For those who hated “Avatar”

January 9, 2010

As James Cameron’s epic “Avatar” continues to rack up impressive box office numbers — more than $400 million already — out come the knives.

More than a few people on the Internet have already accused Cameron of merely lifting the storyline to the classic tale of Pocahontas and adapting it for “Avatar.”

Check out this humorous, though telling, memo making its way around cyberspace. [Deadline Hollywood] SPOILER ALERT, though — all the key plot twists are revealed.

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Obviously visually fun to watch, that still doesn’t cover the condescending preaching of Gaia worship, tiring criticism of Bush administration, and a lame confusion of alians and native american culture.

i just remembered that i wasn’t interested enough to watch the end of the the movie.

Saw the movie. Story was good. Eye candy colors and 3D was GREAT!!