put up more of a fight than a woman. Hence wuss. Thought that was pretty clear. Sorry.